Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Elements
If interested in the ways of astrology, one might start to look directly at the elements, which they surround themselves within their daily lives. Certain signs, for example, represent different elements, which can patchwork the dominant, reoccurring elements in our live, which we are in need of, lacking of or have too much of.


Automatically you can attribute personal attributes to these 4 different types of elements.

For example:

Earth – grounded, loyal, strong minded, domesticated, dependable...
Fire: intense, dramatic, colorful, unpredictable, fierce, tenacious...
Water: temperate at times – moody at others, emotional, vital, the necessity – *every one needs water, and likely everyone has a water mate in their small circles
Air : thoughtful, independent, a Constance source of fleeting ideas, duality and indecision

A better way for you to understand the elements (from a female view) is to take into account the ladies from Sex and The City. Each of the leading ladies represents a different element, and each of their personalities are a true testament to that given element.  

Carrie - Air
 Sam - Fire
Charlotte - Water
Miranda - Earth 

If your star sign is either an Aquarius, a Gemini or a Libra you would fall under the same air element as Carrie. If you've found yourself saying, "I'm a Carrie girl!" Perhaps this could be because you share the same element as her or have a lot of the air element within your birth cart. Air types are very inquisitive, with a natural ability to communicate either though artistic expression or verbal/written word. They have a natural inclination to detach emotionally, moving towards life adventures and away from dwelling despair. They are capable of commitment, however, they don't form true, strong, emotional attachments easily. They are capable but simply not decisive enough in their personal desires, and also shifty at that. Meaning they have the ability to move around a lot and are prone to change. Both Gems and Libras struggle because they are attracted to so many things, making it hard for them to settle with one type of life. Carrie followed in the pattern of the Aquarius, a curse I call the Jen Aniston Curse (yes, she is an Aquarius) this results in a lot of male suitors that don't quite take over the Aquarius's natural ability to pull away. Carrie allowed one man to really get into her heart and affect her emotional longevity. It took her a lot long than the average girl to fall in love or get married to the right man. I predict the same for Miss. Aniston. 

If your star sign is a Leo, an Aries or a Sag you fall under the same fire element as Samantha! Fire is full of energy, fun and adventure. They crave attention and excitement. They need to be appeased on a mental level, meaning specifically that they need to be stimulated by their partners in order to stay involved. Like Samantha, once her relationship with Smith reached a level of mundane, she needed a change of pace. Fire craves excitement! These signs will operate for the "I", they will do what is best for them and remain true to the self motive that "if you can't please yourself, what's the point to living?" They are very powerful creatures who are usually are very independent, hard working women who have strong careers of their own. They prefer to be at the front of the line not waiting in the back of the line at a local night club. In being about the self, fire signs feel the need to have endeavors of their own because their own success is equally as important to them as their partners - if not more so.

If your star sign is a Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces you fall under the element of water like Charlotte. You are the emotional friend of the group who likely is easiest to talk to, but also most likely to cry or pine over something precious. Mind you Char is quite conservative in her personal ways, so her judgments towards immortality are sometimes harsh. If she wouldn't do something herself she can't condone or support someone else doing it. She often will also take the actions of her friends personally and equate them to her own personal "princess" vendettas. Water, in contrast to Char is usually a very open minded element, willing to listen, empathize or lend a shoulder to any kind of trouble. Char does however demonstrate this heart, and rings most true to wanting to obtain the fairytale, Cinderella story, which every young girl dreams of. While Carrie expresses cynicism towards the Cinderella story, telling young Lilly, "you know its just a story right?"Charlotte, on the other hand, would never question the mystical world of fictional love. Like most water signs she is a dreamer, and truly wants to believe in love no matter how hard things get. Water is the most compliant sign, with the exception of Scorpio who has the ability to pull the reigns of control. This means that water signs usually are more likely to take on the role as provider/matriarch because they are so naturally caring, patient and considerate of others. Water has to work towards keeping themselves above water, and not allowing themselves to get pulled under current by there excessive need to help/consider others.

If your star sign is a Virgo, a Taurus or a Capricorn you fall under the same earth element as Miranda! Earth signs always see reality, which serves as their greatest gift and their greatest downfall. For example, Miranda's witty ability to think critically alludes her to believe that love is not possible and that all men, including the kindhearted Steve Brady, are considered toxic. She almost allowed her grounded (sometimes negative) nature prevent her from meeting "the one". Earth signs, by far are the most capable of long term commitment because they crave dependability, stability and loyalty. They crave domestic comforts and the idea that someone is waiting at home, however, they are more likely to have large periods of loner-dome in between partners. They fall long and hard, and therefore take more time to get past emotional wreckage. Regardless, they are very level headed individuals with a lot of good common sense, an element desired in any circle!

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