Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Get in With Who You Fit In: "Are We Compatible?"

Are we compatible? Perhaps often not in most cases. There are no logical explanations as to how two people end up together, why they stay together. or why they fall apart. In most circumstances, it is not always the romantic reasons which keep two people together. The fear of being alone, the idea that "I finally found you, my first love, you must be my only love" can cloud the reality of the relationship.The first love is usually a lot like a school lesson, in which you learn what you want, need and desire from another person. If you chose to stay because you fear there is no on else, no one who suites these demands, then you're a fool. So why rush into anything with desperation? Surely, you have seen a couple or two walking down the street and wondered to yourself how the F they are together. How did she score that babe, how did he pocket that dime? Love doesn't always make sense. Nor it is easy, and therefore multiple factors come into play.
If you haven’t found that somebody yet, it is not to say that one day you won’t, and that when you do you’ll likely be in a better position to truly commit. This is because, with time, you will know, all that more clearly, what it is that you truly desire.
Are we meant to be? What exactly does that even mean. As much as we mull shit over, what’s meant to be is literally just the way things are, how they will turn out, and how they will be. You might not be able to change the reality of how things turn out, but you CAN change how you think about it, how you handle it, and what you do for yourself in order to get over it.
Are we soul mates? Yes, typically this blog believes in soul connections, but more so in the concept that we each have multiple soul mates in the world. Everyone has a personal map which connects all the soul mates of a lifetime. the concept of 'soul' cannot be limited to one single connection (deep). Astrology, here is defined and expressed through the connection of elements, and naturally, certain elements compliment each other better than others. There are several element related cliches that exist like "water kills fire" or "water and fire they just don't mix", but these cliques are often proven inaccurate. Everyone is constructed of a unique birth chart, and your dominating elements might not necessarily be your prescribed star sign.
Therefore if you don’t see your significant other beside your star sign below do not assume it is because you aren’t compatible. Some of the best matches are not written in the stars, but full of potential that is inspired by chemistry, diversity and life experience. Keep in mind that if you are a CUSP of a certain signs that you should read the compatibility reports for those signs as you likely will have an attraction to them, even if, in some cases, the compatibility won't be enough.I have presented images of couples who have survived and failed alike to illustrated that often or not, compatibility and attraction are not enough to keep a relationship lasting till eternity. Think about how many divorced people you know or how many old people you know with a cautionary tale to tell.If it's true what they say that something like 50% of marriages end in divorce, it is telling to note that those who do rush in, might be left with more misery than joy--yet there is something to be said for what you learned in your relationships, and the fond memories of the people you thought you loved, or perhaps still love, and can never forget. In cheesy film quote attribution: "The truth doesn't set us free. All that does is remind us that love isn't enough."
Enclosed are rough percentages of your token compatibility with certain signs. Let it be know that you probably won’t have any past experiences with your highly compatible (%  wise) “prescribed” astrological soul mate, which is why this post will include combinations, which work decently well % wise, and aren’t documented in the books as epic parings. If you are dating someone of a high compatibility it probably is the real deal. It has been noted that these 'perfect star' pairings aren't common, but when they do connect it can be quite blissful.70% is truly all one needs to build a concrete foundation of love, which includes the bare necessities. This being just enough things which a couple agrees on combined with just the right amount of opposition and difference. Remember this, compatibility doesn’t always result in a romantic affair, but perhaps a life long friendship, an enriching sexual experience, or even just an unspoken connection. Also, scroll for your star sign throughout the entire blog as your sign likely will appear under the heading of another signs. Also, if you are dating a particular sign, read about their compatibility with other people, it could prove to be telling of their relationship styles, needs and tendencies.
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   Aquarius Oprah and her Eternal Pisces Boyfriend 
PISCES (February 19-March 20):This is the sign that has the ability to get under AQ’s skin. Pisces makes AQ think, but in ways which AQ wouldn’t normally. Pisces connects AQ to their emotional world. AQ is attracted to Pisces' highly feminine nature, and finds them easy to open up to and discuss the elements of life with.This is the sign that can break down AQ’s emotional wall. The sexual connection will be on par, but emotionally Pisces won’t be able to compete with AQ’s inherent 'coolness'. Pisces will also be rebuffed by AQ's inability to under-think things.  Pisces may become needy, jealous and shrewd towards AQ's undying charm. If both are adventure seeking, sensual and intelligent they will move forward happily, however Pisces might drive AQ away with too much emotional intensity and hidden jealousy. If both are very free spirited they have a stronger chance of lasting. This connection is not written in the books as an elite match, but works out to an approximate 55% compatibility on average.We have a bit more faith in this pair than that (a lot more faith) especially if AQ is born closer to Pisces.
 There is also a theory that signs which neighbour one another have a special bond and this proclaimed spark is noted in the paring of Pisces and Aquarius. AQ also has to keep in mind how truly sensitive Pisces is.Aquarius can be mean, harsh when they want to be, and Pisces needs to keep a backbone in tact and be able to stand it. Pisces also needs to respect that AQ is not going to throw away their flirty nature or wandering eye. If these two don't work out, each will have a hard time forgetting the other, and the likelihood for a life long friendship is a high possibility. BE CAREFUL, Aquarius isn't often into conventional forms of commitment, or even commitment in general. Oprah has managed to string fish boy Stedman along without the aspects of marriage and children, which would legally bind them. Aquarius might take forever to give you what you want. I know of an Aquarius guy who dated his girlfriend for NINE YEARS before he let her move in. Her finger may remain ringless, but her biological clock started ticking as she started to long for children. His personal yearnings however, were not of the same caliber, though he was considering giving her want she wanted at the fear of losing her. It is important that AQ does things out of personal desire and not just out of ultimatum. Yes, "a happy wife is a happy life", but the lies you tell yourself to maintain this will eventually catch up to you. As The Postal Service sings, "you tell yourself to help you get by", perhaps it is time to start being honest!   
Aquarius Ellen and her Ex-lover Ann
GEMINI (May 21-June 20): This is love and could be forever love if orchestrated properly and kept ignited over time. AQ is in sync with the dual-natured ship  Gemini runs. They get on great in the sack ( a lot of exploration and experimentation) and have a lot of common life interests -- they formulate the picture perfect couple with a lot of shared secrets. Likewise they are similar in their emotional and mental capacity, they have tons to talk about, and are always presenting new material for the other. Gemini isn’t the type to sulk eternally, and with life seeking AQ by her side, she’ll want to show off her charm, instead of being the moody bitch which Gemini can be when charged, under slept, or under fed. Aquarius can have a way with making Gemini feel better during times of stress and anxiety.
Aquarius Whitney loved Gemini Bobby
These two hold a 90% compatibility and if in sync with one another can be a very strong, lasting pair. However, in cases like Bobby and Whitney, Gemini can get messy, self-destructive and moody, but Aquarius won't be prepared to pick up the pieces or deal with the mess. Gemini will need Aquarius but they will be off involved with personal matters of their own. Gemini won't admit the issues they need to work out, including addiction problems or eating disorders etc. Instead, they will cover up their issues in hopes to retain a image of perfection at all times. Aquarius will be distracted by other sexual prospects and adventures and not include Gemini. If things go wrong it will be emotional as neither is prepare to support the other. Both will carry on a public facade because they don't want to admit their struggles to anyone. They are a power alliance in that they understand each other's needs but don't always have the ability to support one another. If they are head over heels into each other, and keep in tune with each other's emotions and desire this could really work.
Ram King Vince and his Ex-Aquarius Playmate
ARIES (March 21-April 20): This will be hot, fire and air are wonderful elements together. The only problem here is Aries are rough on the edges, and hard to break into. AQ won’t be able to break and neither will Aries. Interest has to run high on both sides for this to warm up and become something worth pursuing. If their affair was short lived, it will be hard to forget. Aquarius won't be able to get Aries off their mind because AQ is so fascinated to know there is someone out there who is even more unobtainable than them. Aries and AQ are both emotionally distant, reserved and prone to self recluse, which is why they might fail if neither provides the initial jump starts. With a 55% percent compatibility rate their chances of true love will require a bit of work. 
Gemini King Kanye and His Libra Lover Amber Rose
LIBRA (September 23-October 23):Being of the same air element both have a playful energy and attitude towards life. With a 75% percent compatibility rate they seek the joy in life through charisma and flirtatious friendliness. They will match each other in the bedroom, keeping an open and affectionate mind to detail. Libra is not sure of much, but Gemini will help Libra to reach lingering conclusions, without pushing them or making them feel shitty. Gemini will know when to not take Libra seriously and both will understand the ideology of having a 'wandering eye', in that they both likely have one (common theme in air signs), and will still seek attention from people they find attraction even when committed. This combo brings out the artistic and creative flare that both possess. They understand that neither is big on confrontation but more up for letting it go. 
Libra, however, can be mentally and physically lazy, which is  a piss off to Gemini, who will feel they are doing more than their share in order to support this quality of Libra's.Libra wants to start so many different things but finish nothing, while Gem wants to do a lot of things, and finish them all. They simulate in their attraction for other things and their short attention span for boredom.
Double Gems Natalie and Benjamin
GEMINI (May 21-June 20):Gems love others Gems, how shocking. Together they join in a 75% compatible, very playful, butterfly quality goodness, which consists of much witty banter and inquisitive conversations. They have the ability to have sex outside the box, and understand each other's wandering eye. They might join forces and take on some adventures in bed, threesomes, unique four-play, interesting costumes. They'll be able to play the emotional game of switching off roles: when one is emotional the other is intellectual.Although, there can be the faulty ability of each to say too much, or make childish remarks that hurt the other's feelings. Gem is a gossip sign and will say shit about the other behind their back, but they will change their face and go back on their original word. Gem's try to be the storybook of what a good partner is, and together, they will be very generous and over compensating for the other. Things could get intense really fast, and sometimes, if too fast, things will be short lived. 

           Life long Loves Aries (Beatty) and his Gemini Wife
ARIES (March 20-April 20): These two have the ability to have a lot of fun together and be the best of friends. Fire and air tend to understand each other's natures, and together hold a compatibility rate of 70%. Sexually and socially they will understand one another well ("flirt with whoever you find attractive tonight and I'll do the same") because they are both after similar things (like attention). If they are not perfect allies,  there might be an underlying layer of competition, which will take place between the two signs. There needs to be a jealousy agreement as Aries is competitive (and especially competitive with their own sex, which could lead to the need for male domination) and Gemini will also want to be the best. Gemini is a massive flirt and attracted to a variety of different things, which they feel the need to engage with. Even if their heart is set and faithful, Gemini needs to roam freely. They can't help but feel the need to charm the pretty and unobtainable, and they do it well, and sometimes even with patients. Arguments will ensue between these two as well as heated make-up moments. They will find it hard to leave each other no matter how high emotions run in the relationship -- they do have the ability to talk about anything. Even if they take distance from each other, when truly in love, they always tend to find each other.This is true in Aries and Gemini friendships. Gemini will only bore if Aries fails to attend, then, Gem, simply will seek attention from other suitors, other people, other projects because in time Gemini will realize that Aries' reclusive nature is not personal. Aries needs space and time to breath and won't always be kind when Gemini tries to council. Gemini has it's changing moods, while Aries has its temper.Gemini won't tell what's on their mind and Aries won't try to guess. Therefore each will have to have a good understanding and perception of the other in order to stay happy and open minded. 
Virgo Rishi Kapoor and his Cancer wife Neetu Singh
VIRGO (August 23-September 22): With a 75% compatibility rate these two will make each other laugh. Cancer will be just emotional enough for emotionally vaulted Virgo. Virgo thinks about his feelings more than he talks about them and Cancer will understand his/her need to hide behind humor. Cancer, like Virgo will be a protective, maternal and instinctive lover. When committed they will be nothing less of this. These two will make a good team because as they are prone to worry, together they will cover all the bases of a plan.If afflicted each will use their shrewd, cold and calculated side to push the other away. Cancer could grow sensitive to Virgo's coldness, craving cuddles and compassion that Virgo might not be in the mood for. Virgo thinks there is a time and place for love making, but Cancer can be more public in their pursuits (if in the spirit),which won't always sit well with Virgo.
Taurus woman Fox and Cancer Brian Austen Green 
TAURUS (April 20-May 20): With 80% compatibility this is another soul sign match.You will read about in any published astrology book. Cancer and Taurus will be the best of friends, the best of lovers and the best of partners. They will be able to communicate very well. Each has a knack for domestic affairs, building a sense of home life, and relaxing with each other. Cancer will help Taurus open up, allowing them to feel more comfortable. Taurus will feel like they can trust Cancer and Cancer benefits from having an emotionality stable, and highly practical partner. Cancer will be capable of taking control, or taking care of plans, but is smitten to know they can fall back on their very strong, in-demand Taurus lover. Cancer loves having someone they can always depend on. Taurus is Cancer's rock. They will combat when Cancer becomes moody and Taurus becomes stubborn. Taurus won't always be able to provide the emotional support and coaxing which Cancer will often require in order to get out of their shell.Sexually these two should be very in sync, however, Taurus might find they aren't as satisfied because they have a higher threshold for sex, but this is certainly not always the case. 
       Pisces Kurt Cobain and Cancer Courtney Love
PISCES (Feburary 19-March 20): Cancer and Pisces are a soul sign match of 90% compatibility. Each will possess a compassionate and heart-felt approach to life and each other. Love-making will be sensually in sync and usually of an epic nature. Both being of the water element, they will understand and respect the emotional complexities, which either will bring to the table. As water signs are prone to addictions of any kind (sex, drugs, gambling etc.), problems are likely to ensue. If both are unmotivated, drifting creatures of the water they may feel like no one holds the oar. Someone has to take the head of control for this love ship to sail as properly as possible.They will be highly emotional. They might both be guilty of revealing too much too soon or rushing into things too quickly, in which case it won't work out. They will scare from the relationship because things are moving too quickly. Rushing way into things, thoughts and feelings only to rush right out.These two have a sensual connection, which can be explosive (amazing even), but it can also be short lived if either is too immature and consumed by selfish desire. If they are on the right page however, this can be a romantic, thoughtful, spiritual, beyond-words communion of almost-perfect bliss.  
             VIRGO AND...
        Virgo Faith Hill and Her Taurus man McGraw 
TAURUS (May 20-April 20): As earth signs both possess a 90% compatibility rate.They have a common ground. Both signs love hanging out at home, having predictable sex (though much more predictable for Taurus than for Virgo) and talking privately about things. The problems arise here in that Taurus and Virgo are both signs of control, and they will fight for this. One might have to love the other a lot more in order to either suspense or exercise this control. Taurus needs to put their pride aside in order to stroke Virgo's ego, which is fragile.In turn, Taurus might start to seek other means of self validation. Taurus want to believe their partner thinks they are great, and because Virgo isn't a phoney, butt-kisser or ego stroker - -this may alarm Taurus's raging pride issues. Virgo here is more likely to think before acting or responding because Taurus stimulates their intellectual side. Taurus is likely to tolerate a lot of irritation before speaking on it, and often won't even speak on it at all. Taurus might be so fixated on kneading the relationship into something real, only to realize that it wasn't about love at all, but a need to get what they want. With the Taurus fascination of being and having the best things, and their undying desire to win and obtain, it is natural that they will stick it out with Virgo. Taurus doesn't want Virgo's guidance as much as Virgo might be willing to give it, but Taurus wants the tenderness. Taurus likes to find their answers on their own and won't socialize well with Virgo, unless given the space to show pride in the relationship. If Virgo is head over heels for Taurus they will let Taurus shine, they will want them to, and they will defend their honour to anyone who taints their name or image. If Virgo really loves Taurus they will put ego aside and declare their love, in some shape or form, big or small, in their intimate world. If this happens then this match has the alluring word "forever" written all over it.
Pisces Cindy Crawford and Virgo Richard Gere
PISCES (February 19- March 20): This is a dark horse combination of 70% compatibility. This is the match that true marriages are made of because each will challenge the other in a way, which builds character and evokes the compatibility of differences. As opposite signs they have a lot of opposing views and defense mechanisms. Virgo will not show Pisces their heart, but they will give their mind. As a highly intellectual sign, Virgo will internalize, and analyze, while Pisces will feel for the both of them. Sensitive Pisces may become emotionally rebuffed to Virgo's cold ways, but Pisces warmth will be an encouraging light for Virgo to bask in. Virgo will be able to talk to Pisces, and sexually this will be above and beyond both of their wildest dreams. Virgo has a way of making Pisces feel secure and comfortable, and therefore Pisces will let their guard down, allowing for sexual matrimony. Virgo will be attracted to Pisces feminine nature and together they can build a strong force, which won't be broken easily. Their bond is epically indescribable if real feelings exist. As stated before 70% is a healthy percent to build a true, long-lasting, love orientated relationship.When harmonious that is capable here. You can read more about the attraction of these two opposite signs here:
Gemini Anna Kournikova and her Taurus Enrique 
GEMINI (May 20-June 21):) Another solid 70% compatibly match, Gemini and Taurus are a likely and fatal destiny, which isn't typically highlighted in the text books as the ultimate star sign combination, but often or not these two tend find each other and stay in close proximity of one another. They have the ability to be the best of friends, and present a perfect couple on a social level. Other people admire the bond shared between these two because it seems so effortless. It seems so natural and right. They enjoy each other's company and invest their time in similar interests. They just seem to mesh well. The problem lies in whether or not they are able to keep a bright flame burning. A flame that goes beyond just being really good friends who like a lot of the same things and a lot of the same people. The attraction has to be high in order to avoid this. Taurus will be irritated by Gemini's sometimes impulsive and sporadic ways, but  will never say anything. Gemini will think they are perfect and take no emotional responsibility, which is deep enough for Taurus to trust. While Taurus will admire Gemini's inherent hospitality and undying level of generosity, they won't always like the ways in which Gemini executes their plans of action. Taurus will want to treat their love too. Taurus gets joy from buying gifts and making others happy. Gemini wants Taurus to fit into their perfect world, as the perfect mate, but Gemini doesn't realize that Taurus' measuring bar of is of an even higher mark than theirs. Gemini, as a romantic partner, might not meet Taurus' high-maintenance needs, which require complete trust, material wealth, physical attraction and good breeding. Gemini's agenda might not live up to Taurus' agenda, because as much as Gemini might try, it will be Taurus who has the final say. The bulls wears the pants -- that's just the nature of the game. 
TAURUS (April 20-May20):Taurus loves Taurus. These two are 70% compatible as their common material need,  and structured, type-A bull personalities are so fixed that they click nicely. In wanting the same things and acquiring the same tastes, they will find it easy to satisfy their desires in a relationship. The problems will occur in their ability to protect their pride and act stubborn. Fighting with a Taurus is often impossible because they have a hard time saying, "hey, I was wrong." Taurus always knows where they are coming from and they expect their partner to also know. Dealing with this level of "bull-head" on a dual basis could be deadly. However, these two have a strong attraction to each other and a chemistry that is apparent from the start. Basically, if Taurus and Taurus love each other, they admire the traits in their partner that simulate with their own. Taurus loves Taurus because Taurus loves themself-- as long as Taurus remember to pay their partner Taurus the attention they require, this could work. Food indulgence between these two could be an issue, but also a positive thing which they share together. Love making will be of a highly sexual nature but also predominantly sensual. Emotionally this could be a problem because both signs do not cope/deal with emotions beyond the call of duty, which is why this could cause a lack of substance and eccentricity in the relationship. 

Jessica (Taurus) and her Capricorn man Cash 
CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 19): Under this decadent, Taurus is going to be more materialistic and domesticated. Capricorn isn't oppose to the lavish lifestyle and together they build a strong foundation. Taurus doesn't want to feel like they can't provide, but so does Capricorn and when they want to, they work to please each other nicely. Both of these signs will work themselves to the bone in trying to bring home the bacon and support the lifestyle of both their demands. At times the demands of each can be high and therefore this hard-working aura pays off. These earth signs are of a 95% (practically perfect) compatibility rate, which means on every level (physical, mental, spiritual) they should see eye to eye. The two have to be careful not to get caught up in this cycle of over-working, saving and spending because they could become: stingy, pessimistic, conventional, and unwilling to take chances. They need to develop a faith in each other, and trust that hard work deems rewards and supports happiness. They might fight over 'who is the boss', and will use each other's busy agendas against each other. Taurus might expect Capricorn to be available when they have time to play and when Capricorn doesn't deliver, this could be a problem. If one's high maintenance values overshadows the other they could have trouble, but when their stubborn sides aren't clashing, they are usually the very best of allies. 
  Fish girl Rihanna and her ex-bulldog Brown 
PISCES (February 19-March 20): These two work so well together. Pisces is up to play the submissive, and Taurus loves to control. Taurus will take the reigns that sometimes naive Pisces will offer up for free. Taurus will take over control, and this please Pisces. Taurus is more boxed off and vivacious Pisces will bring the bull out of it's shell. Taurus loves a highly feminine, exotic lover, and Pisces will provide that -- Taurus is attracted to Pisces right away. There sensual connection will run high, and they will usually have a lot in common. With an 85% compatibility these two have the bearing for a long term connection and spiritual bliss, however there issues lie in the problems with control. Taurus will be temperamental until stricken, and then will make like a bull in a china shop. Pisces has a strong side but won't show it, especially if they fear their partner. Rhiannon and Chris brown are a perfect example of how this meant to be match, can go wrong, read more here: http://whatsyourbirthday.blogspot.com/2010/08/bull-vs-fish.html
        LEO AND…
Half Man Half Amazing (Virgo) Nas and his ex-Leo Kelis 
VIRGO (August 23-September 22): There are previous postings about this pair, which elaborate on this hidden match made in heaven. For a detail perspective click here: http://whatsyourbirthday.blogspot.com/2010/08/virgo-vs-leo.html With a 70% compatibility rate, these two aren't logistically a perfect star sign match, but in reality they often tend to work, and work well.Virgo is more introspected, introverted, and a private thinker -- while Leo will extrovert their emotions, even if not notably. These two compliment each other's natures because Virgo is the sign, which is capable of giving Leo the light to shine. Keep in mind it is possible for Leo to have several Virgos in their past, the attraction between this two is paramount, but Virgo is a very mutable sign, so shitty men do run within. Leo may get caught up here, but that is simply because Virgo will not validate Leo. Leo will constantly need other sources to strut their greatness, and may get exhausted by their extracurricular activities which lead them to stray away from their partner. Leo needs to realize that they can trust Virgo, Virgo is loyal and loving in a protective, domestic way, which doesn't require public flaunting and excessive romance. Leo Kelis didn't stand for Virgo's need for attention either. While Leo might like it for themself, Leo will not settle for competing with the attraction of other people.Despite whatever, the odds are in their favor. 
 Leo JLO and her Scorpio P.Diddy
SCORPIO (October 24-November 21): With 75% compatibility, for some reason, this is another match that simply tends to find one another. On a global perspective, likely many Scorpios and Leos have met eyes, or joined forces at some point. Leo likes to be the center of attention, even if discreetly, and Scorpio can handle this. Scorpio wants the 'full on' love, which 'in love' Leo demands. Scorpio will be jealous and possessive, which excites the ego of Leo because Leo needs to know that they are prized. Sexually Leo will be very fulfilled by Scorpio, and passion will run high among the two (meaning they will also have passionate debates). This can be great, except, as noted, when Scorpio is good he is good, but when he is bad he is bad, and sometimes this means really bad. Leo will grow fickle if Scorpio get into a slump OR Scorpio will be frustrated with Leo's lazy, self-indulgent ways. These two will only have the patience for one another if they are willing to do so. It is important for Scorpio to feel a sense of accomplishment, but Leo needs to love Scorpio for Scorpio and not just because Scorpio loves Leo. If Leo is in love with more than just the idea of being loved, this can be a very passionate and powerful union. 
     Cancer 50 cent and his Leo Date Vivica A. Fox
CANCER (June 21-July 22): These two are star sign neighbours and possess a strong inclination for similar things. They both value romance, and intimacy of an emotional and passionate nature. They will have sensitive conversation, make each other laugh and connect on a sensual level. They score a 70% compatibility rate, which means they do have the backings of what one needs to build a good marriage. They differ however, in Leo's inability to deal with too much emotional drama from another person. Cancer gets moody and Leo feels neglected and therefore becomes reclusive -- Leo can't handle this. Leo will devote herself to the person they love, but will shy from a girl/guy who is too emotional. Leo needs to shine, have their ego stroked, and if Cancer gets too crabby to give this to Leo, than they will find validation elsewhere. Leo might also get trapped because Leo is used to "breaking the hearts" not having them broken, and sometimes if a person doesn't give Leo the love they usually receive, Leo will become self abusive and stick around only to take more unhappiness from their partner. If both parties are invested whole heartily with the intention of lasting, this really could be a great match. 
Virgo Diaz and her Ex Capricorn Leto
VIRGO (August 23-September 22): This combination might be a bit boring and comfortable, "what a perfectly comfortable couple" clique,but it works. They can sit around sipping tea, talking about nothing for hours. They are both earthy and 95% compatible in nature. They each work hard, and like to take control of situations. Together they are capable of planning the best dinner parties, as they are prone to give, give, give, work, work, work, until they cannot be validated any longer. There might not be an explosion of highly romantic gestures, but there will be a lot of comfort, security and expensive gifts. Together they can build a beautiful family and home foundation, which is full of stability and trust. Virgo, un-attracted to the superficial, may get tired of Capricorn's sometimes "fake" ways.Virgo will look for excitement and attention in other realms if Capricorn isn't aware of Virgo's needs-- this could be problematic. Overall they have the bearings, which are essential to any healthy and lasting relationship. 
Caption Ron Capricorn and his Fishy Sammy
CAPRICORN (February 19-March 20):Pisces will provide (sometimes boring and habitual) Capricorn with the excitement they need and require to live a fruitful life. Pisces will protect righteous Capricorn and turn their lives into a world of fun, oppose to vigor and order. Love-making will be compassionate and interesting as Pisces will meet Capricorn's aesthetic needs. Pisces might be too sensitive for Cap because Cap is not one to give free ranged love. They are methodical and Pisces is spontaneous. Pisces might sometime feel like they are working their ass off to get past a dead end. With 85% compatibility these two could hit it off if Capricorn is willing to let Pisces slide through their perfectly organized chaos. Pisces can be sneaky or disorganized and Capricorn likes to have all the cards on the table. A part of Capricorn's appeal to Pisces is that the fish will let Capricorn takes a lot of control, however, the Pisces will eventually strike back. At which point Capricorn won't be having it. Caps love to please others, but they have a certain level of self respect which cannot be crossed. Pisces will test the patience of this sometimes, especially if Pisces finds themself overindulging in deviant behaviours, alcohol, or drugs of any kind.      
Sagittarius Holmes and EX Pisces Chris Kline
SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21): Sag is attracted to Pisces vivacious, charming and endearing nature. Pisces finds Sag amusing and together they become fun-time allies. They admire each other in a unspoken flirtation of the mind and body. Conversation here should be of an epic value, full of substance, and a lot of potential chemistry. Sag will tease Pisces who is sensitive, Sag will love to play on Pisces gullible nature and will do anything to get a reaction. Emotionally, they will differ, Pisces will need a lot of reassurance, which Sag isn't always capable of putting up with. It is not that Sag doesn't care. it is simply that they don't know what to say because they often don't open up in "that" way. Sag is another sign to rarely show weakness, which serves as a good balance for wishy-washy and sometimes weak Pisces. Sag loves Pisces feisty side, but has it's threshold with Pisces moody and self-depricating side. If tuned into each other, this could be great.                   
     Pisces Hawn and her Scorpio man Ron Howard
PISCES (February 19-March 20): This is an epic water sign pairing of 90% compatibility. These two just understand each other-- they think the same. Pisces can read Scorpio, very well. Scorpio is use to fooling everyone into thinking they are emotionally inept by introverting   most of their thought and feelings. Both provide each other with the level of empathy required, and communication between them is great. Pisces and Scorpio are moody alike, which is their downfall. In order to support each other, one has to be stronger than the other. There needs to be a protector. Pisces might not respond well to Scorpio's possessive or jealous nature, but the commonality is that once in love, both realize they need each other. Water signs crave love, they dream about love, and if this pairing is right they are provided with the chance to make this love a hallmark reality. When Scorpio is good he's good and when he's bad he's bad -- this applies to Pisces as well, which is why the duo will be highly magnetic, and intensely magnified by emotions. Together they are dangerous in both the best and worst ways possible.
      Gemini Kravis and his EX Scorpio lover Lisa Bonet 
GEMINI (May 21-June 20): These two can find harmony in one another if they are living 'in the moment' with one another in the pursuit of enjoyment, lust and patient love. It usually takes Scorpio a lot longer than Gemini to grow up and settle down. With a 60% compatibility rate, Scorpio can be very reserved and not up for battle wounds, which Gemini can deal with, but at some point Gemini is going to want a response from Scorpio. Gemini will want to talk about things, which Scorpio will never share, only show. If Scorpio is highly introverted and private this could pose a problem. However, if there is any sign that is capable of supporting a person unable to deal with emotions it is fleeting Gemini. However, at some point Gemini is going to want to live out their life long fantasy of a perfect life, a perfect wedding with the perfect person. Gemini will want to transform fixed Scorpio into the man of their dreams. When Gemini realizes there is no altering Scorpio, nor is there any pushing of Scorpio, Gemini will start to wander. The wandering will first start in their head and then move on to their actions. These two can have great sex and great friendship, and a lot of fun, their only true difference lies in whether or not they can translate onto the bigger life picture. Is Scorpio really a soul mate for Gemini? Possibly not, but this does work well if the Scorpio's birthday falls closer to Libra, or if Gemini falls closer to cancer -- these two cusp signs ARE soul mates, and therefore this energy can create for a very long lasting, and fulfilling pair. 
Aries Victoria and Taurus David
TAURUS (May 20-April 20): This is the ultimate power alliance -- IF it works, there is a 60% percent supposed chance. Both of these signs fight for Control. Taurus wants it their way, and Aries has great need to control too, but also Aries needs time alone. They have a lot of stuff to do. Both signs have a very strong outer shell and will find it hard to move forward with someone, in a long-lasting relationship if they were hurt in the past. When a hard shell is broken, it takes a lot longer to repair. Aries would rather fuck off and do their own thing, work super hard and explore love casually than sacrifice the demands of real life. However, if these two can open up, and let each other in, they can become the best of allies. The sexual connection will be strong, each will bring a raw, open, animalistic, highly physical approach to the sexual world. They are both symbolically animals (ram and bull) and therefore understand each other's land roaming nature. When in love, both have a very tender, loyal and loving side, which can be expressed greatly if they are open to the ideal of long term commitment and each other. Taurus rarely leaves when in love, they possess the lowest astrological percentage of divorce rates, they stick. Aries has a commitment phobia but Taurus is devoted and stable -- if Aries loves Taurus whole-heartidly and without fear then they have nothing to worry about. 
Leo Afleck and Aries Gardner
LEO (July 23-August 22): Aries and Leo are 90% compatible -- the stuff that dream relationships are made of. I like to think of this paring as 'the peas and carrots combination' because words don't justify how they just jive romantically. Leo and Aries is a lot like Scorpio and Pisces, when it connects --it really connects. If these two execute their desires properly (without fear, or too much pride), together they are better than anything else. Together they are a true force to be reckon with because neither is prepared to show weakness or a lack of confidence. They will be the best of friends in that they will get along, understand each other's perceptions, senses of humour, social demeanour and emotional tendencies. Aries, under the sign of Leo (if truly in love), will likely become less selfish, putting their personal goals aside in order to make the love work. Aries is in charge, but LEO RULES. Normally Aries will 'put up' with a partner they may try to cajole into perfection, but Leo is practically perfect (sometimes to the point of irritation) and Aries can't help but admit it here. Both signs love to dominate, take the lead, and hold the reigns, which is why they will either have to meet half way, or surrender certain elements of control which usually drove their past relationships. Leo and Aries will both want to shine, but each has to be caution that they don't forget the needs of their partner and attempt to over-shine them. Leo may not always speak on their irritation of Aries, but the lion won't respond well to being bossed around--'don't tell me my business'. Leo is the king of the jungle and Aries is first in line, first in the zodiac, and therefore not used to coming second. Leo will teach Aries that some things and some people are worth relaxing for. Leo loves to be in love, and this is a good thing because if in love, Aries will find that Leo meets a lot of their picky partner criteria.
Libra Gwen and Her Scorpio Hubby
SCORPIO (October 24-November 21): These signs have a hard time leaving one another. With a high compatibility rate of 85%, escaping one another will be hard to do. Libra is very wishy-washy with their feelings and ability to make decisions, while Scorpio is a lot more in control of them. Scorpio will never leave, and Libra will keep coming back. Libra is attracted to both Scorpio's sexy nature, in addition to their ability to take control of situations when needed. Scorpio is very much their own person, their own kind of boss, and Libra needs to take hold of these ropes in a relationship. Without the possessive nature that Scorpio indirectly bestows upon his mate, Libra will be left to go astray. Scorpio and Libra share an artistic connection, they appreciate similar things, like music, good friends, art, and technology. The problems will lie in Scorpio's need to get a bit more from Libra. Scorpio wants Libra to take the lead (in some aspects) and prove their devotion through concrete vocations. They want complete acceptance from emotionally introverted Scorpio. Libra will also not do well with Scorpio's jealousy issues because Libra is so flirty and easily distracted they can't help but get caught in other things/people. Sometimes it seems Scorpio can do whatever they want, right? So why can't Libra? A trust has to form and when it does, this will really work, and work well.

Libra Gwen and Sagittarius Brad
SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21): Libra will give Sag just the amount of control they need when gambling their adventures. Sag is all business by nature and Libra is all play, so the opposition here will conjoin nicely. Libra will support and join Sag on their travelling adventures.Sag will give Libra the sense of strong balance, which they need in order to be more decisive and take more chances in life. Libra can get bogged down by routine and Sag will help to keep Libra's life fresh. Sag will not respond well to Libra's natural indecision and noncommittal nature, which will be their downfall, but each is curious, flirtatious and charming. These traits can lead to trouble for either of them if they seek to discover others ways of satisfying their egos. These two share an 80% compatibility rate because they have the ability to truly understand each other, and form a well-balanced union.

Virgo Beyonace and Sagittarius JayZ
VIRGO (August 23-September 22): Another 70% compatible match, these two have the foundation for what lasting marriages are made of. In a perfect world, they create just the right balance for one another. They will understand each other's hang-ups and means of control because they both have anal tendencies, which the other approves of. If Virgo is clean Sagittarius is anal retentive. If Virgo is general, Sag is cheap. Virgo will be annoyed by Sag's worldly antics at times. Sag will want to seek adventure or party while Virgo would rather stay at home under a warm blanket, or under really nice sheets inside a really nice hotel. Regardless, they still possess the ability to truly connect with one another because they will be able to provide each other with things they cannot provide for themselves. Sag males would like Virgo to take on the caretaker role, providing dinner and a listening ear for all their philosophical banter. Virgo would like Sag to be helpful and appreciative of their efforts. Virgo will never deny the lavish life even if they try to be modest about it. Virgo doesn't want ego, but they do have strongly set desires. Virgo wants a partner they can depend on, some one who under stand their needs and sometimes indulgent behaviour. They need a partner who understands how much they need space and self time and Sag provides this. Virgo provides a level of stability, which appeases Sag.
Sag Britney and her Sag boy
SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21): Explosive fireworks -- how we love the heat of passion, but fear the burn -- and this can burn, but usually not at the very start. Typically, these two will get on well, 85% compatible they will both love travel, random excitement, seeking adventure, saving money and flexing uncanny charm. They understand each other, sometimes too much,as they will likely realize how selfish they both are at heart. It is important that double Sag couples don't get caught up in their own agenda so much that they might forget about the agenda of their partner. Sag wants an adventurous, passionate partner, but they also need a caretaker--someone who can provide emotional support. Sag is a natural born hustler, in that they are usually, in some shape or form trying to make some bacon. Therefore Sag wouldn't necessarily mind having something warm, delicious and loving to come home to. Sag is great about taking and generally can carry on an entertaining conversation, with natural philosophical logistics and the emotional sternness to deal with problems and crisis. Sag needs to work on their emotional capacity, and they need to be with someone they can trust in sharing their private emotions with. If these two don't open up to each other in all emotional honesty, they could face problems. They need to feel comfortable enough to talk about their inner thoughts and fears. If either fails to meet the needs of the other, eyes will wander and new flirtations, prospects and potential flings could occur (worst case scenario.) 
Sagittarius Ben Stiller and His Leo Wife Christine Taylor 
LEO (July 23-August 22): These two signs will be the best of friends. 95% compatibly, their fiery energies compliment each other nicely. Together they can build the best of adventures, share amazing laughs and connect on a mental level that surpasses most. They understand each other in the bedroom. They are partners of crime, socially, they get into trouble together and have tons of fun. There is a lot of pride in these signs so arguments will be explosive but generally short-lived.Both will require a certain amount of attention, and if either gets too wrapped up in their "stuff", they will be unable to help the other. The key here is that neither becomes or feels neglected. Sag can be distracted by other purists, other sexual distractions so Leo needs to keep their partner satisfied and pay attention to their feelings. Leo needs a lot of ego stroking, and will have a hard time admitting when wrong. Leo may not forget, but Sag will forget for the both of them. Leo will also have difficulty with Sag's frugal nature, even though, Leo male is prone to keeping a tab on things, saving his money and spending wisely. Together they have the potential for financial matrimony. Minimal greatness is often the slogan here, but not necessarily in the case of female Leo. All in all these fire signs have a great chance of making a long-lasting relationship work. This is usually a very successful pairing. 
Other love signs that could/could not work:  
 Cancer and Cancer 75%
Cancer and Gemmini 60%
Leo and Taurus 70%
Aquarius and Capricorn 70%
Aquarius and Taurus 80%
Scorpio and Taurus 85%
Libra and Aries 70%
Pisces and Aries 65%
Aries and Scorpio 80%
Leo and Pisces 75%
Leo and Aquarius 70%
Gemini and Sagittarius 75%
Libra and Virgo 80%
Aries and Cancer 65%
Aquarius and Aquarius 80%
Aquarius and Cancer 70%
Aquarius and Scorpio 60%
Virgo and Gemini 75%
Scorpio and Cancer 95%
Sagittarius and Scorpio 80%
*Please feel free request any love-match combination not in this blog*

On the whole front, it really doesn't matter what star sign your partner is. The most important thing is keeping it fresh. Image a relationship like a teddy bear, when a child first gets it, they hold it in their arms, and take tender care of it. The sentimental attachment begins.

They want to bring their teddy bear with them everywhere. Over time, they still want to bring their bear with them, but their holding it by one hand, dragging it behind them. After a while you might still want to physically be with your mate, but if you find yourself dragging them by the arm, in approximation to a child dragging its teddy bear, perhaps it is time to try something new. 

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