Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Lovers, The Dreamers, The Players

Certain signs express themselves differently because they undergo different emotional frequencies and encompass different elements. For example signs like Scorpion, Taurus and Virgo are more likely to show love then to verbally express love through words. These signs keep it real. Don't get me wrong, when these signs want something i.e. access into your pants, you will see their charm come out. Likely this charm is induced by booze, which gives them the courage to try in the first place, but in truth they develop feelings  rather slowly. Taurus is more likely to do your laundry, or drop off something you forgot at home (to work) in order to show the lengths which they will concretely go for love.

Signs like Pisces and Cancers are more emotional and fleeting in their pursuits. They are born with the fear of ending up alone and therefore are a lot likely to feel inferior to their partners. For example, Pisces is the sign to compliment and express emotions, but also the most likely to put their selves down in the process. As we just noted Rhianna is a Pisces, despite her strong emotional convictions she is likely to self-destruct and stay in something out of the fear that she can't be alone. She also lacks the belief that she could find better.  

Scorpio is just as emotional but wily and works to disguise his possessive and jealousy nature. This nature, however is not easily hidden. Scorpio needs to be at perfect trust with both himself and his partner in order to make things work. Scorpio desires control and will fight for it within in a relationship if there is too little of it. Scorpios are also more like to express love physically or through gesture than to send a sappy love note. 
Aquarius is the ultimate player of the zodiac and has lines to make panties drop till Thursday, however they struggle to both commit and find their true feelings amongst all the surfaced, friendly chaos. If they do make a commitment however, it does means something significant - or they are they Justin Timberlake type, meaning they "back up". Date a hot celebrity for a while but have their next "future bitch" on the back burner because these types of water carriers feel more secure with a leading lady in the picture and are rarely alone. Whether or not Timberlake is faithful is another story - I've heard things....things which could very well be true. Doesn't really matter, he has the charm to make his partner feel like the only goddess of his eyes. Despite his grand words, his actions and flirtations with other women will still be apparent.Whether it be msn, fb, or at the clubs - he is likely interacting with other women, naturally.
Capricorn is the loyal sign of the zodiac. If they are involved with you, its likely boring, meaning there is no drama or need for question.  They express themselves through good, earthy, "normal" love making. If they cheat, its surprising, but likely an indication of there birth chart, and not solely because they are Capricorns. Capricorns crave the long term relationship and the stability that comes with it. They like Taurus are most likely to be involved long term. Taurus has the least likely divorce rate in the zodiac, they too, like knowing there is someone they can trust and come home to.

Leo has the potential to be a great lover, he'll both say sweet things and do anything he can to minimize your personal stress. He's the hero. He loves to be in love, so when and if he is, its likely for his own personal reasoning, but be careful not to step on his ego or take away too much from his limelight. 

Gemini is the love bug of the zodiac, flirting up a storm and always up for play. Dual natured Gemini doesn't know how to deal with this attractions because he is attracted to so many things. Even she (Gem girl) is a total flirt. They are a flirting sign by nature that is very capable of playing the field if desired. Also, very capable of having a lot of loves under their belt, loves that don't always disappear but pop back up every now and then. They express themselves both through flirtation (gems need a mental connection) but also through physicality. They are very affectionate and cuddly people when they want to be. They also, will go to great lengths to please because Gemini doesn't like to be of bad service.

Aries, the RAM, keeps their heart protected under glass, but they crave sexual relationships by nature. They crave attention even if they don't know how to deal with the emotional back-lash. They will always protect their own heart first, so prepare to come second to his first agenda, which is him. Needy girls - look elsewhere- he does not want to see you everyday.

Sagittarius is the hunter, the archer, he's got the gift of the gab to get what he wants, but its his inherent level of competitiveness which drives him to win you over. He must have you and this pursuit could come off as over-bearing and transparent. Some people play games well, others simply make it apparent that they merely playing...playing to lose - the game should never be transparent. You're no sucker so don't set yourself up for lose.

Lastly, Libra male is least likely to know what he wants. He can't make a decision to save his life, but he knows that he wants to try more than a few items on the menu before he finds something to stick with.Regardless, he might find himself placing you on the scale in his mind to see if you add up. Even if you are involved with him, he is likely still weighing you a little bit.

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