Thursday, July 23, 2015

Placing Proper Talent: Are you Hiring Right?

We are fortunate to have the gifts of technology in this world. Technology makes our lives easier, our communications swifter, it serves to enhance our day-to-day encounters, and documents our most cherished memories and work moments. Technology is great in so many capacities, but where do we draw the line? Applying for online jobs is a tasking process, many times you send off 100 applications never to hear back. This process can become quite discouraging, and it promotes more people working in jobs that they don't love, which equates to poor performance. Sometimes people are forced to get a job just to pay the bills because they can't get acknowledged by the companies they desire. 

How can people really hire you if they don't have a sense of who you are? So much of being successful at work is fitting into your team and moulding well with a group of diverse yet like-minded individuals. Experience is one thing, but are you personable? Do you fit in with the team?

I think it is really important for people to meet the candidates interested in their company. While it may not be financially possible for all companies to hold them, Job Fairs are a fantastic way to discover new talent and interview people who really stand out. In real life, you are able to perceive things about people you can't in hard copy. Things like disposition. You get a better sense of your candidate, a feel for their energy, their natural intelligence and their communication skills. 
Not everything is on a resume. In fact, a resume is basically a record of the jobs you have had in the past, but does it speak to your true capabilities? Does it speak to your future goals?Your insight? You might still be looking for your dream job, hoping that someone will see past your experiences, and focus on your internal strengths. You're hoping someone will give you a chance because you have to start somewhere. Everyone had to start somewhere, but why has starting become so difficult?

If you are determined to work at a particular company when should you give up? Should you give up? I for one, believe that my talents would be best exercised at a company like Hootsuite or Unbounce.
 I had two phone interviews and one in-person interview at Hootsuite. I got really 'social about social', I made a Google+ posts indicating my interest and ability to work for Hootsuite. I made sure it was seen and liked by many people. I made a photo collage for the company, highlighting memorable aspects of their ultra-inspiring #HootsuiteLife. It was featured on the company's Instagram. I wrote a blog post expressing my interest. I made an Instagram video documenting all the things I had done to get noticed. I attended HootHire and brought a heart-filled handmade Hootfolio with me. This was a detailed portfolio outlining every effort I had made to get into the nest. I wanted Hootsuite to see how passionate I was about working for them, and how this passion would translate into exceptional results and credible work. I am hardworking, collaborative, resourceful, modest and innovative. I have a passion for everything I do, I lead with humility and respect the individual. I am constantly on the mission to build a better way or create an original solution.
I didn't get a job at Hootsuite, though I recently graduated from University and am still trying. They encouraged me not to give up. My application experience has taught me that getting a job is not just about the resume. As the owl says, "not all skills fit on a resume", and you might have to go that extra inch to get noticed. If someone is willing to go to the lengths, which I have and which other people have, then they must sincerely have a dream that they won't give up on. Hootsuite demonstrates that they are looking for the best talent, and they'd like to know and see why you are the best. Understandably, they are a very hot commodity and could hire anyone across the world, but if they stick to their original mantra, they should represent diverse, ego-less talent. They should help promote the upcoming  fresh faces of our generation. These are the people who are getting social and they will guide us where to go next. 

Creative applications might be one way to spruce up the old fashion staple of the resume, but are they respected? Is every company going to be like Hootsuite and accept a delicious cake as an application? Talent needs to be seen, heard, and felt. A dozen cookies isn't really going to to show that you have the goods to increase social impact. Anti-resume companies like Unbounce are wise in their hiring process. They actually want to see you use their product in order to sell yourself, while at the same time showing your ability to make a memorable Landing Page! I have aspirations to work for this company, but my Landing Page skills are terrible, and I wasn't able to impress them like I could in person.
Meet with people. Meet with as many people as you can. Talk to them. Reach out. Network. Listen to the stories of other people who inspire you. Talk to the people who have the jobs you want. Help people get the job they want, if it's in your power to do so. You might just be fresh out of school and looking to start your career, you might have no experience, but you might be naturally great, and you just might need to be discovered. If we remember where Hootsuite CEO Ryan Holmes came from before his successful Startups, and the type of person he was in trying to get there, we can see that  he too had a dream. He should remember that a lot of immensely talented people have the same dream, even if they lack experience or prestige, they might have highly useful innate gifts. At the very least, we should never undermine the individual who won't give up, who just wants a chance to show you what they can do. Try to detect greatness in people, and focus less on the resume. They might be tasking to read, but a cover letter is a far better indication of  a person's writing skills and what they can compose. Personality goes a long way. You want to work with someone you like and respect so take the time to get to know contenders before ruling out their resume. Technology is not the key to finding new talent, personal interaction is. Technology actually stands in the way of placing proper talent. 

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