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The Fall Out Blog.

People associate seasons with moods, lifestyles and behavior. The fall always represents a element of change, a fresh start, a sounding for a new year to come. It also marks the end of what was in the present year. As the leaves change colors and pumpkins emerge upon door steps (except NOT in Australia --so weird) think about the changes, which are absolutely necessary in your life.  See if you are at a point in your life where you are capable of making them a reality.This is the fall advisory blog.  What should I keep in my life?What should I recycle and what should I throw away? My pack rat Taurus Aunt Judy Sandhu was recently on a TV show called Consumed, and her premier last week could not have aired at a more perfect time. Let's get ready for the seasonal closet clean! You can watch my Aunt's show, starring her two adorable daughters Jessica and Mackayla here:
What Should you Keep? What Should you Get Rid of? What Should You Renovate? 
 AQUARIUS ~January 20-February 19~
What You Could Get Rid Of: Try to find an equilibrium between what you want and what the people in your life want from you. Sometimes you get caught up, either in another person or in yourself. You need to remember that there is someone in your life who feels emotionally rebuffed by you. Some people need your optimism, but it is understandable if you feel like you don't have any to give at the moment. Being forced to be there for people when you can't will only bring out the wrath of Aquarius. Give up your mean streak or at times "diva nature."You are friendly but when crossed you can be quite vicious with the tongue and loose with the gossip. Try to make a commitment to something this fall, even if it is really small.You might have been walking in circles lately, but you know you thrive best under the heat of new light, preferably really bright ones.What you Should Keep: Keep your worldliness, your undying strength and ability to see the beauty in life. You seek adventure and want to share your love and sense of vitality with the world, but you also want diversity. Keep your thirst for something unique as this sets you apart from the rest in a positive way. Keep your intuition because even if you reject it at times, your gut has rarely lied to you. Your mind is powerful, intelligent and one of a kind. Don't let the powers of your mentality to lead you astray.What You Should Renovate or Recycle: Renovate your emotions towards the things in life, which you often let ride. If something upsets you or doesn't suit you, speak on it. In Aquarius's case they've likely recycled their ex-lovers. "I did her but now my buddy is dating her." Aquarius might be cool with this, but they will always remember that they were there first. Aquarius "acts cool" but there is a lot of suppressed emotions, which favor their personal desires and egos -- just because they don't say it, doesn't mean they aren't thinking it.
TAURUS~May 20-April 20~
What You Could Get Rid of: Your stubborn streak. Your fucked up, "I'm a bitch/asshole" facial expressions that intimate (only) people who don't know you. Sometimes you look like a bully and when you want to pick on someone you know you can. Don't be a brat on the school yard. It's not to say that your really a bitch or an asshole but that your facial expressions, physicality and initial standpoint often mislead people to think this way. Your fixation on buying shit and inherent burning material greed. Your overbearing collection of shoes or wallets, basic tees, dresses, EVERYTHING. Your addiction to toys, gadgets, cash or shoes, yeah we already mentioned shoes, but with reason. Your possessive and jealous nature, which lies at the core of your inner trust. An inner trust, which you share with no one. Your inability to express yourself with vocations, which others are moved by.  Get more complicated with your feelings. Taurus is loving and real, but sometimes is expressively inept and a little too much to the point.What You Should Keep: Your tender heart. Your ability to be the best, take control and get shit done. Your out-of-this-world-fucking-amazing-I-could-be-president-of -this-joint-work-ethic. Your loyalty and the honor that you bestow daily to those who are closest to you. Your ability to function and stay grounded. Your strength. Your ability to be classy, timeless and comforting. Your good sense of home and your value for loyal friendships and partnerships.
What You Should Renovate or Recycle: It was mentioned earlier that my Aunt was a Taurus, and yeah, Taurus you should recycle all that shit you don't wear/need in your closet. This may even include stuff with the tags still on it. Give it to charity, you don't really need it, you just want it, want it, and want it. Also recycle your past, if you're a bull holding onto garbage out of pure insecurity, toss it, you'll only find better when you let go of what is holding you down. Those who have done so are likely stable and content with the right partner. If you are still referring to him/her like you would when you were together, well, you are not over it.

                         CAPRICORN~December 21-January 19~
What You Should Get Rid Of: Your rigid ways of working too hard, following rules and doing right by others all the time. It's okay to make a mistake, it is even better to take responsibility for these mistakes. You're inability to branch out of what makes you feel comfortable and your need to surround yourself in areas that you can control. As stated before, Capricorn is likely "the boss" of whatever they do because they thrive in a position of power. Earth signs are often the work horses of the zodiac. Get rid of your inability to work well with other controlling forces. Try to focus on your emotions, which often get hidden in your vigor and work order. Not everyone is going to like everything you do or give you the validating response, which you desire and you have to accept this.What You should Keep: Your ability to be classy and look good, calm and happy in emotionally high-strung situations. Your good mood when you keep it and how it infectiously wears off on others. your ability to be a rock for anyone who you truly value in your life. The effortless matter in which you bend over backwards to please the ones you love, and the loyalty, which you are able to provided these fortunate people with. Keep your grounded sense and think about what the future could hold for you. Where do you want to go? Keep your confidence that you can go places and do big things, don't get stuck because you don't see any room to move upwards. Keep these ideals in mind this fall as it is very possible for this sign to stay on the right track and surround themselves with the right people.
What You Should Renovate or Recycle: Your past. What is it that you really want to re-use? Or make better? Capricorn needs to eradicate whatever is holding them back from turning over a new leaf and if they have turned over a new leaf, are they free of the ghosts of the past? Are they sure? Capricorn needs to take time for the self to make sure they are on the right path with their current relationships because once they set their designs on someone it will take a long time for them to look elsewhere or move on to someone else.
LEO~July 22-August 22~
What You Should Get Rid Of : Your inability to take an insult or responsibility for any wrong doing, which you may have done. You are not always right or better no matter how much you'd like to think you are, or no matter how much you still think you are now. Being the best doesn't require making everyone else feel like they are the worst. Get rid of the goose hunt. You have eggs. Love those eggs, don't go on eggs hunts, when you already have eggs. Leo you know exactly what I mean. Sometimes you look for a little temptation from other suitors even if you are already engaged. Try not to do this so much. You've still got it going on, but you have to think about the people you love and how they perceive your constant need for attention. Let this itch be, and shower yourself in the people who pet you on a daily basis.What You Should Keep: Your passion and drive and desire for whatever/whoever you love. This looks so good on you. Leo wears love and pride and passion so well, and when they do a good job and are in love (whether this be with another person or just themselves) they have the ability to create the best home environment. They have the natural ability to built a temple for a beautiful relationship. Keep your relationship with yourself. Keep pursuing your personal goals. Leo was born to be great and born to lead, so it is up to you to lead your own dreams. You truly do have to do this. Keep your sensibility because even if you get caught up in drama, sometimes, your ability to be sensible is your best trait, and it looks amazing on you in combat with friends/lovers. You have the ability to have great tact and courage and when you use it well, no one can beat you. You can play a flawless social game, just make sure you have a set agenda for yourself or it will start to eat at you in a very negative way. Leo loves the light and the excitement so they have a tendency to get strung out and depressed. Don't kick yourself in the paw. Keep prowling.What You Should Renovate or Recycle: The swag you bought with the EX girl/guy, you know their favorite sports team tees or t-shirts, their music, whatever you transformed yourself into loving just because you were in love. You know the shit you took but weren't real about, that stuff, recycle that.
LIBRA~September 23-October 22~
What You Should Get Rid Of: Your inability to make a strong decision and know what the fuck it is that you want. Your wishy-washy nature. Your tendencies to get caught up in others and playful things and neglect your emotional spirit. Your sometimes exceedingly selfish or pampered tendencies and or hang-ups, which others don't understand. Your fleeting nature, but only if its been getting you into trouble. Your fear of ruffling feather--sometimes you want to say things, sometimes you want to take the lead and sometimes you have real concerns or feelings, but you do nothing about them. Nobody is a mind reader and nothing is going to change unless you vocalize your true concerns. Letting things go and being breezy about these things is beneficial, but at times it will hold Libra back. Libra won't make any progress if they stay in their comfort zones. The shallow end is sweet, but it is time to kick it in the deep end, you know you can keep up. Don't let the overbearing and powerful/overtly emotional personalities of others prevent you from doing this.What You Should Keep: Your charm. Your ability to make other people laugh and smile and feel special. Your style and impeccable ability to pull off shit that others can't. You do this so well. Your naturally kind disposition and fun spirit. Your ability to be the best middle man, wingman, any kind of man, Libra could do it all if in the right mood. The fact that see both sides to every story and rarely take a side or "get in the middle" of other people's shit. Your outlook on life and your desire to live without drama. Your love for food and art and music, which you find engaging and desirable.What You Should Renovate or Recycle:Your mind. You might think that being a Libra makes you well balance, when in reality, it means you will struggle to find balance. Start to weight out your concerns and deal-breakers. Don't string things along, which you know you can't give anything to. Sometimes Libra will take, especially from those who are willing to give, but they know they aren't genuinely emotionally invested. They know they are merely out for play and pleasure but they expect you to know this. Don't be greedy Libra, you know you are capable of making assumptions that others aren't always aware of.
                   SCORPIO~October 23-November 21~
What You Should Get Rid Of: Your fury. The thoughts you have sometimes that are so dark, you know, the ones you never really share, yeah, you should ignore those thoughts. Don't pay them any mind. You should ignore the wicked in you and your sometimes, unwanted tendency to take your stresses out on others. You, at times can be a baby when people don't give you what you want or see things your way. Things are not always the way you see it, but how you do see it will automatically fix your standpoint towards something or someone. A Scorpio standpoint is one that is very hard to change. You need to try and trust people a lot more. Sometimes the way you chose to see a situation, and your inability to alter in perception is the sole thing, which keeps you in a bad spot. You might be assuming the worst when you shouldn't be.What You Should Keep: Your goodness. Don't let people ever tell you that Scorpio is a bad, bitchy or wicked sign. Yes, it is in all of you, as it is in everyone, but Scorpio has the ability to be the most amazing person in your life if they want to be. Scorpio doesn't love easily or even know to say the words properly so if they are certain that they do love you, expect great things. Except them to show and display this love through gesture and action oppose to verbal expression. They can be so giving and empathic, the world's best listener, partner in crime and life-long ally. Don't underestimate the wily, talented, controlling and hard-working ways of the intelligent Scorpio. Scorpio needs patients, acceptances and forgiveness. They need a key. Give Scorpio a key so they can come in on their own time, and when they do arrive, however many years later (jokes) it will be blissful.What You Should Renovate or Recycle: Old parts. Your sexual style. Stop faking orgasms and sexual desires when you don't have them. Stop sleeping with people who don't satisfy you in bed or match your sexual mastery.
                        GEMINI~May 21-June 20~
What You Should Get Rid Of: Get rid of the bitch face. Your other face is so much more attractive, pretty, likable and friendly. Nobody needs to see the other side. It's time to be wily in a constructive way. No manipulation. No mind games. No wooing people into your web of lies, shit and charm. Don't always do what is best for you. Do for the other as well. Get rid of your attitude that everything has to be balling and pimp and cool and something to brag about, you're only a big deal if you do so with modesty, confidence and most importantly, class. Gemini, stay classy. You have the ability to come off as something, which almost seems too perfect or too good to be true, so don't give anyone a reason to question your good hospitality, just be about it and it will come naturally on its own.What You Should Keep: Your mind, but keep it focused on how to be happy, look good and enjoy your life. This includes work. Doing what you love is so important right now. So if you love your job keep it but if you don't, move on because being able to doing something fast and well with your eyes closed never pleased a Gem. You are a highly visual, mentally active sign, you need to see and merchandise and visually connect with the details of people and intricacy. You need to be able to look into windows and see things that inspire you. Keep your inspiration in conjunction with your good intentions and intelligence and you'll be on the right path.What You Should Renovate or Recycle:Anything in your closet that has fur on it or is animal print. Renovate your hostility towards the people who have burned you in the past. Is it not possible that people change? Don't hate on people because they challenged you or didn't give you what you wanted, try to see the good in everyone, even those you consider enemies.
              SAGITTARIUS~November 22-December 20~
What You Could Get Rid Of: Your rigidness. Sometimes it is alright to listen to someone and compromise your own position to a fair degree. You have to let some of your anal hang-ups go. You might think that other people find them endearing by now, but honestly, they don't. Calm down and take a moment to be with yourself and figure out what you want. You can be really selfish sometimes, don't think this goes unnoticed. People are aware that you are out for yourself and will do what you need to get, but most importantly, people are aware of the charm, which you use to get it. They are starting to see right through it. You can charm, but like a unstable structure, there is nothing behind this charm to support it from collapsing. Your tactics become hollow,  and people start to see through them and think that they are fake.What You Should Keep: You desire to have a good time and enjoy life. Your ability to have a relationship with yourself that nobody else knows about. Your ability to protect yourself from harm, and act as guiding light to others. Your passion for the world and your personal goals for adventure and travel, which never cease and never should.Your desire for things that you know are explicitly you, and your negligence to change these capacities in order to fit the social norms. This could be a personalized sense of style (some might view it as clashing or tacky, you think it's epic) a work ethic or a unique way of socializing with others.What You Should Renovate or Recycle: All those ugly shoes and dress shirts that you bought on SALE. Stay away from sales, you sales whore. Renovate your philosophy that you'd rather be engaged with others/dating people simply because you are bored. Not all adventures can be forced, no matter how much you are itching for something new and fulfilling, sometimes the notch on the belt isn't worth it.
                        PISCES~February 19-March 20~
What You should Get Rid Of: Your addictions. However adorable, signature and quirky they may be, for some of you, it is time to stop chasing the dragon. Your addictions hold you back from your utilizing your strengths and discovering your own ambition. Stop traveling in circles. "We're done", you take a step forward, "I want you back", you start to swim backwards. In order to move forward, in a true fashion, Pisces has to stop moving in the visual direction of their zodiac symbol, which is in a constant circle. Get rid of any jealous, manipulative or cruel-minded thoughts. You wear both sarcasm, sass and kindness well, but cruelty should not be in the mix. Even if you have been reverting to this lately. Stop.What You Should Keep: Your heart and compassion--do not reject these qualities about yourself, embrace them and feel confident about them. Your ability to listen and empathize well with others. The ability to save and counsel someone else (but often not yourself --get rid of this too) and drop everything for the people you admire. Your sense of personal style. Your quirks. Your feet and flexibility, in terms of having a good time, working hard and being a good lover.What You Should Renovate or Recycle: Start recycling in general. For some of you that means cleaning out the pop cans and left over Mr. Noodles containers. Renovate your attitude, let the past die, and look forward to a happier future where you actually learn from your mistakes and discover the desire to utilize your true potential.
VIRGO~August 22-September 23~
What You Should Get Rid Of: Your bitchy, critical attitude that comes out sometimes. Your inability to see beyond your own superiority. A complex, which makes it difficult for you to handle any form of criticism directed at your self. Get rid of this stubborn mentality towards other and realize that not all people think, feel or operate on the same calculated schedule as you. Some people wear color and go jogging IN THE MORNING, just because you don't, it doesn't give you the right to be so hateful.
What You Should Keep: Your judgment because even though it is a downfall, your ability to read people and assess situations like a CSI agent makes you extremely interesting to talk to you. Keep your mind, it is insightful and exploratory and always hungry for new information-- remember the girl/guy you end up with, no matter how hot, will have to compliment you mentality. Keep with the faith that you need to date someone who is on your mental page and who is going to understand how to stimulate you both mentally and sexually. Keep your hard-working ethic and ability to be a paper weight for someone you care about. Keep your sense of undying morality, no matter how deviant people can be there is always an inherent sense of 'goodness' in all of them. Likely as there is a legit reason for their fury. Virgo is instantly attracted to other elements of goodness and virtue, but being both the virgin and the vixen, Virgo is also very much attracted to whatever they perceive as "bad." Though they probably won't refer to to their actions with this word. What You Should Renovate or Recycle: Virgo are often organized neat freaks, so they likely are doing pretty well on the recycle front. Renovate your self-esteem. Keep with that part that fully believes and ignore the critical voice.Listen to some of the DB shit that come of your mouth when you are drugs. Drinking doesn't give your the right to suddenly brag about yourself in the defense of other dudes/chics, which you falsely think you are better than.
                              CANCER~June 21-July 22~
What You Should Get Rid Of: You should get rid of your whiny attitude if you have one. Not everything in life is "woe is me", not every mood you feel has to be dictated by the weather. Try to see things through a fuller light, one where you can actually visualize your self somewhat happy. Idealize your goals --or in most Cancer cases-- get some goals and stick to a plan of making them a reality. Get rid of the crabby face you often bear. Stop standing in cynical corners with people you "feel comfortable around", branch out, bring out that fun-loving, good Cancer humor and let the good times roll through jokes and enjoyment. Take time to do one non-routine thing a day. Get out of the house. Get off the couch. Get out of bed. Turn off the computer, video game, movie, whatever. Find something social and productive to be doing. You'll thrive best in these situations and scenarios. Focus on your artistic and creative talents. You have all of these, but they should not go neglected.What You Should Keep: Your good humor. Your natural ability to be "calm and cool" -- keep with this, don't revert back and forth between this motif and the crabby one. Your sense of personal style, and that's not just to say how you dress, but even simply in the elements of your daily decorum, your home, your ability to make something out nothing with massive creativity. Your ability to plan something epic and unforgettable when you desire to. Your natural empathy and naturally protective heart. Your ability to care for others, even when you shouldn't (though don't let those same people take advantage of this.)What You Should Renovate Recycle: Cancer needs to renovate their heart. If they have lost their warmth due to pain, they have to know that love is still in them. Cancer was born to protect and care for others. They are nurturers by nature, and therefore will never truly be happy unless there is something in their life to be considerate of. The fear of getting hurt again, will only destroy cancer if they let it. Crack the Cancer shell as much as you possibly can this fall and continue to get out there.

 ARIES~March 20-April 19~
What You Should Get Rid Of: You should get rid of your competition. In that you shouldn't have any and you should stop competing with yourself.  If you can't beat it, fuck it, you know it's only going to kill you until you get your way. If you can't let it be, that you'll have to accept defeat. Rid yourself of the "I have to win at all cost" attitude because this place we call earth is a scary dwelling, you have to watch your every step in the marshes, and sometimes you may have to step in really muddy trenches or wait your turn, or take a back seat--welcome aboard the train of life! A concept, which can be very hard for Aries to grasp. Keep grabbing Aries, before the get is ready to give and you will continue to be burned by this greedy nature, so keep giving. You don't always have to be the Eve going in for the apple bite. You want what you want but you need to learn to wait for it to happen, without your aggressive and pushy nature.What You Should Keep: Your talent, your drive and your inner creativity. You have something unique about you, which is destine to shine through in the end so hold on to this notion and let your confidence exude naturally from within you. Keep your good faith and your intelligent, philosophical nature, which makes you so active in conversations and likable from first encounter. Keep networking. Keep a calm head, nobody likes it when you get down or angry, so if you feel you are in a ram rut take the time to untangle those knots first, within yourself before another person becomes victim of it. Truth of the matter is, they probably love you enough to take the heat anyway, which is why you should always keep the people in your life who love you, very close.What You Should Renovate or Recycle: Your ego. You don't really need thaaat much and its starting to get in the way of your real happiness. Don't be macho, be melting in love. Buy that ring. Have those kids. Make that commitment, do something brave, use the fall time and upcoming new year to make changes with your heart. Your head is powerful but sometimes it gets in the way of the things you really desire and need from life. When it comes to the person that you love, use your head a bit less and your heart a lot more.


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