Saturday, August 14, 2010

Chris Brown VS. Rhi Rhi (Bull Vs. Fish)

Despite the obvious media knowledge regarding Brown's physical attack, have you ever wondered why these two love birds didn't quite make it work, but still struggled to leave each other alone? Do you ever wonder why they each found it so hard to quit each other? Astrologically, they are soul sign mates, approximately 80% compatible. This means the two will have a strong level of chemistry, which goes beyond the sheets. They will be drawn to each other naturally, and attracted upon instance. Taurus provides a certain level of comfort and protection, which moody, and unpredictable Pisces needs. Symbolically Chris is The Bull, and Rhianna is The Fish: he is strong and forceful, while she is wimpy, emotional and flaky. It is no surprise that the boiling, jealous nature of the Taurus sign drove Chris to violence. For the most part, Taurus is very temperamental. They retain a certain sense of cool about them (*ruling the throat is no surprise that Brown has those melt worthy pipes*) but if you push them - watch out. Trust is something a Taurus highly values. They are like vaults, sharing with no one the truth of what they feel. If they do let you in it is a sheer sign that they trust you, and care enough for you to let you into their private, inner worlds. The Pisces Fish plays into this desire perfectly by being both the ideal sympathizer, nurture and care taker, she is all heart, and able to address his wounds with just the right sentiment of beauty, sensuality and dedication. It is her loving, Pisces nature, which enables her to forgive Chris for anything. She has said wonderful things about him after the incident, and she means them. She will always care for Chris because Pisces doesn't know how to hold a grudge when they love you. 

Taurus is much like a Bull in china shop when pushed. You never want to push a Taurus - they take their time to get over things. Despite what you think, or how little they tell you how much you annoy them, they are in control here. You know they are too, and weak Pisces enjoys taking a back seat to this kind of control. Pisces is a highly complimentary sign and therefore temper tantrum Brown can take the reigns upon his weak Fish lover. He's 'a top', but I'm pretty sure that's already become apparent to you. 

Taurus is extremely stubborn and expresses a lot of pride, if you bruise it, you should beware. They are not the long-winded mushy gushy types. They are prone to keeping it real. They are not the type to revert into a overtly fake persona - they'll keep it short and sweet. Pisces on the other hand, likes to please, and will find something likeable in anyone if only because they long to be liked back. Very prone to forgiveness, Pisces is the most likely sign to inflict self-blame when things go wrong in their life, and therefore Rhianna will not only take piety on Chris Brown, but she will also put blame on herself. Pisces are very addictive by nature, and Taurus knows what he wants (possessive of what is his/a very material sign and this comes into play with their relationships big time) so it becomes hard for Pisces to swim away. She doesn't necessarily pay mind to being objectified, and this pleases territorial Taurus.  Pisces is "too nice" and ends up becoming a victim to her own love because she doesn't take time to love herself enough. Easily persuaded Pisces however, will eventually come to her senses if lucky, it sure seems that Rhianna did. Though many say, She was still into it, long after it ended. Perhaps, love doesn't forget, it simply moves on. 

This post is NOT in any shape or form making excuses for Chris's actions via astrology. It is simply noting that his apparent "rage" is supported by the star. There is clearly a lot more to his dysfunction that astrology/astrological interpretation cannot explain.

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