Sunday, May 13, 2012

It's Me May Be: Do You Identify With Your Star Sign?

Sooo is the description below at all you? Do you at all identify with the generalization of your star sign? I understand the desire to rule out all forms of generalization in  saying aspects of any star sign could apply to anyone. Yes, you are an individual and your personality plays a major factor in identifying you, but does your birthday have an indication??? Read the following male/female descriptions (read your cusp if it applies) and find out if you can connect to the general prototype of your signs. Is this you? Do you at all identify with this generalization of your star sign? Yes, you are who you are and your personality plays a major factor in identifying you, but does your actual sun sign have an indication??? Remember you have a different sign in every planet (each planet indicates a different life element like career, love, luck etc.) of the solar system, as well as moon sign and a rising sign. You might find you don't match up with your sun sign and this could have something to do with predominating elelements in your cart.

This blog has yet to do a general "is this you?" post. Usually there is a theme tied into all of the posts. This posts however is more of a tribute to the Haters (as they are going to hate), and those who have expressed distain towards believing that this stuff means anything at all--"yeah well that could be anyone".The power of a birthday should not be ruled out ....and you might be surprised later to see how this power already punctuates your life by creating a recognizable star pattern. The purpose of this is to provide inspiration for those who do identify with their assigned astrological sign and take interest in the compatibility of different signs and energies.

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Aquarius Man (January 20- February 18): This is the type of guy who is usually noticed. He knows how to leave people feeling good with his undying, unmatchable intellect and charm. He's a lady's man or at least he wants to be one. He can't help but flirt with beautiful woman, surround himself in their presence and woo them with his nice words. He is the type to fall for one girl, but lust for a 1000 more. He might be highly unconventional about love and keep contact with those he is attracted to mentally or physically. He's capable of real me plus you love, though he will play the field and he isn't going to rush into marriage. He might not even believe in marriage period, but he will start to become a better boyfriend who pays attention to his lady's hints that she is "drying up" or wanting a ring especially if he really loves her. You saw JT break up with Biel and then got back together with her (AKA put a ring on it.) A L OT of AQ men are capable of having sexual relationships with attractive women in simulation with having an emotional connection with a woman. The whole Weekend "making love to her through you" mentality is a high possibility here. He's usually described as aloof, cool, and eccentric, perhaps goofy or funny, charming, witty and smart. He's got a sense of individual style that people will usually adjust to out of plain desire, which is good because it is hard for AQ to whole-heartily change himself for another person. They can be fleeting and hard to hold down because they are so aloof, multi faceted and want to be apart of a million different things. AQ doesn't like commitments though if born closer to CAP this won' t be apparent as Capricorn is the boring, stable, hard-working sign that people depend on to make function marriages and demanding jobs. He's smart and its apparent. He can't relate to everyone but in a way everyone feels like they can relate to him, probably because of "they way he made me feel"...well he probably felt nothing!

Aquarius Woman (January 20-February 18): She's not a pushover type (unless born closer to Pisces). She might be into female Lib and have a strong sense of Independence about her. She can take care of herself, but she she has high attractions to the opposite sex and craves to meet a man she can trust and let into her thoughts. She's not a typical girl. Yes, she might look like one, she might look so good or take some undeniable "princess" tendencies, but she probably won't be your typical princess. For one, she is super smart, capable and determined in her own right. She is not afraid to make it on her and this is usually why she is known for finding love later in life and not necessarily needing it to the same degree that other girls.  If you have your Venus (planet of love and relationships) in Aquarius, you will need to make friends with your partner first because you find it hard to form true emotional connections. For AQ their sexual attractions often get in the way of their emotional connections. AQ girl isn't going to let you into her heart right away and therefore needs a mate who takes the time to be her friend, make her laugh, gain her trust and let her feel confident that she could fall in love. AQ is very charming like AQ man, most people born under this sign attract a lot of suitors and friends. Jen Aniston, for example, we have discussed the idea of a "Jennifer Aniston" complex in this blog and i've noticed this similar pattern occurs in the lives of other female Aquarians. They attract A LOT of men/women but they don't often last nor does that person usually have what it takes to love an AQ woman completely. AQ needs to be patient with this and not take everything as a negative against them .but They generally project a personality that is very positive and open to wordily experiences, which highlights them as being too good for most men.

Gemini Guy May 21-June 20): He's a lot more feminine than most men and this might be an ongoing joke in his life. He could just be 'one of the girls' in that he has a lot of female friends, love to gossip and chat and responds warmly towards the presence of woman. Easily put, he loves woman, but don't get it completely twisted, yes he loves to shop as much as you and will go with you to your favorite bars and drink motos, but he will also cook for you, or open doors and be super hospitable that in the end, you won't forget he is a man. He's fun and likely the same airy charmer of AQ, which is intellect, engaging, funny and unforgettable. Gem is conflicted by the dual nature and their highly visual aspects make it hard for them to be set on the attraction of one sole thing. They are often into black, blue and bling all at the same time, and are prone to playing more than one options at the same time. They love good food and good people but do put their own concerns at the top. They don't own up to mistakes well because Gems think they are perfect and will always find a way to let their slack fall back on you. Gemini is socially conscious. He doesn't want to date a girl who will embarrass him and with his roaming mind one day he might love you and the next he might hate you. His is dual natured, some prefer to say "two faced", but really his moods determine how he feels and this changes from day to day. He opens his mouth and a lot of stuff comes out, some of it pure crap, which is not consciously digested and therefore Gemini forgets he even said it in the first place. Either he is going to be a dream boat to you, a good guy-- Mr. Perfect. If you are in love with this man, you will be looking for flaw OR he is going to be a manipulator -- sociopath tendencies--he might haunt you forever--he loves the drama. He literally could charm you off your feet into thinking he wants to be your boyfriend and then punk out or he might bang your friend. Gem boys are great when they are good in nature and long more for relationships when they are confident, but if they are insecure, shifty Gem boy doesn't always come off true and will successfully fool many.

Gemini Girl (May 21- June 20): Like a Gem boy she will need to form a mental connection with you in order to really, really love you. If she based every feeling on physical attraction Gem would have too many lovers as she visualizes everything and her eyes are likely bigger than her stomach. Her eyes are also the true eyes to her success. She needs to be on the move, she needs to be inspired and doing things. her eyes are benefit the Gemini in artistic aspects, they can see a way that things should go that tends to work. If something doesn't fulfill  Gem girl's eye --she will move on. As discussed she is highly visual, mufti-faceted and multi-talented. She can do a lot. Usually a great communicator and capable of talking her way of trouble, Gem girl isn't one to surrender to you in any aspect. Her mother likely doesn't know how "bad" she has been. She is very much in charge of her own destiny and proves to be highly independent, intelligent and powerful in the work force. She has a style to her that is her own and it isn't surprising if she show a level of diversity but, usually a Gem girl wants to look good. She will be able to pull this off in many different ways because Gems are usually very naturally attractive and prone to the detailed aesthetics involved in one's vanity. Gem girl will likely have a shopping addiction and find herself expressing herself through fashion. Gem girl is a girl on the go, she has a chill side but in order to hold her attention for a long period of time you will need to keep up. Gem loves masculine energy and will get along well with men. If she is one of the guys its not always a direct reflection of her insecurity it is just that she finds men easier to deal with. Plush other bitches are often jealous of her -- not to say she can't be a little bitch when she wants to be. When fickle the "bad face" twin of this lady might pick you to pieces (likely behind your back Gem have too much social tact to say it to your face). Born so close to Taurus is not question that Gem can be a big bully if she wants to be. Her good wits and charming sense of humor well rub off well on men. She might have a fetish for sports of something of the "boys only" like which will help her to bond with the men in her life. She is emotional yes, but she deals with her emotions in a productive 'onward and upward' way, she would rather be 'onto the next' than dwell on something that will only bring her down. It might bring her down for five minutes but then she is back at it again.

Taurus Girl (April 20-May 20):

By the definition of this blog,
 this girl is usually a princess. She might kick it with the boys like Gemini girl but she will have a level of high maintenance about her. She is possessive and this doesn't mean she will try to own you, but it is really just to say that if she is in your life, to some degree, however long that may be, she does own you. Taurus stakes their claim and are hard to get rid of because they exude immense loyalty towards the people they love. They are generous and giving but also have strong desires which are sexual and material. You have to feed a Taurus -- their bodies, their closets and their stomachs. You have to treat this lady right and pull out all the stops because that is exactly what she is doing. She is rolling out the carpet for you and therefore you need to do the same for (if not more). She is an insanely hard worker and knows what she wants in life.   She will work her ass off and likely take on a role that is capitalized in power or authority. She is a natural born boss and finds it hard not to be the boss in the relationship. You will have to like her friends, her tastes and her environment because they are going anywhere. She values her house, her kitty (or pup), and her style and therefore you will also have to. Taurus girl is a vault. She keeps everything inside and the bull is known for this. They will stick around and take it and take it until they explode like a bull in a china shop. The best on-going male example of this is Chris Brown who totally lost it without any justification, astrological or not, he was a bull in a china shop and this is not an excuse. Taurus girl needs to work on bringing her concerns to the lady before they run her show and cause drastic outcomes. Taurus girl can't get over the past or things she loves because she owns them in her own degree and therefore will pragmatically and progressively separate herself from the past.   Singer Adele might be young but she made a lot of money writing songs about the exes she could not forget.She is very much into excusing her perfect self and taking care of herself from head to toe. She is very well groomed and as described in the latest fashion blog -- she is sexy, classy and well tailed. This is the girl in curls with an over-sized blazer who shows sophistication in every stride, just don't step on her toe, she might be wearing Jimmy Chews and if you leave a mark--she will chew you.

Taurus Man (April 20-May 20): There is something very manly about this man. He has a a certain rugged handsome look to him. Like Taurus woman he is a vault, but even more so he will find it hard to express his feelings of love for the person he adores. Though he will adore them and cherish them. He will show the uppermost devotion and sensual passion for the woman he loves. He will be a stud in bed and find sex as an outlet for his feelings. He might have had a lot of drunken one night stands, but if he really likes a girl, sex is how he will bond with her. The more they do it and to his delight, the more he will fall in love. The key to this man's heart is through it's stomach. IT IS NO SECRET TAURUS LIKES TO EAT -- and this statement can go as far as your perverse mind permits, but it is true. Many Taurus people suffer from weight fluctuations because of their strong desire for food. If you can cook and keep his belly full and feeling fantastic then you are on the right road to solving this bull boy's love equation. He is pretty simple, which is why if you are NUTTY he'll make for a great parachute. He will catch you when you fall, he will be strong enough. This man has three basic needs : he likes to eat, he likes to sleep, and he likes to fuck. IF you can keep up with him on these three things than you are golden. He is very trustworthy and hard-working, but likely not a fellow of too many words or at least not of a personal nature. He can be a lot of fun, but a certain level of instant intimation will likely occur. People often think Taurus is bitchy or mean based on their bull-like exterior (sometimes honestly they just look like bulls -- for real) they have a bully- like essence, but on the inside, they are extremely tender, loving and friendly. Taurus won't fuck with you if you don't fuck with them, but don't fuck with them because they won't forget and they might not even forgive you.

Aries Woman (March 21-April 19): She's the boss. Aries in general do not like to show weakness of any kind. They would rather argue till you are blue in the face or keep talking until you tire and agree with Aries. You might have been the one mad with Aries but they usually get you to apologize in the end. Aries is very intelligent and quick-witted they will stump you if you present a challenge. Extremely flirtatious and friendly this girl is after the top choice prize. She will secretly care what others think about her pick too. As a Aries girl she can't help but ensure everyone knows she is number one. Though, unlike Leo, Aries does this in a much tamer way. She will be successful and strive to achieve goals that she is constantly setting for herself. Aries knows that in order to be the best you have to constantly want to be better. Aries is also emotionally sound in that she isn't the girl who is going to be needy and drive you crazy with her constant sadness. She might drive you crazy in other ways but it won't be in her emotionally dependancy (likely) unless he is born closer to Pisces. She will be the one you come to for strength. She likes your company, but wants you to be the stress-reliever in her life and not the stress. She is independent and needs a man who can respect a driven career woman who might not be all dough-eyed, ready to have make babies in five minutes. Sometimes you will wonder why she doesn't crack more. Though if she born closer to Pisces she will be emotional and then some (remember anger is emotions --emotional doesn't necessarily mean she cries a lot). Typical Aries girl, however is a career Mogol. An intellect that can't be compared with. She knows what to do, when to do it and how to do it. She is efficient, capable and extremely hard-working. She will posses an adventure side, a dare-devil quality, which won't shun her from much. She is not the girl who is scared she is the girl who is fearless and up for almost ANYTHING. She has to be weary of her secret competitiveness and how this might be protected on to other girls. You don't always need to think you are the hottest or smartest one in the room or at the table. Sometimes being the best is being the best towards other people and showing a consideration for the ideas of others. Aries girl needs to show a bit more vulnerability in her relationships and life in order to accept herself and allow others to really get to know the real her. She also needs to give others a chance to lead.

Aries Man (March 21-April 19): 
He's also in the manly man category, but perhaps just a bit too self-sufficient and independent at most times. He likes his alone time sometimes almost to a fault. He is intelligent, philosophical and great to talk to but emotionally he is suppressed. He is hard to penetrate and won't let anyone in if he doesn't desire to. He might posses a misogynistic attitudes towards women and view them as sexual objects for his physical desires, but he doesn't need the conventions of an everyday marriage. He might not want kids and he doesn't long for marriage, he might not even want marriage at all. He is likely a huge career success, number one of the pack, both aggressive and talented. He is different and this is why people attract to him. He is friendly and certainly has friends that mean a great deal to him, but he has another dimension, which he explores only alone. He needs a tender, emotional woman who can break down this barrier. In some ways this man does need a mother-like figure in his life at all times. Meaning, he might not fully commit to women emotionally but strings them along throughout his life. He needs companionship but there is likely a part of himself that he battles and won't talk about. He does not like to show weakness of any kind and therefore emotions are especially hard for him. He might be a bit impatient or stubborn, but usually it is just that he is right and won't budge to the egos of others. He feels that he knows best and in many degrees he likely does. He can be a lot of fun and adventure seeking. He might love anything that doesn't stress a lot of dreadful commitments. He wants to see the world and express freedom because in his work life he probably holds a very strong regiment. Or he does it his way, casual, by his own hours and through the book of his own teaching. He will have followers. They might not be as bright as he is, but he will have followers.

Libra Guy (September 23-October 22): I always describe Libra guy as the Peter Pan of the zodiac. He is not likely to stay in one place for too long. He is attracted to movement to the same degree that he is attracted to black and gold and plaid. He's a man of many different talents and interests and therefore needs a girl who can accompany him on his many flights. Libra guy is 'no drama' if he can help. He has inner, personal drama but he doesn't try to push that onto anyone. He also does not want to be mean to anyone. He will try to find something he can like about you and if he can't he will try to keep his mouth shut, but if you start then there is no telling what can happen as Libra is a 'yes person' and aims to people please. If you start chirping they also just might. Libra guy will run from those who ask too much of him emotionally. He, like AQ and Aries man -- does not want to play love by the book. 'Live in the moment' Libra doesn't asks too many demands and you will be surprised, but this is often not the case and one which Libra guy will find himself tested by, again and again. Libra guy is up for some crazy shit in bed and in food. He gets excited for sex just as he gets excited for a good meal. This is a key. He might not be able to make up his mind easily, but he knows that he loves you even if he can't say it all the time. He will show it and even if its in a subtle way of not being able to stop himself from jerking you around. He won't truly be able to fly away from his "Wendy bitch" and therefore if you embody this role you need to be careful in how you handle young Libra. They are complex but they bring a lot of good humor to the table. You won't be able to forget or resist the charm of a Libra so why bother? Air signs know how to create a place of good pleasure and therefore everyone and their dog wants to be friends with them. Their will always be a light of some kind shinning on Libra so don't waste time with jealousy. In fact if you are the jealous type, don't think twice about this sign -- he's not having any of it.

Libra Girl (September 23-October 22): Every girl I know under this sign has a vivacious, undeniably charming style about them. They can dress and in a way that separates them from every other hot chic out there. They know how to play and do this with clothes, lovers, cities, food groups, music, art, pets etc. Libra girl can juggle a lot of things and do it well. Like all Libra's she will probably struggle with making decisions whether these will be big decisions or small ones. She is prone to being the middle lady who has a lot of friends and is close with all of them because she is so good at juggling and not picking sides. Though there will always be those people that Libra girl is flaky too. Like "OMG we totally have to hang out?" or she always says she maybe might come but then never shows her face. She is sly and can get away with playing someone for a fool if she wants to or if she specifically wants something (cough*drunken make-out* cough). If she really wants something she usually gets it but is then later is unsure if she really wants it. She can be fickle if crossed wrongly and her indecisiveness makes it hard for her to know how she feels about people. Sometimes she runs away from love and hides behind her friends. This comes out especially in love. A lot of people will want the time and attention of Libra girl, but she will not invest true emotions in all of these suitors. In fact, most will remain at an arms length or become a part of a big affair that usually ends poorly -- or often amicably too. Libra is a friend and will try to be one as long as you need, but they they will be flaky. This is not to say that the love is lost, but just to say that Libra does not like to be held down. They do not like to play by the rules and are capable of multiple affairs and attractions at the same time. If you believe that they are "seeing other people" (because you are too) but you still bang capable it is Libra that is telling the truth (probably the one and only). Airs like AQ and Gemini also apply, but not to the same degree as Libra girl. She wants to be a part of many different worlds and will usually empathize with another wandering spirit who is on the self-pursuit and extremely curious about others. Social butterfly analogy could apply to this girl. She wants to be apart of things. She wants to be out and about. She wants to feel wanted.

Sagittarius Guy (November 22-October 21): He's the boss who is climbing to the top in a respectable way. Even if sometimes he might be the most annoying guy ever you still respect him because he has likely achieved a lot. And this Sag success is usually worked from the bottom up. Sag will work for that money, they will chase it and they will claim it until it becomes theirs. They are not likely to sit and pine in their success, as the ultimate life player of the zodiac, Sag won't stop. JayZ might be known as a rapper but he makes a lot of coin in his other side projects and business endeavours. Sag man is a business man, he means business and knows business and he does business well. This man came to play. He is highly competitive and will gamble, take chances, make investments, and participate in activities, which keep him mentally stimulated and ready for more. He needs a lady who can put up with this, but who can also provide a non-threatening cushion. Oddly, the combination of Virgo-Sag (B and JayZ) works because Virgo is usually more introverted and domesticated. They provide a loving, comforting home for the Sag's fleeting adventures. He's a bit anal and might be a bit of a hypochondriac. He doesn't trust a lot of people. Business dealings are one thing, but true, real, rooted emotionally connections are rare for the Sag man. You cross him and you are done. You won't get to know his private emotions unless he truly adores you and believes your love him for him is based on who he is and not for what he does or what he makes. Sag man will play women like fiddles and use what he can to impress them, but it doesn't always mean something. The best way to get a Sag man is to force him to abandon his fancy horse and carriage and to just love you for you -- because that is the key to his heart. You must earn this man's trust first. This is the first step.

Sagittarius Girl (November 22-October 21): The same emotional complexity will apply here. She will be the most fun and the most friendly and the girl who is up for anything (sports, travel, gambling etc.), but she's not the type to cry during movies. She has sensitive aspects but has a difficult time expressing them. She is playful and flirtatious but also bossy and independent. She will need a man who can keep up with her desire for independence. Sag girl is adventurous and wandering -- she is self-involved and this can be her problem. It will be hard for her to find a man that is as capable as she is. She should give the sensitive, nice guy a chance and stop trying to find a guy who is more masculine than she is. This might happen or at least not as quickly as it needs to happen in order for the Sag to notice it. She can be a little 'on to the next one'  and not one to dwell and she doesn't like to talk (in depth) about her feelings to a large degree even if her feelings (on a surface level) are very apparent. She'll be there for you, but when it comes to her she doesn't want you to know about it. She doesn't even want you to think she's not totally on top of it and is at all times the best. She is competitive so if anything she just wants to appear better than you because in her right, she is and your not good enough. Sag girl has to lower the expectations in order to embrace the things in life and love that she really needs in order to grow. Talking about her feelings will help and showing emotions will only look attractive on this girl. Seriously, Sag girl if you cry, people will only think it is super sweet because this is rare for you. You are not the girl who cried Wolfe you are the girl who fought it just try and point your bow and arrow towards something/someone that is worthy.

Capricorn Girl (December 22-January 19): If you haven't noticed there is a connection between earth sign women and control. Cap girl is also usually a boss. She may appear like she doesn't have emotions or lacks sensitivity. It isn't that. She cares, but when at work she won't stop. She is the problem-solver, master of logic and righteousness. She doesn't always see the grey area. In fact, she is prone to putting things into binaries and only see black and white. She needs to reach a point of decision and this quality is usually why she ends up in charge. She can make a decision and can be big, brass and bossy. She knows how to take over and views everything like a mountain that she is designed to climb. She wants love to the same degree that she wants success, but she is willing to wait for it. Cap girl is patient with her goals and this why she usually winds up successful in her pursuits. She is a devoted lover and a shoulder to lean on--she makes a great girlfriend. She is the rock to your sway and will carry whatever she loves across the finish line even if she needs to carry it herself. She is attracted to power and success in a man and works well with a career equal. She might want children but she will also want her life and nothing and no one can stand in the way of this. She usually is a very classy lady, but with her level of success and class she can come off as intimating. It will take a very secure and impressive man to win the heart of a Cap girl. She is impressive in her own right and therefore you will need to be extra impressive. If she is going to invest her precious time in you -- you've got to be worth it!

Capricorn Guy (December 22-January 19): He is Mr. Successful. He won't have too many clocks, just one that will tick to the same time. He is logical and well-spoken with a lot of patience and good sense. He is a good listener and a smart soul who searches for the perfect execution in life. He is a natural leader because he is calm in his emotional disposition and he is highly-capable in the work force. He is attracted to fine taste and represents class and fine quality. He is constantly on the climb towards a prosperous pursuit. He is sophisticated and simple. He will be a dependable and loyal lover. He won't stray if you show him the things he desires in a partner. Sometimes he can also be a down right snob in his crisp collard shirt. If Capricorn is too concerned with his own tastes or what he finds to be tasteful he may express a poor atitude to the latter--don't hate. Capricorn has been known to talk down to others or take authority too far. Sometimes Capricorn guy likes to be the boss a little too much and this can express an asshole side to him that no one even knew existed. For the most part this man is harmless, but certainly predictable and in the work place quite calculated. Capricorn guy isn't about to give up nor is he going to let you win. Like Mohammed Ali, Capricorn guy will fight til the end. He gives the same fight in his love life. He is tolerable, durable and full of endurance. He will stand by his woman till the bitterend. When he is in love, nothing will hold him back from expressing it -- in practical manner of course!

Cancer Girl (June 21-July 22): The mother of the zodiac, Cancer girl can't help but protect you. She's homely, funny and full of love. She is often described as sensitive and she can be, but she is a lot tougher than she looks. Either she suffers quietly on the side but exudes a cancer shell of perfection or she displays a crabby disposition and heals herself in her own shell. She might also hide behind her humor, which is apparent in both the male and female expressions of the zodiac. Cancer girl can totally be the girl you talk trash with or the girl who makes you laugh when you had a shitty day. She is not opposed to going out, but there is a part of her that really needs to feel at home. She wants a guy she can stay in with and snuggle with and make good food with. Water signs are hard to peg so Cancer girl could either be seen as shy and quiet or loud and friendly. She should be kind at her best, moody or depressed at her worst. The crab can be fickle and will make fun of you if they need to at least they are not oppose to it. At the same time they will protect what they love more than any other. Cancer will bring you into their hell and keep you there if you satisfy their needs and desires. Cancer girl wants love and she wants it badly but she has to be careful about getting stuck in one shitty relationship to the next -- she is usually a serial relationship girl and this can be detrimental. She can waste years losing herself in the dreams and lifestyles of her partners and waster her time committed to things, which don't suite her long term.
There is likely a very crafty, creative and artistic aspect to this woman. She can do a lot of random things well.

Cancer Guy (June 21- July 22): The crabby man of the zodiac he will let his moods run his life. He wants love. He cannot feel secure about anything else in life until he is fulfilled romantically. He will take a lot of chances on things that don't pine out for him in the end. He is sensitive. Next to Pisces, Cancer guy is the most sensitive male sign in the zodiac. He has a lot of empathy and he will do his best to listen. He will be hard on himself and at time he will self-destruct to a poor degree that he has to be careful of. Hanging out with wrong people, the wrong girl and the wrong crowd will not always favor insecure Cancer boy. Granted he needs to be in a good mood to be truly enjoyable or even comprehensible. His moods can be so intense that he'll vacuum everything into his Cancer shell and leave you completely oblivious to how he is really feeling. He can be quite fickle when he is not getting his way. He doesn't want to be undermined. He wants to be loved and praised and will work to please others if it is in his reach. He doesn't feel the need to stress over the material things in life, which others value as especially important. He likes money and stuff but it's not truly what this man is about. Don't get it twisted this guy is also subject to serial dating. Their is a perv player in the Cancer boy, but at heart he is still looking for a comfort relationship with a partner who will build a home with him. Cancer guy needs to protect things in his life, this is what makes him a man -- he needs to feel in charge. Even if his insecurities get the better of him, his moods get the better of him and he often will have moments where he is misinterpreted by others because he articulates himself in an ineffective way. At the root, he just wants to please and feel pleased but he cannot completely be content if doesn't find someone to protect for life. If Cancer guy doesn't seek true value in himself then it is impossible for Cancer guy to seek value in you. Cancer guy has the ability to make a great father as he will provide a sense of emotional security that is hard to come by but he has to be careful not to use children or people as blankets for his own inner turmoil. Clean out your emotional shell and then persist forward with those dreams -- they are more likely to happen this way!
All them broken hearts on that pole/ man if pole daning is art
 I'm fucking every artist I know. 
Scorpio Girl (October 23-November 21): The toughest of the water signs she won't need you to babysit her. She is a sign of control and will control you, her job and everything else in her world. In the most flattering form, she is a Bitch In Total Control, but a very, very, sexy one at that. She will need a spicy, sexual connection in order to feel alive.  Scorpio rules the groan and they can't help but express themselves through this body part. She is rarely without a romantic experience whether it be long term or a cause for mere sexual interaction. She thrives on the idea of sexual expression but with this comes the exact opposite. Scorpio can sexually, suppress themselves and the thing they like additively like sex and alcohol can also be the things, which they stay away. Scorpio might be so private that they can't connect with anyone on any level. Scorpio woman might be your strongest ally but have you noticed a pattern of her being strong for you and not always the other way around? She is successful and hard-working but she isn't emotionally vulnerable towards others. Don't be confused, she has a lot of emotions but she doesn't feel as thought she can communicate them properly. She has to be careful of leading with her va-jay-jay. Some girls lead with their tits, Scorpio might lead with both -- and her tail too. She isn't afraid to express through her body and her actions because her emotional level of communication is usually poor. She is a sexual being and often will lead with this (sex) when she likes someone. Scorpio can't always expect the red carpet treatment if she does this regularly. If Scorpio girl is confident in herself there is something about her that holds a man's attention and sometimes instant devotion. He will usually comes back, again, and again and again even if he tries to repel Scorpio. He might not be able to stay away. She knows how to be secretive, mysterious, seductive and independent, which drives men crazy. She knows how to keep a man guessing, which they generally love. Scorpio won't let you figure her truth out and this level of mystery is highly appealing to the naked eye. If Scorpio girl is confident she is the unobtainable, the one they all want and yes she might date you,  she might even use you, but only until it best suites her and then it's off with your head or out with your heart. She might want to be friends but you are not buying it --that girl is poison, generally a harmless poison of the best kind.
Without a doubt this is a lady you want in your life!

Scorpio Guy (October 23-November 21): Mr. Secretive! This guy will be harder to get into than a sold out concert. He won't speak. In fact, if he is a true Scorpion he will not be able to communicate. He might sit at the table and smile and make face but he's not one to say too much. Yes, there is the more chatty dolphin Scorpio, but we're speaking generally here. His feelings will not be properly expressed to you, but he will try to show you how he feels. He doesn't know how to express himself well in words, but don't get it confused, this guy is super smart and super sexy. Scorpio man is known for exuding a strong sense of natural sex appeal. He is introverted but this often makes him more appealing and even easier to get along with. He doesn't take trust lightly and will be great until you cross him. Scorpio man is known for the motto 'when he's good he's good when he's bad he's bad'. He's mister mystery. He enjoys what he enjoys, good sex, good company, good music. He's hard to get rid of but if he wants to get rid of you Scorpio guy will completely fuck off -- NO REPLIES. You wondered if you ever really met him at all. He will sting you and then sneak off. Scorpio guy is usually a man of high stamina and when turned on shows a lot of duration in bed to the point where he may not be able to arrive. He loves a good drink and can keep up with the big boys in terms of "another round", and when this happens he is less likely to arrive. Scorpio guy is not the "I love you so much" kind of guy, but if he is with then he likely does love you so much because this man has TRUST ISSUES. He doesn't know who he can trust, but if he trusts himself he will be just fine in the company of himself. A Scorpio is a provider to the people they are loyal to in life but they will not entertain anything or anyone they don't trust. If you have their attention you have their heart. This man can be fickle if you try to chew him out, he's got a lot of tenderness beneath his cool exterior, but he won't show you it unless he feels a connection of sincerity.
  Pisces Girl (February 19-March 20): The last sign of the zodiac, Pisces is a blend of ALL the signs of the zodiac in one sign, which is why she has friends all over the star sign map and why she likes so much contradicting shit. She is known as Little Miss Gullible, she's got a heart of gold but often this gets her into trouble. She's super sensitive. She like Cancer can dish it out but they cannot take it in. She does not like to be the punch line of your joke but you can be hers. She'll know exactly where and how to hit you. She'll likely apologize sincerely if you take offense. Pisces are generally persistant as fuck and when they really want something they will not stop until they get it. They have a really good way of oiling the rusty gates.Therefore Pisces girl can usually get in or get back simply by exuding their vivacious and endearing qualities. She is intelligent to a gifted degree (don't get me wrong a lot of ditzy energy and sheer stupidity lives in this sign but is likely not overshadowed by her gifts) like Aquarius and often independent. Her true fish qualities would be her diverse empathy and natural advisory skills. Pisces girl cares and even if she becomes moody or jaded she strives to be aware of herself and her signature traits-- she's not afraid to make fun of herself or be highly critical of her appearance -- you however are not allowed to do this. Pisces girl can be naive and prone to trust people too fast or too soon. Her own insecurities will make it hard for her to deal with players or unfaithfulness. She doesn't want to think for a second that you are a liar or a double-dipper. She's cool. She can chill with the bros and they usually find her her cute and funny. She's not afraid to be fucking dirty, talk about sex, or use foul language.  To her love is ultimate, the shit she thinks about when she listens to her slow jams  but nothing will suffice if this girl isn't happy inside first. Pisces girl makes the mistake in thinking that she is miserable until she finds a partner, but the trick for this girl is persist forward with self goals and plans in order to achieve true happiness. Men loves Pisces bitch, it's not that, but they can read your "made for life", "I"m easy and not going anywhere" code so don't be so quick to give of yourself. She can often give more than She is getting and will find herself becoming her own worst enemy if she isn't careful. She is likely very creative and inclined to music, dance and fashion. She likely has something highly feminine about her even if she is one who tries to repel femininity (in her fashion) her curvaceous or alluring nature will prevail. Pisces is a water baby, sometimes she would rather sink not swim, and often float in circles or drown entirely. Pisces girl can find herself in a bind as a highly sensual sign who wants to hook up and express herself through physical touch, but her natural femininity and good heart instantly tie sex with emotional connections (this is even worse if the sex is actually good to her standard). She can play it super cool but if Pisces girl keeps swimming in the wrong direction, eventually her emotions catch up with her. 

Pisces Guy (February 19-March 20): Mr. smooth, charming, and insecure. He doesn't know what he wants and ends up getting a lot to deal with any way. He has an attraction about him that reels women in. As stated, Pisces is a blend of all the star signs and this makes Pisces guy very unpredictable. He could either be a super sensitive, poetic, poor boy type. Or an emotionally confused, successful Aries like male who wants it all. The 'I want to fuck every girl in the world' as the Peter Pan Libra complex also exists here. Typical Pisces man is prone to multiple relationship, sexual partners and marriages in life. I once read, "every girl has a Pisces in her past." Basically, you've probably banged one. This isn't uncommon in Pisces culture as Pisces Elizabeth Taylor had many, many, many marriages in her life. Pisces do not always know what they want, but they need a lot, and these high needs often make Pisces grasp for straws. Pisces is also that guy that ends up living a temporary reality that was unplanned, though this can often be only temporary. For example, Pisces could becomes a father before marriage or become married because he became a father. Pisces man might live out their obligations but it should be known that men often for see and plan breakups. Obligation is the main reason men stay with women, but they often do see an expiration date in mind. He might also suffer from a Peter Pan complex in that he is big kid. If born close to Aries he won't be able to emotionally commit. He will be a slut. Pisces guy can be a full on creep if he wants to be. Give him some booze and he is a different person. This sign has been known to cheat, lie, manipulate, and use the women in their life. You know you have a really bad Pisces lover when you are paying for all his bills and he doesn't have a job. Yeah he might say the sweetest things to you and make you feel so good about yourself and your body that you keep forgiving him or giving him what he wants. If he's a bad seed Pisces he will milk you for all you got!  Serious though if Pisces is unstable, in more ways than one they are mooching off you.

Guy (August 23-September 22): Mr. Perfect. He is on the look for the perfect partner, the perfect life and career. As a grown Virgo man he wants the ideal and he wants to be the ideal provider. His mind is like a gambler, he places his bets, but he is never sure of anything as a perfect option. He likely won't stop playing until he feels he has won you. He never stops thinking and response well to fact and not fun fortune. He is great at figuring things out or projecting plans off of because if there is a flaw in the execution he will find it. He know from bottom to top what the best options are and what their potential downfalls may be. He knows how to postion things. He is shy in some aspects, but once he gets to know you -- he will tell you his critical thoughts.
Virgo is always on a mission of how to be and look better and therefore the person he ends up with will also have to aspire to this ideology. Virgo is a nit-picker and he will nit-pick his partner. He does this out of love and would not waste his time doing it if he didn't love (sounds odd but there is truth to it). He is more prone to show criticism than praise, which is why you live for it. If you are a girl who is addicted to the guy who won't give you your true validation well Virgo is the best for this. They will string you along, but at the same time make it apparent that they aren't going to validate you as the world's greatest. You will likely always fall below the Virgo standard and perhaps stick around in hopes that one day you might get it. Virgo is a very hard sign to forget because they don't really want you to forget them. The game is always at play for a Virgo and any move you make may strike this man. He is not the type to ignore you without explanation. He will only ignore what he is emotionally uncomfortable with. If you express too much feelings he might scare. Virgo guy is sort of in love with what is too good for him. He is in love with what he can't have but at the same time enjoys playing with what he can have. Virgo guy will usually give you a response in some way or another at some point. They are hard to tie down in their younger years. They all generally marry but most Virgo men are highly sexual beings and experience a lot of sexual experiences. The Virgin symbol is meant to be taken as ironic because this guy is anything but. He will likely never tell you how many people he has honestly slept with, but it is to be assumed that it is a lot, I mean he's the best you've ever had isn't he? Or at least he was up there

Virgo Girl (August 23-September 22): She doesn't know want she wants but she wants everything she can't have and everything that does not sincerely want her. She is also a critical lover who can always seek a flaw in her partner but like Virgo male this is an aspect of her admiration and devotion. She doesn't want to be late and makes good use of time. In her life, she won't project herself as cocky. She isn't attracted to people who brag or boost too much. She might have really fucked up cleaning or organization skills-- she could be messy about clothes and the like but there are elements of her life that extremely organized and she haaaates to be late! Seriously, if you need someone to organize your life or your company's project -- this is the girl. She is very consciousness and hard-working to the point that if executed poorly she may feel like she is never NOT servicing someone. As a sign of service it is really hard for Virgo to stop working. She is not the kind of girl to say "I'm sorry" willingly. If she does it is usually an "I'm fucking sorry" or expressed in a way that indicates that this was hard for her to admit. There is the opposite affect here too if the Virgo is insecure in which case they will be "I'm sorrying" a bit too much. Virgo girl is stubborn but she is smart. She makes a good co-pilot. she has good logic and common sense. She is chill and grounded and non-invasive. She makes for a great girlfriend or life partner and is in touch with her domestic side. She is usually highly likeable or at least has a small circle of very close friends who would do anything for her and likewise. Virgo girl loves attention but she is not the kind of girl to scream for it. She is coy and will probably hide behind a cell phone or a computer instead of approaching a person or a feeling (this is her shy side). I encourage Virgo girl to online date if she is really lonely because she can pre-screen her partner (try to focus on more than just their hot factor.)Virgo girl is emotional but she seeks to make sense of her emotional on a intellectual basis. She tries to be methodical about her emotions. At all times as logical as possible. She isn't afraid to take chances on men she knows will be nothing to her in the end. If Virgo is attracted to something there is no stopping her. She is a visual lady and if she likes what she sees it will be hard for her to turn a blind eye.

Leo Guy (July 23-August 22):He is confident in a way that will either irritate you or motivate you to be a better person. His very presence might make you feel better about your life in general. He won't be afraid to use you to boost his ego or play as an accessory to his throne. He is confident in his abilities and it is this confidence that carries him in his life. He usually gets good things naturally and it might seem like everything comes to him effortlessly, but he is a super hard worker and an excellent friend. If he makes a mountain out of a small problem it is only his dramatic tendencies and perhaps his response to any flaw in his good fortune. He will puts his friends before everything if needed and show them the utmost loyalty. As loyal as he is he craves his alone time and needs time to relish in self solitude. He needs time to sleep. He will come to you like a chariot when you are in crisis. At times, he can be really cheap and frugal, but in truth he wants to save his riches when he truly needs them for later life enjoyment. The $$$ in the bank make him feel proud and like the king Lion man can be. He needs a woman of simple devotion and when he finds her he will be forever loyal to her. He loves to be in love with the woman he loves. In a mature Leo man you will find that he won't even flirt with ladies at the bar and act in extremely cordial.In the younger, more insecure Leo types he will tempt fate, he will flirt and he has it in him to cheat. He will look for attention when he needs it and then run when attention tries to take him. This man might care what people think a little too much. If he is into his friends he won't want you to embarrass him. His reputation is important to him. He might sublet brag about elements of his lifestyle. This guy usually has money or savings or something financially promising in his future. He knows how to save for a rainy day and has the potential to be very successful in both love, life and career. The Leo guy is the king of the jungle and therefore does best with women he can control or at least a woman who lets him shine and does not outshine him. There is the more shy, more quiet, introverted Leo but even he needs to be heard. Leo won't do well with you bossy him around. You have to give Leo man his voice. He is a vault about his private life so don't fucking pry-- it won't go over well with him. He wants you to entertain him but he doesn't want you to discover him or have to reveal any signs of weaknesses. Make him laugh, make him feel loved and make him feel like he is the world's greatest. He aims towards perfection and is somewhat an perfectionist about his emotions and love life. He can be single for long periods of time because of this but when he falls he falls long and hard. In some cases you might think, "does this guy even have bad days?" He seems so playful, content or happy all the time -- is his ego really that secure? In a lot of cases here, yes. Leo isn't afraid to go after what he thinks is his but he has to be careful not to come off as too arrogant or narcissistic. He can be prone to depression though his ego will often force him to suffer quietly and alone. Show weakness Leo -- nobody is going to judge you.

Leo Girl (July 23-August 22): She's confident in a way that makes her look insecure, but make no mistake about it, Leo girl loves Leo girl. She will be lovely with you until you try to outline what she did wrong. Wrong is not really a binary, which Leo girl associates herself with often. She already has an explanation for her behavior before you speak, and often she isn't even listening because she already knows what you are going to say. She will hold you as the culprit for the problem and not the solution if pose a threat. The best way to get through to her is by constant flattery and praise. If you sugar coat the truth she is more likely to listen to it. Join the Leo pack or go home because Leo is not likely to say sorry and she will have followers because she can't help but lead to some degree. Leos are flaky and will ignore anything and anyone who doesn't fit into their repertoire of greatness. Leo is a natural born leader so even if they are the coy lion type they will still display an elements of confidence in their work and social life. In love they need certain attentions and if they are not getting these attentions they will look elsewhere for them.  Leo needs to feel both loved and important on a regular basis and will not settle for a mediocre love affair or a mediocre life. This girl always wants more. No vocations of adoration or affection are seen as too much for this lady. Give Jen Lopez a hard time but it isn't uncommon for the Leo girl to have a few hot flames, which she mistakes for love. Both Leo lady Madonna and J Lo haven't seemed to find the forever partner yet (despite that they have both had so many partners) and this reflects their excessive need to shine and to find a man who is strong enough to both support it and deal with it and keep their attention. Leo lady doesn't like to be bruised, her ego is very fragile and she needs to be surrounded by things that feed her hungry ego. If its not about her to a strong degree she won't be with it for too long. She will entertain it, string it along, but she won't be able to commit to it. Though she will convince herself of this sometimes and make people out to be better than they merely because these things are a reflection and extension of her. Leo girl is extremely charming but at a lot of time, extremely fake. How they really feel and think often is not congruent with how they act. The ego reputation of a Leo won't let them succumb to show any emotional affect to you. Sometimes if they hate you they will just love you so that you will love them. Leo girl will kill with kindness sometimes to a manipulative degree.

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