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A February Finale of Astro-Fashion

Dating can often be a lot like shopping. This analogy may seem cheesy in a Cher Horowitz  kind of way, but this idea is actually full of truth. When you see something you like, something you want to "try on for size" doesn’t always last forever, it doesn't always fit nor does it always make you feel good. Often or not, things (like people) look better (a lot better) on the rack than they do pressed upon your body. A lot of the time garments end up being DEFECTIVE and need to be returned. Shopping is the new dating, the song lyric, "my Momma told me I better shop around" does hold  merit. If you are going to be stuck with one person your whole time, you better do some shopping to find the right cut. Of course there is also the 'Shopaholic', which is the same thing as a male or female who is a serial dater. They always have a new pair of pants hanging in the closet. If a new garment isn't flattering, it's change clothes and go!
 Why would you date someone that isn't the right fit? Is it important to note the style of your partner first to see if that fits his/her persona? You need to decide whether or not this truly suits you. Do style elements of star signs affect these aspects of dating and the art of shopping? 
Dating, in this case is about duration. Shopping speaks to something more along the lines of a sweet affair =you go broke quickly, but with dating you try to save and withhold (play your card rights) in order to get the other person in the same position as you. FEBRUARY is fronted as the month of love, but it also seems to remind those not in a romantic love situation that they are alone because despite the cute efforts from Mom, Dad, FRIEND, "wifey", Bromance whoever --none of those people are ever going to fuck you. Therefore to speak in love for all, this February blog will highlight fashion perceived through an astrological lens. This blog features local style of lovely, ridiculously good looking people who captures the essence of each individual star sign perfectly. BIG thank you to: Christine Narine, AurĂ©lia Cerquozzi, Ashlee Jarvis, Tosh H, Jan Schuster, Danica Kasper, Chandler Bales,Donna Danielle Patrick, Miles Moore, Natalie Payer, Caroline Carter, Darren Rayner, Jacky Le, Alex Deyotte, Richard Cameron, Brittany Hazel, Gillian Harris, Tor Auent, John Kor, Isabella Chloe Rumeo, Annya Pintak, Andrew Page, Marissa May, Kurtis Subramani, Xantha Panther, Martin Spencer, Lynda Tierney, Lydia Davis, Raziel Reid, Jen Kenny and Sean Cleavland for participating in this blog you are all AMAZING!
         Signs appear in the order of the Zodiac.
Aries (March 20-April 20)
If Aries is into fashion there are no limitations. Yes she will find trends that she adores, but she will have a way of making these trends colossal, alive and originally personified in all-star Aries greatness. She will likely add dashes of things here and there to make her steez just right for her. Maybe a lot of accessories or a little sequence or glitter, but whatever it is she will be able to pull it off. She will be able to pull off 'out there' runway fashion that other people admire but never dare to play with. Fashion loving Aries wants to be the ultimate trend setter, and probably more than once in her life she has thought that someone has copied her style efforts. Aries is competitive and this pertains to style. Aries will often put herself in situations knowing that she will come out shinning. She would rather not compete with her friends, but can't help but show a bit of this competition towards other people and their outfits. Aries is not afraid to be loud with fashion or take risks that other people are afraid of. They usually love dressing up and the idea of costumes are appealing to them. They have a very creative side to their brain, which is exercised flawlessly through fashion. It would not be unlikely if Aries made her own clothes or recycled old jewelry to make new fashion. People will notice them and dressing is a form of getting the attention that Aries craves from life. As you may have noticed there is no male for this sign, perhaps that speaks to the practical side of Aries. The type who is too busy for style, wears what is comfortable and maybe spends too much time in old T-shirts. If your embarrassed by the way he dresses, it is Ok. In terms of love, in regards to attention, don't think you can leave your Aries partner unattended for too long.Their emotional discourse won't be as fruitful. I once saw a headline that read, "Why is GAGA Always Single?" My first instinct was well she is an Aries. Aries does not give up the emotional gold too soon. They might wear the word "love"  in gold on their neck or on their finger, but they are not going to give up too much to you too soon emotionally. Aries is opposite in love as they are in their style needs. Their emotions are kept a lot more secret whereas their fashion is a lot more like a statement: 'Take me baby or leave me.'
Items an Aries Might Acquire: 
  • Sequins: Vest, Top, Shorts
  • Hats, Excessive Head Gear, Turbans
  • Fur Accents 
  • Big Coats
  • Jackie-O Sunglasses
  • Combining Vintage and Label

Taurus (April 20-May 20)
Both men and women of this sign are prone to collecting the things they admire in fashion. If you have one watch, your Taurus mate likely has four. Taurus is a junkie for wanting and buying stuff and depicted as the most material sign in the zodiac. They online shop. It is not to say that they aren't pragmatic at the same time, but Taurus is timeless and if they love something or truly believe in a product they will keep buying it. Taurus will mull over purchases, but they usually get what they want in the end. Taurus is usually very well put together, if they do sexy it is tasteful sexy, and generally has a level of conservative to it. There is always a level of class to their attire and they appreciate the look of a nice collared shirts, nautical themes, waistcoats and blazers.Taurus will often look tailored from head to toe. If they have tits they might be well hidden, if they have cleavage it might appear unknown (except for some times). She is probably a fan of the over-sized blazer, or the big cardi but don't get it confused, she has a drawer full of comfy clothes as well (generally of fine quality). Taurus girl is often known as the princess of the zodiac, she likes the best of the best and often or not even her "comfy clothes" are trendy or "so cute." She can't help it, she loves to shop. She is on the hunt for love when single and stops at nothing to achieve both a perfect outfit and a perfect partner. This is the girl who gets waxed, gets her nails did, tries to eat right and gets her hair did. She primps. She primps and she take pictures of her efforts because they cannot be surpassed. Taurus is about goodness and when they want to they know how to look good.I always say it is no joke that Taurus and Gemini run into each other because both of these signs likes to primp, they like to shop and usually describe themselves as "into fashion." Taurus men are also very put together in their attire. They have good taste and shop sensibly and well. They are very down-to-earth, but pull off the rugged masculine thing well.  A nice plaid shirt and a pair of crisp dark denim jeans often did Taurus men wonders. To put it lightly, they clean up nice. Taurus will be a lot like they are about style as they are in love: timelessly invested in you if you prove to be the right pick. They want to claim you as their territory as much as they want to claim their closet as THE BEST. Taurus is a vault, but if you give them the right key they will let you stay in their (*coughoardercough*) closet forever. 

Items a Taurus Might Try:
  • Fur vest
  • Shoes, Shoes, Shoes (sneakers, flip-flops, heels, sandals, boots etc.)
  • Hats  (Fedora, Beret, Bonnet, Baseball cap etc.)
  • Designer denim
  • Stripes
  •  Leopard prints
  • Chokers (classic pearls, Egyptian themed)
  •  Headbands
Gemini (May 21-June 20)
Gem is at the top of fashion star signs. They are prone to detail. They know how to put an outfit together from top to bottom. They were naturally born to merchandise clothing, or pluck your eyebrows or do your makeup, or help you get dressed. They just know. Men in this sign usually love to shop as much as the women do. Some Gems suffer from shopping addictions in which they might shop if they are in a low mood or they just might shop period. Gem can be prone to quick fixes and they are attracted to the beauty of clothing. It is also highly unlikely that dudes who are Gemini don't trust in the invention of the cardigan. Gemini is a gentle-man in his dressing and adds a sense of hospitality to his good taste. He might often look like he is uniformed or about to service you in some way. Or he will just look so well put together in perfect Gem detail that you cannot resist his zesty charm. Gem girl will be attracted to a variety of textures. She will love bags as much as she loves sunglasses. She will pull off fur and plaid and bling, showing her ability to showcase a plethora of looks, which shape her complex identity and dual nature. She will go extremely casual during the day and then transform to red carpet diva at night. Gem will have many hats, but at their best, they will know how to wear them all. They could be interested in very diverse aspects of fashion that illustrate their vast appreciations and creative interests. They get bored. This happens in their love life as well. They need to feel stimulated in order to exercise a good sense of style and frame of mind. If you prove to become boring and unwearable Gem will throw you out or just push you back into the dark places of their packed closet. Gem wants to be noticed, even if they don't say anything, their look will catch your eye. Gem has a perfectionist part to their complex personality and will perfect their outfit to the last detail. They pay attention to every inch of their love affairs too, as big thinkers their thought process towards fashion is noted as intriguingly innovative. 

Gem Grabs:
  • Fur Coats
  • Animal Prints
  • Maxi Dresses and Skirts
  • Cardigans, Cardigans, Cardigans
  • Designer Bags
  • Printed Leggings 
  • Denim Jackets
  • Denim Shirts 
  • Suspenders
Cancer (June 21-July 22)
I know a lot of Cancers with a lot of tattoos, but I don't think it would fair to character that as a star sign trait. If anything, Cancer is very deep feeling and if they were inked up it would be a testament to their passionate and highly empathetic nature. Cancer, even if you are a total fashion goddess (in your mind or others) your main necessity with style is comfort. Cancer wants to look good but they also want to be comfortable first. I’m sure many Cancer girls went through the short skirt club ho days, but then there came a time when you realized you really liked wearing pants. You just always felt like you were "one of the guys" right? A Cancer girl once told me, "you can't take me out of my T-shirts and jeans." Cancer has an element of 'classic' and homely to their style. They can take something simple and make it look chic. A subtle accessory like a good scarf or a sick watch help to razz the Cancer style. They are all about personalized style that doesn't have too much cluster but still speaks to their attributes. Their natural attractiveness almost always sells itself. Their desire for comfort often keep them shelled in their clothing. If they don't want you to see their emotions they might cocoon themselves in layers or hide behind a toque or a hood. Cancer will often like to feel like they are 'in a shell.' Hiding behind their hood or their hat symbolizes their emotional state. In a lot of ways, Cancers is a bit of an artist and if this is the case, Cancer will be very chic, the more creative the Cancer the better dresser. She might collect clothing, work on her own clothing line or keep the world's best closet. In terms of love, Cancer's need for romance sometimes allows them to embark upon relationships, which may last temporarily but not forever. This is a simple testament to the old sweater you can't seem to throw away, but eventually becomes impossible to wear. Cancer sometimes will hold onto their loved one in the same way one might clutch to a valued garment of over worn clothing -- they need to learn to clean out the closet and look for clues. What's damaged isn't really worth keeping closet space for. 

Items You Might Find in a Cancer's Closet:
  • Hats, Toques, Head Gear
  • Leather
  • Hoods 
  • Big Scarfs
  • Go-to Jeans 
  • Basics
  • The Perfect Party Dress 
  • Cocoon Cardigans
Leo (July 22-August 22) 
 Leo isn't afraid to be loud with style. They simulate with Aries in that if they are into dressing confidently. They will be trendsetting and admirable. Leo is passionate and obtains this by being and looking the best. They are defined by this and therefore will make a noted effort to achieve certain looks, which others hate to admit how much they admire. They will also be known to pull off "ballsy looks" at times when others are playing it safe. For example, a tank top in winter, a harmonica in fall. They don't mind the admires. Leo man is a bit more practical (usually on the cheap side) about clothing and in this case, can be a bit of a boss about it too. Darren (featured Leo on the right) is a co-founder of a phenomenal clothing line called Voleurz you may not believe it but every awesome thing he is wearing it in these pictures are from this label. He is a hard-working lion who knows how to dress up and dress down his lovable label to suit the occasion. Leo is both passionate but also practical about fashion. They won't be opposed to 'giving away clothes' or selling their old clothes at consignment stores. Leo wants but Leo also gives and conserves. Leo will be able to do this masterfully -- take what they have in their means, work with it and make it fabulous. Leo is all about working it out, which is why they often sparkle even when they claim to "look like shit." Leo isn't afraid to take charge with their fashion and their crazy, wild, fun-loving hairdos. They make ugly hats work. They pull off bright colors and prints and patterns. They can be fierce or tame-- it all depends on the temperament of the lion's cage. They pull off the impossible via courage and confidence. Leo is loud about fashion and love simultaneously. They want to have ownership too. If they really like you they will let you into their closet to share space, but in some cases, and in certain situations, Leo won't share a lot of the things they feel are the most powerful. When you make Leo feel powerless or vulnerable in their feelings, they can't let you out of their sight. Love is style for the Leo because they wear it with such joy and love for nothing more than to be completely in amour of another human being.

Likely Leo Loves:
  • Floppy Hats
  • Glitter, Feathers, Sparkle, Lace
  •  Graphic Tees
  • Sheer Tops
  • Snapbacks
 Virgo August 23-September 22)
I don't think it is a coincidence that every Virgo I know wears a lot of black. Virgo is a fan of the earthy-neutral but if that is the case and Virgo is into fashion, they do it sooo well that it never made a difference. Virgo man will love to dress up: suits, ties, dress shirts, dress pants etc. He will like to fix up and look sharp. He is excited by the idea of seeing himself looking good in new clothes. He may be modest but likes to be noted as attractive and will particularly like it when other people notice him, even if he acts like he doesn't care to be noticed. Virgo will pull together a very naturally attractive look, which others can appreciate the simple complexity of.  They are worrisome and finicky and therefore will take note of every aspect of outfit's completion (they will do this with their future/current love partner too).Virgo has a tradition to their style and usually a very anal and neat aspect to their tailoring. They are however quite hard on themselves and might require some assistance when deciding on an outfit -- does it look OK? Is it too much? Virgo is highly visual, they see you and in turn want to know what it is that you see back. Virgo's love style is mirrored by their fashion. The need to be around neutral colors and very few patterns speaks to Virgo’s emotionally suppressed nature. They are methodical and rational about fashion and they are methodical and rational about love.They don't want to get too bright too soon with you and they are not going to flatter you on whim. At least not without reason. They will make fun of you, they will criticize you and they will be hard on you if they love you so don't go expecting constant showers of praise and joy. Just as you should not expect Virgo to be seen in anything obnoxious or overtly colorful -- they don't find this tasteful. Simply put, calm it down and don't over do it.Virgo knows what Virgo likes, even if it might take them some time to realize it, you will not be able to break the stubbornness of a Virgo's style: "If it an't broke don't fix it."

Virgo Values:
  • The Little Black Dress (Black Chiffon, Black Leather, Black Lace)
  •  Leggings
  •  Suits and Ties
  • Collared Shirts and Sweater Looks
  • Black Jeans
  • Cowboy Boots  
  • Button Down Thermals 
Libra (September 23-October 22)
As the highly playful scales this is the star sign in which fashion dreams are made of. Libra's indecision will actually benefit them in the clothing department as they will have more ideas for potential outfits. They will have more style debate. Libra is never without a jazzy flare for personal style. If I had to take a poll I would likely assign Libra as the most consistently best dressed sign in the zodiac, which is why I have included an extra image to reiterate this. Generally style can be typecast by gender. I am not making any assumption on the style of men, but Libra guy is know for being a bad ass dresser if he wants to be and he usually is. He like Gemini guy, will like to shop. Buying things evokes the sense of play that Libra craves in its relationships. They are in love with the idea of every good boy deserves fudge and will relish in the reward of dressing/shopping.
 Vintage shopping is a favored pastime. Libra may be frugal or indecisive about spending money and they will love the thrill of getting a lot by using a little. "Where did you find that?", you might ask your Libra friend. Wouldn't you like to know. Libra's flirtation nature plays out in their fashion as they converse with their clothing and style trademarks. It is not uncommon for a Libra to do something unconventional with fashion and make it WORK. Fashionable Libra lady will literally be like Cher and her Clueless pose, these girls will have style others envy. Libra isn't afraid to craft clothing together, using whatever is in their means to construct a great outfit.The love style of Libra is apparent in their fashion. They hide behind their clothing and the well-crafted threads on their bodies reflect their desire to keep things light and playful at first. Let's talk about you first. Libra is often unsure, but truthfully neither here nor there, and the efforts they go to appear as though they are sure often lead them to many desires and adventures, but also many dead ends. That's the beauty of Libra though, there is always a killer outfit they are dying to wear next. They won't reside for too long. They will come back with a vengeance.

Libra Loot
  • Frilly Skirts and Tutus
  • Body Suites
  • Personalized Accessories 
  •  One-of-A-Kind Swag
  • Jumper Dresses
  • Layers & Frills
  • Black Skinny Tie
Scorpio (October 23-November 21) 
 There is often if not always a level of sex appeal and simplicity to the Scorpio fashion. Sometimes the sex sells itself like the Scorpio heartthrob Ryan Gosling whom all the girls seem to go nuts for. Ryan could be in a basic T-shirt and jeans and people would still swoon. This is a testament to the male Scorpion style, they usually do not need to try. If he has a natural sex appeal to him he could throw on a Polo shirt and a Fedora-inspired hat and be irresistible. This isn't to say that Scorpio can't dress because they can, like all water signs they have an ability to adjust the comforts of their star signs with their individual tastes. Scorpio in particular has the ability to achieve a level of sexuality in his/her clothing weather this be subtle or at times, very obvious. Scorpio who shows too much could consider revealing a bit less, and reserved shrewd, extra-introverted Scorpio could possibly benefit from showing a bit more. This is meant both literally and figuratively. Scorpio is usually a sign of mystery in both romance and fashion. They probably have tattoos you don't know about and have had sexual encounters which you don't know about--feelings you never imaged and fantasies you've never heard of. The darkness may seem strong and intimating and unbreakable, the depth of their truth may seem unreachable, but there are many layer to this sign and once stripped, they show the ability to wear new colors.  Colors you won't be able to stop seeing, colors that could come to own you in shades of Scorpion love.
Scorpio Style:
  • Lace Leggings/Tights
  • Off-The-Shoulder Shirts
  • Over-Sized Work Shirts
  • Black Chiffon
  •  Shirt Dresses
  • Polo and Plaid
 Sagittarius (November 22 - December 20)
 Like all fire signs Sag is not afraid to show color in their style, take chances and set a unique standard, which is hard to top. This is your friend who you admire, "how the fuck did they pull that off?" The person who wears something sweet so well, but yet you yourself would never dare to wear it. Sag isn't afraid to take risks. Sometimes they CLASH on purpose to represent their passionate, adventure-seeking nature of pursuits. Sag wants all the swag and shopping is a method of exercising this desire. Sag wants to achieve status, set goals and make things happen. Therefore their style will reflect what is happening RIGHT NOW and their traveling ambitions, which likely consists of deals, deals, deals, sales, sales, sales, money, money, money, hustle, hustle, hustle. Sag is frugal about fashion, happy to pay less, thrift shop, they are business minded. They might have "hook ups", discount cards or connections which help to prosper their cravings. Though there is usually a taste for good quality in this sign. Some Sag will not settle for less, like King Hov they will strive for that "my house like a museum..." life style. This is where Sag has to be careful in terms of combining the elements of their fashion and their love style harmoniously. Wanting the best all the time and getting bored too quickly too soon, too fast can prevent Sag from ever being happy. Like a bad pair of shoes, Sag needs to stop looking for the best brand and settle for ones that gives them what they need emotionally. It's the sole Sagittarius not the exterior.

Sag Swag:
  • Bow Ties, Ties, Collared shirt or Blazer 
  • Colorful Shoes (wedged heels)
  • Pattered Leggings or Printed Tights
  •  Baggy Tops
  • Golf Shirts
Capricorn (December 21-January 19)
Earth signs like Caps have a way of making fashion look effortless and naturally achieved by demonstrating sophistication through a humbled grace. Cap can be sexy, though this is probably layered beneath a very well calculated outfit. Cap can be diverse with style, but regardless there is always a level of sensibility to their entire. Elegance over everything else. Usually one pays respect to the outfits of a Capricorn. It works. Caps thrive on class and the most commonly noted aspect of this sign style is the sophisticated chic.You will respect what Capricorn is doing with fashion. Great coats, gloves, nice shoes, expensive dress and suites, designer shades -- the works. If Capricorn is into fashion they have a particular (usually high-end) taste, which promotes a level of prestige and power in typical Capricorn fashion. In order to be the part you have to first look the part, and in looking the part you are half way there. Designer labels, expensive jeans, Holts whatever it may be, fashion Cap will be impressed by high fashion and respectable attire in their potential partner. Personal style in the Cap is usually well expressed, except if Cap is into too many trend at one time, resulting in an outfit disaster. Cap 's love style mirrors their style sign in that they are timeless lovers. Once they find something they love it will be hard for them to stray from in. If you prove to be respectable and  make Cap look good they won't kick you out of their closet. Keep in mind though that it will be hard to hold the interest of a Capricorn if you prove to be shady. Capricorn will spot the knock off and they won't be forgiving if you prove to be a fake.
Cap Clothes:
  •  Couture, Labels
  • Western Styles
  • High-waited Pants and Shorts
  • Blazers
  • Pencil Skirts
  • Polo Shirts
Aquarius (January 20-February 19)
This is the sign of eccentricity. In regards to fashion this reigns true as I can't position two known AQs that dress the same. AQ is an individual. If they are into fashion their identity will usually show in their dressing. 'This is who I am and this is what I like'. Often or not their emotions are also captured in their clothing portrayals. As AQ Kid Cudi says, he is 'the weirdo', the odd-ball and AQ doesn't usually fit into the normative, but it is their inability to fit in that makes them so attractive to others. They have an unobtainable nature and an unobtainable style that people long to mimic or lock down. AQ challenges people and their diverse nature creates a mystery that people long to solve. AQ can often be discovered by their style. Hair colors of the rainbow, piercings, loud make-up, signature jewelry or trademarks--whatever it maybe there isn't a limit in this sign. Anything is possible. A lot of tough, independent girls  are born under this sign and this makes it easy to caste-type AQ as a masculine style, yet a highly feminine energy exist here as well. Simply, they are just 'in control' 'in charge' of whatever it is that they project stylistically. Some AQ like the finer things in life and reflect styles of ideal conventions oppose to expressions of individual self. Basically if AQ is prude, brash, or sassy this personality will show in their fashion. The parallel between AQ's love style and their clothing style lies is in their in ability to address the necessary. Don't get lost in a look, pull out from your garments and find your inner feelings, if you sacrifice those your love affairs will be as lasting as your clothing, just one more sparkle left to fall off of a very expensive pair of disco pants.
AQ Armor:

  • Mesh
  •  Disco Pants
  • Constructed Dresses
  • Leather Jacket, Skirt, Bag etc.
Pisces (February 19-March 20)
As the last sign in the zodiac the fish has the possibility to represent any elements of fashion. Though it is usually reported that Pisces obtain a personal style, which can not be replicated by other people, even if other people probably have tried to imitate the Pisces style. It can't be touched. There is likely a highly feminine part to lady Pisces. She knows how to extenuate her physical features and play up her charm. She isn't afraid to bring out the risque in her style. Pisces knows how to make 'sexy' fashionable. You will notice Pisces girl when she walks into a room because her outfit will be so well put together, there will be cute details to compliment the theme of the night--she will be noticed, likely photographed, chatted up.She is known for having theme nights or wearing things she finds sentimental to her life because well, she can. Pisces guy can be a very well dressed man. This is another sign which does hold a lot of fashionable men, but the grungy plaid shirt, greasy haired backwards Baseball cap thing does exist here too. Pisces can be unmotivated and lazy and therefore fails to deliver.If he's a slow swimming fish, he won't make the efforts for style. Nor will he flex his creative right as a Pisces, but if he does, expect nothing less than expectational.Pisces needs to be careful not to get stuck in the mirror. When they are in love they usually wear Rose-colored glasses, but when styling themselves they are blind. They won't see how good they look and will only think adding more to their make-up or outfit can suffice for this insecurity. Trust your reflection more and take your eyes up from the floor because somebody just checked you out and you were so self-preoccupied that you completely missed the entire thing.

Picks for Pisces: 
  • Knee-High Socks
  • Pleated Skirts
  • High-Waist Shorts
  • Letterman Jackets
  • Short Jackets
A lot of people can pull of trends, but considering how hard it is to be original these days, I think it is truly respectable when a person has the power to make fashion their own. Before I even started What's Your Birthday? I admired the work of local blogger Kelsey Dundon who writes a one-of-a-kind fashion inspired blog called: The Anthology is already extremely popular, but if you are looking for a tasteful combination of intelligence fused with a talented style sense -- this is the blog for you! Hands down Kelsey sets the standard for what it takes to author a phenomenal fashion blog. One which has always been my absolute personal favorite.
         Throwing on an interesting hat doesn't mean you have great style.
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