Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Virgo.

                                                           August 23 - September 23
The Virgo is also known as the virgin, but don't be confused by the holy symbol. Beneath the outskirts of every astrological symbol lies a dark, buried truth because let's face - no one is completely good by nature. Consider that Virgo is a mutable sign, meaning there is plenty of room for variety, however, you might be able to patch together a few of your friends who fall under this sign and notice some uncanny qualities.

In Direct Focus on the Virgo Male :
  •  He will demand a certain level of control within the relationship (whether this relationship be serious or mainly sexual)
  • His first and formal loyalty is to himself, meaning that you can never benefit from a Virgo if he does not feel benefited i.e. not in a good mood, well fed, or had enough sleep
  • Sleep is very important to this sign as it goes hand in hand with mood. If the Virgo is well rested he is more incline to play nice, or better yet play with you.
  • The Virgo likes to stay up late - some may suffer from irregular sleeping patterns or insomnia 
  • if the Virgo is tired expect a wrath of bitch mode, mean comments, low patients, and a level of introverted mind fuck for the whole family...you might start to make jokes that "he"s just on his period!"
  • There is also a strong connection to the matriarch (aka he's a momma's boy) because Virgo needs the maternal comforts, which only a woman could provide -unlike any other sign they have a natural femininity to them,  which they reject (also a very homophobic sign to exert masculinity which they lack, but only in certain aspect - they are ALL MAN in many other areas) but can't help being drawn to all things 'fem'. They crave a good breast feeding and often don't feel they "need" a woman especially if they have a giving mother type provider. Virgo is the only woman symbol in this zodiac and this is with reason.
  • a misogynistic aspect in that they support old fashioned gendered roles - the idea that women belong in the kitchen to serve is never a battle but a blessing to the hungry virgin boy
  • Emotional commitments don't happen often because the Virgin in so reclusive in his own lonely world of self involvement, but when they do, they are hard to break, and the heartaches hard to overcome.
  • The Virgo needs alone time for the self in order to revamp and appreciate others again  -- being critical or challenging often proves more favourable than smothering romantic sap and compliments.
  • Virgo has a strong sense of order, duty and control - they always know what their moral act is though they do not always take it 
  • This is why Virgo is the Judge and the first to correct you when wrong, even if its poor grammar, the Virgo will be on you like the police. If you thought you were dating a cop, or a private detective...you likely are.  This is the sign that solved the murder mystery. 
Be careful ladies - if you are the type who falls for guys who never quite add up or leave you walking in circles seeking validation, you might become hooked. Virgo is not the type to butter you up, but when he does sincerely compliment you, the joy of that one phrase will satisfy you enough to keep playing...just keep in mind the flip side of that is waiting in the woods, and it will strike again. Virgo's are by far the most critical sign in the zodiac and you will never meet perfection, though you might settle for coming just close enough.

IF your mate falls into any of these patterns, ask yourself what it is you really want from a man and then asks yourself why you've chosen to stay in a relationship  that is so far from your "dream". Perhaps you are not ready yourself and looking for love in the wrong places intentionally knowing you wouldn't be able to handle the real thing.

You can't however grow in the arms of the enemy. 

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