Monday, November 24, 2014

Almost The Holiday Horoscopes

Fall represents change. The transition from summer into a new season, isn't always easy, but Fall is so beautiful that it's hard to deny. It's a perfect time to tie the knot, start a new relationship, and even end a relationship. Fall is perceived as the seasons of drastic changes. It's meant to provide a foundation that you can fall on easily. Not to say it will be all easy. Every person is different, but one thing is for sure, everyone has there struggles. No matter what appears to be on the outside, no matter what you read on facebook or view on instagram, everyone has loose ends. Fall is a perfect time to tie those ends. Some people deal with their lose ends better than others, some people hide them, others are open about them or are in denial, but everyone has their wilting threads. Try not to make assumptions or compare yourself to others because you never know what's really going on there, and it's not worth it to make any judgments. Don't waste your energy. Summer was a time to unwind and seek simple pleasures. Fall is a time to chase dreams, and make things happen. No matter what stress may be in your life, try to find something to enjoy. Try to find something to be grateful for. Life is full of ups and downs, but there is always something worthy of appreciation.

That being said, Fall is also a time to accept the facts. If someone in your life doesn't understand your position, or if someone in your life won't give you forgiveness, move on. You've done your piece to make amends, and that's really all you can do. I used to think that people don't change, but with a lot of hard work and effort, they really do. It just takes time, and as time takes time, it doesn't happen overnight.

Try hard not to judge people. If you do make a judgment try to look at the consequences of that judgment. Like what's behind that judgment and what made you really say it. Try to empathize with where that other person might be coming from, and don't always make every situation about you. Sometimes we take people personally when it is about them, but that's our mistake for assuming that everything is about us. It's not. Somethings can be more different like losing a friend, but that is also a part of life, whether painful, there is probably a reason why you and this person are no longer connecting. Still, as hard as it is, life shouldn't be about what other people think, you have to do what's best for you, and surround yourself in energy that compliments you. In any senses, we attract people of our equal spiritual condition.

ARIES (March 21-April 19)

Try to plan less if you can, give up control to the moment (this likely won't happen). Take time for you when you feel yourself getting angry, moody, stressed or irritable. Tell your partner you love them. Tell your friends you love them. Eat that piece of chocolate. Aries can take time to grow emotionally. Don't shut people out. Don't think you can handle everything on your own. Live out those adventures you seek, and take on the leadership role that you embody. Don't map out the whole season or plan your weeks too far in advance. Try to find control where you are missing it, not where you are overdoing it.Aries will try to have everything mapped out. They simply just work better this way. They like to plan, whether it's month by month or week by week, it is certainly day by day. Aries can take time to grow into the partner you might desire, but a lot of Aries men, especially those born closer to Pisces will get involved in relationships. Other Aries men get involved later in life, or not at all. Aries woman is often sought after by many fellows, but she like to control who she feels is worthy of her life. Don't let Aries down, they want to be happy. Some are going through stressful periods and they need a sense of leisure in their lives, but also a sense of love. Someone who can make them feel better.  Aries will pick the 'feel good moment' over anything else, and will relish in adventures that keep them active and occupied. As hard as Aries works, at the end of the day they just want to have fun and enjoy life.

LEO (July 23-August 22)

 You need to be honest with yourself. If there is a problem with you, you might be the last person to know it. Continue being the lovable creature that you are, but take time for yourself. You might not even know that you are unhappy. Relationships are common here as Leo loves to be in love, but they have to be careful. Leo doesn't always consider the person they chose, but rather will want to be loved by everyone. Leo makes an excellent partner, but they don't do well when attention falls off of them. They want to be the centre, even if they deny this, Leo likes to be the one everyone wants. They want to have the power to chose. If things are going south in their relationships, Leo is likely to back up, back-up plans. This is just how the Lion works. If they are really in love, they will have a hard time saying anything negative about their mate. They won't even entertain cheating. Leo will be so full of love, they can't help but express it in a variety of shapes and forms. This fall try to take more moments of quiet, and doing nothing. Something tells me that The Lion even likes to chill with company, but sometimes they just really need the company of their own.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

It's time to open up. If you are single, it does have something to do with you. Yeah, you might not have the one, and they might be coming, but even still, they will want to see some vulnerability. Your love might not "look" the way you dreamt them to, but give people a chance. Love is meant to be blind, right? Capable of one night conquests, and lover of the chase, Sag needs to get involved with their emotional game. Emotions can honestly make the Sag uncomfortable, and they don't know what to say or how to act. Tone down on the goofy. Don't laugh at your own jokes. Take more chances with your heart. Stop trying to improve other people. Just because you are obsessed with improvement doesn't mean everybody else is. Don't be the boss. In fact, people hate this about you. Compliment people more and lead with your ultra positive side--this is what people love about you, your ability to embrace good times and have fun. Try letting someone else be the boss for a change, who know maybe you might even like it? This fall, Sag just has to check in with them self to make sure that their words and actions are necessary. Looking before you leap never hurt nobody, and Sag will certainly benefit from it.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

I challenge you to try and give something NEW a chance, for more than two seconds. Gemini doesn't have a strong attention span, they lose interest easily. They also don't "like" a lot of people, even if it seems like they do. Gemini is simply a master of the social game. They know, which face to present during a given situation. This reality can make it hard for them to whole heartily invest their emotions into something. Sometimes Gemini is even faking it in their relationship, meaning they will tolerate people who aren't quite right for them. On the flip side, a lot of Gems are taking chances on new things, and new people because Gemini really does want to be with someone, very much so, they just need to feel sincerely into it. They need to meet someone who they can be their true self with, even if that means being a bitch most of the time.  If Gemini gets bored, they are capable of letting their mind run astray. Though, keep in mind this highly mutual sign holds many different types. Those who are prone to playing the field, those who are usually alone, and those who go from one relationship to the next. Even those who are more prone to being kind than sassy, the spectrum is rather broad. It is possible to met a sweetheart Gemini, you just have the find the Gem who let's their "good twin" lead. This fall, it is important for the Gemini to be outside their comfort zone, because sometimes Gemini keeps hiding with the same people at the same place -- and they miss out on good opportunities.

LIBRA (September 23-October 22)

 You are excellent at being a mediator and seeing multiple sides to a situation. You like to coast through things, sometimes too much. You question what you have, and often don't truly know what you want. You know what you like, but Libra doesn't always put all their power into their goals -- it can take awhile. It isn't hard for you to attract suitors, but it is hard for you to fall for them. You're sense of "coolness" gives you a power. Often you are the one who isn't as invested, and are likely to break a few hearts. I always say, Libra wants chocolate and they want vanilla and they want them at the same time. This Fall try to figure out your favourite flavour, and not just your flavour of the month, but what makes you feel vulnerable, someone you are even afraid of losing. Libra needs to be more decisive about their needs and wants. Returning to old flames will likely produce the same result because Libra will always see the contrast in anyone. A lot of them need a more vocally controlling, and deceive partner to help them along their way. Libra can be a big, loving and playful child, they may need a strong force taking care of them. Regardless, Libra will always contribute, whether they play you a tune, make you a meal or do you wonderfully in the bedroom, Libra isn't with treasures to share.

Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

 You are a very powerful signs. Who knows what you might do next (or who you might meet), but it's going to be something fresh and exciting, something you will want to share with others. Aquarius hates pattern, even if you are a type-A Aquarius, you still strive to make new goals for yourself and meet new people--you're not afraid to give something different a chance. It might seem like you have met and dated the world already, but hang in there. Aquarius usually finds love later in life. This blog has stressed that a lot, but it's true. It's not to say that there won't be plenty of relationships, but a lot of them will not last. Aquarius can easily detach from others and get over things quickly. They don't like to have bad energy with people who once meant something to them. They'd rather be friendly and remember what was good about that person. Aquarius might even struggle with giving into their negative emotions because they are so used to feeling positive. The fall, Aquarius should allow the feeling of emotions, and embrace them. Realizing you are truly happy, truly sad, or generally discontent is important. Sometimes Aquarius just goes where the wind takes them, always thinking, but not always feeling what is present in their heart. Don't be scared to take a moment with yourself. Also, figure of what it is that you want, make a list and don't tread too far from it. You aren't going to settle for love, so you might as well be damn sure of your needs. And don't be vague, if you want your partner to be "kind", ask yourself, "kind how?", try to show examples of the things you wants because as you know, actions speak louder than words.


TAURUS (April 20-May 20)

Nothing will be changed until The Bull decides that it is time. There is a high stubborn streak to this sign, but also a very tender one--you just have to find it first. Taurus cares for their elite circles, but doesn't always reach out to others. They are always up for making a friend, but will find they hang out with a lot of the same people. They tend to stick to their circles, unless an Aries/Taurus cusp, which would be more social. Taurus is very loyal. You will find that Taurus has a lot of willpower and a lot of pride. Some people born under this sign, struggle with things going according to plan, while many others have chilled out via experience, and true testing of the ego. This Fall, try not to let your love life control you. You might not realize it, but a lot of your actions are a result of the person you are with. Taurus gets lost in their love and will make big sacrifices for them. Like moving across the country, or making a big life change for their mate--Taurus really does go where their heart is. Taurus is stubborn too, but love is the one thing, that can actually tear down, some of the Taurus' hang ups. Figure out what you want for yourself, beyond your partner and your partner's' needs. Even if it's something small. You have a lot to offer, and are a super hard worker, why waste that? Single Taurus, remember you make an excellent partner, and even if time isn't moving fast enough for you, it will speed up, and you will find someone. You know it's important to you, so don't doubt yourself, and keep going, no matter what turns you off in the process. Love is always going to come your way, you just have to be patient.

CAPRICORN (December 22- January 19)

It can be hard for Capricorn to open up up about their feelings. Sometimes they don't know how they feel because they look at both sides trying to make sense of it all. Other times they just feel their emotions are private and they don't want to share them. Capricorn uses their rational mind before they use their emotional mind. Capricorn can be a bit of an overachiever, they might lose control in aspects that can be dangerous to them in the long run. Capricorn can also be an idealist, and if things are going according to their aspirations, then Capricorn starts to worry. Capricorn is attracted to the best things that life has to offer. They will be attracted to you if you can offer these things. They will feel sorry for you if you lack certain things because Capricorn has standards. They want people to meet those standards, as this is a relationship sign that is looking to find their right mate. Capricorn is more comfortable when they are with someone, but this someone has to be of a particular quality. Looks matter. Job matters. Manner matter. Capricorn is often described as being classy, they don't really want to be mixed up in anything too messy. Some Capricorns have done this, only to learn that this really doesn't work for them. This fall, Capricorn should engage with their surroundings, and embrace their space with warmth. Capricorn might have matters on their mind, which require decision making -- Capricorn should follow their heart, not their head, and take a chance on something different. Showing someone you tender tendencies, does not make you weak.

VIRGO (August 23-September 22)

 Virgo can an be really "forgiving", but once they've made their mind up about something, they are going to follow through--at least for a little while. Virgo like Taurus is very stubborn, both are signs of great control. Virgo prefers to be in the driver's seat. They want the best, but they don't want anything too easily. Virgo likes to work for what is theirs. They also seek perfection in partners. They want to be with someone that they are proud to call their own, and they will search for ages until they find anyone who fits the bill. In the meantime, Virgo just wants attention. Virgo might be coy about getting it, or blatantly outgoing, but usually Virgo will get the attention they are after. There is a very strong sexual side to this sign. A lot of Virgo has cheated on their partners in some regard, whether that be just exchanging photos with some girl on the Internet. You would like to think this dies down as Virgo find the right mate, but despite their attention seeking tendencies, they will still give their right partner ultimate devotion. No matter what Virgo does, even if it's "bad", Virgo is aware of it. Virgo is a very moral sign. They see good and bad even if they don't want to. This fall find something to stick with, even for just a little bit, test yourself to see what you're capable of. Reach out to someone for a change, make something new happen. Try something outside of your comfort zone. Try letting something go, without holding on to. This doesn't help you any.

SCORPIO (October 23-November 21)

Letting go is the key here. Scorpio needs to have an open mind to really encounter everything they are bound to. Scorpio will try to control things before they enter their heart. Scorpio is often weary of the other, which is why it's usually a good sign if Scorpio sings some one's praise. I find this is often rare. There is always something that cautions the Scorpio. They will likely reveal 10% of what they are thinking. Scorpio lives in their head, and show emotions through gestures oppose to words. This is why everyone associates Scorpio with sex, sex is how the Scorpio can release feeling and express emotion. Pay attention to how your Scorpio treats you oppose to what they say to you verbally. Actions always speak louder than words, but in this case, they really, really do, love you. This fall, it is important for Scorpio to say what's on their mind, and try to use words. Scorpio can get frustrated when people don't take their good advice, but Scorpio has to work on accepting people for who they are. If they love you, they probably already have done so, but don't test this love, because Scorpio will protect their needs. I also think that the Scorpio can easily become a creature of habit, and also needs to shake new trees and try new things. Scorpio sometimes hides from the world, but they don't realize that everyone wants to see them.

CANCER (June 21-July 22)

Cancer gets anxious around people and situations that make them uncomfortable. Still, they need to break out of their shell and experience more than they can offer themselves. Cancer is better as a team or as a part of a family unit. They crave the role of the protector, and desire to protect their loved ones very dearly. Cancer is also humours, and will hide behind their humour, but often this is to masks more deeply rotted emotions. Cancer gets moody and sometimes revolves on what is going on in their relationship or at work. Cancer is better in mind when they have something to focus on. This is a sign of projects. Cancer feels very vulnerable without a partner, they need this and can grow sour if they are left alone for too long. Cancer isn't the best at playing the field. Some Crabs can be shy and will need a strong, fiery partner to push them out of their head. This Fall, try to keep track of your mood, and try to point out why your mood is the way that it is. The more you track things, the more likely you are to notice that somethings needs to change. Sometimes seeings are faults on paper is helpful, just as tracking behaviour lets us see how often it is impacting our lives. Also, if you don't wake up in the morning and like what you see in the mirror--you need to work on this.You will never get what you truly deserve out of a relationship if you don't.

PISCES (February 19-March 20)

 Pisces needs to focus on self-love. There is apart of them that is separate from everything else, it is a deep and introspective place, and they need to play there. They need to stay there, until they promise not to tolerate any more crap, from anyone. Great creative work can come out of there, but Pisces needs to tap into this space too -- focus on your talents, and less on what other people think. It is important that The Fish does not get obsessed with one thing or one person because this will prevent them from living a life of their own. Pisces will stop to make self-serving goals if they are crushing too hard. Pisces is very sensitive, so if they have been hurt, it might take them a bit longer to leap back in there, and start dating. Every fish is different, but at the root, many of you just want that fairy tale romance. You have to make a list of all the qualities you want in a partner and use it as a road map towards meeting them. Believing here is a big thing, Pisces' thinks too much, and what they tell themselves is often untrue. Most of the things you think are untrue, which is why it is important to focus on actions oppose to words or thoughts that you normally feel. If you think everyone is going to hate you at the house party, go any way, because even our feelings need to be justified by evidence--not every emotion we have is accurate, and by looking at the opposite side of things, you might be able to see how your current emotion is not necessary. It's okay to be scared of the lion in the room, but once the lion isn't in the room, you fear is no longer justified.

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