Sunday, October 17, 2010

Seriously Sammi?

As I have expressed before Pisces is a weak sign. Of course Sammi Sweetheart is a fish girl and cannot untangle herself from the man she loves, in this case, Ron often pronounced (rr-aw-n.)
Ron is a Capricorn, a strong, fairly stable earth boy, who is not going to let his ego be attacked by his girlfriend (especially on camera or in front of his boyz). Ron wants a bit of breathing room here, but ultra sensitive, needy Pisces girl can't seem to give him that leverage.

J-Woww is also a Pisces girl, but she falls a lot closer to Aquarius (cusper) and possesses a lot of inner strength and confidence, which Sam lacks. In other words, Jwoww is a dude. She doesn't offer up apologies and holds her head high with a bully-like confidence that Sam lacks. Sam can say whatever she wants but she is not intimidating. Most of the time she holds her tongue and simply walks away. She is too weak to stick out her own battles (battles she likely started.) Pisces is typically 'hard on themself' and Sam is a perfect example of this.  You will hear Sam say stuff like, "I don't even feel like I look cute tonight." And directly after you will hear Ron, telling her to shut up.

The zodiac does deem these two as compatible. Despite the flirting Ron does for the cameras or the ego he likes to flex, he is much more a committed relationship guy oppose to a roaming player type. Alcohol can bring out the black-out-drunk-alias in all of us. The Capricorn is known for the long term relationship because they like stability and comforts they can always count on. They also like being an asshole, but they do have very strong loyalties. Sam however, is extremely insecure and this paired with Ronny's playful ways only leads to constant fighting.

Sam shouldn't take Ron's comments about her looking Asian as an insult. Shouldn't she be comforted that she looks like Ron's ex? He clearly has a type, and most people do. Do you not notice patterns in your attraction? Whether it be signs or looks or occupation - there is a type you go for indirectly. Picking a fight with him for saying, "you look Asian, I like it" is fucking silly. Pick your battles. Sensitive Pisces can't help but personalize words and take bullets right to the heart. Sam is truly going to have to grow a tougher skin/gain some real self confidence if she ever expects to make it work with Rawn.


Typical Fish behavior that is dooming Sam:
  • Too forgiving - Ron knows he can always get back in so why change?
  • Too insecure/self-critical/weak/moody
  • Incapable of letting things go 
  • needy, passive, weak (we've already discussed how Rhiannon fall into the same depo here)
  • falls too hard, obsessively and emotionally- Sam is literally obsessed with Ron, pretty sure Ron is every other word out of her mouth, and every other thought too.
  • This Ron obsession also prevents her from focusing attention onto her self. What is Sam's self agenda? Does she even have one?
  • People pleasing and compliant - Sam prefers to be controlled, which is why she constantly makes excuses for Ron and lets him run her show sideways.
  • Far too sensitive and emotional for most men to tolerate kindly
  • Needs way too much validation stamping, which gets exhausting for dudes who are not use to doing so in their daily routines. Ron will straight up tell her to Fuck off, because he hates it when she has to ask. He wants her to just know it. 
 As you know anyone who is the SAME sign as you is consider your 'variable', which means you are either going to get along with them really well (Taurus girls usually love each other though if they combat they will combat - and this will be a fight to get seats for). Or you might get along perfect at times, and others find that person annoying because they are too much like you, want the same things, the same level of control or the same amount of attention and this drives you away. It is typical for us to criticize in others what we don't like about ourselves. Sam and Jenny are both fish girls stubborn in their own self pitying, overtly sensitive positions. They are in constant competition with each other because they both want to obtain the same role in the house, they both strive for the same kind of attention and neither wants to embrace each other's positive aspects, instead, they look for flaw in each other as a direct reflection of their own insecurities and flaws.

In my experiences Pisces and Pisces are likely to clash a lot because Pisces is such a mutable sign and therefore the women born here are usually highly diverse, very sensitive and intuitive creatures who often operate on gut instinct alone. If your not naturally comfortable about yourself its going to make it hard to be naturally comfortable with others, especially with someone who represents you in some regard.

Aquarius- Water carrier girls generally love each other because they are of a friendly, independent, airy nature and know how to play the social game well.

Scorpio- is able to admire the standpoint of other Scorpios even if they don't always get along or hang out - Scorpio is hard to get and elusive any way - don't call them, maybe they will call you...

Leo- loves leo but don't try to outshine the lion - they will compete for the light and the microphone - even if they don't think it - or say it - its innate for a leo to be great.

Gemini - Usually love each other because Gems love to party all the time, lets shit go and have fun. This doesn't mean they aren't talking trash on you behind your back. Don't worry though, its just smack talk, Gems don't often mean half the things they say and next time they see you - they will be nice.

Aries - The most competitive sign in the zodiac. Aries will be your fun, intelligent, fiery friend but they will be in competition with you and validate you rarely - especially with a fellow Aries. Aries will not admit weakness (especially emotional weakness) to another Aries simply because they want to retain power, control and the upper hand. They will likely draw your successes back to them.

Cancer - Even if they did hate you -you would never know. Truthfully, these two probably get together and have really good laughs and good times. When they are both in a good mood it is bliss, but they also understand that people aren't always chipper, especially in the morning.

Virgo - Superiority complex friendship - expect criticism- I love you - but -I-love me- MORE.

Sag- Friends but at the same time perfect strangers who value privacy a little too much.

Libra - This should be good. Both not wanting drama, but good times and good music. Though they will have difficulties making plans together with all that indecision.

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