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The Astrological Love Addictions of August

 In the dating game, nobody wants to be a product of the principle of least interest. This is a principle which suggests that the person with the most interest has the least power. Nobody wants to put themself on the line or let the other know how they feel too fast, too soon. The question is often, "do you like me?" and the though that comes directly after, "I just don't know if he/she likes me?" This pending doom can drive a soul nuts. The fear of scaring the other off or making trouble isn't really valid because with the right person none of these mind games will matter or exist.
 Women have to be conscious of the idea that men will work their asses off to get to know them if they are interested. This effort could easily be made just to sleep with you, but it could also be the exact opposite. Chemistry is chemistry and there is no meddling with destiny. You have to use your intuition in order to decide who is sincere in their sexual pursuits. Should women really be left to feel like sleeping with a guy too soon is the reason she isn't worthy? Regardless of how you meet Mr. Right, whether it be between the sheets or 30 long celibate dates -- it won't make a difference, he/she will still be your match. Therefore, if you are a girl, take those chances, and don't be afraid to get hurt by allowing someone to be interested in you. If you are a dude, who isn't ready for the big L, or who isn't "looking for a girlfriend" then perhaps you should assess whether or not the girl you lust for is worthy of hooking up with in the first place. Girls may project a certain image of being "cool" about sex, but at the end of the day, everybody wants to be respected and treated with decency. The wounds of the past often make it hard for people to trust again, but a part of the healing process is taking chances that break old patterns and force you to go outside of your comfort zone. Set the boundary for yourself if you have learned your limitation i.e. you can't have one-night stands, date two people at once or marry a cat-lover. Figure out what works best with you and don't stray from it.
The Astrological Love Addictions of August is designed to highlight how certain signs/elements will appear when they are in love. Love, infatuation or the fear of being in love can often appear a lot like an addiction, which are always hard to break. Is there such a thing as a healthy addiction? If not then that would mean that love is not meant to be a form of any addiction, but simply something that is good for you. Don't get addicted to your mate it won't favour well!
Here is both the astrological love and the astrological love addiction for every sign. Don't forget to Read your cusp!
  Aries (March 21-April 19) - COURAGE
 The Love:  At one point, you probably thought that Aries was completely incapable of real love. Aries man isn't even necessarily capable of textbook love. Aries loves Aries far too much to fall in love, right? This is all true to some degree, but Aries, also really enjoys the idea of love and consistent sex. If Aries is actually in love, they will sacrifice a lot of control in order to make their love relationship work, or they will just control you for as long as you let them, lovingly of course. They will bite their tongue when they want to be demanding or argumentative, they will show up for you when they really want to stay in. They will put aside personal goals in order to help you meet your own. Most importantly, they won't be critical of you, in fact they will hold back from expressing their personal concerns. Aries can be quite argumentative when they want to be. They will find reason to nag when it is not appropriate. Aries needs a lover who doesn't require a babysitter. Someone who isn't afraid to experience things and embrace the adventures of life. Aries is passionate and intense and will excite their loved one on a daily basis, but they'd like the same level of excitement in return. As long as Aries is  not feeling "angry" or stressed that day. The inability to control love into what Aries wants will frustrate the ram the most. Aries in love will remind you how to enjoy life. Aries woman is the exuberant goddess while Aries man is looking for the Eternal Woman, a romanticized portrait of an irresistible goddess that he will sweep off her feet. Aries man rarely shows vulnerability to anyone, but if he really loves you, he will. She as well. She has an emotional side and needs a partner who she isn't afraid to share this part of herself with. It is difficult for Aries to show weakness towards others, especially in social settings, which is why she will only tell her true thoughts to the one she loves. There can be poor impulse control here, especially for the male type. When he wants you, he wants you and does not worry about consequence because if Aries is not truly in love, there will be consequences. The Addiction: Attention. Sometimes you may wonder why Aries feels the need to be such a flirt or be nice to the guy/girl that broke your heart, or even their own heart. This is because Aries enjoys being the centre of attention, but also wants to feel like they are the best, and usually this means getting the ego stroke of every person in the room. They won't let someone else know that they are or were hurt by them. Aries can be unstoppable, so if you attempt to block this force, it will eventually discard you. It's not to say that Aries doesn't have heart, they absolutely do, but they do not have patience for overdrawn emotional attention and bullshit. Talk about it once or twice, but then move on. Sometimes there is nothing left to say about a subject, so why the fuck are you still dragging it on? Aries does not have the time. Aries needs love in motion -- otherwise they get bored of the standstill shot.
     Sagittarius (November 22- Dec 21) - OPTIMISM The Love: You can tell that Sag is devoted to you because they've opened up to you to a degree that is greater than their level of social openness. Never completely capable of trusting another, there are certain things that Sag will never share with you, nor will they ever want to. The trust factor is huge here. Regardless, it is not commonly depicted that Sag makes for the ultimate partner or romancer. They want love, but they suppress themselves from true expressions, which naturally allow love to form and bloom into a healthy relationship. The sag has many different temperaments. Anger is an emotion they turn to sooner than tears, which will likely be wept alone in the comfort of themselves. Love is tricky here because the Sag is a competitive game player. They may become addicted to wanting what they can't have and once they get it, it might mean nothing. Or Sag may become a victim to the casino affect,  which is the instant gratification of pulling a slot machine and hearing the successful chimes of a win. The Sag man can fall prey to the analogy of this quick casino fix and is highly capable of sleeping with a woman merely for pleasure/playful pursuit and feeling nothing after. He can separate his sexual side from his mental/emotional side, and even if he generally needs emotional support (though he might not be able to provide it for others), the sexiest thing to him is a challenge. There is a quote about Sag men that basically states, when he isn't with the girl he loves he loves the girl he is with. Sag girl as well, doesn't want what comes easy. She needs to be impressed by your skills, which will go above and beyond her own skill set and register as "impressive" to her. Sag is best in love with someone who can make them laugh, make them think and enjoy life. Someone who will listen to their thoughts and provide comfort and insight. They want excitement, they want to have a good time and are looking for a partner to join in on this. They don't want drama and they don't want too many restraints. They need to still be free to wander. Sag is going to be Sag, so their love for you stems from your unconditional acceptance of this. Sure your Sag mate might be a bit goofy and"different" but that's why you love them right? As stated Sag is the wanderer, but they will always return home to the arms of your love if they are really into you.  The Addiction: The challenge. Sagittarius will want what doesn't present itself too easily. You will know you have them when Sag is able to kiss you and caress you in a emotional capacity. Sag will let you in, which is rare. They don't like to lose so they rarely show you their true emotional position. Unless of course they love you. They can be super shy about their feelings and will express themselves in ways that mask the blunt nature of their thoughts.
                        Leo (July 23- August 22) - EXUBERANCE The Love:You will know that Leo is truly, truly in love, in that they suddenly calm the fuck down. Their reaching for outside attention will come to a halt. Yes, they will still be charming and attract all kinds of people, but they will produce a sense of loyalty towards their love that is untouchable. If Leo loves you, they won't go home with that hunk/hottie at the bar, they will be friendly but they will behave. The one they love is the ultimate and no other suitor will hold a candle stick. As mentioned before, Leo is a very devoted friend and will easily put their friends before you if they don't have serious, long-term, love feelings for you. If Leo is crazy over you, the friends will not come first, you will. Leo tends to shower their lover in affection and passion, they know how to make their partner laugh and smile with their witty banter and passionate sense of humour. Leo, however can be selfish and should keep a mindful eye on how they express their vocations of love. Leo lady is perhaps too generous where Leo male might save a little too much and present elements of frugality that is highly unattractive. Leo doesn't want to be cheap, they enjoy nice things, but there is a minimalist quality here in the male breed, and often he won't need much to be happy. She on the other hand can be a totally different story. All she wants is praise and attention, so much that she will go looking for it elsewhere if she can't find it in a mate. Look at J Lo, she clearly left Virgo Marc Anthony because he could not keep up with her demands for attention. Don't let her know you have eyes for another woman, nobody exists but the Leo lady. She is a queen and will exert her love in a flamboyant, uninhibited and vital fashion. She is a highly sensual being who can bestow greatness if given the right amount of admiration, affection and attention. Leo loves to be in love so if they love you, you will feel like the luckiest person in the world! The Addiction: The attention. Leo types come in all sizes and shapes, but there is the Leo who can't say no. Leo is used to having followers and if an attractive follower appears a little too hungry for Leo's lust, it might be hard for the lion to stay no.  Or at least hard for them not to entertain this attention even if they entertain it innocently. Leos are easily tempted when they are not getting their demands met and will produce some dramatic changes in their lives if they need more, and they always need more. Sometimes Leo just doesn't know what they want and perhaps doesn't always realize that what they need won't necessarily come from another person.
     Capricorn (December 22- Jan 19) - STEADINESS  The Love: If you are looking for fairy-tale romance do not look here this is the sign of stability and dependence. Most Capricorn do appear rock steady in that they have a calm, cool feel about them. Don't be fooled entirely because once you break the shell, you will see the Cap's softer side. You won't be able to get rid of them if they love you. They will stick it out with you through absolutely everything. They will be your knight and shining armour through all the life drama and provide unconditional security and support during times of trouble. They will have your back no matter what, but in traditional Cap fashion there will be a level of dominance to their loving ways. You might feel at times like you are becoming a little too guarded, but if you are partnered with a Cap then there is likely a strongly submissive part of you that takes pleasure in this. Capricorn love is usually practical, so while they may not shower you in constant romance like love notes and flower, they will provide for you. They tend to love the luxurious and will give you things of high quality and high taste. For example, a Capricorn would rather take you on a surprise trip to Europe oppose to buying you chocolates. If they gift they gift grandly. Capricorn isn't afraid to commit for the long haul, but they will crave the simplicity of domestic love. They want the comforts of homely bliss, and if this means you, a good spoon and hours of watching the PVR -- so be it. Capricorn would rather sincerely be with the one they love then out socializing superficially. Capricorn will be the rock to your roll, and when they are in love they will not stray nor will they look elsewhere. Capricorn is a futurist and is always looking to build a life with someone that could potentially last. The Addiction: Here,  the addiction is control. Capricorn needs to be dominant, sometimes a little too much and might pick a partner who is generally not of the same caliber or social class. Cap will have several long-term relationships that fail or none at all (as the loner quality does exist here), until they meet their true match. It is important for Cap not to be a snob towards situations that don't favour with them. Not everyone is going to think the way that you do, and you need to open up your (sometimes) narrow-minded shell to other realities. Try not to judge a book by it's cover so much, sometimes a story lacks emotional sentiment and it not up to you to make the final rule. Give people a chance to melt your heart before you go into stubborn asshole mode.
            Taurus (April 20- May 20) - DEPENDABILITY  The Love: This sign, more than any other is at their very best when they are in love. Taurus is all about having it all and projecting a image of absolute life perfection. Love for a Taurus is of the upmost importance and if they love you, there is nothing they won't do for you. They will probably buy you clothes and little gifts and insist on treating you to things. Taurus man will likely never let you pay if he can help it, and Taurus woman will demand that she does pay on certain occasions even if you don't want her to. This sign is pretty simple at the root, but they love to enjoy life, good food and good company. They need to be with a mate who is willing to take part in the journey. The key to their heart is through their stomach, but they also need a mate who can satisfy their insatiable appetite for life. Taurus is the ham not the eggs, this meaning, they will stick it out with you when they really care for you. With the lowest divorce rate in the Zodiac, this sign is very devoted to the person that they love sometimes even to a fault. Taurus may stick it out with lovers who do not appreciate their sensual efforts. When you scratch the hard surface of a Taurus, you will reveal their tender side which truly is not looking for a relationship that won't last. The communication of feelings is difficult for this sign, but they demonstrate love in concrete ways such as sex and the giving of materials and constant care. If they love you they won't keep you guessing -- their love will be clearly displayed to you on a daily basis. Taurus is a strength that will provide a lot of sensibility and security for their lover. You will trust in their dependability. Love here is affectionate, kind and faithful. Taurus won't stray from you or look elsewhere but they expects the same amount of loyalty in a partnership -- I'm yours and you are mine. The Addiction: Sometimes Taurus is so intent on having love that they hold onto stale things for too long. This especially includes having a boyfriend or a girlfriend. The social judgment of "not having a significant other" isn't worth staying in a shitty relationship for. Taurus needs to ensure that they give their partner space to breath and don't revert into codependency mode by dropping their significant others name in every other spoken sentence. Sometimes your devotion towards your loved one clouds the devotions you should have for yourself, and your own life goals. Get comfortable but don't get too lazy, there is still more in store for the committed Taurus and you know the bull's gotta have it-- so go get it!
VIRGO (August 23 - Sep 22) - CONSCIENTIOUSNESS This sign is perhaps the most finicky when it comes to love. Therefore if Virgo decides they do love you-- then that in it itself is saying a whole lot. Usually, Virgo man doesn't even start to think about marriage until after 30, and if he does find his sweetie when he is young, he will probably cheat on her or be difficult because a part of him hasn't matured enough yet to appreciate her. Virgo woman can be equally as confused in her younger years, but with both the male and female Virgos, you will see a level of service and commitment to you. They may not be cheesy or lovey dovey, but they will be great providers and extremely hard workers. They will help you organize your life and help you stay on top of your heath. This sign can make the ultimate life mate. They can tolerate a lot. They are judgmental yes, but they won't judge their lover long term and will forgive practically anything when they really care for someone. Romance here is not conventional, but the Virgo will want to please his/her mate. They will do things in bed, most things in bed, anything you want in bed, if this means it will satisfy you. Virgos are generally private and probably not huge on PDA so when you are alone, there is a cosmic spark between the two of you that is untouchable. Your Virgo will go above and beyond for you at bed time, and will express their love through the form of sexual activity and intellectual awakening. Sometimes it will seem like they can't get enough of you, but Virgo can always have enough of you. In knowing a Virgo loves you, it almost comes down to the simple notion that they love you if they can stand you. If they can stand you for more than a week, more than a year, even live with you--whatever it may be, then this could be love. If Virgo is constantly escaping you through work, travel, hobby or sport there is a big chance that you don't have the ultimate love they are capable of. Virgo can be a bit of a 007. They won't feel the need to separate from you on a regular basis if you withhold all of their heart's attention. They won't cheat. They won't think about other men or women, they will want you and only you. Virgo is a very conscious sign, so if they care about you then they will feel badly when they are a jerk to you, but if they don't care about you, they can easily take advantage of you and will. The Addiction: The addiction here is the attraction of beauty.Virgo is a perfectionist and will work really hard to exude a physical appearance of immaculate perfection. Therefore, it will be hard for them to ignore the beauty in others things and people. They may entertain these attractions in a very obvious way or in a very private way, but either way this could pose a problem. Both Virgo male and female are capable of having both a wife and a mistress. Virgo can be addicted to the attention of suitors and may fall prey to thinking it is their destiny to share their beauty with other beauty, naturally.
      Scorpio (October 23- November 21) - IDEALISM  The Love: This is the love you won't be able to get rid of. Scorpio sets it's designs on something and instantly they are unforgettable to you.You can't leave a Scorpio -- you can try. This probably has a lot to do with the idea that Scorpio rarely loves anyone.Those three little words don' t come easy here. So when they do think that they love, better yet, if they have the mustard to even say it, it is impossible for them to detach from you. Scorpio will do anything for the person they love. They won't be the best at telling you how they feel, but they will show it well through bodily gestures and the art of commitment. They will be jealous and possessive as a lover. Scorpio might even say "I'm not a jealous person", but they are, and jealousy can be determined with just one disdainful look from the Scorpion. As ruler of the groan, it is impossible for their private parts not to be associated with the emotional side of the Scorpion. There is a very deep component to this person, and dimensions they will never share with anyone, but if they love you -- you will get in on the thoughts, which nobody else can speak of. Scorpio in love can only occur if they absolutely trust you. They fall long and hard and forever. If you can keep the flame burning, if you can prove to be faithful and understanding, Scorpio won't leave your side. They need you to do right by them because their level of excellence and devotion will be shifted if you prove to be shady. Scorpio is a signs of serious control and therefore they need you to recognize their needs, which are usually quite simple, but often not easily satisfied by their partners. Scorpio is a sign of immense mystery so if they love they will let in on a few secrets, not all of them, but some. Their ability to take you into the deep vortexes of their minds is a huge indication of their admiration for you. Scorpio will often just disappear without warning, but they will communicate (in some special Scorpio fashion) with the person they love. Remember, this sign is highly emotional, but has a hard time talking about their feelings, so if you feel like your Scorpio does open up to then this is a really good sign.  The Addiction: Everyone always stereotypes Scorpio as the "sex sign" and isn't always the case, but this can be an addiction here. Scorpiocan literally can go from one hot bang to the next. Give them just a little bit of booze or a few drugs, and watch as they start to communicate through their private area. This can be dangerous and it can prove to be an interference to the love currently in Scorpio's life or the love waiting in the wings.
  Cancer (June 21 - July 22) - LOYALTY
 The Love: Honestly ladies and gents if you are desperately looking for a boyfriend or a girlfriend this probably is your best bet-- as Cancer is also desperately looking for a mate. Cancer, next to Capricorn and Taurus is the biggest relationship sign. Out of all of the waters signs, this is the one that likes to commit and form a solid union with someone. They like to give every crush a chance. This doesn't mean that these unions are always healthy or the "right one", but it is to say that Cancer has a knack for partnerships and loyalty. If Cancer loves you then there is nothing that they won't do to provide for you. They will stop traffic for love if they need to. Love is what makes a Cancer tick. All they want in life is a loving, stable and functional relationship based on happiness and laughter. Cancer is protective and nurturing by nature and therefore cannot help but mother their mate. They will listen to you attentively and they will provide excellent empathy towards your problems (as long as they don't have any problems of their own that day). They will be supportive and encouraging, but try not to take advantage of these qualities. They will notice, even if it is hard for Cancer to change their giving ways. They will show their true selves when in love, and this, at times this may be reflective of a very stressed out, moody or emotional individual. Cancer will love you for accepting them, regardless of their emotional disposition, and as a result of your acceptance will never leave you. Cancer in love is: the first to fall in and the last to fall out.They will spoon you until the bitter end, even if the end is very bitter, Cancer doesn't want to let go of what they love.  The Addiction: Dating is the addiction. Cancer can't function without the idea of the opposite sex in their mind. They need to be flirting. They need to feel wanted. The insecure aspects of Cancers don't take comfort in the loneliness of not having someone to hold at night. Therefore Cancer will usually have a prospect, and it is often by choice because they cannot handle the loneliness. You probably won't be surprised when your Cancer friend introduces you to yet another girl/guy because this is a common theme. Though, sometimes the addiction is a long-term relationships that don't last. Cancer is the king/queen of long-terms commitments that often lead to nothing.
  Pisces (February 19 - March 20) - COMPASSION
The Love:  Love is the air that the fish breaths -- they want it so bad that the evidence of this desire might put people off entirely, but at the same time, the fish is weary of every suitor and usually likes what doesn't like them.Therefore, you will know your Pisces is in love with you because they might be willing to grow up for you, well a little. There are many different fish in the sea, but often Pisces people have a bit of an 'old soul in conjunction with a 'child-like' essence. As much as they might think about marriage (more like dream about marriage), Pisces isn't the first to be in a rush to get to the alter.They enjoy living for the moment and are often confused about the direction of their lives and where they want to go in the future. The love here won't be conventional, but it will be tender, kind and magical. You will adore your sweet Pisces, who for the most part is willing to be immensely generous, kind and giving to you. Pisces man doesn't have the best reputation in the zodiac, he might be a little too set in his ways to change for his lover. He might be too manipulative with his charm to be taken seriously. Pisces girl, on the other hand, will change her behaviour in order to appease her lover. She can adjust and grow through the power of a lover because other people are a motivation for the fish. Sometimes fishes can't take good care of themselves or make productive changes  without the help of another person. Pisces is a highly self-conscious sign, they feel everything (even the guilt you chose to ignore for yourself) and they won't be too stubborn to take ownership of their own faults. This can be a problem as the fish might become too forgiving in love. They might forgive everything and fall prey to their highly gullible nature. As stated, Pisces man can manipulate his lover, he can take things from his partner, and charm them into believing that he is sincere when he is not. This is why, when he finds the one, he won't want to do this anymore, he will want to be good to the woman he loves. As stated, she would never fall for just anyone (and by fall this mean she won't go back and forth on her feelings like the juxtaposing Pisces symbol) so if she likes you, these feelings will not be easily released from her. The Addiction: Pisces is addicted to the abuse. Yeah that sounds harsh, but Rhianna (Pisces girl) went back to Chris brown after a beating for a reason. Pisces is addicted to what does not want them or what won't treat them right. They have to careful of this trait as it is a road that will lead to nowhere.
 Gemini (May 21 - June 20) - RESPONSIVENESS 
 The Love: It is know that Gemini makes the best first date. They attract people like a moth to a flame. They may not always want to light a fire with you, but they will let you blow your smoke as long as it is flattering and capable of holding their attention span. Though, to be honest, constant flattery won't win Gem's heart completely. This sign makes the world's best significant other when they are truly in love and not just deceiving themselves to think that they are in love. Extremely generous and chivalrous, Gemini will like to take care of the one they love. Whether it be cooking meals, opening doors, random flower giving or surprise trips etc. Gemini will try to impress the person that they love and will never stop at giving and doing whatever they can to make their significant other smile. They will also make the people who are close to you smile. Your friends will love your Gem mate because they are great to everything and everyone who is associated with you. Even if this is just seemingly, Gemini knows how to play the game and they know how to please people. Gemini can be easily distracted, and usually obtains a very short attention span. If you have their attention -- this means something. They don't stop to smell the roses with just anyone. In many sense, as the twins, the Gemini is looking for a twin mate who can satisfy the duality of their complex personality. Gemini in love makes for a very capable and self-sufficient mate, but also a very loyal one. They will sacrifice their own happiness to make you happy, and this is where Gems have to be careful. They don't always recognize when they are being insincere, but this won't happen at all or too often when they are with the right match. Your presence will only make them sooo happy, they will miss you when you are gone. They will do nice things for by displaying hospitality and class. Gemini is super self-sufficient and doesn't need a lot of people, so if they act or feel like they need you-- then is huge, this is love.  The Addiction: Using love as an distraction. You can't use people or flirtations as a shield for your real shit. Sometimes you try too hard to run from the real you, and this means ignoring your true needs. It is important to value these needs and focus your attention on things you care about. Stop hiding behind people or new styles of apperance and deal with what's really bothering you.
 Aquarius (JANUARY 20 - FEB 18) -FRIENDLINESS The Love: If you got AQ to say "I love you" and commit to you then this is huge. AQ will be independent and unconventional, but will change their lost boy/free woman ways in order to please you -- if they really love you that is. Love and being 'in love' are two very different things here. AQ is capable of loving a lot of things about a lot of different people, but they seldom give their whole heart to just anyone. AQ thinks a lot about love, they think a lot in general and therefore need a partner who can help them to forget about their internal concerns and enjoy life and all it's adventures. AQ will love someone who is willing to understand their complexity and their intense need for independence. Let it be know, AQ is always watching and admiring, so when they find someone they really like, they will be smitten and devoted and want to spend a lot of time with that person. Not to say AQ won't still pursue independent hobbies on the side, but it is to say that AQ is looking for you to show them an attraction that is magnified against all others. AQ finds love in the mind. For the male part, it is a connection achieved by their ability to *excuse my profanity* wrap their dick around your mind. Aquarius will want you more and more (every time they talks to you) on a deep, intellectual level that allows them to really get to know you. This banter can be intense or extremely playful, but there has to be a spark between the mind that translates in the sheets and keeps the AQ coming out of the water, back onto dry land and into your arms.  The Addiction: The flirt. AQ is very charming and therefore 'wandering eye syndrome' does exist here. One minute you have their undivided attention and the next they are gone, off into the wonder of some other girl, guy or adventure. They will also have MANY friends of the opposite sex who they "talk to" on a regular basis. These interactions could be innocent or suspicious, regardless AQ needs the flirt to fulfill their Peter Pan nature.
               Libra (September 23 - October 22) - CHARM The Love: It is hard for Libra to find real love because they are so naturally loved by others that they end up being consumed by their own attraction. Honestly, a Libra has the potential of having a very interesting track record when it comes to love. They usually end up dating a lot of people they don't  love in reality. Libra never knows what they want, but if they think they want you, then that's a start. You have to be patient with this lover. Some days they are hot, others days they are cold. Don't think it's you -- it's not. One minute they want to get married and have kids the next day they want to go camping on a beach for a month --the sky is really the limit here. If you want to love this person you will have to roll with the punches. Libra is looking for a playmate. Like air sign AQ, the Peter Pan mentality applies here. Libra is lovely but is a lost boy or girl who doesn't want to grow up too soon. This sign is set on being able to decipher for themselves, so if they love you they will welcome you into their decision process -- or perhaps you will put them at ease from all the emotional stress of having to see every particular angel of a situation before reaching a decision. Maybe they will even listen to you. Libra loves to be married but not in a conventional way. They like the idea of being very close to a person and treating them with the utmost intimacy and loyalty. Libra may not always be in love, but they are rarely alone in a sense. Libra can even exert their love towards a close friend, but no matter the medium, there is always love in Libra's life. When they really find the one, they will reserve time for this individual and put aside a bit of the fanfare, but not all of it. There will be a settlement of some kind, but still expect to be taken on a few undesired/unplanned journeys. Even if you question it, you just have to know that Libra has to do love their way and on their own terms. They will comes around in the end if they do love you. They will always return to you with a smile on their face. Libra is often adored and loves to adore others, and therefore they needs a partner who can stand their charming admiration and conflicting moods. Libra will love you for your faith and your ability to skim through life with them. Do not apply too much pressure, love here is meant to be natural, playful and organic.  The Addiction: The Play. Libra doesn't like to grow up. They like to swing ropes well into their later years and will require a lot of patience to love in conventional terms. They will have to harness the play in conjunction with their ability to commit in order to find the right match. The play doesn't just mean other men or women, but the ability to fuck off without notice and leave their partner high and dry. The play can also be hanging out with friends and doing stupid shit when your partner might be waiting for you at home. It is important to balance the play with the pleasure in order for Libra to remain happy over time.
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