Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Virgo VS Leo

 *A special happy birthday mention for a very special Leo friend who is 27 today. A true Leo by heart she demonstrates great courage, intellect, vibrancy, and convicted feeling. She stays true to the Lioness ways of paving her own platinum boardwalk and waltzing down in a fabulous strut. Unafraid to share herself with the world, this Lion, has a very original roar that others can't help but listen to in awe! Happy Birthday Pea - I dedicate today's blog post to youuu and your unique sound*

To clarify from yesterday's post, Virgo is NOT a bad sign, in fact it is one of my personal favorites. Here is a picture of my favorite celebrity Vrgo male:
Nastradamus aka Nas aka "nasty" aka half man half amazing, often reps astrological signs/his own sign (Virgo is "I" first - remember this ) within his poetic lyrics. He even has a song called "Virgo" :
In understanding the Virgo sign I am able to depict cautionary traits, which have struck me sorely. Regardless, they are of the most real creatures of this earth. Even if they act bad, tough, rude or mean, they are secretly soft and admirable inside. Behind the front of any Virgo is a strong moral man who is capable of providing generously for his love. Keep in mind Virgo is, at time, as indecisive as a Libra, who is red one day and blue the other. Virgo may leash total haste for you on Monday and then total love for you come Friday - he is prone to changing his mind because he is often very unsure of what it is that he wants. Practically. *Cough he might play it like he's macho but cough he's a baby of emotions*

Usually, Virgo is opposite to the dramatic demeanor of fireflies like Aries and Leo, which is why Virgo is often attracted to a quirky, spunky girl with a lot of intelligence or humor. Virgo, doesn't show off his intelligence to the manner, which these two signs do (especially ramming Aries who argues out of sheer competition and fear of being wrong..agree with me!!!), but he appreciates a woman who can read his mind and at times, be the voice box.  While Virgo is the master of HOW DOES THIS WORK, learning how things function, and how to WORK things mechanically. A Virgo man is far more likely than other signs to figure out how the vagina works because he truly cares about the pleasure of women, and he must work to please, otherwise he feels like he has failed. He gets pleasure out of knowing that HE CAN make his women excited on his own accord.
A lot of Virgo males are highly introverted and express themselves in concrete to-the-point vocations. Clearly, they are different once you give them a bottle of whiskey.
You might be shocked that Virgos are attracted to the flamboyant types, but more than other signs, they are simply, attracted to what they are not.  They crave intrigue to their sometimes cerebral lives. What is desired most is a "good women", meaning that Virgo (so prone to detail) must be able to acknowledge this inherent goodness. Virgo needs his woman to be highly feminine, a caregiver and maternal vision.  He is attracted to the girly notions he has to suppress. He is attracted to the curves, which are so different than his own.
The lion and the virgin can serve to be a great pairing, especially if Virgo flexes his mighty masculine muscles, however Leo may tire at times, looking for something more, wanting stronger vocations of love and lust and want. At the same time, Leo, used to getting what she wants in the jungle, enjoys the coy challenge of breaking down a Virgo. His heart is buried beneath black stone and hers is beaming, glowing, radiating on the sleeve of every shirt she ever bought for half off or whole price. She is used to men throwing themselves at her weakly in love, saying things too quick, too soon, too strongly. She is capable of seeing that the Virgo is a REAL man who pragmatic in his quests, however, she may tire if he reduces her to boring. The lion still needs to prance about, feel the floor and relish in a sense of secret power, which exists between herself and her environment. Mind you, she does not want an over shadow, or a lover who tries to compete with her greatness. She will response well to a humble demeanor, but there has to be moments of adoration. Virgo needs the mental connection and Leo needs the mirror of self love, meaning, that when she looks at you, she needs to see, painted on your face, just how much you adore her.

Jen is the best example of a Lioness who finally found her home in the arms of a Virgo. So he's a bit of a muskrat...but his love for her is REAL. Unlike past lovers who admired her for her physical aspects, Marc was willing to provide her with the earthy glories of family and home. Two things the Virgo is perfect at. A very domestic sign with the ability to build a just took the Lion a few times around the block to realize where she'd be most appreciated for the long haul. Mind you, Marc is probably a lot more attention paying and adoring than most Virgos.....its a mutable maze, you just have to pick wisely ;)

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