Friday, December 2, 2011


The Holiday season emphasizes on the spirit of giving, but it also indirectly forces you to ask yourself what do you want. When you lead with the "want you want" mentality in a relationship or dating you often will fail to consider what you need. Desire can propel an union for some time, but in the end, it is what you need from another person, which will tie you to them. You are probably all familiar with the expression, "that's what you want, not what you need." Often or not we may be clouded by our physical desires, which lead us to settle for people even if they are incapable of giving us what we need in the long run. There is this saying that I find often rings true, "they are not the right one, but the one for right now."
Many of you are certainly happy and settled down with the person who is exactly what you need, but others are caught in the web of lusting after someone who isn't ultimately their perfect mate and doesn't have what they need. For those of you who find yourself lost, consider the horoscopes below, which attempt to supply prospective guidance on how to pine after the perfect match. If you don't identify with your star sign, you might not agree with the prescriptions. If you have a cusp birthday or one that lands closer to another sign (even if you are within a week of the sign change) try reading both of the horoscopes which you fall on.
Aquarius Man (January 20- February 19): He needs a woman who is comfortable in her own skin, confident with herself and not a jealous type. She needs to be able to handle his flirtatious and charming nature just as she has to be equally understanding of his many female acquaintances. AQ man is likely (in some regard) still tied to one or more his exes. As stated in previous blogs, his attractions don't necessarily fade over time, but his level of commitment will enhance if AQ is interested in you emotionally and long term. The woman that catches AQ's eye will have to be aesthetically pleasing and perhaps a bit adventure seeking and worldly. AQ doesn't usually discriminate against beauty, and finds attraction in many different species, races, and sizes, however, Aquarius man is looking for a balance between what he finds beautiful aesthetically and what he find beautiful intellectually. It is best not to let AQ think he has you too soon. Your element of mystery and and independence will only entice AQ further. AQ male  needs an outgoing partner who wants to travel, experience and enhance their life in a non-conventional and highly eccentric way. Therefore he needs a partner who is not only patient but willing to think outside the box and let AQ take his time on conventional aspects of commitment. AQ man is aloof, often detached and likes his own space, so if he lets you in, it is with good reason. It is unlikely that he will change for you, he does not adapt to others, others have to adapt to him.
Aquarius Women (January 20-February 19): He'll need to roll out the red carpet from time to time, but she'll settle for a car door, or a subtle cute gesture. She's not demanding romance but if you present her with it she will be pleasantly surprised. She doesn't always think the best of men, but she is a deep thinker by nature, and will often see an ending in someone soon before she sees a bright beginning. It's not to say she's a raging feminist but just that she's not afraid to put a man in his place. She expects a certain level of respect from her man. She's not likely one to put up with abuser or shitty douche bags, and if she does, she will learn fast and become even more skeptical about love. AQ is known as being the sign, which is most skeptical about love in general. You will have to sincerely impress either the AQ male or female before they can believe you. AQ needs a partner who is emotionally strong and expressive, someone who isn't afraid of love so they can teach AQ how to open up.  AQ needs to meet a partner she will take chances with, someone she can emotionally open up to and doesn't second guess. Often AQ women  will suffer from what this blog would like to coin as the 'Jenifer Aniston complex'. As a AQ female she attracts many suitors, and has experienced vast degrees of love, but it has taken her a long time to find true love. This is because she has likely always felt a disregard towards her past lovers, and something within her didn't allow her to completely devote or open up. She loves the idea of being in love, but often isn't truly in love to the level, which she could be. Her thoughts needs to stay positive and loving in order for her interest in you to blossom. You will have to impress this tantalizing, eccentric and brainy women with your wits, emotional truth and a little chivalry. 
Libra Man (September 23-August 22): Like AQ, he will be flirty, playful and aloof at times, so he won't be able to deal with emotional insecurity in his life. If his woman is highly emotional or jealous he will run away, fly about until he finds some peace of mind. He might return to her, but only after the drama has settled. He wants to enjoy life and can't be held down by restraints. Libra man needs a women to present ideas of control, but he does not want to be controlled. He will not take well to you telling him how to live. You will have to suggest it. You will have to put the option on the table and let him weight out the pros and cons. He is drawn to the sexually adventurous and likes sexual change. He will be open to a woman who thinks outside the box both sexually and leisurely and who isn't afraid to enjoy life. She must love music and friends and good food. She must love sex, and view the exploration of play as an art form. Libra is a sign of costume and fashion and therefore they are looking for a partner who can fashion their love just right. You have to keep Libra excited. Long term, he will do better with a more controlling woman, but only if he has real love for her and is willing to give her the patience required in order to exercise her desires.She has to understand that he might be "all over the place" at times, but when he truly is into someone he can calm down and make the commitment. Regardless, she can't bear too much indecision as this is Libra's biggest concern. They don't want to be rushed and they will benefit from a partner who can make up their mind with a lot less effort.
Libra Woman (September 23-October 22): Like Libra male, she too will be a free spirit in need of a man who can keep up with her dreamy demands, whether these demands mean needing more independence or needing more intimacy. It just depends on how she is doing that day or where she is at in her life. If he is patient, friendly and artistic he might win well in her heart. Libra women want to shine, as she will be talented in a variety of areas. She is a creative artist who knows about wine, food, decoration and dressing. She has a certain, untouchable flare about her natural essence, which attracts many suitors--so be careful because you might just become a fan to her radiant spectacle. She is a show-stopper and expects nothing less of her partner in bed. She needs someone who is going to appear like a good arm accessory, someone she can consider her romantic, partner in crime. Libra woman is looking for a best friend and her best bed mate. Again, a more controlling partner is advised as Libra will need a bit of guidance and structure to complete her friendly, fun and free-spirited aura. She would do well with another free-spirit type, though it's not to say for how long. Libra will grow best with someone who gives her that push towards future success. Someone who won't let her get stuck in her vain, self-centered tendencies. She almost needs a partner who will help her see, which choices she should commit and stick to, oppose to staying in the land of uncertainty. '
Gemini Guy (May 21-June 20):  He really needs to meet a person that he admires enough to take care of of him. Gemini guy is very hospitable, he will cook for his love, he will open doors, he will make you feel like a queen if he really loves you. He's very prone to detail so he'll appreciate all the things you do to make yourself look attractive. He needs a women who finds his feminine side appealing, and perhaps in some regards, a woman who is a bit more masculine. Gemini male usually has something metro about him, perhaps he likes to shop, or buy a lot of expensive shoes or jeans, which ever it is, he will most certainly have a lot of ladies in his life. Meaning if you want to date him you are simply going to have to succumb to the amount of female energy in his life--he gets along very well with with the opposite sex. This is often his number one game move, a girl will simply think she is hanging out with a charming, intelligent and attractive male friend, who appears emotionally non-threatening and lighthearted, until they are naked in his bed. Gemini is the friend every female wished she had, as he is very much the twin boy looking for his twin mate. He is not interested in being alone, and will suffer a plethora of dating disaster as a result. Don't take him too seriously too soon, because the moment he knows he has you -- he's gone. You do not want to freak him out with "drama" or intense emotions. TMI surveillance is needed here. He's about the chase and he needs a girl who is going to keep him on his toes. If you show too much devotion too soon, you won't be favored.
Gemini Girl (May 21-June 20): She needs a man who can keep up with her, someone who won't waste her time. She is not the most patient person always, or at all in some cases. She gets it now and needs you to also get it now in order for her to even look your way. If she has her shit together, Gemini will likely be very independent, working hard in a career field where she balances demands of various social commitments, friends and projects. He has to to acknowledge her strengths and be prepared to meet them. She has a natural attraction about her, a goddess-like essence that makes her both appealing and charming to the naked eye of others. She's a phenomenal flirt, and acquires a partner who is confident in himself, who can fulfill her mentally, emotionally and sexually. She bears many faces, some more restless than others, but in the end she is capable of being the face of love to a man she is truly can be devoted to. Though she will pose problems for herself when her intentions don't match her words. She will lose out on opportunities if she gets lots in her chatter, or bitching, without thinking about her honest personal disposition. For Gemini girl it is highly important that they be sincere, and not simply become a victim of the "oh I can't be lonely" syndrome. Gemini is addicted to mental stimulation, and this comes most easily from the opposite sex/sexual attraction, but it is important that Gemini girl refrain from entertaining minute flirtations with the interested prospects merely for ego boost or attention. If she is serious about love she will cut the cord on all the wrong numbers calling her and only seek to find the things they require in one mate.
Sagittarius Woman (November 22-December 20): She needs someone she is truly attracted to in both a physical and mental sense. This is a given with any pairing, but its especially true here as Sagittarius can find it hard to stay stimulated completely by the same person. They have a natural itch to travel and therefore their partner must have a sense of fun to their personality. Sag girl doesn't want to stay in every night and she wouldn't be fully satisfied with a stay at home drip. She is looking for a partner that she feels capable of spending her life with. Someone she can trust and let in emotionally. She has a tendencies to hide her true feelings at the fear of getting hurt. She knows she is capable of doing a lot on her own and does not want to tarnish her positive spirit by letting a man in to destroy this. Often she feels men don't size up to her expectations just as she distracts her self in adventure, socializing and work because she fears failure in any aspect. She will benefit from a partner who has a sense of humor and a zest for life. She needs someone who can mirror her in constant positive validation, which will keep her spirits high and her enjoyment for life soaring. She secretly wants that 'sweep me off my feet' kind of romance, and needs a man who will chase after her and force her to see how worthy of love she truly is. Settling for the Sag girl was never an option, so make your impressions boldly and with style.
 Sagittarius Guy (November 22-December 20): Like all fire signs, he needs a partner who is going to be patient with his charm, his flirtations and his busy work schedule. He likely won't want a girl who can outshine him and he might not even want her for too long. Sag guy is looking for someone who is going to strike him, someone who is going to prompt the chase. He has a  natural desire to climb the chains of success, he desires a sense of royalty in all aspects of his life. Someone with the same amount of seeming confidence and charm is required to share Sag's throne. Someone with class, but also someone he can trust. Sag man will be a vault with his true emotions if he chooses to be. He needs a woman who is perhaps a bit more down to earth in her nature, someone who can listen, care and console and open him up. He has a tendency to be a bit of a hypochondriac and will require an attractive spouse who can listen to his woes and tell him that everything is going to be okay. Adventure is also important, though, you will favor in his desires if you acquire a thirst for life, love and leisure. Domestic qualities are also favored here, for if he truly fits in as being a man on the pursuit of royalty, he won't mind be waited on, cooked for and doted upon. He wants a life full of passion and hopes. When he is sure that he loves you, he will want you to join him on his ever-lasting journey. Yes, this man will still be setting personal goals well into his fifties, and is looking for a partner who will stand by all his anal tendencies through thick, and thicker. Someone who will be equally elated about his recent golf score success or business dealing. Sag guy can't help but be a bit of a bragger, and therefore needs a woman who will share in his successes.
Leo Lady (July 22-August 22): Lions are use to taking control by nature, even if they do so in a meek or coy cub manner. They want to be appreciated for the amazing beings, which they are. Leo loves very passionately. and when they fall in love they fall hard. Leo is happiest when in love and therefore holds it as the lifetime ultimate. Leo needs a partner who will not only let her shine but will satisfy her on ALL levels. If you neglect this woman in any shape or form, she will seek fulfillment from something or someone else. Leo girl needs to feel important, and often Leo will need other people to know just how great they are doing or just how in love they are. Leo is not afraid to show off when in love. Leo expects 100% loyalty. Even if they shine, it doesn't necessarily mean that you have to shine too. Leo responds well to a provider-type, someone who can be like a rock to their roll. Leo woman, like all fire signs is highly passionate and expects you to light her flame on the regular. You have to keep the fire burning with Leo, and if the flame distinguishes you have to re-light it. You have to display devotion and maintain the Lion when she gets high maintenance or needs reassurance and ego stroking. She needs a partner who is either very patient, down-to-earth, loyal and secure like a Virgo. Or she needs an Aries type, someone who stems from the same fiery, friendly energy and wants nothing more than to experience life through passion, goals, love and adventure. Aries will give the Leo a sense of security and companionship. The lion will feel understood by the ram, and satisfied. Leo has a hunger for life and love, so you have to keep them well-feed, and be aware of the maintenance required here. She might love you on Monday, but come Thursday, it could very well be a different story. Don't think for a second that she doesn't know what you are up to. This broad is nobody's fool, at least not for too long, so don't try to manipulate her love. 
Leo Man (July 22- August 22): As much as he loves to be in love, Leo will not settle for anything but absolute commitment and the perfect mate to share his life with. Leo man will be the dream partner to a woman that he really loves, but it will take him time to open up fully, with most women. He will be affectionate, sometimes adorably romantic, and emotionally expressive of his feelings. He won't allow his woman to ever question his love because his heroic actions will always speak louder than any words could. He will be by her side and provide for her in any level that is in his means. His ideal type is a highly confident girl with a lot of drive, soul and heart. He wants to be engaged by beauty and inspired by his partner. He needs someone he can laugh with, though he won't do well with an overtly dramatic or emotionally intense partner. This will turn him off and sketch him out. Flaky by nature, Leo needs someone to rise for. Someone they admire too much to ever cancel on. Someone special enough to make his want to get out of the house and meet up with. As stated before, if he puts you before his friends, this is a huge testament to how he feels for you. Leo guy is the good, loyal, lovable friend that the guys come to when they need to talk. Leo has to love you enough that his loyalty to you comes first and foremost because if you start to feel like a neglected, wall fixture in his over-consuming, never-ending, dramatic social derby -- well, you probably are.  
 Aries Man: (March 20-April 19) You will find yourself hard-pressed trying to get under the true skin of this man. He doesn't take commitment lightly, especially emotional commitment. He may never emotionally commit, which is why a women of a softer touch is ideal. Though not too soft as he will string along the vulnerable, two time them, and not give a fuck if they present this as an viable option for romance. He needs an active mind. Someone who can come along and make him feel like he can truly open himself up and show his vulnerable side. He needs to know he can trust you. To Aries man, woman are admired by the beauty of their physical aesthetics, he is like a gardener out to pick the most pretty flower. He bases his decision on sexual and physical appeal and can't always be bothered to take the time to emotionally connect with a woman. Therefore, saying "I love you" and getting married etc. will all take some time for the Aries man. Aries has to do thing at his own pace, and on his own time. They do not response well to pressure and will tell you where to go if you test them on this. Aries key word is 'self', he needs to be good with himself in order to be good for you, and therefore this is the first step towards solving the Aries man puzzle. When he is in a good place with himself he will be more apt to love, but it takes times. It will require a very patient, loyal, loving and emotionally secure woman to pull Aries man out from his shell of personal protection.
Aries Woman (March 20-April 19): The key is to get her interested because if she isn't full heartily invested, she will not catch forever. She will entertain your prospects or use you to fit her own needs and attention issues, but she will not emotionally tie herself to you. It is important here that her interest in you is not based solely on her need for male attention or sexual encounters, but that it is primarily based on the fact that she adores you and has, over time, opened up to you. Aries woman is really good with a Leo because Leo will force Aries to occupy either a back seat or assume an equal position. Aries' need for control either has to be pampered to a high degree OR she needs to meet a man who can put her in her place and force her relax. Aries woman can't help but plan her life away and she needs to live for the moment, but she can't and therefore requires a more 'live for the moment' partner. One who is loyal, dependable and trustworthy, but also someone who has a very rational side. Someone who can talk Aries out of poor situations and stressful feelings. Aries might also require a more emotional, nurturing and overall "sweeter" partner who can show them that anger is not always the best emotional discourse. It is important for Aries to give up the ego and let a man take control, the fear of getting hurt is the biggest hurtle here, but Aries is better suited to find true love in a more vulnerable state.
Taurus Man (April 20-May 20): He may not be Mr. Romantic, but he sure knows how to put the word 'practical' into romance. He is the type of guy who will be a rock for you, an arm to console you when you are down or weak, an ear to listen to you vent and a sensual, yet aggressive and passionate lover in the sheets. He needs a woman he can trust, but also a woman with perhaps a bit of flamboyant spunk, which can bring him out of his shell. Taurus is after the real deal love, build on solid trust, admiration and devotion. They do not forgive easily if burned and will tolerate a lot of nonsense, but when you really push him, this man is like a bull in a china shop. Taurus has a knack for being over-worked and hard-working by nature so he need a partner who is going to be able to comfort him during these busy times and calm him down when he gets too moody as a result of his stress. Taurus man has a lot of pride and expect his woman to have the same. He is not the type who is going to sit around validating your stamp every ten seconds of the day. He wants his woman to be confident, just as she shouldn't expect over the top, fluffy, drawn-out vocations of love. Taurus might show their love for you by buying you a present or taking you for a nice dinner or trip somewhere, but they will likely be predictable in their romantic pursuits. He is Mr. Capable and he needs a feminine, softhearted, charming girl, or an outdoorsy dream boat to help balance his stubborn, yet ruggedly handsome ways. Taurus is the man, and if you are looking for what some would consider to be a "real man" then this is definitely your guy. Rugged around the edges, generally handsome and great at fixing things, you won't question or doubt the testosterone in this earthy man.
Taurus Woman (May 20-April 20): If she wants you, she will move slowly and then suddenly she will own you. It will be hard to get rid of her, especially since there is a part of you that won't truly want to. She's down to heart, dependable and tender-- once you break down her walls. This is what she needs, a partner who isn't going to be afraid to express love and let her feel like she can do the same. This might just start off with her buying you really nice things or paying for little trips away, but later she will tell you just how much she loves you. She will need to feel secure enough to say these words. She needs someone she can trust, who isn't too fleeting or indecisive because she will have an opinion on the matter, and she make the decision. If your not man enough to wear the pants, Taurus girl will take control. If your that guy who fronts like he runs shit but secretly is run by his girlfriend's agenda, then this is the girl for you. This means you will spend more time with her friends, oppose to your own and you will go along with what makes her happy. That's what happens when a man falls for a Taurus woman, he becomes a part of her world out of admiration. She expects this level of devotion in return. Pay attention to facial expressions and body language as she will not tell you when she is upset, at least not all the time. She expects you to love her enough that you just know and if you are not a mind reader in this case, perhaps your feelings aren't as deep rooted as Taurus needs them to be. Though a sign of practicality, the Taurus girl, Mona Lisa smile and all, needs a bit of romance. IF you give her everything she needs, she won't stray, she will stick as long as you provide the glue, preferably the best, most expensive, name-brand glue in the whole wide world.
Capricorn Man (December 21-January 19): He won't be able to open his shell easily, and he might not even want to for a very long time. Capricorn males are either committed at a very early age, or independently single and career driven until much later in life.One thing's for sure, they are looking for a life mate, someone who they ride next to on an airplane for many years to come. Capricorn is a relationship sign, meaning they prefer to have real, solid, long-lasting relationship oppose to meaningless flings and affairs. They have a knack for taste, however, and finding the right person to invest in will be crucial for this man. Capricorn is looking for a woman of class and wouldn't be opposed to dating another career-orientated person. He's a hustler who is attracted to a fellow female hustler. Capricorn is 'the boss' by nature and is directly turned on by people who work hard because they desire someone who also wants the best things in life. Capricorn man would do well with a woman of composed charm, high intellect and a soft, earthy attractive nature, which compliments the structured and guarded Capricorn. It is important that she provide a lightness to his work and stress. He aims to please so when he doesn't, he will need a convincing woman who can make him laugh and let it go. Even though there has to be a level of grounded energy in his female, he might be able to handle a woman who is a bit wilder than him. She still would have to have some reservations about herself and of course, clean up nice. If Capricorn has really fallen for it will especially show if they let you take the lead. He will do whatever you want and put up with a lot if he loves you. He wants to make his woman happy and therefore if that means conducting a daily circus, compliments of his lover, than he just might.
Capricorn Woman (December 21-January 19): She, like Taurus will have a certain about of controlling power in her relationship. She likes to wear the pants and won't mind doing it in any relationship. If she were to fall for a very strong, in control type, she would let him take the front seat. That's not to say she wouldn't provide a lot of support or play an equal part in the decision making process, but it is just to say that she could do well with a man who puts her in her place during these moments of intense control. Her problem is that she will take on too much, so it is important that the relationship is a place of good nature and good humor. Stress in the relationship will only force her to reach out towards more means of working and staying busy. She needs to be challenged and she needs to feel secure, otherwise she will question the truth of your love and won't let you into her shell. Her stubbornness can be tamed, as you will find the more she falls for you, the more she softens and lets go of her need to always be right. Sometimes it's probably best to just let her be right, but this isn't to say that you shouldn't try to show her a different way of looking at things. She has a tendency to see things her way, and as hard as it may be to shift her way of thinking, with the right partner it is possible. The goal is to not let Capricorn girl turn into a fossil, which is easily buried and forgotten. She needs to stay fresh and full of vitality or she won't shine to her true potential. It is key for Capricorn girl not to stay in codependent situations out of fear that it's all she could have. Capricorn if you are worrying about this, please know there is more in store. A lot better awaits you, just don't be so eager to commit or stay committed. Being in love is not an asset it is a blessing.
 Virgo guy (August 23-September 22): He may keep you dangling for as long as you are willing to hang, but make no mistake this guy is looking for perfection in a permanent partner. He is willing to stay single as long as he possibly can, as long as this means he gets the chance to be-friend, sex up and flirt with a variety of beautiful women. Virgo man rarely has barrios when it comes to beauty and will find it in all races, sizes, and ethnicity. It is important here, if you are trying to keep Mr. Virgo long term that you mentally charm him with your witty intellect and your acquired pursuit of knowledge. Virgo needs intellectual stimulation, he thinks, worries and analyzes everything and therefore requires a partner who can take this on. Virgo's are often attracted to those they consider smarter than them because they love the challenge and the thirst of becoming better. Virgo is very self-critical and he always sees room for improvement on everything and in everyone. This need often makes it hard for him to find true love, Virgo's superiority complex will prevent true emotional connections and therefore Virgo guy will need time to feel you out. He will need time to break down his fronts and face the true reality in front of him. Virgo is a man of vision, he lives in his eyes, and is attracted but also vulnerable to what he sees. His thoughts can change upon seeing you, especially if he is turned on. Often he will hide within his own inversions and won't project his true self or feelings, which is why he requires a partner he can trust. He needs a woman who embodies the "mommy role" he craves but also someone who is sensitive to his critical darkness, a side which Virgo is prone to bear. It is necessary for Virgo's love to shed a light through his moody madness and keep him thirsty and excited for her, over time. Keep in mind, loving a Virgo guy might mean that you start to change everything about yourself  in order to suit his needs, and yet he still isn't giving you what you want. If this is the case, you need to move on because Virgo will only give you their all if they know they can sincerely trust that you are 'the absolute' for them.
Virgo Female (August 23-September 22): She'll have some skeletons in her closet because she isn't afraid to take chances. She sort of likes the bad boys, or isn't at least isn't unwilling to take them on. Love is very important to her. She's an intelligent, private eye type who wants to find all the clues to solve the mystery on how to meet Mr. Right (Mr. Perfect). She will coyly seek, and flirt and may come off awkward at times. There is an undeniable shy side to this sign. She is seeking, yes, but she is hard to please. She like Virgo male would like to seek practical perfection in her ideal mate. This is not to say she won't string you along to suit her immediate needs, but it is to say that she is hard to impress for the long haul. She'll be distracted by things she can't control and will try harder to fulfill this need to control when things can't be easily controlled. She requires a partner who provides her with stability, physical comfort, trust, humor and friendship. She is looking for someone she can build a house with, but proudly. She knows she is pursued but if she is true to herself she will be caution and reserved until she really feels the time is right and the person meets her capacities. Otherwise she will obsess about male attention and bang random guys, until someone worth the change in lifestyle arrives. When it does, she will be the ideal mate. Down to earth, providing, loyal and practical. There is a side to her that needs to be needed, and she works hard to achieve these needs. She needs a partner who respects this and admire the gifts of this inquisitive and methodical woman.
Scorpio Guy (October 23-November 21): He is probably depicted in a lot of astrological literature as the darkest and most dangerous man, but is "danger" in this case truly dangerous or is it just dangerously sexy? Yes, the Scorpio attraction can sting you. Take Ryan Gosling for example, as I am sure most woman would 'take him' gladly, but have you ever seen him in an interview? Dude is a total Scorpio. He answers most questions with as few words as possible. He stings you with sexy stares and communicates so much through his facial expressions, especially in his smile and eyes. Scorpio dude will have a natural sex appeal that is hard to question or de-tangle from emotionally, but he can defiantly have sex and not feel anything emotional about it the next day. If you are consistently doing him, you should note that the sexual affection he shares with you is a direct expression and reflection of how he feels for you. His lady has to know he is not the typical "I love you so much, babe" type and embrace his ability to show his love through his body. He is looking for a woman who he trust, and trust me, the guard will take some time to come down, even if he really likes you. Security in a partner is key, Scorpio will sniff you out for as long as they need too, in order to know for certain that they really love you. A lot of Scorpio men seek professional dating help because they don't know how to communicate. Even more so it is because Scorpio guy doesn't know how to trust properly or at all, and this indirectly scares people from opening up to him. He needs a women who isn't afraid to bring Scorpio dude out of his dungeon. He needs a woman who isn't afraid to strike first, and show him her vulnerable side, thus allowing him to see it is okay to open up to someone else.
 Scorpio Girl (October 23-November 21):: This woman expects to have you and expects for you to be hers forever-- or for however long she desires to have you. It is very hard to un-attach yourself from a Scorpio woman in love because even if you aren't entirely good for her, she has the ability to convince herself that you are, even if you truly aren't. Her heart is powerful and rules all, but only if she lets it and in some cases, she won't let anyone in. She needs a partner she can trust, because otherwise she will sit around wasting time fighting through her own trust issues, which will inadvertently keep her from connecting with her lover. She needs a mentally stimulating partner who she can confide in. Someone she can tell her private emotions to and not just someone she enjoys 'helping or 'enabling'. If she feels comfortable enough around this person, then this is a good signs. Scorpio woman will read you a mile away, and it is very easy for her to push you away instantly, or use you in a twisted, Scorpio girl affair, but you won't mean scrap to her. She needs a man who will be patient with her rigid ways. She will push you away by nature, or string you along casually unless you pose a challenge to her. You have to appear epic, confident and emotionally sound to truly snag this women. She is used to be independently capable in her life and will do well with a man who has a lot of throw down. A man who isn't afraid to wear the pants OR a man who will give up control to her. As stated before it's not that Scorpio girl is a total control freak, it is only that she doesn't trust others enough to do it right. She needs someone she can rely on and someone she can feel secure enough to let her guard down--someone who can share in her control. She needs to be with someone who doesn't give her excuses (through their own folly) that is it alright to exercise her jealousy/insecurity issues.
Cancer Guy (June 21-July 22): He's hard to read all the time because his moods are so complicated and fleeting, but make no mistake about it-- he is a man who wants real love. Love is the barometer to his moods. This guy is a true relationship sign at the core and longs to settle down with the right person. Sometimes the guy is just straight up weird, so particularity he's not after the vanilla, boring, average Jane type. A little excitement would be good here-- he needs a girl who can spark his interest and hold a delightful memory in his mind. He needs a girl that he knows he can form the perfect balance of domesticity with. A women with both heart, mind and soul, He also needs someone he can laugh with, share inside jokes with, stay in and watch movies with. He's a simple man at heart, but he needs to be on the same page as his lover in order to build a sensuous, true, long-lasting committed union. Cancer is the sign of protection and maternal energy, this is why the Cancer guy is so much happier when in relationship. He needs to have something to love, protect and connect with. He needs a women who is out for the same type of long-term loyalty that he is. Someone who he can share his life with, easily and without drama, effort or doubt. Cancer guy has to be careful because he wants love so badly, he has a tendency to fall in loves easily and will stick around cowardly for too long, desperatly trying to work on it. Cancer guy has to think long and hard about what it is that they really want from a partner. They have strive to find this through a process of elimination and NOT through a process of failed relationships. You will meet a lot of women, but not all of them are worth dating and devoting yourself to.
Cancer Girl (June 21-July 22): She is looking for the real deal. Romance, fairy tale love and matrimonial bliss. It is a playful theory that all water signs girls grew up on the Disney dream of being woken by a kiss from their prince. She is the ideal of perfection, either the girl next type, or the girl guys dream about when they envision the perfect girlfriend. Regardless, there are layers to this lady. She wants someone she can build a home with, but more importantly someone she can comfort, take care of and adore. she is a mommy type by nature, and nurturer you-- she will. She is sensitive, so she requires a man who finds this endearing by matching it or by provides a nice balance by assuming an opposite position. Cancer woman is full of vitality and wants to enjoy life, she wants to have experiences and weave memories with a life mate she can count on. she is looking for someone she feels is ideal to accompany her on her life journey. She will need someone she can laugh with, stay in with, watch movies with and cook amazing meals with. She needs someone who also believes that personal dreams do come true. She has a shy side, which she will need you to entertain and break down a bit over time. Though she is a true comedian at heart, and if you get the best of her, there shouldn't be a dull moment. A mother by nature, she needs to protect the people she loves, but she needs to ensure that he is worth protecting. Sometimes she can't help herself and will try to help someone who can't be helped. She will try to protect lovers who will never accept her protection. She may fight forever to get these people to see the value of her guidance,  but they never will. She needs a partner who has a lot of heart and empathy. Someone who will not only benefit from her graces but also give back to her in the most reciprocal and sentimental way. She truly is a woman of sentimental value and needs a homely partner who wants to build a life together, a life fraught with meaning.
Pisces Girl (February 19-March 20): She's that temptress, goddess girl who dreams big and brightly about her ideal image of love. In real life, however, she ends up (at some point) obsessing about dirt bags. Sometimes it seems like Pisces can be so desperate for love that she isn't able to differentiate from the bad, the good and the ugly. She needs to try to open her heart to a man who is going be an anchor to her ever-flowing emotions, altruism, and eccentricities. She needs to find solid ground, instead of opening her heart to the guy who won't properly validate it.  Generally, Pisces is pretty sweet and kind, even if they hide this with wit and sass, most fish are compassionate about others, which is why they have to be careful not to get involved with a partner who simply wants to take advantage of them. Pisces girl needs to try to hide her heart from advantageous activity, which could occur. Pisces is soft at the root and therefore requires a man with a harder shell, someone who can save her from her emotional turmoil. What she needs is someone who loves her for exactly who she is. People change gradually over time and through serious work, but there are certain, endearing Pisces' girl traits that are just not going away. The man that comes to truly love her will embrace these quirks and make them his own, he will love her for them and provide a sense of completion in the fish girl's heart. This is important as this girl will be restless, sad and incomplete without consistent love. She needs someone to hold her hands and tell her everything is going to be alright. Or better yet, put a beer in her, grab her by the waist and tell her she looks great.
Pisces Guy (February 19-March 20):: He's not always the most easy to trust because his charm is just so full-proof, I mean it won you over, didn't it? But his charm will win over many times until he encounters his soul honey. This is another man who shouldn't or likely won't think about solid, real commitment until much later in life. He's usually very charming and good at pretending to be confident or quirky enough that girls sleep with him. He's a fan of sex, and enjoys having it regularly. Pisces have addictive personalities and usually relate these addictions to sexual behavior. Many women will find that they have a Pisces in their past because sexual acts are a way of fulfilling Pisces' romantic longings. They have the ability to sweep  girls off their feet and make them think things might really go somewhere. They will say the sweetest things and then BAM the morning comes, the mood of the fish has changed, and they are on to the next engagement. Or they are suddenly impossible to find, logged back into their dream world. Pisces guy needs to slow it down and really think about what he needs from a partner without losing his sense of self. He also needs to ensure that he genuinely is in a position to be there for someone else. This is the kind of guy who has a hard time providing, even if he has a great job as a doctor or a lawyer, he might have alimony he has to pay his ex's wives, or they might just be shit with money in general. It is important that Pisces feels confident with himself and has true, lasting, feelings, which don't alter, in order to pick the right mate. Pisces guy should not let his fear of being alone stand in the way of him picking the right person. Pisces is the last man in the zodiac and therefore it might take him a few times around the track in order for him to find his love. Regardless, he will likely hide behind the shadow of several, appealing and providing women until he does.
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