Wednesday, July 22, 2015

10 Things He Should Not Do on Tinder

No matter the reason why you to have a Tinder profile, if you are trying to get a girl's attention there are better ways of going about it than others. It comes as no surprise that people can judge you based on first impressions.Tinder is all about that. Tinder encourages you to make quick judgments, so if that's the case, don't you want to be sending out the right messages? You have to sell your "bottom line" in your first photo, which explains why one guy's profile photo is just of his six pack--he is on the site for one reason and this will prevent a lot of girls (who are looking to date) from swiping left.

If you are trying to sincerely meet someone, here are some things I suggest you refrain from doing on Tinder: 

1. Don't post a photo of you and your dog/cat and call her "your woman" or "the queen in your life."Most girls love animals, and like guys who love animals, but no one wants to compete with your pet. The woman you end up with should be your queen, and the most important lady in your life. If your cat has been sleeping in your bed for the past seven years, awesome, but wouldn't you rather it be a woman?

2. Don't post a group photo of you and your hottest ten friends.Don't even post a profile photo of you and one of your friends. You'd be surprised how many people are assuming you are the OK-looking lad in the group or the ugly guy standing next to a really hot friend. Tinder is not where's Waldo, we need to see you, and you shouldn't be hiding behind your best looking boys.

3. Don't post your fist photo of you on a mountain somewhere. Yes, BC is beautiful and we get that you enjoy adventure and traveling, but still, we need to see your face. You're also just unoriginal because every dude is either posting a photo of himself on a mountain or of him and his pet. Show us something else.

4. Don't posts every single photo of you in sunglasses. Women care about eyes, and eye contact. we need to see what you look like sober and without shades. What are you hiding? People who need to wear sunglasses ALL the time are a prelude to Issueville, don't trust him until you see his features.

5. Don't post just one photo of yourself or someone else fronting to be you. Identity theft is really not cool, especially since one is taking so many risks in online dating. So you got a girl's attention by using a fake photo, but once you tell her it's not you, you've shown dishonesty and if she has any value in herself will not be interested. One photo also doesn't give someone a clear indication of who you are. You really need to maximize your profile. Honestly, put up as many pictures as allowed.

6. Don't post a photo of you and other girls, or in some cases, multiple girls. We get that you can get girls, that you like girls, or have a standard or a type or whatever. Still, no one wants to see it, and no one wants to be reminded of how cute you and your ex were. Get a free application and crop her out already.

7. Don't post an artistic photo as your profile shot. It's misleading, let people see your face as their first impression, trying to trick girls on the internet can only last so long. The hot look away is hot but we need to see more, you first impression should give a good indication of your overall looks NOT your photographic skills or ability to pose well for the camera. Nobody wants to see you highly saturated in a very edited setting, be yourself because that's what's really going to get you on some quality dates.

8. Don't leave your bio blank. Write something that reflect something about you. Women need to get a sense of something that borderlines substance. We will take the time to read it. Maybe not right away, but once you start talking to us and we think we could like you. If you don't write anything it indicates that you are not taking this seriously. Flex your intelligence, sweets or sense of humour, women want to be wooed. Just refrain from putting dirty douche bag comments, unless of course you want her swiping right or even worse, "un-matching you."

9.  Don't promote pictures of yourself drinking, getting stoned or smoking. Nobody ever wants to date the 24/7 party boy, and you say a lot about yourself with the images you chose to share on your Tinder. So this is how he likes to spend his time? It's kind of like the mountain shot. We get it, you drink. You hike. We might too, but we don't need to make a statement about it. Remember, you say a lot about yourself by what you attempt to post. Girls read into everything.

10. Don't send a girl a message saying "hey" or "hi", ask her something inquisitive. Play off a comment in her bio, pay her a compliment that doesn't make her feel creepy. Don't let the conversation die. Take charge and really chase a girl you think is cute. You can't expect Tinder miracles if you don't try, and yes this is going to ensure a lot of whatever dates, but you never know. I know of a few Tinder happy couples, and I think if used properly the application has its promising moments.

In a dating application that thrives so much on the superficial, you really have to consider certain factors, which could increase or decrease your activity. Thus preventing you from finding someone. A lot of people are on Tinder just for fun, and are all "I never check it, but I have 600 matches." If it's just an ego boost for you, fine, but if you are seriously using it for dating you might want to consider these ten things a man should not do on Tinder, and I am sure there are plenty more. Please feel free to share.

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