Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What's in a Birthday?

Ask me!
Ask you what exactly?

As a society, we are set in our daily positions to categorize concepts into distinct binary oppositions. We crave order, plan and purpose. We gravitate towards fact rather than chase after figurative thinking. While I recognize the beauty in all things orderly, I also feel there is room amongst the concrete and chaotic- for some fluff. Astrology falls into this fluffy category nicely and serves a benefit in my often shockingly accurate predictions regarding the opposite sex. When i say, "Ask Me" i mean, ask me what my take is on "said guy or girl" and whether or not he/she is a compatible match for you. The "Ask Me" doesn't even have to measure in terms of compatibility, but even simply, "what is he/she like?" Simply send me a message with the man/woman in question's birthday, and I will do the math.

The "What's Your Birthday" blog serves as a helpful tool for any girl or guy who has noticed a pattern within her own dating cycle. Also the topic of relationships themselves, and general pondering or frustrated thinking regarding the dating game in general.

I know it might seem strange at first to ask a random blogger for love advice, but there is nothing to lose in the process, and you my abilities have frighten those of many.

Mind you, one learns, despite guidance, the party in question always follows their own path, whether or not they tell you"you were right" is irrelevant. Sometimes it useful to know the whole deck, even if we insist on playing our own hand.

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  1. Hey screw you Scorpio and your uptight bullshit approach to things that most people can see clear as day. Maybe if you're weren't so obsessed with how things are happening and able to see the world around you, you could let go and enjoy life instead of waiting around for it to perfectly come packaged to you. You seem to get along great with the crazy, spontaneous signs, all while making fun of them and using them as enjoyment because they make no sense to you. Take a bow, life is going to be a flat old ironing board of a ride for you.