Sunday, August 8, 2010


We've all been there. Stuck in a situation, which we know won't end greatly yet we entertain it anyway. When a guy openly tells you he is not looking for emotional commitment (translation = "I am not looking for a monogamous relationship") it sincerely means that he is NOT looking for emotional commitment. This does not mean however that this guy will not be trying to get into your pants OR make you feel like his girlfriend in certain aspects. This does not mean that this guy will not booty call you. This does not mean that there won't be mixed signals flying everywhere.You'll start to take note of all the things he does which support your case for chemistry. You'll Focus on all things that might indicate that you are 'special', that this is something - you're not just another ho-ho.  As a woman you can't help but over analyze all the details in your mind. Even if you play it off cool to your girlfriends (talking about it to them on the sly), you know it enters the currents of your brains and swims a lap or two....or three...

The more you hook up with him (that dark, dark horse) the more entangled you get, and when he suddenly reverts into complete svelte-I've fucked off-for-new-female-fun-mode you feel completely dumbfounded, but you can't officially blame him because he's covered all his tracks from the get-go. Guys nowadays think honesty is their meal time to being a player. They think if they directly tell you, "hey I'm a slut" or "I don't want a girlfriend" that you have no liability to be upset that you fell for their pantie trap. Yes, the pantie trap does exist, its that faux, "aren't I so great and perfect, and ohh aren't you too" pre-sex moment, but its completely false. Before anything sexual happens you might find this guy making comments like "oh well when we go we'll have to make sure we get a good seat." He will paint the image of a future in your eyes in order to get what he wants and earn your trust and comfort. Heard it once, heard it twice, men truly do love the chase - the quest is a drug in itself. Knowing they can have something isn't as appealing as the survival of the fittest 'hunt for the kill'. Men need to have an action, something to work for which makes them crave the unobtainable. Making yourself available by letting them know you want them (green light girl *girl who always has a GO light for her guy -  she will drop her agenda - for his) only makes it that much easier for him/anyone to take advantage of you and leave you out in the dust, in your stilettos and sticky smudges of last nights juicy tube :(

Being a player is not an easy thing to do successfully without drama because let's face it jealousy and alcohol go together like babies and pacifiers.Also, we're all indirectly connected by less than six separations within our own metropolis so mayhem is naturally likely to strike.

You can try to order everything on the menu, but eventually you will have an allergic reaction. Food will start to taste yucky.  You WILL get sick. They do get sick. 35? Older?! Who knows (by "sick" I mean, they eventually DO settle for ONE entree, but it might take them a decade longer than the average women to reach this plateau.)

Men find it hard NOT to appreciate the beautiful creatures of women that prowl the earth and they have no qualms about letting you know. Its pretty easy to tell - OH HEY you're attracted to me. They will be so forward to compliment you, especially when they are committed and here is why: a man is more likely to compliment you when you are single and he is NOT because he knows he has nothing to lose, he can say whatever, he can talk you up and down, mentally flirt with you, whatever, but its all harmless. There is no price to pay. Whereas a single man, playing the game would never come forthright and tell you you're the most amazing girl at the party with eyes like Jolie. Every word off his tongue is strategic and building - if his purist is genuine he won't put it ALL out on the table. Basically, even if he thinks you look better than Cindy Crawford circa 1999 in a white bathing suit, he still won't let you know right away. Never reveal all your cards too soon too quickly - this is a mistake for only a silly green light girtl o make ;)

                                           *Things To Consider*
  • If you run to a red flag (its so hot you can't resist it but it preludes to trouble) expect a FIRE
  • Every girl wants emotional commitment (even if they don't admit it) 
  • Don't settle for simply "male attention", validation etc. Set the bar high and demand more right off the bat.
  • Patience is key - there are a lot of losers out there so sift through them. Wouldn't you rather wait for the right one? ( And it doesn't matter if all your friends are coupled up, he's coming when he's suppose to come, not upon your desire, love is the one thing you can't control)
  • Focus on what you CAN control, i.e. how can I make myself so amazingly happy that no man can ever strip me of that ?
  • You truly won't meet a good match if your not happy on your own first - men don't solve problems - men are not Prozac - men are not crutches.
  • Think about the people you know who say they had/have shitty fathers, DOESN'T THAT TELL YOU SOMETHING ABOUT MEN? There are, in my humble opinion, a few good men, you should never settle for "just OK", your guy will come.
  • Remember Time is everything, no matter how sick you get of hearing it- it couldn't be more true. Anything is possible. Change in infinite.

Astrologically, the dark horse is a variable sign, which will either take you on the joy ride of your life or a ride you wish you never got on. Regardless there will be a high level of significant,  frequent interaction between you and your dark horses. Friction of either the positive or negative nature will occur, but regardless of how good it get or how bad it can feel there will likely be a lot of variety, some obstacles and complications. The dark horse will get into your inner, emotional shell.The interactions between you and your dark horse mates will be significant, but caution is to be warned, always better safe than sorry because you might not always have the best time, however, some are prone to walking on the wild side. It is as Ms. Bradshaw proclaimed "maybe [we're] supposed to run wild until [we] find someone -- just as wild to run with." There are the proclaimed "Katie girls" of the world, just as their are the simple girls (wall paper, dry toast, arm get it!) a. Regardless if a Natasha a Carrie or someone in between, a firm believer that there is a perfect match out there for anyone who wants it especially for those who exude the positive energy required to guide love in.

Dark Horses 

Aries - Pisces, Scorpio
Taurus -  Libra
Gemini - Capricorn, Sagittarius
Cancer - Virgo
Leo - Aquarius, Cancer
Virgos - Scorpios, Pisces
Libra - Virgo, Pisces, Taurus
Scorpio - Aquarius
Sagittarius - Gemini, Scorpio
Capricorn - Capricorn
Aquarius - Pisces, Scorpio
Pisces - Leo, Virgo, Libra

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