Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Double Standard

It seems like an easy enough concept to grasp. As we pine in a world of gender roles hoping to shun certain stereotypes, which have been prescribed long before now. It seems simple. Women want to and should be treated as equal to men. Feminists don't hate men they simply do not want to be treated differently from them and this doesn't involve burning bras or trying to look ugly on purpose. If women are granted this right they too should be allowed to enjoy their sexuality through the same liberty, which a man expresses his. However, I would like to pose the question, are women really possible of doing this?
 And even if women are capable, does the double standard ever truly change? Will the "slut" stigma never go away...
  • When women have sex a hormone called Oxytocin is released in their bodies making them bonded to the men they've slept with after orgasm, but also making them chemically reinforced by the person they are doing it with. The more a girl sleeps with a guy the more she is bonded. *aka you start to read into the behavior of your fuck buddy because you start to feel connected inside and out and start to find signs that he is thinking the same thing.
  • This bond in turn makes it hard for women to become sexually promiscuous or to assume the "player role", which certain (not all) men do easily.
  • Men don't form these bonds as commonly, or ever (in some cases) and often even after getting married will say things like, "I love my wife but I want a 100 more pussies." This doesn't mean that they WILL cheat it simply means that they have the desire to cheat.
                   Even the honorable president Obama can't help but notice these goods.

Women are beautiful, curvy creatures. As a wise young man once told me, "there is something beautiful about every women"and I agree. Women LOOK GOOD and this will make it harder for you to have the undivided attention of your male partner. So instead of playing the jealous card, you too should 'have the back' of your attractive female sisters and acknowledge her beauty oppose to feeling threatened by it. As another, not-so-wise (committed) man told me, "I still like to take a look at the menu." A notion I feel Obama might agree with. Why wouldn't you look? Its human nature ladies, so keep your fangs in tact, and don't assume that every girl talking to your man is trying to steal him. Security with yourself and with the affection you have from you man is attractive- showing insecurity is not.

It is astrologically possible for women to sleep with men in the same way guys do?

  • In terms of the zodiac AIR sign is the most capable for women -Geminis, Libras and Aquarius  - they have the ability to get over stuff quickly and aren't as emotional as water sign types like Pisces, Cancers and Scorpios. It is harder for water signs to achieve 'player mentality' because they feel guilty and have personal concerns about sleeping with more than one person.This isn't true of the male signs however, Pisces is huge for cheating in the male form, just as is Scorpio, but not those really sweet nice boy Scorpios you meet, just the super secretive macho- what-the-fuck-IS- he thinking types - you-know-the type.
  • Since Scorpio rules the groan and is the toughest of the water signs they are likely to be capable of a sexual relationship, which doesn't involve falling head over heels. Mores they can mate in the same animalistic fashion that men do.They will use you until it fits their bill and then they will cut you - but they usually still want to remain on amicable terms if possible. Water signs while emotions have the ability to let things go in time. They are super forgiving, but Scorpio will not forget your crossing IF its cost them your trust, and once distrusted you will be discarded.
  • Taurus girl likes her sex (so hormones can win over her sensible head) but she enjoys stability more and would much rather a serious relationship no matter how slow it progresses. She doesn't willingly offer up her pride to anyone, and neither does Taurus male- do not even try to bruise this ego.
  • Fire signs also can live it up (leo, Sag, Aries) because they need excitement, attention and concrete validation (words are not enough). Hooking up is a necessity to their well-being. They are capable of shopping around because guilt is lower here, and the motto 'if it feels good do it even if you shouldn't' often comes into play. Leo loves to be in love, but often resorts to many love affairs when not committed.

The only moral of this story ladies is don't think that SEX on the first date will affect whether or not you and a certain person will have chemistry. If there is a connection he is going to call regardless of what base you get to. Forming a relationship on a one night stand is NOT "the exception" you've heard about in movies like He's Just Not That Into You. I know many, many people who started out from a hook up or a hook up after the first date. When it comes to the right guy- there are no rules. So throw your rule book out now. And if you want to sleep with someone, don't think about it so much. Sex doesn't always have to 'mean' something. As a girl you know you might have to analyze it in some regard, either with your girlfriends or when alone. If you find that you truly can't detach yourself from sexual pleasure - don't. You don't have to sleep with guys to get their interest, but if you do like sex, don't feel like you can't be sexually casual because you are female. Don't feel like you have to play the prude card because wanting sex says something secret about your personality. Your not a ho for having sexual needs. Think FREE. One day you will likely be settled down with one man and you will, or you might,WISH that you took the time in your twenties or thirties to live it up and hook up with people you find attractive. Just please, please, if you are polygamous or are enjoying yourself casually and randomly, remember :

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