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Do You Have an Astrological Dating Pattern?

             Everything was going so great until the balloon popped...

I encourage you to make a list of all your significant others, lovers, hook-ups, crushes, potential wifeys and hot flames that have entered, existed and exited your life. Beside each write their birthday, and star sign,  you may be surprised to see that you have a weird astrological dating/mating pattern.

1)you can only be FRIENDS with a certain sign because you don't feel attraction 
2) You always are wooed into one night stands with flattering ____ men/women.
3) You've never had sex with a ________. 
4) You've only had sex with _________.
5) You usually date ___________. 
6) You are usually "just friends" with ____.

(fill in your own blanks)
You might start to acknowledge the types of zodiac men or women that you DATE or even become friends with. It bothers me when people say things like, "no more Pisces for me." Well, "the fish" is a mutable sign like Gemini and Virgo, which means there are plenty of variation between them all. I never type case Geminis as chatty or Virgos as introverted because I will always find myself surprised.  Even Scorpio has a "dolphin Scorpio" type who is prescribed as talkative and friendly. This is a complete contrast to the usually introverted Scorpio males. I do believe that if you are astrologically compatible with a certain sign or element that you shouldn't rule them out for good. Nor should you type cast based on signs.Yes, astrology in a sense, is a form of stereotyping people through signs, but in understanding the zodiac one can comprehend that it is a lot more complicated than placing people and compatibility into categories. Nor is ignorance in this area encouraged, for example, A girl meets a guy who tells her he is a Taurus, and then asks her sign. Upon telling him that she is a Pisces, he said, "Oh that's no Good Pisces are passive in bed" (not true). And She proceeded with, "really? Sex? We just met.You're going there already?" And he retorted, " yeah pretty soon." Which, is actually a very odd thing for a Taurus man thing to say out loud unless he is intoxicated (eat, sleep, fuck). Taurus men define/begin their relationship with women through sex and if they like you they are even more likely to call you if you give it up on the first date. Though, this doesn't always mean clouds and rainbows. Taurus man is hard "get into."Most Taurus people have vaults, which rarely get unlocked and your frustration with him/her may lie in their inability to express love in a verbal way. He for example might buy you something expensive, and take care of you, but he might not sweep you off your feet in the process!

People tend to attract certain elements and usually a pattern of elements will occur (as certain elements are more compatible than others). One should not be hasty and write a sign off because of past experiences. Chemistry is something that continues over time if exercised properly -- you can't deny what/ who keep your feelings linger. If you spent 5 years with a Scorpio girl, there is a high chance that you will be attracted to the same empathic energy again - but simply in a different form--a different person. People are socialized through diverse circumstances and inadvertently reflect different energies which won't always comply to what the zodiac textbooks ensue. For example, you might think all Geminis are friendly and outgoing, but then you will meet one who is kind of boring, introverted, doesn't smile very often or talk very much. You might assume all Geminis are party animals, but then you will meet one who doesn't drink and stays at home with her cats. There is no telling to this madness, but it is interesting to see the patterns, which potentially exist.
 Certain signs are more fixed in their demeanor like Taurus. If you ever say, "I'll never date a Taurus, Scorpio, Leo or Aquarius again", you are more likely to get away with this because these signs are a lot more set in their ways. You will be hard pressed to find a Taurus who isn't a bit stubborn or control orientated (Taurus is the boss/pant wearer.) Just as it will be hard to find a Scorpio who isn't secretive about their feelings versus an Aquarius who doesn't crave independence and play time. Once I merely looked a lad up and down upon asking him if he was a Taurus? It wasn't necessarily the all over labeld LV money clip or fanny pack that gave him away--at least not entirely. He had a bull-like energy. Often or not bull boys actually look like bulls. I've seen it in girls as well. I'm sure that sounds incredibly strange but it is true. Taurus has what I call "the bull face", they look like bullies or bitches and you might be afraid to approach them at first, but once the bull gets to know you the bull face becomes tender, loyal and dependable. Not always, but often or not the Bull will show you their softer side just try not to mess with them or get on their bad side, as it is highly unlikely that you will ever be fully redeemed in their eyes.
                           Assuming you saw this?

The New Dates:
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Capricorn: Jan. 20 - Feb. 16
Aquarius: Feb. 16 - March 11
Pisces: March 11- April 18
Aries: April 18 - May 13
Taurus: May 13 - June 21
Gemini: June 21 - July 20
Cancer: July 20 - Aug. 10
Leo: Aug. 10 - Sept. 16
Virgo: Sept. 16 - Oct. 30
Libra: Oct. 30 - Nov. 23
Scorpio: Nov. 23 - Nov. 29
Ophiuchus: Nov. 29 - Dec. 17
Sagittarius: Dec. 17 - Jan. 20

I am not entirely oppose to the new zodiac, it does make sense, however I do not know anything about this "new sign" so will most likely NOT entertain the idea of new signs in my blog. There are 4 elements and three signs in each element -- this make SENSE to me. Astrology in my convention is about the elements (and how these elements relate to each other) but not necessarily about the planets. If this blog is interested in any planet it would be the planet Venus as it rules one's life, love and interpersonal relationships.  However, I do encourage you to read about both of the signs if your sign has changed because going forward the planetary movement will affect your present energy. I stress this for people who were only one or two days between signs from the start. The changes made perfect sense, in certain cusp cases, like girls born one day between Gemini and Cancer, Aries and Taurus or Pisces and Aquarius. Yet in others areas I was completely disturbed. 
For example: Obama is not a Cancer!!!
My take is that this change makes sense with signs that run into each other and compliment each other. There are strong ties between an Aries and a Taurus just as the fish can relate to the breezy Aquarius nature, but a Libra and a Virgo are very different, just as are Leo and Virgo and Cancer and Leo. With these signs, I encourage you to still refer to yourself as your old sign, but perhaps take in mind what's in store regarding your new zodiac. People born at the beginning of September are considered true Virgos, and to see this suddenly switched around is bullshit. Certain signs are too fixed in their ways to be changed over night-- so don't freak --- you are still your signs, BUT if your signs has changed you likely have aspects or traits, which compliment that new sign regarding planetary action, which isn't valued highly in my regard.  

Georgia Nicol seems to agree that it is BS and I like her take that the planets likely have no real affect on us.We are all the same signs we once were. Below are Georgia's thoughts on the matter:

What's My Sign

What's My Sign?
In the last 48 hours, the story about your astrology sign being "wrong" has gone viral. Yesterday, four different TV stations contacted me. One of them came to my apartment in Vancouver, I did two radio interviews, and two newspaper interviews -- one with Calgary and one with Santa Rosa, California. I even got a query from Hearst Publications in Florida. My In-Box was packed for two days with questions about this. So -- here is the scoop.
The article by US astronomer Parke Kunkle is nothing that astrologers have not already known since before the time of Christ.
Over the last several thousand years, the cosmos has shifted, and the constellations in the sky no longer line up with the dates of the zodiac sign. Astrologers know this. Astrologers have always known this.
Because of this, two different schools of astrology have developed - one school, which is the most popular in the West, is the traditional school that is based on the zodiac, which is not constellation based. (Yes, I know art work for the constellations is often used, but so is a smiley face for the Moon.) This is Tropical astrology.
The other astrology "school" that is based on the current constellations in the sky is called Sidereal Astrology. This is commonly used in India.
In the beginning of my entertaining, informative and witty book You and Your Future, I state that I don't even believe the planets affect us anyway! It's all about mathematics, and the interpretation of these mathematical cycles.


 Aries: You often look at situations and how they affect you directly. You lack empathy -- how many times have I said this? In certain social situations, and among the company of certain people you get a big head and forget your heart -- try to think about others more and how your actions might hurt them.  You usually end up getting what you want so why not show some consideration along the way? You are caught up with what you want but forget there are others who need too. With you there may not be an "I" in team, but you often look at the word backwards and piece together the word "me." The word "self" is a key astrological term for Aries, and therefore finding true connections with others will be a lifelong struggle, just please don't buy a graphic tee that says, "Yeah Bitch I'm Selfish" or even worse "I'm a Lawyer", it's tacky and nobody cares.

Taurus : You need to chill on the public validation because that only bleeds insecurity, regardless of how stable you are or how colossal you feel. Do you not notice a pattern where you constantly seek some sort of validation for your new relationship, friendship, job, or more importantly (in your world) a new clothing item, new pair of shoes, new boots? Work from the inside out. You might look great or feel like you do but, you have some shit that you really need to work on within. A part of you is trapped in your inability to open up and trust another entirely. Eventually, you have to trust someone besides yourself to the point where you are able to feel a sense of freedom. Say what's on your mind and maybe you will breath easy with relief. If you don't find a place of personal peace, it will spindle out of control. There is an old saying, 'if it an't broke don't fix it', but in your case, you try to mend what's broken (constantly seeking ideal perfection) -- move on -- you know you don't have to build up better. Instead, you can just find better. You know you prefer bigger, brighter gems any way--gems that come with insurance that you can see.
Leo: You aren't always as sincere with yourself as you should be. You get so caught up but remain super sensitive to things and people which have hurt you (unless you are the noble Leo who feels no sense of incompleteness with anyone.) How do you really feel? Leo men have the tendencies to put up with shit until they are finally fed up enough to say something. Its time to embrace the reality of your feelings and ignore your desire to keep harmony among others. Whatever Leo denies will come out later --and not in a good way.  For Leo woman, give her some liquor and it might come out in a bad, dramatic way. Address your battles earlier on and learn to let go in a sensible way that doesn't scream that your hungry for some attention. Leo is born to think he/she is important and when they don't get this validation they digress -- or look elsewhere. Make me feel great, pay attention to me, and remind me I am loved or take a hike! People don't realize how little you forget or how fake you can be in pretending your over something  when your not.  Leo isn't stupid, and are likely playing the social game better than you are!
Virgo: So many thoughts in the vortex of your complex Virgo mind but, you need to strive to find and hold onto to the positive ones. Virgo man -- your need to be perceived as masculine and superior to sappy conventional romantic shit is pure crap. You need and desire a woman just as much as your boys do. Pretending you don't want a girlfriend to seem like "the man" is old. Just fess up. You are a mama's boy who secretly cannot live without the presence of a woman in your life and no one is mad at you for it. Virgo, you love attention but are the worst at going about getting it (sometimes) you need to be more honest about what you want and need. Others will respect you a lot more for it. Stop fussing over every fucking detail that entertains your high maintenance, highly active brain. If you have to fuss over it -- it's probably not worth having in your life, and if you do feel good about something or someone go with it, and don't feel the need to calculate them according to Virgo standard in the process. No one is going to be prefect so you may have to settle for a modified version. Though using people for one aspect of life isn't fair either. If he's a total dud and good in bed -- or she's rich but a total psycho -- it is probably best to walk away and be fair to the other party involved. Don't think just about your self in relationship situations.

Sag : It's time to limit the talk and focus on the action of things you could potentially make happen.  You want adventure right? So don't be cheap and try to make it happen because you know you want it. You want something. You are always dreaming of more, of a greener pasture, so why not stake out your next claim? Get your arrow ready and aim with poise. You might be a man or woman of great plan or adventure, but it is time to put those plans in motion regardless of the magnitude. You talk a lot and are great at it, but what do you really mean? Save your impulse until you figure out what you really want to say or how you really feel about a situation. You are the sign who can make things happen -- who can really outshine people and leave a lasting impression. Talk is cheap -- let's see it.
Libra: You have a great ability to get along with anyone and keep the peace in any heated situation, but maybe you should take a chance on your emotions. Put yourself out there a bit more. Don't run away from what could be great and give yourself the chance to think outside of the comfort zone. Don't run back to what you think is comfortable either.You might think you are not capable of things, but in time you will surprise yourself because you are capable of a lot. You have a magical quality when you want to, but it often gets lost in your indecisive nature. You are the king/queen of "maybe" you often agree to do things you know you won't ever do. Try to be more honest with yourself and others about your personal limitations and the reality of your character. You may just always decide last minute but if that's how you are there is no point lying to yourself or other -- just to please the masses and keep the peace. 
Scorpio : We know you mean well but, you don't always have the best disposition of showing it. You keep far too much to yourself and this limit your way of life and interactions with others. You won't get it if you don't ask for it and you won't be able to make something into what you want it to be if its not willing to be converted. You've tried. You've tested and now its time to access what is true. You need to explore new avenues instead of constantly coming  back to what you trust, because what you trust isn't necessarily good for you. Those Scorpios shutting themselves off from others need to open up to new possibilities and do so without fear. It is ok to get hurt in life, it makes you a stronger character and prepares you further for what you want in the future. You need to speak up more and let nature take control. Don't be afraid to step out of your zone -- people would love for you to surprise them every one in awhile as your shit is getting a little too predictable. Stop going back to what you know will hurt you again -- your possessive nature will only hurt you in the end. You can only make the same mistakes so many times until it really starts to serve consequences.
Cancer: It's in the name. It's in the goggle search. Cancer is a deadly thing. In this case you need to cut out the cancer of your mind, which weakens you. You need to let ties break and let go of things you feel you can't because people don't realize that there is a part of you, which doesn't forget. You are in a lot of ways stuck in what has hurt you -- if anything has. You have a tremendous heart and a tremendous sense of character, but you have to pull out those qualities in times where you don't feel like yourself. Don't take stuff out on people or use your natural humor (a positive gift) in a negative way. Your insecurities shouldn't be masked in the desire to bring others down in order to bring your own spirits up. In a lot of ways it is time to grow up, get on and let go of what's keeping you back. Don't get boring -- it's also time to plan something fun and think of what your next move is going to be. Maybe it's time to challenge yourself and put  both your brain and your heart to work instead of one or the other.
Gemini : Stop giving people that look. You know the one. The look where you listen to a person with subtle judgment decorating your face. You realize people might start to think that you think that your better than them? People also know this is a fucked up insecurity, which transpires onto others. Perhaps you aren't even aware that you are doing it because Gemini is perfect according to Gemini.Are you ever alone? Like truly? Don't give people that crap that you like alone time, because even if you do, it doesn't last for long. Maybe you should try to actually take it easy sans the entourage--- right -- like that will ever happen. Some of you have been in the same place for far to long. You can keep renovating (new hair, new clothes, insane work/ sushi diet) but eventually shit is gonna get old, and feel old real fast. Eventually whatever you are running from is going to catch up with you at some point. Geminis have a really hard time owning up to imperfection. They would rather lie to themselves -- and believe me when I say that they are by far the best liars in the zodiac. Likely because they are so good they also convince themselves of their tainted truth in the process.  
Capricorn : You might be really good at what you do but that doesn't give you the right to tell others how to do. Even if you are the boss, please find tact in how you delegate authority. You might even be one of the best, but your need for excellence is completely ignorant to those around you. Don't you want to be liked too? Or is success worth sacrificing all personal relationships for? You would do a lot better if you started to pay attention to your surroundings and treated people like they were on an even playing field. Your need to be the boss interferes with your ability to bond with others. Don't get me wrong you have a solid, strong, stable head on your shoulders. You work super hard and you deserve any good will that comes your way, however you should try to be a bit more attentive to those around you. After all don't you want success in multiple aspects of life?
Aquarius - Things are about to change for you in the best way possible if you can just manage to keep a level mood. Stay with this positive tune. 2010 is dead and now its up to you to make what you want of this year. You feel better when you are out doing things, in the company of people who make you feel good (or alone) and its time to bring out the best in others. Stop reverting into your own emotional world, which no one but you understands. Start to admit what is perceived as crappy about yourself in order to morph into a better version of who are. You are extremely gifted and have the potential to really be something great if you so desire. Make now the time -- and don't fill your time with stupid dates you don't care about. You need to care about yourself enough not to wander off into bad territory. You tend to keep your distance from others, especially between those that are trying to get close to you. Try to force yourself into situations that make you feel uncomfortable -- you never know what you might meet. Take that guard down!! Do whatever you have to in order to abolish the  invisible wall between you and everyone else.
Pisces - Foxy brown once said, "cause an't nobody gonna fuck me like me." Pisces you need to remember this and stop thinking that you need love or affection to fill a void. You can fill it for yourself. There is likely someone or something you just can't seem to shake off, why do you do this yourself? Your friends are sadly along for the emotional and yet bumpy ride because you can't hide your feelings for the life of you. Moody. Moody. Moody. Your pretty sure everyone in your life thinks this person or situation is the devil -- but not to you. You see beauty and goodness in places that others don't, and emotionalize your sexual relationships and therefore have a hard time letting go. The word obsessed comes into mind. You like what you like and you can't help that, but is it more that Why? Why toroture yourself? Find something positive to obsess about--if possibe. You likely only can't let go of this person because they aren't good for you any way. Pisces will often demand a lot less and you need NOW more than ever to demand more -- because you are worth a lot (likely -- this sign is so mutual some of you are just shady black cod and rotten trout, I'm sorry). Pisces guy -- start to figure out your shit. People see through your lame attempts at being a friend/lover. Your charming smile won't get you out of everything. Not everyone is going to like you so go get over it/yourself and start being honest. You can't be ever-changing towards others with matters of the heart because other people have feelings too!


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