Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Opposites Attract

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xweiQukBM_k&feature=av2e This Paula Abdul video was a childhood favorite, and sadly the cliche is often (but not always) quite true. Or at least according to the stars signs. People who are inherently different by nature are drawn to each other naturally because they crave to be challenged as humans. I often hear men say, "I'm attracted to what I am not." This notions often comes into play physically, but also mentally. For example, a highly introverted male might be attracted to a more personable, talkative, vivacious female because she provides stimulation, which he cannot. There is also a very strong chemical, physical chemistry between opposites, especially in the sack. He might consider himself the selfish, bad boy type and finds himself attracted to extremely feminine, girl-next-door, good girl types. The dominant are attracted to the submissive. Big Gorillas attracted to petite spinner types. Sometimes weak communicators are attracted to strong ones, and attentiion seeking nymphos settle with quite arm candy (who are also awesome listeners). Its all about balancing two elements so they can function properly support and together.

Sag/Gemini : First there is the BrAngie Pitt relationship, which is a combination of two polar opposites Sag (fire) and Gemini (air). He's a bit goofy, worldly, charming, up for adventure and on the hunt for both experience and excitement. She too is constantly changing (dual-natured Gemini) and trying to fill a void of never quite feeling good enough. She is still looking for something to complete her, she might preach humble talk, but she is never satisfied. She does have a vain side, it would be shocking for her not to, every Gem is prone to detail and highly visual (and usually material) by nature. Mentally they likely both have anal tenancies. They will face trouble with control because if she is a true Gemini a part of her will always want to take the lead. He struggles to be MAN. He is pathetically devoted and doesn't mind taking a back seat to her demands, though very stubborn in his own right, he might express frustration, but he doesn't wear the pants. I think that might be pretty obvious. 20 kids later and these two could still be together, the attraction between them is very strong and while different have many things in common. They fight though,but I think Brad was looking for a women to "talk back" to him a bit. Jen, sensitive by nature, and a lot more emotional would like comply too much.

Virgo/Pisces: This is intense. They are so different its sort of scary. He is likely the introverted, serious, critical type. She the light to his dark, super feminine and girly with a chatty spirit and a zest for fun. The sex will be epic, but she will always be too sensitive for him. She will always look for an emotional connection in bed, which he won't always provide. He wants her, but he doesn't want her to get too mushy, he will scare easily. He will likely make her feel insignificant and never god enough. Pisces needs her validation more than anything and Virgo is one of the last signs to put glitter glue on top of anything. They are much more likely to be the bully, to criticize, hate and talk lowly of people. This could stem from their own insecurity of thinking that he is the one and only, the very best man. Their male ego is very present because they secretly love the attention of you being devoted to him. They might have a weird complex about 'other men'. If they give you a compliment its sincere, but emotionally they don't operate on the same frequency as sensitive Pisces. This contrast will always lead to clashing. Pisces will always be seeking something, which Virgo can't provide. If he trusts her however, and lets his guard down to her, it can work. IF Virgo is willing to let down his wall and let Pisces in, these two could be happy, though Pisces needs to work on 'not giving a fuck' what Virgo says and does because he's a loner type, and they always need space and time to figure out their constantly changing mind sets. Nothing is often perfect in the eyes of the virgin boy (Virgo). In the case below Nicole is the Virgo and Joe is the Pisces.

Taurus/Scorpio: This is also intense. I feel you are starting to understand the polarity interactions are often of a very intense nature, which don't necessarily have true expiration dates. Taurus is the earth mother of the zodiac, they want control, and they want trust and passion. They want the best - food, wine, drink, sex. They want love in all its conventions, all its prosper and practicality. While Scorpio is often very into himself by nature and not always able to bicker to the same degree as Taurus (who is often very temperamental until set off). Scorpio relishes in solo time and solitude and can't always satisfy the sometimes demanding needs of the Taurus. Hospitable signs like Gemini and Pisces are better suited to give Taurus everything they desire, and more.  Taurus and Scorpio go in waves, meaning they do have strong moments of greatness, but they have their plateaus, and cycles of fighting. By nature these two will clash on many levels. The sexual connection is crazy because it involves the two nymphos of the zodiac coming together in bed and this can be hours on the bed.... Control is also a factor of argument because Taurus, while understanding (and always working on it) does like to have things her way, and Scorpio can often be so set in his ways/patterns that he doesn't comply to the needs of his partner. Scorpio and Taurus, however, are very loyal signs, and are capable of working together as a team to make compromises and in turn, make their love work. It was certainly a lot of work for these two:

Leo/Aquarius : These two actually can have a lot in common because both are powerful signs with a lot of potential for positive energy. Leo is the center, but Aquarius is fleeting and never quite in the same place. Leo and Aquarius can both exercise meanness, if they don't like you, they don't like you, but Leo is more likely to lie to your face and smile with killer kindness because they are so narcissistic they can't handle anyone hating them. They need to feel great and important by nature. They expect you to come to them because the Lion sees him/herself as royalty. A lot of pride. Aquarius is more likely to look you up and down and walk away. They don't care. They don't need to waste their time on negative people who provide them with nothing in life. Leo has a lot of passion, and loves to be in love, which is great, but Aquarius is often swayed into other flirtations and endeavors because the cubicle of being in a total monogamous relationship can feel like a choking neck tie to them. Leo and Aquarius are both intelligent signs, so if she possess an ability to mentally engage Mr. Aquarius, this could be a very meaningful match with a lot of heat.

Cancer/Capricorn: Cancer is willing to give Capricorn the sense of protection and security, which Capricorn craves. However, Capricorn can often be "too dull" for Cancer, who might crave humor and stimulation more than Capricorn. Capricorn likes order, structure and stability. Cancer longs for security as well, but doesn't want to sacrifice doing, living and being apart of real life. Cancer does not want her relationship to be her entire identity, so if Capricorn smothers, and prevents Cancer from retaining a sense of self pleasure they could run into problems. They both do both have the ability to build a strong sense of home, comfort and loyalty. As long as they are capable of satisfying each others mental and physical needs this could work out, but it also could not like in the Case of Capricorn Kid Rock and Cancer Pamela Anderson.

Aries/Libra : Aries pretty much always know what she wants. She is the boss. She doesn't like to wait. She expects to be front of the line. As the first sign in the zodiac it is nature for Aries to think about themselves before anyone else. Libra is much more shifting in his reasoning, he weights the scales before making any type of decision. Committing to a decision is like contemplating abortion for a Libra - they just never really know what they want. Aries will try to make up Libra's mind, foolishly of course, because no one is capable of doing this for Libra. Aries needs to learn the gift of empathy, and work with her partner to communicate together. Aries will have to step back from the control role and try to be the sympathizer, lover and care taker. Libra will be very affectionate and adoring to Aries, which the Ram loves, but in order for it to truly work, Aries will have to reach a hand out to Libra first. Boni and Clyde were a Aries/Libra match.

ALSO any one who is in your OWN star sign could be your polarity. Similar personalities tend to clash by nature because there is a lack of balance between the elements. Too much of the same things is never good and can be a catalyst for chaos. For example, two Taurus women might be too stubborn and bump heads with one another. Two Leos might fight for the lime light, Two Pisces might be too sensitive for each other and hurt each others feelings indirectly. This being said, people also looooove their own star signs. If you have friends born in the same month as you, there is a reason. Birds of the same feather do flock together, similar interests and common ground are often favored in trade of the struggle to get along with your opposite. Regardless, we all need both relation and opposition in order to sustain a good livelihood or a healthy relationship. 

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