Friday, August 13, 2010

He's the man of complete mystery. Even if you think you know him, you will never really know him. So much is going on inside his head, he is the THINKER, his brain is active and his intellect high, but he doesn't trust anyone, not enough to tell them what he's really thinking. He's a sexy bastard. Yes, a very sexy bastard. One who makes you want to tear off all your clothing and lose complete inhibition towards. The type of guy who could simply brush against you and make you tingle all over. He's a sexual creature himself, in fact, he defines himself through his ACTIONS and expresses his self and very being through sex. Scorpio male is much better at showing love then speaking love. He would rather send you to orgasm heaven or simply throw his arm around you in protection and admiration than say, "baby, I just love you so much, I am so lucky!" Scorpio is very in touch with the emotions and psyche of others, if he gets a certain vibe or a negative feel he simply will not engage. He needs to feel comfortable. He does care, and if pushed will show a devilish side, which usually stems from his desire to protect what he feels is HIS. Jealousy in this sign runs hiiiiigh. On the flip, all water signs have natural empathy. Scorpio definitely has the ability to step up to the plate in a crisis or support emotions if he's in the position to. Basically, "when he's good he's really good, when he's bad, he's really".

  • He's a phallic by nature - honestly - Scorpio rules the GROAN, sex is an emotional and physical expression. Meaning they are more likely to experience emotional impotency or sexual dysfunctions in general. They associate both emotion and physical attraction to their penis.
  • He's likely got an arty factor to him in some aspects - or at least the potential for it, also potential for a tattoo fetish, which is often found in the hardcore rebel Scorpions. 
  • He's introverted by nature - few exceptions occur in this area - he's present but his voice isn't the loudest, you might forget he's there, but he's listening, and taking it all in, so don't play him for a fool. When drunk he might show a different side.
  • A smile or a laugh is often a huge indication that the Scorpio is trying to relate to you, but don't expect a long winded chatty vocation from him or a love letter. You can force him to write you one but it will probably be really short, something like, "hey, I'm writing you a letter like you asked me, I really love you." Yeah, better not waste any paper on that - spare the trees. 
  • He will never tell you everything he is thinking - secretive by nature the Scorpio will always keep things to himself. In turn they make great listeners because they would rather support your trouble then trust someone with their own.
  • if they do confide in your or seek you for condolence this means they do trust you - likewise with a romantic relationship - trust is the most importance factor and the greatest downfall. Either you will have a sense of solid trust or Scorpio will never trust you and jealousy will prevail. 
  • Keep in mind there is a huge difference between the male and female Scorpio. She is likely a lot more bubbly and people orientated - possibly more of a control freak too, but Scorpio is resilient as fuck, they will never do anything, which they don't want to do and no one can ever make them. 
  • Scorpios love sex and can be a cheating sign, a perfect example would be :

  • Scorpio man loves beautiful things and is taken by women, he will be tempted or he will be a flirt, but most likely he will just LOOK and from this look you'll be able to know exactly what he's thinking. Scorpio is a tell-all tale through his eyes, and he is always watching...if your with him, no matter where you are in the room, trust me, he knows where. 

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