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The Double Retrograde: Horoscopes to Help You Hold On

The weather can have great effects on individuals, and this is natural, but Astrologically a lot is occurring as well. Currently, both Venus and Mercury are in Retrograde. What does this mean? In terms of Mercury in Retrograde, this will affect your interactions with others. 
Mercury rules the planet of communication and therefore you have to be careful of what you say, how you say it or who you say it to. Relationship drama could run high.
Watch your tongue, and do your best not to put your foot in your mouth or cause conflict with others. The planet Venus is the planet of love and relationships so you can see how this is affected by troubles with communication. With Mercury in Retrograde, Venus in Retrograde will be intensified. This is a time to walk on eggshells, let the moments pass and see what comes your way in the aftermath. Venus in Retrograde will challenge and complicate relationships so if there are any fragile issues it's best to address them wisely. The good thing is, you know to blame it on the Retrogrades
Communication is the most important thing in a relationship so ensure that you are staying true to your intentions and relaying the right messages. Keep in mind, that what you don't say can be equally as deadly.

Remember, in this life, we spend most of our time communicating online or via text. All of these form of communication count. Wise Mind Presses Send. Don't let the emotional mind do your communicating--this is how you are feeling NOT what you are thinking logically. Use rational mind in combination with your wise mind to come to the right conclusion. What's Wise Mind? It's a state of knowing, it's the advice you would give to your friend in this position, it's who you want to be at the end of the day, a mindset which allows your intentions and words to be in line with each other so that you can feel good about your interactions.

Here are Some Short Horoscopes to Keep you in Line During this Time:

Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)

The most important thing is that you control your temper. Sometimes you get angry or frustrated, and it's usually directed at the people who matter most to you. Try to harness this during the double retrograde because it could bring out the ugly in you. You're not that person at the root so you just end up feeling bad, but then you're not always the best at saying sorry, even if all you want is resolution. You want things more when they are not around but have to learn to appreciate them when they are around. As much as you want attention, other people want your attention. Pay attention to your aura and make sure your energy is actually where you think it is. Sometimes you push yourself too hard and at this time, this could be dangerous. 

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)

We all know that Bulls like Chris Brown can be bulls in a china shop when they get mad. It's better not to wake the beast, but during the double Retrograde, Taurus might be more moody and negative then likely. If you are trying to make a big change right now, be careful, and this time, yes, proceed with caution. Don't get ahead of yourself, but ask yourself, "what do I want"?" And "what am I willing to do to get it?" Make sure you are over the moon about things. Communicate with your partner with empathy, love and concern. Don't scold or attack, just try to listen and meet that person halfway. The moment you get ahead of yourself is the moment you find yourself in trouble. 

Gemini (May 21-Jun 20)

For Gemini it's watching what shit they might talk if affected by the double Retrograde. Gemini can talk a lot of talk, especially when drunk, but they usually mean only 10% of it. Gemini does see the good in the people they pick on, and they don't wish them any harm. Communication is something Gemini masters, but they need to learn to talk about their emotions. What you don't let go will only come back to haunt you, and I say it so many times because it is true. You have to deal with your demons. Nobody is to blame for them, so stop looking for reason, and get the help that you need. 

Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 22)

The double Retrograde for Cancer means sour thinking and bad, rainy day moods. Cancer has to find a way to uplift themselves from the misery, which is often self-created. Try to focus on something to look forward to and be proud of how far you've come. A lot of you are in a comfortable, successful spot that you can be proud of. Talk about what's bothering you instead of letting things pass. If things bother you, it's important that you speak on it. Use a language that works, don't shut down or isolate because that only makes the problem worse. 

Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22)

It could go a few different ways for the Leo. The double Retrograde will either spike their need to talk about matters or take them to a place of escape and seclusion. The truth is, Leo is still troubled by some issues, but instead of dwelling on them, they are moving on to new light. As What's Your Birthday? always says, Leo wants to shine, and they refuse to stay in dark places. Communication for Leo has to be honest and sincere. Leo prefers to be kind, but sometimes the truth is just the truth and it hurts. Even Leo cannot always handle the truth, so if you are planning on telling something constructive to a Leo, I suggest you use a lot of sugar. Leo just wants to be treated in the same fashion that they treat you and if you know a Leo, you can agree that this treatment is pretty exceptional. 

Virgo (Aug 23-Sept 22)

The double Retrograde for Virgo will only make them more fickle, more critical and more irritated. They have to ensure that they are in a position to be with their lover. Sometimes Virgo needs space, self-amusement, and freedom.They don't need to be with you 24/7. Virgo struggles to communicate a lot of things, though many are excellent communicators, they just have a hard time finding the words to identify their thoughts and feelings. A lot of Astrology books credit Virgos for being good writers because here we can see a real sense of deeper expression. Virgo has to try to metaphorically warm this season, as they try to let love in, and filter negativity out. 

Libra (Sept 23-Oct 22)

Libra could actually benefit from the double Retrograde. This might be a good time for their true feelings to come out. This might even be a time to push Libra into a decisive position where they feel like they know what they want and actually go after it. Libra might not say what they think all the time, but they are certainly thinking something. Often or not their facial expressions or body language give it all away. Libra knows how to hold their tongue. Unless you've just pushed them over the edge, hit a soft spot and create a monster--Libra isn't going to strike. Libra would prefer to keep it cool, but in a relationship, this high level of non-chalance can get tasking. If you've kept your lover on the hook for too long, it is time to let them know where you stand futuristically.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)

The effects of the double Retrograde could have Scorpio in a good spot. They may be impulsed to switch things up, and start doing things in a way that works for them. Scorpio has been tolerate and dilligent for too long, it is time for them to break out. Caution can be issued at this time, regarding communication and alcohol. Scorpio may say or do a lot of things they chose not to remember, but this is the jealous, envious side of Scorpio coming out. Sometimes they just want to call a spade a a spade, and call people out on their shit. Scorpio works hard, and can't turn a blind eye to a faulty character. They simply have to gauge the moment and remember that somethings are best kept to ourselves. This is a problem Scorpio has no problems mastering when they are sober. 

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)

If the double Retrograde affects Sagittarius negativity, they will be at complete discomfort. Sagittarius is a sun baby, they like to go and be where it is warm and exciting. They don't always responsd well to the dull and predictable. Unless of course they are reminded of what a good job they are doing. A simple gesture of gratitude from a client, collegue or student can truly brighten the Sag's disposition, however they don't like to be without the things they need to feel happy. Venus in Retrograde could push you away from your lover, and not necessarily in a personal way, you just might need space. Sagittarius wants affection and attention but they don't know what to do or how to react when they get smothered by it. 

Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19)

During this time of double Retrograde, Capricorn has to be careful that they don't get cold or depressed. Don't hide in work. Sometimes Capricorn just shrugs it off, but things really get to them and they often don't talk about it. This might be an opportunity for some of those things to come out, though, it could be very unlikely, as Capricorn will put themself second for a mate. They like to take care of people, and are happier when they have a partner in their life who gets them and wants the same things as them. Try to watch your communication and engage genuinely. You don't always have to say what's politely expected. Speak the truth. Say what is realy on your mind because you deserve to be heard and you deserve for your demands to be met--so start making them. 

Aquarius (January 20-Febuary 18)

 The worst case scenario, with the double Retrograde is that friendly Aquarius turns mean and inconsiderate. Aquarius can struggle with communications that go beyond the surface. Their great at talking about the world, what's happening in the city, their jobs and their workout rotinues, but they rarely talk about their feelings. Aquarius is loving, generous and gifted, but they don't always know how to handle depressed people. This is because Aquarius is always looking up, moving forward and onto the next goal. They can't relate to the wounded, necesarrily, and don't get why anyone wouldn't want to be here. Aquarius has to work on growing their aptitude for energy, and learning to communicate when necessary. Single Aquarius, don't ghost on the people you date, let them know why it didn't work, or tell them why you won't be seeing them again. Honesty might not be the most favored approch, but it is key. People respond well to what they know. Don't leave people on the hook. Don't leave people guessing.

Pisces (February 19-March 20)

The double Retrograde will affect Pisces, a sign that is usually too honest by default. This could result in some seriously poor communication. Pisces will say things stemmed from emotions, but not mean them at all. Then Pisces will feel horrible and want to apologize. Look before you leap little Fish, this is your pond, and you decide how you are going to swim in it. Stop looking to see how other people are making their way through the water, just focus on your own progress and be proud of it. It might not be number one, but it's pretty great, and the sonner you see that, the better off you will be. All the people in this world don't define you, you do. In relationships, really try to pick your battles. Don't get mad over little things or every little thing--don't take your mood out on your love. This levle of negativity is going to turn people off. Lead with love instead of secretly wishing for it becaue that is the best color on you, and without question people will be attracted to you when you are dressed in love. Sometimes somethings doesn't look right, but you've got to give it a chance to know that is--get to know people. Don't rule out anything too soon. Some people may have left your life now, but as you know, you can never predict who is coming back. 

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2017 Astrological Forecasts

 I teamed up with loss&found​ to bring you one-of-a-kind, insightful Astrological Forecasts for 2017! This is your horoscope for the year! It includes intuitions about love, loss, career and self-discovery! These forecasts are meant to shed light upon your life, helping to guide you through with thoughtful and perceptive reflections. Even if you don't believe in Astrology, I highly encourage you to read. It doesn't have to be about the star signs. If it helps, look at it as mystifying identity, and shaping identity. Sometimes it's nice to know that there is a precarious way of defining certain aspects of our behaviours. It's interesting to learn how Astrology can affect our lives and dispositions. Remember, if you are born within ten days of another sign, read both reports. It's about What's Your Birthday?​--the full elements, which make up your chat--not simply the sun sign!

*If you like what you read, and would like to book a personal reading with me for the new year, please feel free to contact me at Thank you so much, I truly have the faith for a happy (lucky 7) new year!


2017 Horoscopes: 

Why Businesses Shouldn't Ignore Their Social Audiences.

You would like to think that all brands understand the shift in technology, and by doing so are getting social with their audiences. This means that brands interact with their audiences, and reply to their comments. Social media is the prime spot which customers are coming to sing or withhold your praise, and your inability to pay attention to them will cost you money in the long run.
Take the company Nintendo (of Canada) for example. As a gaming company (literally, people can actually play your product online), you would think that Nintendo (of Canada) would want to do everything in their power to keep their audience happy. If not happy, then at the very least, appease their audience, however, despite the community concern, Nintendo (of Canada) stays completely quiet on social channels as they post thought-provoking content, but engage with no one.
Remember, It’s the people who love your product who have given you the reputation, which you hold. Therefore, as a business, of any size or credibility, it is your job to go above and beyond to let your social audience know that you care because that’s where your audience is. People are living on their phones and tablets. Is really not possible to say that social media doesn't matter or isn't making an influence because it is.
 As we move forward and stride further into this millennial-driven culture, we easily see that the world is living and breathing on social. Social media is the place where people come to make testimonials and complaints, but also the place they come to for information, answers and help. It is a huge market of business, which is crucial to many industries and should not be ignored.
Nintendo (of Canada) is one example od many who need to implement strategies to address the massive amount of social interaction and discontent of their customers. People are creating GIFs of Pikachu crying saying things like, "I can't find the NES Classic!” People are ignoring the content of Nintendo’s social media, and instead, posting complaints, making suggestions and asking questions about products. Isn't this a gold mine for Nintendo (of Canada)? An offered up analysis of games and products, which can be improved over time?
Hiring someone to address the concerns on social will help to improve the quality of the brand. It will let the world know that Nintendo (of Canada) cares about its customer.
While every company chooses a different social media strategy, it is the global recommendation that Social Media Managers address customer feedback (positive or negative), whether this done on a larger scale or through an intimate capacity. Communications needs to be made.
Canadian company Lululemon currently has over 10 employees who are hired solely for the purpose of social media management. On the wave of the now, Lululemon ensures that every customer gets addressed and that engagements aren’t ignored. Businesses should value their customer and take their insight seriously, as it’s those people who want to see the best for your brand. It's those people who will become return shoppers.
 Maintaining customer loyalty is a part of the goal, but also is maintaining business. One Nintendo (of Canada) customer is so frustrated by the lack of product that he threatens “or I am done with Nintendo”, and this comment is "liked" by three people. That’s four people who potentially think less of your brand because you did nothing to address the problem. A simple, “we empathize with your frustration and are working hard to resolve this matter. Or, “we value you as a customer and appreciate your patience, and in all honesty, are working hard to solve the matter” --can go a long way. Why? Because people don’t waste their efforts not to be heard. You always want a response, especially when it’s regarding something you want to buy. People hate to be ignored, it infuriates them. Imagine you worked hard on an important (perhaps emotional) message, and that person never got back to you. Wouldn’t it make you feel terrible? It would certainly make you feel less about the person on the other end. People will lose interest in a brand if they aren’t good to their people. Customer services and good service overall are more important than your product. As a business, you have to be more than just a product, you have to be a movement. 
Millions of people are reaching out and are using social media as a platform to do this. It is highly discouraging to post something positive about your company, only to have it swarmed with complaints. You have to get into the mindset of now, and acknowledge how technology is changing the world. People want to interact online, they want to buy and return products online, and they want to complain online. People expect customer service on social media. If a walk-in customer had an issue, would you ignore them? No, you’d respond promptly and do whatever you could to make the sale or ensure that the customer is happy. We live in a world where we learn about each other’s lives online, and use apps to tell us how much to tip or find out how close a cab is. According to a study from Maritz Research and Evolve24 about 70% of customers complaining on social media are largely ignored. From a universal standpoint, this is considered seriously bad business.
Social media is no passing fad—it is only going to get bigger, brighter and bolder. Baby’s favorite toy isn’t her doll anymore, it’s her iPad! As we evolve, social media is the communication channel that more and more buyers are turning to. Customer experience management company, Market Force, points out:
"The emergence of social media has given consumers a whole new way to interact with the brands they love — and a forum to complain when brands disappoint. But what many companies have learned is just how powerful connecting one-on-one with customers can be when those consumers take the time to post."
In other words, if a customer makes the effort to contact you by means of social media, you better respond. Otherwise, you will find yourself in a bad position. Here are three key reasons why you should not do this:
1. Customers Hate Being Neglected
Hypothetically when customers use social media to make a complain it’s likely because that company has already failed to satisfy that customer through traditional customer service channels. They’re also upset, so pushing them on through inaction and ignorance is ill advised. Social media customers might bring up issues you as a company are trying to avoid discussing, but you still need to address it in some regard.
As mentioned, social media will dictate how people feel about you. A study from Conversocial found that the way customers are treated on social media has a considerable effect on their feelings toward a company. In fact, if ignored by companies on social media sites:
  •       45% would be angry
  •   27.1% would stop doing business with the company completely
  • The Customer Experience Impact Report for Oracle reports even more important stats: 50% of consumers give a brand only one week to respond to a question before they stop doing business with them
  •    89% of consumers began doing business with a competitor following a poor customer experience
It is noted that if you do not reply within a week, your customers may switch to a competitor.
2. Other Customers Are Observing
When upset consumers use social media to complain, the whole world is watching. The people who are curious about you and your products will check out your social media to learn more—it’s like your page in the phone book (your customer comments are your reviews). This obviously includes current and potential customers, as stated, people who were once loyal can easily become turned off. When you ignore an issue so strongly people lose the respect they once had for your business.
Conversocial discovered that approximately 88% of customers will do business with a company that ignores social media made complaints. Believe it for not, but people will pay extra for a better customer experience.
3. You Can Switch a Negative into a Positive
People just want to be heard. You will learn how easy it is to appease people with a simple reply or alternative acknowledgment. Regardless of whether or not you can resolve the problem, the fact that you’re listening and show that you care, goes a long way. People just want to know that their desires are valued and that the business will do what they can to meet your needs. For example, The Maritz study reported 83% of complaints who got a reply, appreciated and liked the fact that the company replied. Customer experience can be improved by the simple gesture of a response. This can even lead to positive testimonials about your business. It was found by Oracle that 22% of customers who got a reply ended up posting a positive remark about the company.
Assign a role (or adding this responsibility to a current role) with the task of replying to customer feedback via social media even the positive stuff—is imperative. It takes two seconds to like a post, and it makes customers feel loved, but it also withholds your loyalty with your audience. People like real, brands that they can relate. People they can feel good about giving their money too. If you get too exclusive in your ways, people will start to shy away.
Provide guidelines for relevance, and decide what deserves a response and what doesn’t. Construct a social media engagement policy that adheres to all of your company policies. If you prefer not to offer full support via social media, redirect complainants by responding with other contact information, such as email or telephone number. Though, social media really is the best way to catch them at once.
  • Whatever channel of communication you settle on, remember to do the following when dealing with complaints:
  •    Listen. You can improve your business, takes this feedback wisely.
  •  Don’t get aggressive or rude, try not to make excuses, but certainly apologize for how they are feeling –trying to empathize with them.
  •   Empathy will help you acknowledge the customer’s concerns from their point of view.
  •  Be grateful. Say thank you, and show appreciation that they took the time to provide helpful insight.
When you draw a blind eye to customer feedback on social media, you miss out on the chance to make positive tweaks and changes to your products and services. You never know what someone might throw your way—it could be the next big thing. Social media helps you stay connected to your fan base like even if we’re all so far apart, we’re still so close together! Make a real connection with people, because most importantly, if you don’t, you lose customers entirely.
And it goes without saying that without customers, you have no business at all.

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Testimonial on What's Your Birthday Astrology Readings!

Attention to people looking for an amazing x-mas gift! As you know, I'm a huge fan of lady bosses building their businesses and dreams and love to support/give credit where it's due. Last week I had my astrological chart done by my friend Tara and it was not only insanely accurate but extremely elucidating!!
Tara is not a weird lady off the internet, nor does she have a 1-900 number or the word "moon" in her name once. She is, however, a professional, whip smart, hilarious and intuitive woman and I cannot recommend a reading with her enough (whether for fun or for serious guidance into why you're a total weirdo).
I've watched Tara impressively build her career as an astrologist from her awesome blog What's Your Birthday? to her horoscopes and astrological writings for numerous companies and media outlets including Elite Daily.
I am getting a reading with her for a few of the ladies on my list this year! Message her or me if you're interested in being put in touch.

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You Shouldn’t Stop A Relationship Just Because Your Signs Aren’t Astrologically Compatible

Just because your sun signs are compatible, it doesn't mean that the rest of your charts aren't read. Read my latest Elite Daily article, on how star signs don't rule out compatibility.


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Social Media is the New Resume

It’s common knowledge that when you are applying for a job that you follow through with the asked requirements.
 Sending a resume is usually a part of this process, and this is a social standard, however, I am a walking example of how formal resumes don’t always get you the job. You’d be surprised to learn how many people are getting employed via social media.  
What’s The Secret?
In “Branding Your Passion”, I discussed the need to be social, and produce a solid social profile for yourself. What we didn’t perhaps stress is that corporations are also going to be interested in your ability to use social media—it says a lot about you.
Are you the type of employee to post work updates and start formulating cool new hashtags? Do you like pictures on the company Instagram account? Or is your potential co-worker going to bear a ghost profile, with little followers and even fewer updates? Some companies care to know how social you are, and if you aren’t socially savvy then you may not speak to them.
One of the first questions I was asked by a fine Vancouver establishment in an interview was, “can you show me your Instagram profile?” She closed the interview by asking me, “do you use Snapchat?” She told me, she asks everyone this and thinks it is so important for brands to be using Snapchat. Before we left the interview, I took a Snapchat and posted it online as a creative way of saying thank you.
In discussing the need to be social when on the job hunt, I might have started off to say that I was so lucky that one admired Linkedin article got me a job, but it wasn’t just one. It became a trend to get work without a formal application. A lot of people were asking for work without asking me to fill out an application or even attend a job interview!
My self-promotion of my skills abled me to get me numerous contracts and work opportunities.
I write about a lot of things, but Astrology writing is a passion of mine. Through several Elite Daily articles published and Horoscope updates on my blog, and twitter, I was able to land a regular, monthly horoscope gig, which optioned for even future content potential.
I was able to build assurance from individuals who believed in me and went to bat for me in landing even more jobs. It truly appeared like my social network was benefiting me far more than the formal applications.
Social media is the new resume because if you use social media right--if you use it to exercise your talents and showcase what you can do it will reap something. Eventually if you do it right, someone is going to show interest in you, especially if you've got something to offer.
With that being said, you’ve also got to have the talent, but assuming that you do, strong social media and building a strong, social network are your two keys to success. Don’t be afraid to demonstrate your skills, show people what you know, what you think or what you can do. Some of the most successful people in this world are those who have grabbed our attention by being obnoxious and forcing us to listen to them. When you have a voice that meant to be heard, you have to fight to make it happen. When you have a passion for something that is so strong, you don’t care what other people think, you just want to express how you feel about it in an open capacity. Social media gives you a platform to showcase your skills and address these concerns, but it also helps to establish your personal profile.
We are living in a technology-heavy, virtual-driven world, which puts the power online. More and more recruiters are looking for that level of innovation. Resumes that look like infographics, skill-testing obstacles, and trial periods. It’s not so simple as going on one interview and waiting to hear back. There are rounds, and in many cases, a lot of people to meet before you get approved.
 A company may want a phone interview with you, but then you may never hear from them again. Making it past round one of the interviews doesn’t mean you got the job. Chances are you will be interviewed more than once and will be asked to do a skill-testing task before you are considered, not to mention, not before your references are checked.
Social media does simplify the process, in that your skills are out in the open. You are your own market and people can make the free decision to form a working alliance with you.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Everyone Needs Their Own Editor, Including The Editor

We'd all like to think that we are our own best editors. That when we hit the send button, we won't quickly be hitting the edit button as well. In truth, we are prone to hitting the edit button because editing is not easy. Writing is not easy. Most people don't get it on their first try. Let alone do they knock it out of the park. I say this with the chance, that I will publish this article before I notice an error in it. The thing is, I will notice it, but it might be too late. The moment the error has been discovered is the moment you could suffer consequences. While, it has been said, that the editing process is almost never complete. You have to read things over more than just once. You have to read things over period. Being too quick to hit the send button is always a dangerous move. In the case of editing, the Tortoise won the race. Editing, is almost never an impulsive process.
I recently read a job posting that said cover letters and resumes will be disregarded instantly if they have any grammar errors. Without being said, this is probably true for countless corporations. In this age, one error in your copy can break you. You have to be extra careful. I think it is important to strive for perfect copy in every aspect of life. Even when you talk to your friends in text, practise the proper use of grammar and spelling. Take the time to make corrections where you see them because this will help you when you are trying to write a lengthier post. Be mindful of what you write, and how you write it. If you are sending an email to Executives and CEOs, proof read it. It is important that your superiors think you can write. Read each word out loud and see if it makes sense. Are any words missing? How is your syntax?People think they know what a comma is, and really, it's not rocket science, but in fact, a comma is simply a break or pause within a given sentence. Do not write an email with no commas. I can promise you that you will require them. If you are confused, read the sentence out loud. Is there a part within the sentence where it feels too long? That's likely where you need the comma, it is a break or pause for the reader who will take exactly that between each word. 
Upholding impecable writing content particularly goes for anything work related on social media. Do you know how tacky it is to see a successful, professional post a very noticeably, unedited update on LinkedIn? I have had to hold myself back from commenting. Here, this guy is telling a heart-felt Recruitment story, in which he allowed a late interview to take place. He was trying to show that compassion is the right road, but all his great points got lost in it's poor content construction.  I have also found this with Marketing Agencies, and Startups who don't edit their captions. Writing and speaking are not the same thing, if you write like you speak, you will likely be unsuccessful, which is why it is important to get the proper help with writing. Writing needs to be top-quality on every angel, and this includes social. You might have the words, but you just might not know how to use them. It is important to learn. It is like having bad reviews stuck on your Facebook page because you don't have a Social Media person, well there is an answer. Content Companies like Content Chloe can help you with all of this. 

Content Chloe provides affordable, customized, Content solutions to meet your immediate needs. It could be so simple as, you write it, and we clean it up. In addition, we'd be happy to walk you through the process so that you can learn to become a better writer on your own account. Demonstrating good writing is not just about obeying the laws of grammar, it is a direct reflection of your intellect. The ability to write well is an extension of intelligence. It attributes you to a certain quality, taste and capability. Writing is symbolically, your voice, and the way that you chose to use it has massive impact.  

Recently, I was called out for missing some mistakes in my blog, and I felt terrible. As a writer, when you make a noticeable mistake, you feel like a fraud. Like someone has robbed you of your talent. In the end, it was a good thing, it made me remember that I am still learning, and growing, and that mistakes will only help to shape my way.  As a writer, I know my own voice, so I always know what I mean to say. I don't always notice the small mistakes, which is why an outside Editor is helpful to even me. Still, I didn't like the feeling of knowing that my content had errors. I would never promote a service that I myself would not use, and I full-heartily recommended getting help with your content, no matter who you are. 
I knew it was in me to do better. I want to illustrate my connection with words to the best of my ability. I don't want to be a talented musician playing the wrong tunes, but with any art form there is going to be different plateaus of progress and development. While I love to write, and have written for over a decade, there are so many things I have yet to write about. There are so many things that even I have to learn. The relationship with writing is constantly evolving for me as a writer, which is why I think it is important that everyone look at their writing relationship. I think it is important for everyone to communicate the true words that represent them in a honest and honourable light! 

To Set-Up Contact Solutions Click Here, Call 604-764-2669 or Email: