Monday, August 16, 2010

If Looks could Kill

Pretty sure you are familiar with the rowdy group of people posing in this picture, yes, the cast of Jersey Shore. This show, while hated on by some (or loved because its hated) is actually funny. It has shed new light on the term 'player' (just because you play doesn't mean you have the best looking toys) and the type of mistakes guys will make when horny i.e. going home with an ugly girl, which is coined on the show as a GRENADE. Some sip the haterade but on the shore, the boys sip the grenaderade, meaning they get so wasted they can't see straight and kiss on anything.

Grenade, according to :

The solitary ugly girl always found with a group of hotties. If the grenade doesn't get any action, then neither does anyone else.
"Come on man, take one for the team and jump the grenade"
I find this hilarious but also a contradiction of the term BOMB, which is often used to describe the girl you consider to be 10/10 or "dude the DJ played ALL BOMBS last night" aka stuff people like. Killer jams.
Mind you, the word "bomb" can be used either way.  "I totally bombed that test." Still, I find it to be a bit contradictory. Words are not always meant to be take literally, but in this case the play on words (bombs and grenades are essentially the same thing) do contradict each other. Perhaps different bombs do different things, just as women might all be the same sex, but come in different packages with different means of explosion. 

Personally ladies, if you consider yourself to have something explosive (in a positive way) to offer I would suggest staying away from the players. The sooner they learn there are only Grenades left to 'fuck and chuck' the sooner they start to grow up. Possibly. Some boys are a part of the Peter Pan foreva complex.

If you're a gem, don't act like a grenade. You make them work for it and you'll be surprised to see how they will do just that. As Steve Harvey says, "set that bar high and do not lower it...women are constantly lowering their bar for men, making it way too easy for them to jump right over." Steve Harvery also say 90 dates before sex, well, i don't necessarily believe that. Don't use your vagina as man trap. Don't manipulate a man into a relationship via sex because it can end as soon as you do, no matter how long you waited prior to fornication. My rule: when there is chemistry there is chemistry. When its right there are no rules, no matter how slow or fast you move, the rules go out the window when two people are truly into each other. Trust me, you'll just know, and it won't require obsessing about the pros and cons with your girlfriends.

GEMS - girls who are obviously attractive by nature, but also know what they want, and never settle for less. A true sparkle never puts up with shit.

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