Saturday, November 13, 2010

November Reign

Real Talk: The November rain is a tad depressing, a tad demotivating and a lot nostalgia inspiring. It might make you want to cocoon into a cuddle coma or dwell in disaster over: matters of the past or pending present. It may make you want to do nothing and go no where. It may inspire you to relish in the company of your self. The cold, the rain, the winter blues are all capable of declining spirits, especially for singles. Who let's face it, are a lot like scrambled eggs at the end of the night (at any event serving potential pussy or dick). People aren't necessarily "slutty" but lonely and using sex and snuggles to fill a void, which is likely not ready to be filled properly by a love mate. This void will drive people to do a number of things : sleep with people they shouldn't, booty call or flirt with people they already claim to be over, take home someone they shouldn't or take advantage of a person who you know likes you a lot (you just don't truly feel the same way.) The November rain will bring out acts of uncertainty, loneliness and desperation so you  must reign- reign-reign-reign against this. - "Reign" -UNKLE

At the end of the day, no matter how much you want anyone willing to share an umbrella (or anyone worth throwing your umbrella away for so you can embrace dramatically in the rain) - these things cannot be forced. Your disposition will affect your dating luck so try to figure out how to be happy with yourself first because this outlook will attract a lot more rainy day suitors.

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18): An't No Sunshine ~ Jackson Five
Your Most Likeable Trait:FRIENDLINESS
What's going on with you? Your a bit more evil or emo or something unlike yourself in this rain. You're incomplete. Something needs to be sorted, and you may not even be aware of it. You also might want to look at the bigger picture of things. Sometimes you seem to see things your way without empathy for the opposition. Your not always right, but the moment someone says something you don't like you will just walk away.  You have to trace your steps and see who they might be hurting.Stop seeking perfection in things because you really do -do that sometimes you know?
A part of you will feel the need to challenge the rain, by running in it or still making time for leisure. You are not willing to minimize your level of adventure, even if the rain does bring out the mean in you. Walk on eggshells if you are dealing with a mean faced, rain inspired Aquarius.

Pisces (Feb 19-March 20): I like the Rain The Most When it Stops ~ Joe Pur
 Your Most Likable Trait: COMPASSION
You have to stop being so hard on yourself because people really value your level of compassion. Compassion is rare, especially during the rainy season because people are so consumed with their own misery and work deadlines. Pretty soon your friends are going to make you get "I"M NOT SORRY" tattooed on your arm for constant reminder because they are sick of telling you over and over. You have to learn how to focus and harness your gifts. You are talented but you need to stop taking the easy way out. Yes, you've been lucky with things always working out in the end, but one day that might not always be the case. You just might get hit by a car in your careless pursuits of running across the street, or maybe worse. Move with caution not with impulse.

Sagittarius: (November 22-December 21) "Fall Like Rain" ~Eric Clapton
Your Most Likeable Trait: OPTIMISM  
What's there to say? You think you are perfect and everyone is flawed. Kidding, but you really do have a hard time improving yourself because you are too busy noticing how others suck. Sometimes. You are a boss of some kind. Business is your calling in the sense that either you run your own or 'take care of business' in some aspect. You are in charge, but sometimes you have to shut up and take a back seat. People will respect you more for simply being the pleasant, fun, exciting Sag you can be. You have a lot of desired passion and when placed properly this passion can do wonderful things. Don't let the rain take from the adventure you could be engaged in because you don't like to be bored and staying home too long never suited you well. You need work and play in any weather. 
Virgo (August 23-September 22):  Right as Rain ~ Adele.
Your Most Likeable Trait: CONSCIENTIOUSNESS
 You emo bastard! Hopefully the rain isn't getting the best of you and your moods, but it likely is. Hopefully you haven't retired to the basement, watching Sports Net, or having a Dexter marathon with your phone on silent. Virgo will push everyone and everything away if conflicted or in a bad position emotionally. No one is good enough. Don't let the winds take away from you or your ability to perform because you are on a weird lucky streak and could win big here if smart.You are a really hard worker, and though it might take a few tries to get your engines going (might be prone to visually stimulating distractions) -  but -once you do - you won't be disappointed. You are right a lot of the time - but not always - so keep with your ability to see the grey matters of others - work on your kindness and sensitivity -its a good suite for you - and you know how much you love dressing up in a nice suite ;)

Leo (July 23-August 22): "I Wish It Would Rain Down" ~Genesis 
Your most likeable trait : EXUBERANCE
 Leo, leo, leo. Save the rainy exuberant drama for your mama because nobody cares. Ok. That's not true, people do care, but the ones who truly do - you already know about - and the others, well, they simply seek amusment in your shit. You tend to focus on those who only seek amusement from your antics instead of focusing on those that matter. Mature Leo does do this however - so don't worry, in time, little Leo, you too will be able to focus on the people that truly want you to shine. The only way to get up and get on from anything here is to brush it off or deal with it privately. You know Leo still needs the ego stroke even after bruised, but not not everyone is going to give you this. Leo will hide in work or keep busy to deal with what's really bugging them. You have so much heart and passion, the moment you put this into something you TRULY love (and by you I mean what you love not what your best friend loves) things will start to really click. You of all signs can be a camelian for their partner, conforming to their likes and needs (out of love), but you still need to retain some self regiment. Don't fall into old patterns. You know better.

Libra:(September 23-October 22)"Purple Rain" ~Prince
Your Most Likeable Trait: CHARM
 La-la-la la-la! As frustrating as your lack of opinion can be, you are always the value of entertainment. Even if you annoy people they still want to be around you and they will forgive you just as quickly as you will forgive them. Your 'let's keep the peace' vibe rubs off on people around you - you are pretty fucking impossible to stay mad at. There is a charm and a comfort about your presence that draws people in. Your attraction is paramount lately and its hard to resist. You have a certain, strange, special style that people can't get enough of. You likely hates mornings (or maybe you love them) but of most signs you will be on top this winter season. You will find a sweet temperament in the storm. Don't ask me why. Just a feeling. Libra is constantly trying to find balance and temperament, but something tells me you are on the right path to doing so this month. "Attitude so chill and so breezy."

Taurus (April 20-May 20): Candy Rain ~ Soul 4 Real 
Your Most Likeable Trait :RESPONSIVENESS
Something really small will set you off - or so I am sensing - maybe something already has? You work hard. You work really fucking hard and sometimes you don't feel people understand simple tasks, which you could do in your sleep. You could do a lot of people's jobs better they could. Taurus is best in charge, but sometimes the pressure of being the leader can frustrate Taurus who hates to watch stupid people do a shitty job. Taurus can take a lot, but once charged or feeling physically ill - they will release the truth of their disappointment. On the flip, exciting plans to look forward to, good dinner reservations or a vacation, Christmas shopping etc. will be a great release for Taurus to get back on top. It is easy to help your Taurus girl or guy get over a hump with a simple cheer up involving sex or food or PRESENTS. New clothing items or toys or video games never make Taurus sad either - in fact Taurus will have a mood boost via shopping therapy, and predictably many this month. Merry Christmas TO ME!

Scorpio (October 23-November 21):"Can You Stop the Rain"~ Peabo Bryson 
Your Most Likeable Trait: IDEALISM  
I feel you are still being very dishonest with yourself and your future. There is a lot of repressed feelings, thoughts and concerns which you bury and let surface at the worst times possible. You say you want to work on yourself, well this actually means stopping the ten thousand things you are doing and actually taking the time to work through those things. Scorpio is a total mystery to most people, even if they think they know you, they don't know you that well. Scorpio has a very active mind which travels to unholy places at times (places they do not want to share). Or maybe they do want to share but they don't have the words to do. They want to be positive but they have twisted  internal places, which makes them doubt circumstances, which they shouldn't. Or this makes them over indulge in people and things, which they should doubt but can't lose possession of. You're still mine. Of course there is a happy go lucky in love Scorpio, but even they are holding back their true thoughts. On the flip, they are in fact capable of meeting someone special that they truly, truly trust - almost completely, but it might take some times and a lot of ex partners first.

Aries (March 21- April 19): I Can't Stand The Rain ~ Missy Ellio
Your Most Likeable Trait: COURAGE
 You are working on becoming a more sympathetic person who doesn't always revert situations back to yourself. You want to be a good person, you really do, you are a good person, right? The hard shell is often misunderstood as bitchy or asshole, but really you just don't always feel comfortable, but you mean well, right? You just don't care to be fake. On the flip there is over socialized Aries who craves validation from a street light, but this is the socially competitive Aries. Even if i don't love you- you should still love me and tell me even if I won't tell you. Aries needs to be true to the self but also needs to think about others. Don't do things because you want something for yourself - try to do something totally selfless and make sure your moves are best for you and the other. Don't be the person you should be just to get into good graces, which benefit you. Hurting others for self gain is just weak game and you know it.

Gemini (May 21-June 20): "Blame It On The Rain ~Milli Vanilli  
Your Most Likeable Trait: RESPONSIVENESS
 The rain isn't good for your 'stay at home' side, but let's face it, you won't be down and out for long. Gems really don't like to be alone thaaaaat much, they crave people and excitement. The rain might piss them off because it ruined their outdoor excursion, their hair gets frizzy in the rain or they don't want to ruin their new blazer, but this won't necessarily stop them from doing things. In fact, this is the sign most likely to plan shit and push people out of their funks to do stuff. They will motivate you even if they have little motivation within, and no they don't want to talk about it. Mind you this is a psychological tactic for Gemini because the busier they are the less they have to deal with what might be bothering them. Gemini is very intelligent, very complex in mind, and even if extorted and chatty, they are socially smart (very prone to detail and appearances) so they will repress  - even though should deal - the sloppy subconscious emotions will only come out when sloshed.

Cancer (June 21-July 22): "November Rain"~  Guns n' Roses. 
Your Most Likeable Trait: LOYALTY
 The rain will not be good for Cancer's moody side. Cancer needs to be stimulated by their environment and seeing ugly outside makes them want to do ugly things. It makes them want to sleep eternally. The November rain could bring out your domestic side, a lot of cooking, Christmas crafting, possibly making your own wrapping paper? Who knows. Comfy, cozy, at home Cancer will get just that. Completely cocooned into something. Mind you, Cancer will want times with loved ones and friends, but will either be really out for a good time or really down to stay in. Remember as a Cancer you have the ability to bring people together. Use your loyalty in a good way and things will come together nicely. 2011 is going to be a really exciting year for you- full of exciting changes, high times or special events so stay focused on good things to come. You know you don't like to be too stationary for too long, you'll want to change something, even if you change it back, you'll want to change something. 

Capricorn (December 22-January 19): The Rain Song ~ Led Zeppelin  
Your most likeable trait: STEADINESS
You can't please everyone so you might as well stop trying. You need the validation of knowing your work is well done. You want to take pride in your work at all times, but don't fish for this. People can see through your act of needing to be the best, but yet still you're feeling somewhat inadequate? Others will not give you this sense of self completion. You must find it on your own.  You are constantly asking yourself if you are enough and worry about the things you value - you do need to find a way to break from this. People will start to find you very dull if you can't find a release from the grind. You are decisive, but it wouldn't kill you to be a bit more sporadic. Who are we kidding though? This isn't really possible for you. Dance in the rain if you can :D 

Just remember - like the rain - this too shall pass, and potential rainbows to follow. You just have to be patient. Time doesn't work for anybody but itself. So demand less and be grateful for more. Your not as deprived as you think.  Try to focus on those things and in the mean time, wait on the rainbow that is bound to come - you just have to be a bit patient and perhaps a bit corny too!

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