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In Her Memory: Horoscopes for The Heat

There is no way of knowing what will happen to us or why certain things happened to the people we care about. Sometimes there are just are no answers, and you can literally spend a lifetime trying to figure it out, but no matter what you think, you can never believe it because you know it's not really the truth. The truth is inside the other, and unless that person wants to share it, it is forever kept from you. Sometimes you just have to accept what is in front of you, whether you like it or not. Things just aren't always going to go our way. This is called "Radical Acceptance" the ability to master the ideology that "it is what it is", and we must accept it, even if we know that we don't like it.

One things for certain. People are powerful, and they can take ahold of you if you let them. It is important to have a little bit of distance between you and the people who have power over you. You don't want to be in a position where that person no longer extend their courtesy to you, and you are stuck in an emotional state of mourning the wrong person. We might not always get over everyone, some people leave a stain, but we keep living. We keep going. We carry their memory with us. And it is our choice if we chose to live harder. This means: persist beyond any of the world's bullshit. The crappy stuff does shape you with strength, and nothing is going to change that it's crappy, but it's your crap to build better from. And this will actually make you a better person to help others. You will gain more empathy. We can distract ourselves from the things that we have lost,  the things that cause us pains, but those feelings are still there. We need to deal with our baggage in order to see any shade of difference. Once we have successfully buried what has been tormenting us then we can move on and embrace new people, places and things. People say, this world is what you make of it, and sometimes it is as simple as that, not all the time, but sometimes. Sometimes our personal dispositions really can solve our problems a lot faster that other solutions. Changing the way we approach a situation can really affect how that situation makes us feel. Some people try "not to think or talk about it", but it's the pink elephant in the room. No one is going to achieve this silence forever. Instead, reminding ourselves of the facts, of the things we do know for true, and letting those facts be our compass. Guide yourself by what you know, not by what you think. We often misdirect ourselves, and it is our job to get ourselves back on the right path. Thoughts are powerful, but most of them are not true. The most powerful thing you can actually focus on is love.

There are things we will never know the answer to, and we can keep asking why, but it's really a waste of energy. Accepting what you can't change is the first step to feeling better about life, and the things that were out of your control. Always take a moment to let people know how you feel about them, life is short, and you never know, so why not? Love really is the best medicine, love is what keeps you alive. It might seem sappy, but it's the truth. Love is the thing that keeps you smiling even up until your last days. Love has a way that nothing else does.

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Aries (March 21-April 19) 

This is really a busy time, but really, when isn't it one? You may not always see how important it is for you to win/be the best, but others do. Aries loves to drive the ship, and while they love your input, they would rather go with their own plan. This summer it might be hard for the Aries to settle down. They need to find a place of peace and comfort. They need to worry less about their jobs or money situations. Those things almost always work out for Aries. What's important here is good emotional support. Someone to fall back upon. Aries needs to focus on their interpersonal relationships. Aries needs a place they can come home to and vent. They need a special type of comfort, and counsel. Aries doesn't want to feel like you are judging them. Aries needs to open up, and find people who they can be really honest with. It is important for The Ram to talk about things before they result to anger.

Leo (July 23-August 22)

Leo is so used to telling everyone that they are great that they don't even really know when they aren't. Other people can see it, but Leo will rarely admit it. In fact, Leo doesn't like to admit much that's bad about themselves. This is because Leo does not show weakness to others. They have insecurities, everyone does, but Leo doesn't voice those insecurities to just anyone. Leo loves to play in the summer months, but they also have work obligations, which keep them juggling between the two components. Leo can be very hard to judge because they play the lovely part so well, you really have to let them lead. At least in some regard. Leo will either dominate in the home, at the office or in the bedroom.  If they are interested in you, in any regard, they will let you know. Even if a Lion has gone astray, if they are loyal, they will come back to you in some way. Regardless, how flakey they can be, Leo loves very deeply. The Lion knows what he wants and goes after it. It is rare for a Leo to use all their gusto and not get what they want, but they need to speak on their concerns. Leos can be dramatic, but they also hide how they are feeling and let things build up. Leo needs to be real to because sometimes this sign sacrifices too much for harmony.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

Sag loves the sun so Summer always puts a smile on their face. Summer also means escapes from the city, and Sag loves to get out, travel and see the world. Sag needs to be stimulated and will turn to people who are down to do fun, exciting stuff. Sag is constantly looking for the next thing to indulge in, and rarely is the type to stay at home. Mind you, Sag does need alone time. They are very emotionally private. They are open about their anger. Sag can often be bossy or in charge, but they don't really answer to people. Sometimes they bully people or pick on them, but it's usually meant with no harm. There are very few people who can really tell the Sag where to go.  If you push they will push back. Relationships are hit or miss because the Sag is the type to "walk alone" when they long for someone to "walk with". Sag has to work on showing their vulnerable side by letting people in, it's OK to get hurt, that's sadly the path to meeting the right person. Not everything has to be yes or no, finding a middle ground could be really useful.

Libra (September 23-October 22)

One of the most clever signs in the zodiac, Libra will be able to play you like a fool. They might even being playing the fool, just to fool you. They aren't the type to give up everything at once so they usually have you on a string. They are just so lovely and attractive and full of charm. People long to be around them. Libra just knows how to look good, and how to sparkle--how to stand out. Summer Libra is flirtatious and always looking for the right amount of attention and the right place to go out. They will surround themselves in music, friends, food and good drinks. Libra will be that guy/girl at the beach at sunset with a guitar. Libra, in a lot of senses, doesn't really want to grow up. He's that guy in the graphic tee at 50. The one in the snapback. It's hard for Libra to decide, which way they want to go because they often want to go in a bunch of different directions. It is important not to push them though. As this will do nothing. Libra needs to do things in their own time. They will show up late with a smile. Libra doesn't feel the need to apologize for the way that they are. If Libra loves you, just don't hurry them. Libra can be a bit of a butterfly in that they don't want to rest in one place or with one person. Sometimes they need a little order in their chaos, which is why like love signs like Scorpio tend to work.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Stop suppressing things! You need to find an outlet for stuff that bothers you--alcohol is NOT one. People don't know how much you care unless you tell them. Try to be open with some people in your life about how you are really feeling because you know you are just lying to yourself. IF you are a true Gemini, your moods and feelings probably often vary on a day-to-day basis. You are not always the same person twice and people pick up on this. You have very noticeably good and bad days. Little things get under your skin. People around you probably notice how you are likely to change by stimulation, company or leisure. You are different to different people. Some people make you sassy and smiley others make you reserved, bitchy and cold. Try to take notice of this, because you might not realize how obvious it is. Sometimes it might seem like you are picking favourites. Though, many Gems want more than one option, and mental monogamy is hard to achieve (unless born closer to Cancer). This summer stop to think about what you are saying (before you say it), and if it has any value to who you are. Don't forget about yourself. Your real self, and not just the self that you present to others. The person who wants things too.

Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

This is a sign that could tell you some stories! And they will, but only the ones they feel comfortable sharing. Yes, there are a lot of secret Aquarius tales, but some of them will just never be told. They will stay with the Aquarius. Aquarius has a gifted mind, a mind, which not everyone understand all the time, but a mind that really thinks outside the box and can be quite genius. Aquarius has the ability to do great things and really set the bar high in terms of resume. This summer will likely be adventure packed, but Aquarius needs to take time to breath. Know your limits, follow your heart, not your head. Aquarius in love or single likes to keep life spicy, but the trouble is Aquarius pushes things away because they have too many tests for their partners. Falling in love here is not a basic thing, it really takes the right connection. Aquarius is bound to get it wrong at least more than once. Don't fret, the good romance is coming, but you have to take off the timelines. Love is the one thing you can't plan. What's good, is that things will never be boring. Unless he/she is a Capricorn/Aquarius Cusp Sign, in which case this Aquarius will have a "stay at home" side to their personality. They will also be more prone to consistent, long-term relationships. I just lost a dear friend to Cancer, her name is Tracy Penner, and she was an amazing Aquarius woman. I always remember how she had an Aquarius coffee mug, and I felt it was so suiting. She was one of the sharpest people I have ever met, one of the most insightful and one of the most determined. She gave me light in moments of darkness. She made me feel like I had real worth, and in her last encounters all I wanted to do was to remind her of her own worth. Tracy never stopped fighting, and she is the definition of a beautiful, warrior survivor who will always be honoured in our fond memories. She will remain a cherished hero in my heart forever! 

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

 Capricorn is prone to setting the bar quite high, which means Capricorn is always working towards some goal, and they expect the same of you. It's just that sometimes they get soo tired of it. Some how they keep on going. Capricorn wants the best that life can offer, and usually they work really hard to achieve this lifestyle. Summer is a good time for Capricorn to slow down and take some time to relax and live in the moment. Though this probably won't happen. Capricorn can't really breath without some sense of accomplishment. Capricorn needs to engage in fun, reckless activities, but it's really hard to get this sign to change. You have to adapt to Capricorn, not the other way around. Taking a rare chance could be good here, so if you feel like you can make it happen, do it. Capricorn needs to venture out from what is comfortable. There will always be challenges to conquer, but sometimes you need to take care of your head. You need to get out of your security zone in order to really experience the life that is around you.

Taurus (April 2-May 20)

 Will be a fool when they really love someone, well, they can be. Not to say that they will lose total control, but if Taurus is lacking control it's because they want to please their partner. Because they are soo in love. Or they are just "so in love" that their joy comes from you, and they don't need anything else. Except nice toys and nice clothes. Whatever it is, Taurus is a sucker for love. They can say that their heart doesn't live in their downstairs body part, but it most often does. This is the sign that can make relationships off of one night stands. Sex is a form of communication for The Bull. Summer is a favoured time, Taurus loves to be in the sun, wear cute outfits and take pictures. Taurus is all about living right and looking good. They crave stability and will feel the most lost when they can't find it. They will often look for it in others. Taurus needs to learn how to be grounded without needing another person. If you treat Taurus right, they will treat you right, and no matter how busy they get, if you really need them, they are there. Do not, however, disrespect them behind their back. Taurus will always make time for the people in their life that matter. This sign is loyal through any month of the year!

Virgo (August 23-September 22)

Virgo can struggle when they look for perfection. Dating can be hard. Relationships can be tasking. Virgo needs to love someone they don't question. Someone they trust. Someone they want around more than two nights a week. When Virgo takes too much space from you this is a concern. Virgo is very private and there is no saying what they are up to. Though known for being workaholics, The Virgin is also known for being a cheater. Virgo is loyal but also naughty, and will temp that side of the coin. Summer Virgo is a lot more relaxed, but always at some point will take their shit too seriously. Virgo does not react well towards threats or authority figures--Virgo is calling the shots, and that's how they like it. Virgo is a top. They want to show you what they can do, they want to please you, and pleasing you will in turn please them. When they are really devoted they make excellent partner, just be sure to give them some alone time.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

There is always something cooking in a Cancer's life! Though you may be the last to know about it. Cancer can be kind, friendly and funny, but they are also private. They keep a lot of secrets in their "Cancer shell", and often will exclude people from getting inside their core. Cancer is very domestic and they are looking for someone that they can protect and build a home with. Cancer really wants that. A relationship. A true love. This is a family orientated and relationship orientated sign that does better in a unit. Cancer needs the Ying to his Yang. Not too many playboys or players exists here, though I knew of one, and he claims to be retired and happily married...who knows. Dogs are dogs and aren't always consistent with the zodiac, though this sign is known for it's romance. Cancer is funny and protecting, and make for some of the most enjoyable people in the world!

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

You might not always be aware of how you are feeling because you suppress your thoughts. Most people have no idea what kind of things enter your mind. Even you acknowledge that some of your thoughts are strange, you might act on them. If they are of a jealousy nature, they will consume you and leave you with no choice. You can get short with people. Scorpio really can go from 0-bitch in a short period of time. This summer, try to follow your own dreams. Meaning, don't suppress your own urges. You deserve to be taken care of too, and you need to meet someone you can open up to. Opening you up emotionally is the key to you being happier. Happy Scorpio is doing the things they love and likely has a lot of loyal love in their life. Scorpio doesn't need to be the popular kid, they just want to know they have real people around them.

Pisces (February 19-March 20)

 If things aren't working out, they are just not working out. Pisces may have tried the "fake it till you make it" look, but it wore off fast. This sign is so true to their moods and emotions it's not even funny. Pisces has so much empathy, they can tell if you don't like them. Especially because, being liked is important to The Fish. Many Pisces suffer from low self-esteem, and The Fish with low confidence will struggle to find true love. Pisces needs a strong sense of earth in their life. This element will help harness their emotions. Pisces needs to do what they love, and this goes in hand with their sincere nature. Happiness here has to be real. Remember Pisces, another person cannot make you happy, no matter how good it feels, you have to like it here alone. This summer really think about what you want for yourself and put everything you got towards it. Set one small personal goal. Don't be lazy. Channel your motivation and make something happen--for you! I promise the more you start to do this, the more things will fall into place!

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