Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy Halloween!

             *H*A*P*P*Y  H*A*L*L*O*W*E*E*N*

It is no surprise that the holiday of Halloween falls under Scorpio. If you ever thought your Scorpio friend or significant other had an eerie, mysterious or even creepy, odd, strange or weird side to them - this is no coincidence. Scorpio is meant to be feared or questioned in some respect. People want to know what Scorpio is thinking and feeling and it often feels like solving a 2000 piece puzzle. This complexity is common with Scorpio who is also, respectively drawn towards darkness - in some aspect. They like weird sexual stuff, tattoos, taboo, and the opposition. They enjoy playing devil's advocate.

For a female Scorpio, she doesn't mind taking the reigns in a group project and becoming the head hyena of the heard. She has balls by nature yes, but, she also wants to excel and trusts only her own control. She's not truly a control freak, yes, she admires control, but its more so that she doesn't trust anyone else to satisfy her personal vision. She is an excellent listener, but this is also a game play, by listening to you she never has to reveal anything personal about her own feelings. She is very loyal (sometimes to a fault of not being able to let go) and will be a vault for your secrets. Again, taking on the mayhem of others does block her from dealing with possible mayhem of her own, and Scorpio girl often prefers this.
  • It is not shocking to report that many Scorpio women value career over love.

Scorpio male is a bit different, a lot more introverted, and a lot less bubbly/outgoing. Unless he is what can be known as a "dolphin Scorpio" type, which is a harmless, friendly, super loving, snuggle-Satan type. He will still be 'deadly in some respect. Regardless, Scorpio male is going to keep most of his true thoughts to himself and his personality a mystery. He won't always have his designs set on control in social situations (though romantically he will exercise his need for emotional control a lot more). In fact he might find himself better suited in situations in which control is taken care of for him. He might become entangled with a stronger, more decisive woman like a Gemini or a Leo.

Signs like Libra and Pisces men love Scorpio women because they are attracted to a girl who knows what she wants. They (Libra and Pisces) aren't always capable of making a decision. They need a little push every now and again to get them motivated. They have a lot to offer, but these offerings are best developed through the powerful and stable love of a Scorpio. However, Scorpio might bore of her man lacking gumption in their relationships. Every woman like a man with a little throw down. A woman would never be disappointed if a guy took the reigns and planned a special evening or took charge in the bedroom. You'd be surprised how far a little plan can get you, especially in the eyes of a Scorpion woman.

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