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So the time has come, once again, for our men to get mo hairy,  mo itchy and mo competitive in order to raise money and awareness for Prostate Cancer. Gents will battle it out with their fellow 'mo bros' to see who can grow the most stellar stash and raise the most cash. Worry not, young lads who know (from current or ex-girlfriends) that they "look better" clean shaven. Any madame worth loving will support her stash-growing creature especially during this occasion. Yes, she is allowed to celebrate after the 30 days are up, but hopefully you both will be celebrating in the amount of pledges recieved. Last year Movember was unforgettably epic, so let's try to double it in size. Even if that means seeing some seriously dirty Schancez stashes because even I (hater of hair) can handle it if its for a good cause. Please check out the following link to learn more on how you can support our fellow
Vancouver teams raising money this Movember season.

Additional Video regarding Movember Canada:

Movember (and hopefully in 5 years this will be the official name for the month of November) is an exciting, but also strange time. Movember events, hair growing competitions and wrap-up parties will surely help to add flavor to this month (look out for hilarious blogs of boys documenting their growth and plenty of online jokes to commence.) On the astrological front, this winter month it is a little dry. A retrospective time of pensiveness. For some, a time to buy Christmas  presents (and get excited for this or an upcoming holiday), for others a time to study and hermit, and of course a time for single people to feel really, cold (literally) and lonely (emotionally). You might see some acts of desperation this month as people who are settled in are quite cozy, and those who aren't are a bit stir crazy trying to find satisfying, distractible leisure.

Aquarius(Janurary 20-Feburary 18):

Best Case Scenario : You're flying. You feel like you've got your step back (some of you will call this swag) and you like the things that life is showing you. You might consider career, just to ensure you are in a place that a) it still make you happy and b)  that there is still room for you to grow. Love and life is starting a new chapter. Your tens times the person you were this time last year, even if you don't know it.

Worst Case Scenario: Your getting sloppy.  You'll be doing a lot of shit and likely not feeling very badly about it, but it will set it in, in a grand way, one day soon. Don't isolate yourself because you're afraid to ask others to be there for you - that's what a friendship is for. You don't always have to conceal your emotions or try to cover them up with new endeavors. Deal then peruse.
Aquarius Stash Style: The Anything Go Mo

Gemini:(May 21-June 21)

Best Case Scenario: You feel really good about yourself. Probably because you want to start making sure your being healthy again, and being good to yourself in every way possible. You realize its time to make 'you' a number one priority. You love new projects and plans so if your back to where you want to be this should flow nicely and successfully. People will thank you for the great party because yeah, it really was great. And you were responsible for it. You will be the guy or girl to make the most of their Movember.

Worst Case Scenario: You get a little too bogged down by the winter blues and find yourself with a bottle of Merlot on a Sunday night, snuggled with a blanket watching TV re-runs. This won't last for long, as Gemini is the best at picking up their chin and moving forward, however, if conflicted this month, Gems will face emotional battles, which they doesn't have any desire to fight. Deep emotions are just a bother to Gemini - they don't have time to feel pointless crap. Good thing Gem is a super thinker and can push out of it!

                                                 Gemini Stash Style : The Perfect Stash

Libra: (September 23-October 23)

Best Case Scenario: Lots of laughter and possible travel (I hate when horoscopes say that and I am never going anywhere) so by 'travel'  I mean you might just be literally be 'on the go'. New flirtations will arise. A possible new favorite shirt or dress might enter your closet. Your not trying to live within too many limitations and this has always suited you well. Your surrounded by the best of the best: good people, fun invitations and endless excitement. You feel like a regular "it" person.

Worst Case Scenario: You start to change your position drastically from what you were feeling in months prior. You are a moment to moment person but if conflicted this might take an impulsive change, which won't be admired by loved ones. Everyone always wants you to be happy, charming and fun but the pressure of that can be exhausting at times. Sometimes you just want to be with no one.

                                                  Libra Stash Style : The Silly Stash

Leo: ( July 23-Aug 22)

Best case scenario: You have let go a lot of things that used to bother you (or were still bothering you, but no one knew) and found a inner peace, which doesn't make you feel like you need to prove yourself to anyone. Your happy and you will find ways to itch those scratches of boredom, which might taunt a Leo, but you've grown a lot. Maybe what or who you used to think you needed you now realize that you don't, and it feels good.

Worst Case Scenario: Your letting your ego get the best of you. Either making yourself feel like shit for noting because you don't feel ' good enough' in your own eyes. Or working so hard you haven't really been able to enjoy life. Your not really sure what you enjoy anymore. Though, you do, you're just getting into this 'whatever' zone where you have to focus yourself back onto your talents and passions. Utilize your strengths. You have many.

Leo Stash Style : The Flamboy' Mo

Pisces: (Feburary 19-March 20)

Best Cast Scenario: Your not letting trivial stuff get you down. You learning to relax and let things go. You're actually able to accomplish something and not just last minute. You've gained a strange confidence lately or a new sense of self worth. Your not going to put up with what you might have in the past. You are learning to see yourself the way others do because if you didn't - you might not think much of yourself and you should. Keep with this positive attitude. People and potential suitors will be drawn to you.

Worst Case Scenario: You let the weather put you in a mood, which only you seem to understand. Everyone else just thinks your being weird. Don't personalize everything. Its great you want to help but if its has nothing to do with you people are just going to think your odd for getting emotionally involved. Train your heart to pick the places it should be - and that shouldn't be everywhere. Finding work that satisfies, pays or sustains will be challenging and frustrating.

                                                  Pisces Stash Style: The Pensive Mo


Cancer: (June 21-July22)

Best Case Scenario: You've got high times in your life, either coming up or past, which are swimming in your mind. Either you just met someone or have a little crush, but either way your feeling pretty good about yourself and your charm. Your letting yourself find a sense of enjoyment in any situation and remaining calm while doing so. Your great in a crisis these days and an excellent multi-tasker. You will make the most out of any month.

Worst Case Scenario: You start to cave in the Cancer shell for reclusive, self time. Really you've just lost your mojo to party, which is rare for you. Your not as up to make the efforts. More inclined for comforts you can trust. You also aren't finding things as funny as you used to. TV sucks. Your bored at work. You need to surround yourself with people who make you giddy and get you out of the rut.

                                                    Cancer Stash Style: The Funny Mo

Scorpio :(October 24- November 21)

Best Case Scenario : You starting to feel a sense of happy, sexy, independence, which has been missing from your life for a while. You feel stable and can a see a blurry future of where you are headed. You've been wanting a blueprint for something or someone and now you might be able to see more clearly. Answers are coming to questions youve been asking for far too long. Even if the answers aren't what you want to hear, don't let this mess with the momentum you've recently built for yourself.

Worst Case Scenario: You too fall into the winter madness of really bad days, and then OK days, and then no-so-good days. You become an unpredictable person because your feelings are changing too much. If you've been in a good mood lately keep it, but keep it mind that tact is worth a lot more than shrill. When conflicted Scorpio wants to claw out, well put some mittens on and chill. You often think you can block stuff or people out and that you don't have any needs, but everyone needs.If you start to have a more functional, conventional relationship with others, you might not feel so strange when you suddenly need to reach out. Don't fear people - fear yourself - you are the only person preventing you from having what you want or need.

                                                     Scorpio Stash Style: The Sexy Stash

Sagittarius: (November 21-December 22)

Best Case Scenario: Your high score in whatever sport you play, awesome at the office, claiming new rewards and reeling in all kinds of deals. You feel elated because you and yourself have done some really wonderful things these days. Your working hard and the pressure you've been putting on yourself is paying off. You feel like you are on the right path in more than one avenue of your life.

Worst Case Scenario: Your feeling like a bit of a jerk because as a Sag you hate to lose or miss out and this in turn dictates their whole mood. Even if your Canucks lose your suddenly in the most unbearable mood.You've been boggled down with sickness either of the mind or the heart, and again this pisses you off because you don't like anything or anyone slowing you down. You're getting tired of keeping secrets, but aren't ready to give up the ultra special, extra private relationship, which you have with yourself.

Sag Stash Style : The All-Man Mo

Virgo: (August 23-September 22)

Best Case Scenario: You've finally gotten over your shy bump and can moderately say how you feel. You're taking more chances, maybe raising your hand in class more or finally found the courage to ask "that girl/guy" out. You have a new found sense of confidence, in which, for a moment, your not secretly self criticizing yourself. This in turn brings upon more attention, and there is nothing more that a Virgo likes then attention. Even if he or she might be too coy at times to ask for it.

Worst Case Scenario: You put off everything and anything that asks you to face a consequence. You think this is smart, that it is benefiting you, but its keeping you back from developing into a mature human being. You don't want to answer to anybody, but at the same time you don't truly want to hurt anyone. There are certain people, few people who you actually care what they think. If Virgo finds that they have let down these people, it will be hard for Virgo to persist through. Therefore Virgo should be extra careful this month. Don't use people as a punching bag for your moods and frustrations. Instead, let others help you. Trusting just one person might prove to be very powerful.

Virgo Stash Style : The Smart Stash

Capricorn: (December 22-Janurary 20)

Best Case Scenario: You will feel a sense of contentment within your life. Either you are excited about something new that is happening or you will be considering a calculated change. A best case for a Capricorn is having nothing to complain about, killing it in the office/kitchen and still finding time for homely comforts. Capricorn will feel at ease if they know that they have people to support their simple desires. People who accept them just as is.

Worst Case Scenario: You aren't being as true to yourself as you think. You're constantly second guessing yourself and end up writing off things before you even get a chance to experience them. On the other hand, your all over the map with your thoughts. Figure out what it is you want, but accept it if you can't get it and don't try to be something your not just to impress another person. Your true self will always shine through even if you think your not being yourself.

                                               Capricorn Stash Style: The Serious Stash

Aries (March 21-April 19)

Best Case Scenario: The 'love' in your life is serving as an excellent comfort. Those away from loved ones are missing the bodily comfort, but are able to appease loneliness with nostalgic reminiscing. Aries will be good if they are on top at work and play with room to take care of their demanding self needs. This means time to make it to the gym, time for fun or even time to catch up with friends. Aries will shine if they accept the good and stop asking for more or searching for better.

Worst Case Scenario: Satisfaction won't come easily to the conflicted stubborn headed ram. Loose ends will drive the ram crazy and out control. Instead of tears you will see anger and possible spazzing. Aries won't be able to communicate their feelings and will become tortured by their unique form of self denial. This will push loved ones away because they will not understand what is happening. Don't keep people in the dark. You will be surprised how far being honest with yourself will take you.

                                            Aries Stash Style:  The Curly Mo Courage

Taurus: (April 20-May 20)

Best Case Scenario: The bull is the most materialistic sign in the zodiac, so many will feel glee shopping and getting prepared for one of their favorite holidays. Taurus loves to find great gifts that are just perfect for the receiving party. They will sip their favorite holiday drinks and enjoy good food, good friends, good wine and good laugh. A holiday Taurus heaven. There will be gifts coming soon too. This makes Taurus happy.

Worst Case Scenario: Change still hasn't come. Taurus is slow to make moves but craves to make them desperately. Finding the courage to do this will be hard because Taurus is so hard pressed into stable routine and regularity. Love will be steady or stubborn depending on the situation, but Taurus will have to learn to vocalize their concerns more if they wants something to change in either work, love or play. Financially poor Taurus will hate this time because they won't be able to participate to their full potential.

Taurus Stash Style: The Stubborn Stash

I hope everyone will pledge our Movember men to help raise money for Prostate Cancer.  I feel these are the most effective forms of fund-raising because they bring people together in a good way for a good cause. Good memories and good times. Best of luck out there boys!

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