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Another Year of Birthdays

Happy New Year
2011, more like 9-11, we can except more rain or we can hope for heaven. What comes will test our strengths, make us tough, make us great, make us fall in hate or fall in love. Put us up, put us down or turn everyone inside out. All we can do is try and take control of the frown, keep swimming, and never let small shit get us down.
  Often people think NEW year and instantly revert to the idea of changes and what it is about themselves that they would like to alter. This is great, but in reality, it takes a lot of time and work for people to make sincere changes. In truth, how much do people actually change? As a wise Gemini woman once told me, PEOPLE DON'T CHANGE. It is very difficult to change who we are. You keep making the same mistake, playing the same old song, falling back into familiar habits, but this likely has a lot to do with the person you are and how you are meant to react to a particular situation. Often or not people have to adapt to us in order to love us, and in a lot of cases, this isn't always easy. The most important thing to strive for is awareness: what is it that I need to be working on it, and am I constructively working on it? This is likely the best you can do. What the new year does bring: planetary change, new energies in our lives, new memories and personal growth and maturity (your natural path of change). Anything can happen and has probably already happened, so what can't you handle?
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Worrying is when you think about what you don't want to happen in the future. Hope is where you start thinking about what you want to happen now. (Thanks Sag man Alex Mayfield for this) 
Aquarius (January 20-February 19) 
I truly feel that this is the year for things to finally come together for the great Aquarius. The haven't had the easiest time in recent years, well, some of them at least. This is the year AQ will finally get the ability to feel a sense of joy, which isn't tainted by the turmoils of the past. If not, at the very least, AQ will be able to set the groundwork, which is needed for AQ to achieve true bliss. If 2012 doesn't prove to be prosperous it is because AQ's need to mentally toy with every life concept prevents them from finding true happiness. AQ needs to give something a chance longer than two seconds, and if they are giving something a chance, they have to ask themselves if they are being true to their own desires. Is AQ actually free enough to explore their personal eccentrics within a given relationship or career? AQ will be happier if they meet both the needs of their partner and their own. In the end it will not benefit AQ if they are sacrificing their own needs in order to please someone else. Aquarius has a spirit that they can, will and need to exercise alone. They will sometimes require a bit of personal space from you. Let them take this stretch, in order to feel complete in knowing that they will come back. Sometimes AQ is just too afraid to commit. It is the fear that drives them. However 2012, is coined as the year, which AQ's positive hopefulness will reign true. Things will and should come together. When someone/something has done you wrong, people will look at you and say, "karma", like it exists, and in the case of the water carrier, I sense 2012 as the year to collect that karma, which people speak of. AQ needs to remain hopeful, however, and they need to let go of the fear, which prevents them from trusting things, and just go with it. For some of you it will be time to really think about what it is that you want on a futuristic level especially from a romantic partner or current long term significant other. For others this year will be about making money, but with all AQ's there is almost always a mild flirtation, a interest or relationship blooming, especially in the case of non-committal, standoffish AQ.

Libra (September 23-October 22)
Libra is the always the hardest signs to give direct advice too because Libra is so indecisively constructed in their playful and powerful ways. It can be hard to predict, which direction they are headed. For some Libras, they are becoming used to embodying a unstated, wishy-washy nature that usually ends in Libra reaping the benefits of other people's life successes. Their charm, good looks and good company make it very easy for a Libra to be courted, and inherit the fortunes of their partner. Libra needs to work on taking a stronger stance towards their lives and the direction, which they take. Libra is a very talented sign. They are lucky, but only if they are confident enough on that particular day to execute their ambition. Libra, sometimes doesn't have enough personal faith. Secretly, Libra is hard on Libra. Don't be insecure, don't be unsure and don't be undecided. Take the time to really think about what you want. Don't conform to meet the needs or aspirations of others. Find things that you find intriguing for yourself. I feel sometimes Libra will get stuck and embrace opportunities that they are bored of. Some of you have the greatest sense of style and artistry and need to be exploring aspects of life in which you can showcase your talents, whether that be singing, painting, styling, sewing, designing, playing the guitar or writing lyrics for a band. There is a strong connection to food and art, romance, sex and leisure within this sign. Stop being lazy and harness whatever this gift may be for you. Libra just wants to be laced in everything they enjoy in life, they want to be full, but be careful Libra because on a confident day you have the tendency to eat too much. Don't deprive yourself, but at the same time don't over feed yourself -- find that balance. People always come up to me and say, "I'm a Libra, I'm well-balanced", when in reality as a Libra, embodying the scales, you will spend your life struggling for balance. You weight things out far too much and its time to create pros and cons list to really figure out in your own mind what you want because relying on your significant other to take the reigns isn't good enough. At least not for the long haul!
Gemini (May 21-June 20)
This year some things could really come together for the Gemini! A lot of solo growth will take place -- you will sparkle like a blinged out Hello Kitty iphone phone cover this way, but only if you aren't afraid to become a findable Gem in the rough. Basically, give people the time to discover you and they will. Be patient, Gemini. Not everything in life has to be so immediate. This is your year to shine, but only if you make the proper choices to make it about you, not others and focus on those things, which you should probably work on over time. Don't hide behind a relationship, or a compulsive friendship, even a pet animal, and don't make poor choices simply because you've allowed other people to get in your ear -- do what's best for you. Follow your gut -- it is rarely wrong. (Unless you suffer from anxiety, which isn't uncommon for the Gemini either). Don't jump to conclusion based on what you hear, assess the situation in real life and decide for your own (highly visual) eyes on how to response. Though don't be mistaken, it is OK to do things for other people or in the favor of others (because this is where Gemini needs to grow) but don't let this take the focus off of you. Gems certainly need to open up to people on a deeper emotional level. It's not to say that wisdom and depth isn't in the Gemini, it's just that they don't know who they can invest in for certain and often hide behind their charm. They have skeptical thoughts about others, especially those that pursue them too prominently. This is encouraged because we don't want Gemini falling into old patterns of the past where they might string along an unsuitable suitor. Believe it or not with the right partner you might not have to fight the urge to cheat. Jupiter enters your sign this year, in June, bringing luck and popularity. Some avenues of your life that once seemed empty may suddenly enhance. Your mood is lifting. People love when you are free and fun loving, but nobody likes it when you become moody, sour, unhappy or bitchy. Remember you are of a dual-nature, and one part of this nature is going to benefit you more than the other, so you need to focus on this aspect of yourself. Be a Gem. You will get in touch with your personal passions and work towards achieving goals that make you happy. when you are happy you attract partners who you might actually entertain on a real level. Expect great things because you are not being lazy right now, and are really showing the world all that you are made of and more. Therefore, you also shouldn't be afraid to go out on a whim for something you believe in at the work place. People will listen to you, use that gifted gab of yours, and shine like a Gem knows how.
 Sagittarius (November 22-December 20)
Sometimes it seems like Sag has the answer even more you ask the question, right? Are they really listening? They operate on their own platform, which they will let you stand on, but don't try to sink it with your wit, because you will not be successful.Sag isn't having it. Sag is the captain of their own ship and you will be lucky to assume first mate status. Even then, Sag will tower themselves in a concrete of protection, which will take some time for you to tackle down. This year it is important for Sag to attempt taking down the concrete wall. It may seem that Sag is sweet, kind and empathetic but do their actions mirror their disposition? How much do they really care? 2012 is also the year where Sag will explore new job opportunities or work towards making their job better. This can be achieved by Sag bending to the rules a little bit more. They love to win, but sometimes the rules don't pan out in a way which Sag feels that they can regulate them. Losing will only upset Sag more and make their attitude difficult to work with. This year try to take the loses as wins because if you are on your game, and you should be, you'll know that's what they are essentially. There is no such thing as a lose, only if you are unwilling to learn from them. You may not be aware of this, but sometimes people think you are fake. Your smile, concerned eyes and eager nods don't do much to appease the reality that you are far too concerned with your own successes. Take a chance, open up, do something different and see where this takes you. Don't be afraid to lose, but most importantly don't be afraid to admit you wrong, and stop looking for something or someone else to blame it on. In 2012 there will be more opportunities, career rises, and big shifts is in the ladder is also a possibility. Sag is always on the rise of a promotion if they can have it, and this new year, if you play your cards right may just bring you that.
Leo (July 22- August 22)
2012 is the lion's time to shine. Getting older and growing up never did a lion any bad, if only, a world of good. Love is the air for this sign, success and new beginnings. The lion is busy, on the prowl and won't have time for poor relationships or friendships. They will be cleaning out their closet early this year, and this isn't to say that they don't still care for you, but it's just to say that quite frankly, they don't have time for you. Leo gets demanded by too many corners, and can't always deliver 100%. Leo doesn't like to ever falter from delivering 100% and therefore will have to surrender certain relationships, in which they can't give 100% to. Leo will usually have a very strong to connection to family and close friendships, which will make it hard to juggle all the acquaintances they make, their career demands, and relationship demands. It is important, despite all the distraction, and attention, which Leo loves and can't say NO to, that Leo takes times to stroke their own ego. Leo needs alone time, off the phone and away from the computer to really re-fuel their tank. They will always want to give to the people they love, but they need to take some self time to re-power their strengths. This makes sense, right? As you've probably often wondered and questioned why your Leo friend is so awesome and positive all the time. Well, they are human too. It is important that Leos don't lose their head in love this year -- keep telling yourself what it is that you want outside of your personal realationships. Keep in mind that Leo will be awesome until you try to test him/her or prove him/her wrong in a situation in which they feel they are right. Leo will play the drama card and throw you under the bus, especially if this means that Leo will come out on top. Never forget, the Leo is the star of the show, you are just a background dancer.
  Aries: (March 20-April 19)  
Apparently Uranus, the planet of unpredictability is in your signs, which means things will be unpredictable and perhaps at times a little chaotic. This  applies to all life aspects, including your relationships. Things are good right now, but in the next two years big changes are going to occur. Aries may have already made some big changes, some of you feel great about them, others of you feel rocky and unstable. If there is something in your gut that that you can't put your finger on, or a worry that has been plaguing you -- it is likely with reason. Don't ignore these feelings for too long because you know eventually you are going to get angry. Eventually it is going to eat you. Aries will take it and take it and take it and then they will explode. Don't let yourself break Aries and don't let yourself succumb to childish behavior that is beneath you completely. You've always got your mind on the next goal, the next good thing -- and therefore it is inevitable that things will have to change in order to appease your bated thirst. It is this thirst that makes you unique and lovable, at times: annoying and inpatient, but the sense is that this attitude will truly enhance your way of life. You persist to see the top of a mountain and you will, and even better, you actually have the power to do this. Aries is the first-sign-warrior of the zodiac and they can take on and battle a lot. Even so, they hate to do it. They'd rather things just go their way, and the vibe is that they will, but you might have to suck up some of your pride and take a stance. You might have to change something within before you can make a better end result. 
Taurus(April 20-May 20)
Jupiter is in your sign until 2012, which, brings you luck, probably in the form of vacations, money, job opportunities and stuff designed for consumption. Taurus won't complain with this. You work too hard Taurus, and usually the amount of work you put into something allows you to know if you are getting enough back. Ask yourself if you feel like you are getting what you want from both your personal and work relationship, and if you are, awesome. If you aren't, I think it is the time to really start thinking about the future and where you see yourself going. Who do you see yourself with? Will you change houses? Live with your partner? Hope for marriage? Taurus sometimes you just go along with shit, and you don't challenge yourself to truly think about what it is you want in a life or a partner. Being comfortable and having someone you can rely on is one thing, but is it enough? I only say this because while Taurus may settle they will also in time, wonder about better, and it's the Taurus wondering one finds hard to take because they will wonder forever, without actually do anything to change it. They usually don't act on it until things have really gotten bad. You don't want to be a Kimmy K, sitting in a limo telling your mother your don't miss your husband. You want to be with the person who you miss profusely when separated from and love to death, and you know it. sometimes you just want to love someone soooo badly that you put it on way too thick or sacrifice your own true desires just to say you have somebody. Go back to being the classy, picky, bull who knows exactly what they want and won't alter on it. Sometimes you need to "have" something outweighs the truth of whether or not that person is actually right for you. Not to say you aren't great for that person, you probably are, but what's in it for you?
 Capricorn (December 21-January 19)
Big changes are also on the rise for Capricorn. Let's face it, this is usual. Capricorn always has their eye set on the next prize. They want more. I think it is really important for Caps to watch their 'tude, tone and level of self display. Maybe you are unaware of this, but other people don't know you are warm until you present them with a clue.  Show love. Don't make yourself uncomfortable to talk about other people's problems, yet so willing to talk to them about your own. Smile more. Sometimes you really are all 'me me me', and if you do otherwise, and try to help other people, it is not always sincere. Some of you come off straight up cold, and it's unfortunate because beneath all this cold, calculated confusion you are a likely a lovely and wonderful, earthy soul. Don't get too lost in the maze of 'trying to make it' because the heads you step on along the way to get there will likely remember the color of your Toms. You don't want to be remembered as a person who didn't have regard for others, especially when you already know there are people in your life already that know that you do. They know that you've been their rock and their strength and their tough love savior, well this doesn't translate to every area of your life, and this can be promised. Not every one sees you the way that they think you do. Not everyone sees you the way that you see yourself. A lot of superficial interactions ensue in your life and you probably don't even realize it. 2012 holds a lot of great opportunities for self gain, and goals will be achieved, but Capricorn will be even better, when they achieve a sense of becoming well-rounded. I urge the Capricorn to venture out, hide away from your comfort zones and challenge yourself to do something bold and unexpected.
Virgo (August 23-September 22) 
Virgo, we love you, but sometimes you can be a big baby, which is why we're happy with those of you who have tried to mature somewhat in the past year. Virgo, you are the savior, a true hero, when you want to be, but your also the rascal at times, and often will go out of your way to seek secret trouble. You are finally in a position to pursue your goals and to specifically make those career dreams a reality. Most of you work impeccably hard, it almost goes unnoticed because you are so quiet and hard at work that sometimes it gets swept under the rug. As the sign of service you know how to deliver, but when I said earlier that you can be a baby, I meant that some of you really don't know how to be alone. Even when you should be. Nothing is perfect, but Virgo is looking for pretty close to it. Virgo will find flaw and will critize what they don't admire. Sometimes they string along relationships at the risk of not having someone to hold their hands or fill their needs -- and these needs will vary from Virgo to Virgo. But be careful, as you don't want something to happen in one of these relationships that could tie you to that Virgo forever.  Virgo is a very mutual sign, meaning that those under this sign are all very different, but there is a sense of 'Virgoness' that exists within all of them. It's never really too shocking when a Virgo is revealed because they have a lot of fixed nature and a lot of fixed tendencies. They are realist and ideally need to be apart of something that makes him/her believe in their abilities. Virgo isn't always confident or aware of their skills and therefore being put in a an environment where they can excel or showcase their strong abilities will help Virgo flourish. Stop debating things in your head. Worrying is the biggest waste of time and you do this far too much. Imagine how hard it will be to be with someone else if you are constantly nit picking your self. If you don't think you are good enough then nobody else is.
Scorpio (October 23-November 21)
Sensing a lot of great change for the Scorpio for 2012. Scorpio has the tendencies to find the football and never, ever let go of it. Or at least not until they are ready, and this could take a very long time. For those of you, who are finally ready to give up the ball, I really feel that this year will be a positive one. Not necessarily an easy one, and Scorpio might hate it at first, but great change doesn't come with ease. Scorpio will have to bring their resilience to good use, and tough this out. The journey this year isn't really about partnership, Scorpio likely has this already, or is still in the process of letting of something/someone from the past, which is why this year should be about self-work, self-focus and self-gain. If you are a Scorpio and there is something you want or something you want to change -- make it happen. What is stopping you? The fear of realizing that what you wished for isn't really what you wanted in the first place? The person you love should give you everything you want, for the most part. And ideally your job should be making you happy -- you will just rot away otherwise, and we don't want that to happen. You have so much to give and are full of unraveling mystery that leave breath bated -- don't stray too far away from yourself, you deserve this time to self-pamper. If you are a single Scorpio, clean slated Scorpio on the route for love, I suggest you put yourself out there a bit more, especially with your feelings. Nobody knows how you feel, probably not even you, so can you expect anyone to take a clue when you don't leave one. Sex is not a form of communication, so if you lead with sex don't be surprised if there is nothing to be said after. You need to use your voice more and your body less.
 Cancer  (June 21-July 22) 
If you sought means of self-protection in human form in 2011, you will likely feel the fall of this in 2012. Stop doing this. Cancer will come out of something, only to find someone else to band-aid their wounds. This isn't going to help you find the one. This isn't going to help you get over the past. Good looks in a partner isn't going to appease you forever. This year, you know even more what you want, and that is to build a home with someone you love and trust. Why waste your time with these distractions? Those of you born closer to June are probably like WTF I don't want to build anything with anybody, and that's fair enough, but the typical Cancer born crabs, are certainly intrigued by the idea of meeting that perfect person who they stay with forever ever and ever ever, and ever ever. Cancer needs to work on their communication skills. They keep too many things within their shells, so well that they hide truth from themselves. They lie to themselves sometimes just to get by, and while these coping mechanisms are cute and ever so endearing, they will not work long term. Any band-aid that you place on your body this year will eventually come off, so why bother? Take that trip, plan towards a different career, make those changes that have been nagging you, nagging you, nagging you and yet you've done nothing to alter them. You can't change your life if you can't change your behavior. Also, stop bringing your relationship-driven-mood into the work place. Nobody cares. If anything they are just pissed that they have to deal with your shitty mood all day. Distract yourself from frustration, don't wear said frustration on your face and make everybody look at it all day -- nobody wants to.
Pisces (February 19-March 20)
Mars is in your opposite signs this year, which will create trouble with close partnerships and friendship. This is nothing that Pisces can't handle. As the last sign in the Zodiac Pisces is used to persevering back up after a fall. Last year, the Rose-colored glasses were on tight. Pisces made themself believe that they should waste mental time and energy on people who others likely deemed as wrong for them. When in love, lust or 'like' Pisces will not operate rationally or logically. Even if they can provide this type of advice for others. Hopefully this year, Pisces has learned, more and more that they will get what they demand and won't settle for the same old shitty situations, which keep on presenting over and over. In 2012 Pisces will also be more focused on their own goals. They might actually start to do something that they've been talking about doing for a really long time. Growing up never truly suited the fish, but they are starting to realize that in order to live within their desired means they will have to make some changes and utilize their own potential. They will have to stop being lazy and try. Pisces has a lot to offer and has to do their best not to their emotions or care and concern for others take them down. Don't fill yourself with the empathy stemmed from other people's pain, focus firstly on your own pain. A lot of the time you are generous to a fault -- try to give yourself some of this inspiration and learn how to inspire yourself. Don't focus so much on what you don't have and don't hate on those who have things, which you want. You need to keep exuding positive vibes towards others in order to deem your own good fortune in the future. Pisces will always have to wait a bit longer, but that's okay, because they usually have a lot of fun in the process.
    Any planetary references in this blog post came from ^^^this book, by Georgia Nicols.
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