Thursday, June 21, 2012

12 Shades of Summer Sex Signs.

 We have reached the conclusion that men/women are crazy for sexual attention. It seems the more I look, the more I notice how women treat dating like a career. Finding a man becomes a life-long objective, like being alone is not an option. I've witnessed emo dudes literally wait a whole day before beginning their next relationship. I’ve also seen dudes and woman alike, “back up bitches”, knowing that their current relationship is going South. Why can't people be alone? A boy crazy broad is a huge turn off to men, sure they’ll hook up with you, but it is hard to take this type seriously.  In the same realm, a love-sick man, desperately trying to be with you, can just as easily put off a lady. "On To the Next", is a great ideology and all, but you have to ask yourself if you can handle it. Do you ever give yourself a moment to suffer the self-searching consequences of being alone?
Are you trying to knead something or someone into something that it will never truly be??? You have to question if having a boyfriend/girlfriend is really as valuable as you think it is, especially if this means not being true to yourself or your needs. Society might place "having it all" as having someone by your side, but it should be stressed that this person is the riiight person. Are you aware of how many unhappy, sexless, incompatible, marriages/relationships exist?
This summer focus on ways to have personal fun and surround yourself with elements that compliment you. Set simple and pleasurable goals. Beware of Dog: Summer is the dogs time to play. The tail will be wagging. With the amount of skin showing this summer, weather dependant of course, the dogs tongue will be out. Dog-syndrome exists in women too; men and women are equally weak to their sexual desires and the physically attractive qualities of others. Remember a lot of people are looking to get laid in this season, so if you are single, don't try to bank every person you meet as “the one.” Relax, enjoy yourself. If something new is going to sizzle this summer, it's going to roast like a wiener at a campfire fire, not super quickly. Summer love won't be instant, but then again, there are always exceptions when it comes to love and lots of potential for hot summer romances. Romances that could get much more seasoned in the Fall. If not then WTF was J.T. singing about?
Relationship people: keep it hot this summer, entertain each other. ‘Fuck outside the box.’ Try to build a union that is broken by nothing and no one. Keep each other’s attention in a positive way and be each others comfort, not each others stress. Otherwise you should probably read this article “ 31 Ways to Know You Are in The Right Relationship“ by Margaret Wheeler Johnson : 
As Johnson puts it: "The truth will come out, and if you're with someone you feel the need to conceal [anything] from, he or she probably isn't right" for you. This is likely very true, but you won't be shocked by the amount of people who simply fear being alone and as a result end up staying with the wrong person, it's sad. Dudes stay with girls they don’t care about wholeheartedly – all the time. The women involved can sense this, but stick around hoping that one-day something will give. Don't be afraid to be alone because you never know who is out there, and never know what you could get if you are willing to wait and demand more for yourself. Putting up with certain outcomes that are generally poor will only prolong you from obtaining the true love you both desire and deserve in the future.
Thank god it's summer right? Sure, you could curl up with 50 Shades of Grey and get inspiration for your next sexual conquest, or you could just read What's Your Birthday? 12 Shades of Summer Star Signs. Don’t forget to read your cusp sign too, if applicable! 
  Aquarius Guy (January 22-February 18)
He would be the guy to come up to you on the beach and ask you for a light. Generally he is not the shy type. He exerts a lot of charm. His penis will take the lead, in that he can't help but let his hormonal urges take the lead. He is very capable of having sex without emotional attachment. He will intellectualize it, but only if you really force him to, though you might not get a response right away (At least not a concrete one.) He's flighty and non-committable, so with just one last alluring look, and he's gone. You can't force this man to stay where he won't and this happens in the bedroom too. If he truly has no affection for you, other than the fact that you are interested in him, then the only part  that will keep him smiling is the attention you pay him. In this case, it quite possible he will arrive rather quickly sexually, or not at all. Maybe he can’t even get sail. This is how much the heart and head of this man are intertwined, pun intended. What usually could rocket up for this man, will stay down in certain cases. AQ loves woman. They are, in my books, the womanizer of the zodiac, every girl will likely have at least one AQ lover, yeah they are just that smooth (or dreamy). He is also is just that willing to give you a chance at his sexual affection if you seem so interested.  Remember, if you are crushing an AQ boy this summer, be confident, be independent and be challenging. Have your own agenda. Don't be texting and calling him all the time. This boy wants love, but with the right woman, and unlike most men, he's not afraid to go straight for the touchdown. If he's into you, then you have successfully crossed the bridge between mental stimulations and physical stimulation. If you feel you’ve accomplished this, then you'll be hearing from him this summer, and probably a lot.

Aquarius Girl (January 22-February 18)
She's little Miss. Independent, which means she will be little Miss. Independent about sex too. If she needs to get her fix, she will, but she won't be telling the whole world about it. She might not even tell her best friends. Nobody really has a true clue of AQ's sexual past because she is brilliant at keeping her own secrets, and in many degrees is the only female sign that can "have sex like a man." Though that concept in itself is bullshit, all woman need to talk about boys, they can't help it. AQ is just smart about it. While at the root she knows exactly what she want and likes to be bossy and controlling, she also wants to remain cool for those she loves. She understands men and knows not to tell them everything she is thinking. If there is a man she cares for, she might make allowances for the qualities she wishes to change. Even if she tolerates them, she won't be able to forget the cons if the pros outweigh them. Regardless she is a smart broad. She doesn't have conventional expectations of what it means to be a woman. She has dreams, adventures, goals and ambitions -- for herself. She doesn't need you. So if she wants you, then you should feel very fortunate. I have been hard pressed to meet an AQ woman who wasn't absolutely stunning, gifted and beyond intelligent. Aquarius woman wants love, but it has to fit with her unique, individual needs. They will meet you in the middle, but you have to be the one to holla or at least holla back. She's an independent ,and hard-working Goddess, yes, but she still wants you to be a man about sex, She's not prone to babysitting, she'll just be mean about you behind your back, and fly away because it's so much easier for her to leave you lingering in dust than to stay, stick around, and pick up the pieces of your destruction. She'll be gone, the moment you show weakness, unless she loves you, and then she will flee, but she won't ever truly be free of you or free herself of you, until you see her for who she really is. Just because she seems like she doesn't want certain things, it does not mean she doesn’t want them. Don't take this girl's cool attitude too seriously. She does have demands; she just wants you to be the one to see them first. Stake her down before it’s too late. 
Gemini Girl (May 21-June 20)
She's a bit of a freak in the sack, or at least she is open to dynamic forms of love-making. When she is younger, or even as a mature woman, she will use sex as a form of getting boys to like her. She will use her looks to get what she wants. She’s probably not used to rejection, and thinks she could turn any potential suitor onto her if needed. What can she say; she's a bit of a man pleaser when she is in love. Sex is also a form of feeling better if Gem gets insecure. Sometimes, just a quick fix. She's a different lady when she's drinking. Really, she is. The classy, sober, hard-working, immensely talented broad who stole your mind with knowledge and intellect will suddenly because a much looser vixen when sauced. She's a flirt. Give this gal some Jungle Juice and she's wet and easier to absorb. At the same time, this means, she will do things convincingly when drunk (like throw herself at you) and then be sketchy, secretive and forgettable about it the next day. You might get the story, but it will be her version of the story, a lot more probably went down, but that's for her to know and for you to never find out. On the other hand, If the story she tells belongs to someone else, or involves someone doing her wrong, it could be highly exaggerated to her own detail and narrated to her own defense. This summer, Gem girl should be careful about the amount of eggs that she puts into her basket. Other people are often in awe of her seeming confidence, and the fabulous life she lives. All her social media updates will speak to this immaculate, lifestyle perfection. Sometimes attention has to come from within, and not from another. Gemini girl will rely too heavily on the exterior in order to fulfill her internal longings. Gemini will become fickle when these needs are not met by their partners.  Gem can become dependant on fulfillment from their partners in order to feel happy. This is why Gem does best when she explores independent virtues while in a relationship.

Gem Guy (May 21-June 20)
It's hard for this man to have a conscious because he will find a way to feel good. Even if he hasn't been good, he will quickly be moving on in some shape or form to make himself feel better. He loves women and is never short of their attention. In fact, he's a ladies man, but he usually has a lot of woman who are “just friends.” He loves the female energy, and he is not afraid to show it. Don't get it twisted though, he loves sports and does a lot of bro-like things, but in terms of really being able to connect, chat, get into another person's psyche it usually works best here with a female. It is important for this man to figure out what he really wants. When committed and has what "he thinks he needs" he's likely to be a better man or the best man. If he’s into his girl he will treat her like gold!. He will get himself into trouble at times with his mouth, and his ability to relate so well to women. Issues of jealousy, unfaithfulness and betray could occur here. He’ll be a fabulous liar though and can manipulate the very best. This guy is usually fast-paced, he might appear super chill in his demeanor, but his brain is going a mile a minute. This summer, If you are trying to snag this guy, you will have to pull out all the stops. Remember he is highly visual. He wants you to look good for him. He wants you to be in a good mood for him, make him laugh and challenge him in a friendly, flirtatious way that he can respect. Don't go too fast too soon, but go, keeping going; otherwise you will lose the attention of this man quick. If you still have it, well you are certainly doing something right. 
Libra Lady (September 23-October 22)
She's not your average girl. She's a free as the wind when she wants to be. She has secrets with herself and she can keep them. Just as she can keep a friend. This lady probably has a bad-ass friend pose of some kind. Or friends in every corner of the city, tucked into the intricate places of her fleeting, yet over-flowing heart. She's a child of the summer, just as she is friend of fashion and romance. This is her time to play with all three. Potential partners are in there somewhere too, but it's the most important thing to this girl, which usually only makes you want her more. When we say “romance”, we don’t mean typical boy-meets-girl romance, Libra plays with the element of romance in all her life relationships. She'll ask ten thousand questions, but she'll leave you with a million unanswered questions about her. She knows how to play the game. So if you are after her this summer, know that she's not afraid to run her own agenda. She likely has a batting order of her own and you might not be on it, but you'd have no idea. She's charming in both an adorable and deceptive way. She’s never quite “yes” and never quite “no”, but if you don’t hold her attention, she will grow bored, and become thirsty for more. It is easy to get caught in her web. She’s stunning and has her own style. If she truly lets you into heart, this is colossal, but don't expect the traditional desires of a boring, predictable romance. She is sexy, and she will fuck you outside the box and then some, but she's into her own pleasure, sex to her is not always about building a bond between her heart and her happiness. Sex isn't love to the Libra, but she loves both equally. She is just smart enough to know that love can come in others forms, and love doesn't necessarily mean typical romance, it could very well mean a romantic summer between Libra girl and her friends! This isn’t to say she isn’t sleeping with some of her friends because she probably is.

Libra Lad (September 23-October 22)
He's a pretty lovable fuck, but he's also ultra annoying in that you will have to adjust to his ways, and go wherever he is or go along with whatever he may be. He could be at a plethora of different places at the same time. He's not super dependant, and if he is, that's shocking. Libra is Peter Pan, he's everywhere. Mr. Friendly, making friends left and right. If he's in a good place with himself, and his inherent charms he will attract a lot of positive energy. Libra guy Lil’ Wayne often refers to his “Libra scale”, which highlights the instability of this man’s decisions. Libra is hit or miss, if you push the wrong button, you might evoke a spazz, a bad mood or a side you weren't expecting to see, but you have to ride out the scales. It's these scales that complicate Libra. Ignorant people think they are so well balanced if they are Libra, not likely. This guy will struggle for what he wants, and the expression of his scales will present in a bipolar fashion. One day he's in love with you and the next day he is in love with her. This can create an unfair situation for the women involved with this man. If you are interested in a Libra guy this summer, be playful; make him come to you because he will come to you if he's really into you. Don't scare him. Don't dependant your emotional happiness upon him too soon too quickly. Appear sexy and self-sufficient. He can't handle this kind of pressure. Thinking you don’t need him will only turn him on more. He's capable of falling in love, but he's looking for a life-long playmate. Someone who can keep his engines roaring, but he doesn't want ultimatum, he doesn’t want excessive plans--he just wants the moment. The love he feels for you is unspoken, but known, and he expects you to get this and not to question this. Words and love don't always go over well with the Libra man, but he sure does know how to butter up your ego and make you feel like the sexiest person in the room, yeah?

Cancer Guy (June 21-July 22)
If he’s into you this summer he will be hard to get rid of. If you reject him, he will probably try even harder to get you to notice him. Typical he’s not the guy who goes on the hunt for sex. Even if he does, he probably ends up dating the girl for a minimum of three months. He’s needy. He is happier when there is a significant other in the picture. Really, this guy hates to be alone more than any other male. Cancer guy is potentially the most needy male sign in the zodiac. He will be prone to dating constantly and usually without breaks. And if he does take a break, he will be crabby and miserable. Even if he is hurt by last relationship, he will keep going, but his true colors will always show, and it won’t last long. He wants a girl he can trust and build a cocoon with. A girl he can talk to. He needs someone who gets his jokes. Don’t take his sense of humor personally. He is funny, but at times, his sarcastic ways aren’t taken with a grain of salt. Sometimes he’ll find someone he likes, and still his mind might alter towards the attention of other women, or sexual fantasies, which he will likely be too cowardice to pursue. He’s usually harmless, unless a dog player type as described above in the blog introduction. Cancer man doesn’t want to be alone, and this summer he will be on the pursuit of entertaining his own elements of happiness. If you are after a Cancer boy this summer, look for open wounds, if you notice any, run. He shouldn’t be entertaining you until he is truly ready. Cancer boy has a tendency to feel sorry for himself and sulk. He won’t heal quickly, and instead of trying to heal himself he will look towards other people or things to temporarily appease him. Don’t entertain him unless he seems like he is in a good place with himself!

Cancer Girl  (June 21-July 22)
She might try to be alone, but she likely isn’t ever alone whole-heartily. Either she’ll be stuck on her past, unprepared for something new or she’ll be on the constant ‘babe hunt’ trying to find the love she craves. She might be perfectly okay with staying at home, cooking your meals and taking care of your children. These maternal “wifey” instincts come naturally to her. Girls born closer to Gemini have it in them to be a bit of player in that they are cool, funny and don’t get too emotionally attached. Yeah, she’ll be looking hot, and will up the fun factor, but she won’t try to tie you down to the degree that a true Cancer woman might. True Cancer woman wants love at all costs. She’s sometimes really unsure about what she wants. She loves the element of being in a relationship as it enable her to not only feel protected but allows her to protect, take care, and plan fun and exciting things to do. It also gives her a fall back to have someone to stay in and nest with. She can be sort of shy about her real, genuine emotions. Ideally, she needs someone who can be a rock for her softness, yet she’ll be your rock at the same time. Even if emotionally detached; she cannot help but have everything you need at her immediate disposal. She’ll make you feel good about yourself when she’s in a good mood, which seems often. She’ll pick you up when you are down, but don’t get it twisted all water signs suffer from bad moods and intense emotions. At some point, you will suffer the wrath of these bad moods, but don’t worry, they usually don’t last for too long and she will be easily reassured by affectionate and endearing efforts.
  Capricorn Guy (December 22-January 20)
If he’s into you this summer, you might not know it. This is not the type of guy to lead with his sexuality. He might not even think he is good-looking if he is, though there is the pompous, boss-player, Capricorn panty slayer. Though, to my unique understanding he’s a simple man. Wife, house, kids, he’s not super creative in his personal aspiration. He is after good taste, fine quality and well-mapped success. He’s not prepared to stop. There can be a degree of boring here, so if you’re a crazy girl full of life, you might suite this man well. He’ll need your drama to illuminate his white backdrop. Sometimes this man is just straight up vanilla. This summer don’t be afraid to push this man a bit, get him out of his shell. Get him to raise his voice, let his collar lose. If he likes you he will show this side of himself. Take the time to get to know him though, he bonds best as a friend, then as a fuck buddy, and then a mate for life. Truly, this is the sign that sticks with what he likes and if he likes you, he is not going anywhere.

Capricorn Girl (December 22-January 20)
I asked a Cap girl recently, “what's your type?” And she answered, “submissive.” This pretty much sums it up. This girl thrives in a role of dominance. I always encourage the Cap girl to meet a man who can be strong for her, but control is hard for this girl to give up. This is not the type of woman to take orders--she gives them. She’ll be hard to get into and will often be misread as unfriendly or uninviting. Sure, she’ll flirt and you’ll flirt back, but she’s not easily impressed by just anyone or anything. If there is folly or slack she will find it. She is great at seeking fault and even better at giving instructions. She might not end up with the most attractive man, in that she craves someone respectable and successful. She’s an earth mama who craves a sense of stability, she’s stationary and tries to have an open mind, but at heart she is a creature of habit. She can say she isn’t judgmental, but she can’t help but judge. She can say she’s not self-righteous, but she has to have the final word. She is right even when she isn’t. This summer, if you are after a Cap girl, let her take the lead, be attractive, encouraging and sweet. Feed her ego. It will go far.
Taurus Woman (April 20-May 20)
She want it all: money, cash, cars and things, and she will have it all!!! She works hard and she deserves all the good and glory that comes her way. She’s happiest when in love, and love will be the air that she breathes. She will be posting every aspect of her relationship on the internet because yeah, she might want her EX to see, but in truth she is just that much in love with you. She can’t help it. She’d give this same tender (sometimes smothering) devotion to all the other people in her life. Her materials, her clothes, her animals, her friends, you know, the things that matter. This summer she might respond to your flirtation, but she will need you to take the lead. She can be shy. Most importantly, she has to find you physically attractive. She’s known to be a very good friend and therefore will be friendly towards you, even if she doesn’t want a soul connection forever. This is only unlikely if you betray her. Breaking this woman’s trust will not go over well. Loyalty and devotion are the most important things to her. She can be aware of an ending, but she’ll stick around regardless. Taurus is always weighing their options, and they do take big strides but it takes time. If they plan to break up with you, this is not going to happen overnight.Taurus is a sign that makes good use of time; sometimes they take too long, but don’t try to leave them waiting. If you want this girl, you are going to have to give up your control because you probably like her enough that you will give it up anyway. She might seem too good to be true, too good to give up and dazzled by the perfect touch. This is the keeper girl.The one you marry because she knows what she wants, she demands it, and therefore she gets it.

Taurus Man (April 20-May 20)
If he’s single this likely will be the summer of bed notches and temporary love. This is the man who can get in and out, I mean, if he doesn’t think your “cool”, or “funny” or “good in bed”, he’s not afraid to have a forgettable one-nighter. Taurus man is pretty simple in his basic needs, but he can fuck and chuck, do a one-night wham bam and never call again. On the other hand, he can also bang you on the first night and then become hooked on you, and will be impossible to get rid of. If they like you, and you don’t like them, they will be needy. If you like them and they like you, they will be needy. Sometimes this is a turn off towards a woman of imperial independence. He’s very trustworthy and keeps most of his private thoughts and his emotions to himself. He doesn’t trust a lot of people. He will be tender and kind, but he will have his guard up. With other men he is competitive, at work or at sport this man desires to be the best. He’s never quite content with where he is at in his life and usually will see the potential for even better. When he finds the right girl, he will stick, but keep in mind that timing is super important to this man. He needs to be in the right place. Summer could be the bloom of something new, but he’ll be busy with his own, exceeding agenda so don’t scare him off by being overtly available.

Scorpio Girl (October 23-November 21)
It has been said before, but given that it is summer, it has to be said again, Scorpio girl, stop leading with your Va-Gay-Gay. There is nothing wrong with your need to grind it up and out, but it should become a bit more selective if you are looking for more than just sex. Can you live without sex? In some cases, it seems not. Don’t use people in the game, they will use you back. Don’t take abuse because it will only perpetuate. You get what you demand so if you are unhappy with yourself it will be hard for you to demand or gain anything valuable, so maybe you should stop. Take a break. Not likely right?  You can’t find life happiness in anything if you aren’t happy generally. Sex, drugs, and music won’t heal your sketchy wounds. Either there is a complex of insecurity or a false sense of inflated ego syndrome occurring here. Meaning that either Scorpio doesn’t take responsibility for her wrong doings OR she doesn’t see her own beauty and values, and therefore self-destructs. This is not to say that the opposite of this description doesn’t exist. Some Scorpio women repress themselves sexually and trust absolutely no one. They are highly successful and always extremely capable, but they fear being hurt and never let people in. If either of these Scorpio types appeal to you, strive to find a balance between what you share with others and what you choose to keep private. Try to change something small. Even if successful change is super hard for the fixed Scorpio to achieve, even attempting to evoke change will prove to be generous to you.
Scorpio Guy (October 23-November 21):
He’ll likely be the creepy guy staring at you with very little verbal communication. He wants you, but he doesn’t truly know how to tell you. Often, he doesn’t have to. Women are drawn to his sexy aurora, which usually just exists effortlessly, even if you hate it, it will be hard to resist. Didn’t they say somewhere Usher had a sex addiction? Yeah, he’s a Scorpio man. As ruler of the groan, in some weird, fucked up way his life is controlled by his sexual urges. If he wants to bone you on the regular this summer it is because he likes you. Don’t try to force him to say things he can’t. He’s a pretty stationary man; he’s not likely to change over night. If anything he will just change girlfriends. Careful though, he’s a stinger. If you let him in this summer and it doesn’t work out, you won’t forget him come fall. Don’t waste time trying to alter or understand this man – you won’t be able to figure him out. His mind is an intricate vortex of ideas and emotions, which he shares with no one. He has massive trust issues. IF Drake writes his own shit, well then the lyrics speak for themselves, Proceed with caution, but if you get the right signs i.e. he is actually writing you back, do proceed. Keep in mind this guy takes a hard time to penetrate, not sexually, but emotionally, so go slow, nice and slow Usher style in which case you are more likely to come out successful and tangled in this man for far too long. 
Sagittarius Guy (November 22-December 21):
Summer is the time for the Sag to shine. He’ll have his arrow out, even if he’s not single, he can’t help but charm the universe with his success and style. He’s his own person and if you’re with him, you’ve chosen to take it as is: hypochondriac -anal-tendencies and all. The thing is, he doesn’t even really care if you don’t accept him or like him. He has this weird, fucked up confidence you might not understand. Usually, if he wants something, he makes it happen, even if your jaw is left on the floor, get over it, it’s happening. He’s throwing a party, and he’s going to be out all night. He’s being weird and wants to be left alone. Whatever it is, it is going to fly, and it will likely fly over without a concrete apology. He probably won’t even remember, nor will he think twice about it, unless you really fuck with his shit. This guy isn’t able to let you spoil or taint his image so don’t try, and don’t betray him because it’s hard enough for him to trust broads as it is. If you want to attract him this summer be sexy, attractive and smart. Use your brain to impress him and your heart to tap into his inner thoughts. He needs a mental connection to truly stick it out with you. “Just hot” won’t do in this case, at least not for very long.

Sagittarius Girl (November 22-December 21): 
Open up. You are far too independent and should soak up this summer as a chance to be extra naughty, and extra vulnerable. Don’t be so bossy. Men find you difficult because at times you are hard to trust because you are not easy to read, and your outer exterior rarely matches your internal being. You often play the game too well. Sociability is a great quality, but in order to snag a sweetie you are going to have to drop off some of your masculine energy and allow yourself to be lead my the hands of another. You like your sex, and you can get down, but you probably won’t want to talk about it, or anything. Sag girl is hard to get to know and this makes it hard for her to find love, but she wants it. She wants it bad. Don’t lose hope Sag girl. Your prince is coming if you let down your guard down. Constantly work on being you, the honest real you and not the “you that you feel others expect. Not the competitive you that doesn’t want others to see you weak. Get weak in the knees this summer, cry, tell someone something personal and private. It might even feel good, and aren’t you always up for a new adventure? 
Leo Girl (July 23 - August 22):
Oh Miss. Leo, your drama at times, it can be hard to take, but it is also hard to leave. There is something so likable and so lovable about this girl; she is rarely a one-night wonder. If she is, she’s unforgettable. An animal in the sack, she aims to please, and will do whatever is in her comfort zone to achieve this. She’s not afraid to prowl either. She will go after what she wants and she is likely to get it. The problem here is that when she gets a stint of love, or takes part in a high attraction – she will blow this up. She will blow it up before it even has the chance to explode on its own. She can love too soon too quickly and be a sucker for wanting to talk about her object of interest all.the.time. This summer, Leo girl: do you. You know you can have your pick of the heap, but some of you don’t know what you want yet.  Please be patient. IF you’re happy in a relationship, awesome, but take heed of your own destiny. Are you lowering your own self-expectations or potential in order to please your lover? Leo is supposed to be selfish, and the one to call you when they need you, so be aware of this. They are flakey with the people they don’t need, but completely hung up on the ones they adore for keeps. Though they will return to those they sort of care for when their ego is vulnerable.
Leo Guy (July 23- August 22):
He’s an attention whore. Let it be known. He’ll chat you up, just to know he can, but it won’t mean a thing. He can be alright without sex, yes he loves it, but he won’t be up for doing it with just anything. Even if you throw yourself at him, he can say NO. At the root, he is looking for true love. Therefore, if he is casually banging you and has been for a while, well, he’s probably not going to put a ring on it any time soon. He’s looking for what he considers to be, the perfect girl, he’ll just know. And if he dates you, or hooks up with you, and he doesn’t call or even reply to your messages it is because you’ve turned him off. He’s not pathetic and he’s not a pussy, he’s not going to go back for seconds and give you another try or false hope. He doesn’t have to. He knows how easily he can move onto the next. This man has a heart, but he also has an ego and he struggles is to find a balance between these two things. If he leads too much with his ego, he’ll be a huge dick. If he leads with his heart, he’ll be the most cherished person in your world. The most loyal, entertaining and endearing fellow that you’ve crossed paths with.
Pisces Girl (February 19-March 20):
This is the summer of grind and good times for the Pisces girl. She will play better if she has things to look forward to. She needs fun plans and distractions. Men love Pisces girl because they usually find her personality so forgiving and adorable that they tend to pick on her, or flirt with her a lot.  It is ok to grab a backbone, fight back and work your sassy nature. I think it is important for the Pisces girl not to get carried away by others and this most importantly involves the opposite sex. If you’re in a relationship, awesome, just be happy. Don’t self-sabattos because you miss the emotional drama. Give the nice guy a chance and let him treat you like gold. Despite the abuse you are used to, you do deserve the golden treatment, which is why you have to be cautious this summer. Pisces is prone to placing beauty above all other desired aspects in a partner. Do you have trust? Do you have things in common? It is important that Pisces think about the future before she acts on impulses, which she will feel shitty about later. This summer, if you are into a fish girl, chase her. She might not even know if she likes you, but you should give her a chance to find out. She usually wants what she can’t have so don’t be afraid to be bold in your attempts. Pisces, don’t throw yourself at people either. It’s good to give compliments, but don’t come off too easy, and don’t make it easy for anyone to get the goods that is you.
Pisces Guy (February 19-March 20):
If he’s single, he’ll he fishy, if he’s attached, he’ll be fishy. Pisces is hard to peg because they are ruled by their interactions with others. Often or not Pisces man can be a bit of a creep, and not necessarily one to be trusted because he is so persistent with his own needs. If he’s charming, believably intelligent and good-looking – he is probably trouble. His apparent ego is not comparable to his insecurities, which are the beasts he feeds when seemingly confident. He seeks sex or addictions in a destructive way. This summer, if you are after a Pisces guy, expect the upmost sensuality in bed, compliments, sweetness, charm, and pure ecstasy, but take things slows. He’ll roll in the mud with you, but he won’t always know what he is doing and can easily swim in another direction if he’s feeling weak, lonely, pathetic or perplexed. Yes, sometimes this guy is just straight up pathetic. If he’s job-less, de-motivated, but cute, don’t expect much more than that. He’ll mooch you and manipulate you emotionally – the works. You have to be careful. When this guy is good, he’s great, but it might take him a long time to reach a point of responsibility. He’ll get better with age, or he’ll just knock someone up and be forced into maturity.
Virgo Girl (August 23 - September 22):
The virgin by symbol, vixen in reality. She’s not egotistical, but she should be. This girl has got a lot going on, but her problem is that sometimes she is too much of a weenie. She doesn’t speak up. A Virgo girl once told me, “I don’t know how to flirt”, and this is a probability for other Virgo girls. Often or not, Virgo girl’s natural modesty does not enable her to notice all the people that are noticing her. She can be a little too analytical at times. She will question everything to the point of a negative. Virgo girl – you want marriage, you can’t help that the idea of being a wife peeves your intrigue, but be patient. Don't be fooled by her long-term goals or her coy exterior. This girl is anything but shy in bed. She loves sex, and with the right mate, won't be able to get enough.This summer, it’s important for you to take an active part in life and the social aspects of it. Don’t stay on your couch watching DVDs or playing video games. Get off your phone and get out of the house. Take heed to those around you and take a chance, don’t be afraid to lose. You’ll fair better when you proceed with positivity and confidence. The only thing standing in your way this summer is your own self-doubt.

Virgo Guy (August 23 - September 22):
If you are after a Virgo boy this summer, try not to take his critical nature too seriously. He can’t help it. In fact, his nit-picks are his way of saying he loves you. He can be difficult, complex, and lacking empathy, but he’s a mystery man that women willing volunteer to solve. This could occur because in the bedroom he is the exact opposite of how he is in life. Yeah, he might ignore the fuck out of you when he’s with his boys, or make jokes in your favor. He might act very convincingly that he doesn’t care, challenge you, pick fights, but when you are alone he is yours and yours alone. The intimacy of a Virgo lover is explosive, toxic and hard to untangle from. He’s open to whatever pleases you. Yes, he’ll want to control you. He’ll be pleased by some earthy attention to his unit and as the books always say, some stomach tickling. This area is usually sensitive to the virgin because they rule this body part. Kiss it. Kiss him everywhere; massage his back, do everything he is willing to do to you, and this is a lot. As stated Virgo is no virgin, and the more extreme you go with the sex, the better. This man shouldn’t get bored, and if he does this could be trouble. This summer, if you are trying to keep a Virgo man’s attention, offer him patience, he’ll come around when he’s ready. He’s just unsure, and plans things in approximation to what he feels is right for his personal timeline. “Not right now” doesn’t necessarily mean not ever. If you think he’s forgotten about you, or doesn’t think about you, well then you are foolish.  All this man does is think.
Aries Man (March 21-April 19):
He’s charming, but he's no prince charming. He’s sexy, and manly and hard to forget about. He’s prone to adventure, and this summer he’ll be thirsty, with his tail wagging out. He’s a fucking vault; so don’t take his words for true. His emotional stuff is only shared with people he really values, and this is few or none. He’s a friendly soul who can be hilarious, intelligent and a lot of fun, but he is extremely self-focused. He could easily have two women going at the same time, two girlfriends, 22 girlfriends, anything goes. Sex for him is like having dinner; he’ll pay for his fix if he needs to. He’s not willingly up for losing anything for a love interest. If you are into an Aries man this summer, it is best that you know your own worth. This is not the man for an insecure, girl, unless she’s up for being played, in which case he will do exactly that and for however long he desires. He needs to think you are better than him. He needs to believe he can’t get you too easily. IF you stick around and appear to be overtly devoted, he will abuse you. This is not to say this man doesn’t love you, but just that anger is his initial emotion and he is a product of being cruel to those he loves. You know the type who takes his bad mood out on his number one.

Aries Woman (March 21-April 19):
You will gotta have this girl this summer mainly because she seems like she doesn’t gotta have you. Her sense of independence makes her beyond sexy to most men, and sexy she is. She’s up for whatever in the sack. Adventurous Aries loves their adventurous sex just as much as they love constant affection. The more sex the merrier. Love for Aries is often an unspoken thing, they will give you a look of love, or a tender spoon, as a Ram, they are more likely to express physical aspects of love. Sex is a necessity and if this is not on par, or falls out, you will not keep this woman. If you’re good in bed, she’ll keep you around, but that doesn’t mean you pass all her tests. Yes, this girl is usually confident and knows what she wants and will know instantly if you are not it. This summer, if you are into an Aries girl, you will have to chase her, she’s not going to be weak and text you her emotions. She’ll probably be too busy working and planning fun-filled weekends to even notice your absence. She has high expectations, and it will be your job to fulfill them. This will only switch if Aries girl does meet her match, in which case, she’ll suddenly have a whole new face. Likely dough-eyed and full of lust. 
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