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Nice To Mo Ya'

   Who Not to Date: According to the Zodiac...

The Cautionary Couples

Pisces (Feb 19- March 20) meets Gemini (May 21- June 21): Pisces and Gemini will be attracted to each other's chatty, friendly, fun and flirtation personalities. They will have loads to talk about when they are together, and endless amounts of fun, but does this go beyond the surface? This attraction however, will only be of  either a mental or physical capacity. In most cases, "just friends" because emotionally these two do not click or understand one another. Pisces needs a certain amount of validation, which Gemini is too busy and ADD to provide. Pisces doesn't respond well to the plan and organized chaos that a Gem will bring to the table. Geminis don't have time to waste hashing out the old. They'd much rather be onto the new and demand a partner who is emotionally flexible enough to meet their bipolar needs. 'Great friends' is the likely outcome for these two, but there won't likely be much more long term.
  • More likely to work with a Pisces boy and a Gemini Girl
  • More likely to work with a Taurus/Gemini cups and Pisces 
Sag (November 21- December 22) meets Taurus (April 20- May 20): These two will be great at pretending they are interested in each other. There is potential of them being good drinking buddies. They might even make a go at it and for a while, but eventually they will combat. On any matter, which doesn't involve having a good time, these two will combat. Taurus can't stand Sag's need to brag constantly and be boastful. Taurus is a advocate of modest pride.Taurus likes stuff and Sag is cheap which is an instant conflict of interest because Sag will never understand the bull's need to shop - or even worse Taurus's desire to never wear the same thing twice. Sag is the master of rocking the same tee ten different ways. Sag wants control but Taurus is the king of controlling and will not settle for anything other than the last word. Sag will want adventure and fun while Taurus will want stay at home couch time avec mac and cheese. They will want to sip wine with a Snuggie, while Sag will crave to get out on the town.  These two signs have very different definitions of the word "adventure."
  • More likely to work with a Taurus man and Sag woman 
  • More likely to work with a Aries/Taurus Woman and a Sag Man
  • More likely to work with a Taurus Woman and a Sag/Capricorn Man

Capricorn (December 22-Jan 20) meets Leo (July 23-Aug 22): These two will understand one another on the home front. Both desiring the homely comforts of love you can rely on. However, Capricorn will serve to be too boring for the lion who, by nature craves excitement. Capricorn does not have time for Leo's drama. They prefer a simple, peaceful union based on success. Leo will want to flaunt success and spend money. While Capricorn would rather maintain a modest front and save earnings responsibility. This pair won't measure up mentally or physically. In the long run, Capricorn is better suited for a person of the simple pleasures, which isn't enough for Leo. Leo wants to roam the jungle and dance in the light, while Capricorn wants to cuddle up with a water and a puzzle. 
  • More likely to work with a Leo male and Capricorn woman
  • More likely to work with a Sag/Capricorn cusp and Leo 
Cancer (June 22-July 21) meets Aquarius (January 20-Feburary 19) : This has the ability to last and for a very long time because these signs manage to make each other laugh, and balance each other out in a great way. Cancer is more plan orientated and Aquarius more free spirited, which means if AQ loves Cancer enough - they will go along with Cancer's call. This will continue until Cancer begins to bore, and Aquarius feels inadequate. Cancer can't keep with AQ's worldly nature. Cancer gets sprung on simple pleasure likes drinking beer all night at a beer pong tournament or playing darts. AQ would rather  stimulate on a deeper level by being exposed to something new and cultured. They love to have fun but, they also like to exercise their IQ ( Cancer more inclined to laughing and telling jokes than real talk). Surprise, Surprise Cancer is the kind of Crab to bring the AQ out of their airy haze and into an emotional position. However, this won't be matched because Cancer doesn't connect to distant AQ whole heartily. Cancer needs AQ to be naturally emotional because even once AQ is out of the haze - it's won't be enough to satisfy the emotional appetite of both of them. 
  • More likely to work with an Aquarius Male and Cancer Woman (no cusps)
  • This pairing can work especially if Aquarius Male is on the cusp of Pisces
  • Pisces and Cancers understand each other naturally as water signs   
     Cancer (June 22-July 21) meets Aries (March 20-April 20): This will be good at first and has the potential to drag out. Both Cancer and Aries hide behind a shell, which protects them emotionally and will result in stubborn interactions. These signs will clash greatly because Cancer's shell is not as tough as Aries. Cancer will long for emotional comforts and romantic vocations of love, which Aries will not provide. Aries is selfish and therefore expects you to roll out the romantic red carpet, but Cancer can't do this properly without the heads up from Aries. Both signs will enjoy laughter and sensuality but will differ in their extracurricular activities. Aries will bore of the home life and long to make new friends in a public setting. While Cancer will want to Watch Conan O'Brian reruns and pet his cat. Aries will grow tired of Cancer's crabby moods just as Cancer will bitch about Aries selfish, emotionless regiment of work and play. Cancer will judge Aries and this won't fly. Aries has a hard enough time opening up that at the moment of infliction they will be gone. Opening up and coming back with nothing, or feeling like they've "lost" will only anger the ram. They don't like to feel that they've wasted their time. This only leaves them left to roam the street and find immediate attention on the lip's of another. 
  • This combo is fire and water -these elements often put each other out 
  • This will work better if Aries is on the Cusp of Pisces or if Cancer is on the cusp of Leo

Libra(September 23-October 23) meets Aries (March 21-April 19): There is a strong attraction here because Libra is so passive and Aries is so powerful. They will both love to play, but Aries schedules a time and place for this while Libra will play, play, play, all day. Despite any sex connection this won't be enough to make this work long term. Libra doesn't want to decide and Aries lives to make decisions. Libra can't commit to things and answer questions Aries needed to know the answers to yesterday. These two are also far better off as friends because a true Aries could never date a flake. Libra wants independence, but Aries wants someone strong to rely on, especially since committing (to anyone) is hard enough for an Aries. When they do this they expect a level of security. Libra will leave room for far too much questioning and Aries will then doubt them, which is why this paring is difficult, and unlikely to work. 

The Dark Horses
(Oppsite signs either repel or attract)
Virgo (Aug 23-September 22) meets Pisces (Feb 19-March 22): There is a lot of potential for this to work if Virgo and Pisces are on the same page with what they desire from a relationship. The sexual connection will be magnetic, full of compatible passion, which will make it easy to ignore the emotional problems. Pisces needs validation, especially in situation where Pisces feels insecure, yet Virgo doesn't offer up kudos to anyone. Virgo won't compliment you until they mean it, and at times fragile Pisces, needs instant flattery and terms of endearment. These two will be great in offering one another with an oppositional view point of life. Perhaps Virgo can become more giving and sweet, and Pisces can learn to be more self-involved and less emotionally charged, but neither will ever change too much. Pisces will make allowances, but Virgo won't even acknowledge them. Virgo might just expect these allowances and then punish Pisces when they fails to meet Virgo's control. Many astrology books will deem this a good match, but its hit or miss - this pairing is truly a gamble. A web, which both can be entangled in for a long time. 
  • More likely to work with a Pisces female and Virgo Man 
  • There are many happy and lasting Pisces/Virgo matches  
  • The key to making this work is finding a balance between the physical, mental and emotional connection.
  Taurus (April 20-May 20) meets Scorpio (October 23-November 21): Like Virgo and Pisces these two opposites thrive on their natural chemical and sexual attraction, which stems from their difference. These differences highlight the animalistic attraction, which often occurs here. Mind blowing sex. A weird non-verbal understanding. A secret fetish, which only they share. The sky is the limit. This being said, the pairing will cause for many difficulties, resulting in the drastic change of one partner because the reality of their differences cannot conjoin harmoniously by nature. Scorpio is set in their ways (fixed sign) and so is Taurus (fixed sign) therefore their stubborn heads butt. They will have epic battles and often disagree with each other's approach to things. Either these oppositions will break them or keep them strong over time because like Virgo and Pisces they will get off on their opposition. This is easily used as a catalyst for sex. Regardless this will be a tricky web to free from.

Aquarius (January 20-February 18) meets Leo (July 23-Aug 22): These two opposites are drawn to each other at first. Leo has an energy, which quirky Aquarius finds daunting. Love making may be deep and full of feeling because both is possessed by contrasting energies, which attract strongly. The connection of opposition between these two signs, however, starts to dwindle as Aquarius is a highly mental sign in need of constant brain stimulation.  Leo is powered my mental stimulation but, they also need lots of physical attention and affection. AQ and Leo will be drawn to each other because they both need to shine and love to do so, but their desire for this is expressed in very different natures. Neither can provide this limelight for the other because the water-carrier is interested in the world at large. Everybody. They are anybody's biggest supporter. Leo appreciates this, but only wants AQ to support LEO. Leo needs the narcissistic attention which aloof Aquarius will never give. AQ needs to exert his/her energy in a lot of different realms.

Remember none of this is written in stone. Any of these pairings could work especially if one or the other has a birthday that falls on the cusp of another star sign. There are plenty more potential, hypothetically bad birthday combos and over time I will post more, but if you have one pairing, which you are curious about specifically ask me! Either on my blog directly or email me here -

* For a more detailed definition of a Dark Horse visit this old blog post:

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