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2014: What's In The Stars For Me?

The past is the past, but when the past isn't done with you, it lets you know. You will know when it's healthy for you to be dealing with your past or not. For some the only solution is to look forward.Hanging back on an ill thoughts can create a world of dismay. A lot of people have reported the wrath of 2013, though every year is different for every person, there is probably something that you wish to leave in 2013. Sadly, the past can transition with us, and what we're trying to get over can overlap into the new year.

What's important is mind set. Are you wanting to get over it and get on with it? You'd be surprised to know how much of your fate is in your own hands. And then there's that good/bad fate that comes into our lives without question. Though we will question it wether it be too good to be true or so bad we can't believe it, we will feel the intent to question it's presence, and will hopefully build the force to fight it.

This blog is inspired by Georgia Nicols 2014 Astro Report with the focus on love and relationships. Some of Georgia's thoughts have been quoted below, but the rest is purely original content. Images were discovered at

Aries (March 21-April 19)

Aries is used to getting their own way in relationships, which is something that will be challenged in 2014. Aries doesn't like to be in a weak position, but this year will present new challenges. Love in most cases will thrive OR Aries will end bad relationships quickly.They don't have time for what does not deserve their time. Aries is one to make plans. They like to know what they are getting out of a situation before they get into it. 2014 will present unforeseen circumstances, which Aries does not desire, while some Aries will feel it is their karma entitled. Many will not, and will face their burdens with confidence. Aries likes to be in control of situations. They like to take care of what they personally feel entitled to take care of. New love can happen in the summer and fall months of 2014, but Aries has to be prepared to deal with things outside their means. This means accepting things for what they are and not what Aries wants them to be. Aries can make high demands, but with the right person Aries will put their demands on hold. Aries will take more time to listen to the concerns of their partner as they learn how much this will benefit Aries.

Leo (July 23-August 22 )

Leo likes to be on top, which is why you wouldn't even know about it if they weren't. The shine is bright with this sign. Shine, Leo will both openly and privately. 2013 had it's moments of stale for the Leo and 2014 presents both more challenges and triumphs. Leo will gently learn how to lose with pride, even if there is always a part of Leo itching to win or escape into something better. Leo can't escape love, even if many Lions should give love a break and take 'me' time. Leo women can be love addicts and in an unhealthy way. A way that actually prevents her from meeting the one. 2014 poses a time of self-reflection for the Leo who might need time to make personal adjustments. Leo might need to figure out what they really want, aside from love, and take some time to focus on that specifically. 2014 is a great time for the Lion to channel their hard work into something meaningful. A lot of Lions suffer from being lazy, which now, more than ever Leo needs to take that extra step towards getting the job done. It's good to look out, but there is such a thing as overlooking.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

 It is very common for the Sag to keep their life interesting by choice. Even if Sag has to take matters into their own hands to achieve this, it will be done. Sag has a relationship with the self that is very strong. They can take on a lot with very little help and often are strong providers. Sag is about achieving things and getting them done. Sag strives to win and likes to communicate with optimism.It seemed like every year gave a good reason to make excuses for the chump they called a date, but really that relationship should have ended years ago. Sag has to be careful that they don't hide behind optimism and make excuses for faulty partners. 2014 will hopefully present more opportunities for Sag to get in touch with their emotional side and their sexual side. The flame is burning this year for the Sag as they enter a 2014 hot streak. Still, Sag needs to dig a little deeper in order to find the right mate. They need to start playing the right games, games that scare them, oppose to playing games that they already know they are good at. Sag needs to be challenged long term and won't find this lasting fix in quick encounters or easy to solve mysteries. Sag is better once kept guessing.

Aquarius (January20- February 18) 

Things are bound to heat up for this highly involved sign. Aquarius has learned that they are their own best guide and will naturally find a lot of exciting things. Once they listen to themselves more (not that they don't listen to their own compass), but once they start to listen to their negative voice -- they will lose a lot less. You know that voice that tells them what is wrong with the person they are dating, the voice that can get ignored.  Aquarius is open to coming second, but it is usually at someone else's expense. Someone they might not like a whole lot. Meaning, Aquarius might drag things out with someone that they have doubts about. They know better, but act differently. Remember, you can't change people, despite all the wishful thinking, nothing will change the reality of the situation. If someone is emotionally immature, they will not be able to develop this quality while dating you. Good news, however, 2014 will present the chance to meet the right person. Aquarius is never giving up, no matter how many relationships have failed, this sign will persist and only come back stronger and wiser. 2014 will be a great time to use this wisdom to you advantage. Embrace the opportunity to leave the past in 2013. This should be easy for Aquarius, who will take a lot to become jaded.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

There's an attitude shift that takes place for Gemini this year! For example, a Gemini who might be stuck on the same old, but is transcending into becoming ready for something new. Gemini may have found themselves more irritated in the past, stressed about work or partnerships, but they prefer the excitements in life. Gemini wants to be entertained and they want to entertain you. Gemini has a good outlook for new things, fresh starts and beginnings. They want everything to be OK. In 2014 Gemini is going to draw good attention because they have a more generous faith and attract all kinds of positive energy. Gemini might have been prone to giving only to the people they hold closest to their heart, in turn forgetting the other people who might be after Gemini's good nature. This year Gemini will be open minded to people who they might not have been in the past. Gemini is highly flirtatious and their zest for social attention will prompt new romantic opportunities and good life fortune. Existing relationships will flourish has Gemini loves to provide for the person they love most. When Gemini is with the right person, they feel completed by love and unity. Gemini has a sense of hospitality to them that is untouchable!

Libra (September 23-October 22)

Libra will try to take more authority in their relationships this year. This could mean that Libra asks for more space or more freedom. Libra is taking a stronger authority in their personal affairs. Libra can be 'a little bit of this' and 'a little bit of that' all at the same time. This can drive their mates nuts. They can confuse the people who love them and make them doubt their love for them. Libra is speaking up for 2014, which is a good thing, but it doesn't mean that all their concerns are just or that they will benefit you both. Libra doesn't always think about how their actions affect others, but rather how their actions will suit their own needs. Libra is loving and romantic, but can be difficult to control. They need strong signs in their lives to ground them, love them and force them into different ways of thinking. Libra will question commitment, but many  find they are rarely without a relationship of some kind in their life. Libra is not one to be alone even if they are single. Libra is also capable of doing the casual dating thing, but their casual, cool nature usually makes them more attractive to their mates; giving Libra all the power. What isn't held down easily is often the most hunted after and Libra has this game done pact.

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

This is a year of strength and growth for the Capricorn who will be more ambitious than they have been in a very long time. This means extra eager as Capricorn is always ready to achieve the next goal and always will be. Capricorn has a strong sense of durability. When they want something they do everything to make it happen and they usually get it. Not to say it was always worth going after, but that lesson often comes later. Capricorn is often the boss or becomes a person of authority rather quickly. They will run into trouble when their sense of authority makes it hard for them to relate to the group. Capricorn has to be careful that they don't make socializing hard.Capricorn can be very cautious and though goal-orientated, will need to take more risks this year and show their sense of humour. This will be a good time to meet new people from different walks of life. Take a chance on someone new from somewhere different. Capricorn is a relationship sign by heart and will be looking for the next best thing to sink their teeth into and rest their head upon. It is important that Capricorn look in new places and not reply to heavily on preconceived notions. Capricorn needs to take more chances in life to expand their personal experiences.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

It's no mistake the Taurus enjoys good food, good wine, good sex and good company. They want a nice place to live and someone "perfect" (by their standard) to share it with. Taurus is looking for the best all-around mate to share their life with. Certain Relationships are expected to go well because Taurus is in a better place to deal with them, however, As Georgia Nicols advises in her 2014 Astro Report, Saturn is opposite of the Taurus sign this year. This will bring trouble with partners and friends. "Dicey relationships will end and even good relationships will need to make adjustments."Domestic partnerships are expected to go well because Taurus is in brighter spirits and is able to deal with issues better. Taurus used to let little things bother them (ok sometimes they still do), but they are learning to let the small stuff go and focus on bigger goals. Taurus might have plans that involve travel and romance. Taurus will find these endeavours go well as long as they have the right mate besides them. Someone they don't have to fake getting along with, someone who makes them smile. Someone who makes the last love seem like a total waste of time.

 Virgo (August 23-September 22)

You might think it is better to do it alone, but this is the year to invite other people in and work together. Virgo can get stuck on the past. They will have a hard time letting go of what they left in question or disbelief. Even if something was good physically, but bad mentally, Virgo will have a hard time letting it go. Virgo will hang onto what is good even if they are aware of why it is also bad for them. The Virgin can't help but think of things and people that bring them excitement oppose to regularity. Virgo has a tendency to think about how others see them. Virgo can be highly self-critical. This is the year to acknowledge what you are doing right and who brings out the best in you. Virgo likes people of interest and people of good value. They enjoy sharing common interests with people. Virgo needs to define what a relationships means, and this goes beyond having someone beautiful on their arm. Virgo needs a mental connection that goes beyond the superficial. 2014 will present the chance to meet someone new, someone Virgo feels comfortable with and confident about. Meaning, Virgo has to appreciate the whole picture and not just aspects of it.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

This is the year to be happy! Some crabs have a lot to celebrate this year, however Cancer challenges this notion with foul moods or life and love stress. The presence of Jupiter in your sign can bring the opportunity for new love and new luck. Things can really turn around for Cancer. Now is a good time to invest in new relationships and new opportunities. Of course these relationships must show promise, Cancer will sometimes invest time and energy into things that don't deserve it. The right match is going to come, but only when Cancer has the faith that it will. Cancer feels the need to protect and take care and there is often something in their life that they will exercise these feelings towards. Sometimes this need will block their perception and Cancer will chose the wrong people to be invested in. Cancer has to let things happen, on their own, with very little calculation. They've probably been around the love track with a few long-term partners that didn't work out, but this doesn't mean the right person isn't still out there. They are. Cancer just has to be patient and comfortable in their own shell first. Once this takes place, Cancer will break out with confidence, knowing what they desire, leaving them more able to find it.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

Transition is the hardest thing for this sign because Scorpio can take a lifetime to find change.Sometimes Scorpio is too set in their ways to alter their pace. 2014 will pose a change in mentality, Scorpio isn't taking any crap this year. They are willing to set the boundary, a boundary they might have failed to set in the past. Sometimes, Scorpio can't let go. Scorpio may need to move on from something, but will stay invested out of love and devotion. Scorpio takes time to recover from burns. Sometimes they prefer knowing that someone/something is there, even if it isn't perfect, Scorpio leads with loyalty. They take time to fully move on from what affected them in the past or chose not to re-open up because of it. This will be a mistake. Scorpio has to take lose as a lesson gained and realize these setbacks only make Scorpio stronger and more prepared to meet the right person. Sexual, Scorpio is indeed and there were will many secretive love-making opportunities, but Scorpio won't take the next step with just anybody. Scorpio has to feel both mentally and physically invested, which can be hard. As a very sharp sign they see the red flags in others and always proceed with caution. One bad incident makes it hard for Scorpio not to write everyone else off the same. Scorpio needs to open up and be selfish. This doesn't mean hiding out, but taking new chances to meet different types of people. Scorpio may be very surprised if they attempt to see what goes beyond their reachable, conceivable means. Now is the time to take a chance, tap into all your resources and see what comes up.

Pisces (February 19-March 20)

The Fish is passing  through a rough stage and entering into a stage of promise. It all will depend on what you decide to do with your fortune, but deciding not to question it will benefit the fish. Believing is the most important thing for a Pisces because once they become consumed by self-doubt, they have a hard time seeing past the negativity. This is actually a very lucky year for Pisces and relationships. The fish is ready for real love in 2014 or at least real love is looking for them. This means clearing up the cobwebs of the past and moving forward with an open heart and an open mind. If Pisces leaves their heart in the past, even a part of it, they will struggle to move on. Pisces needs to be totally open to what comes their way. Don't take the past years as a measure for your future, it really is going to get better. According to Georgia Nicols love and romance are two areas, which are really blessed for Pisces this year."The year 2014 has one of the best influences for love and romance for [this] sign in 12 years." Pisces is presenting all the right qualities to attract mates. 2014 is suppose to be a positive time for the Fish, as they explore new talents and make improvements to their jobs and social lives.

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