Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer of Scopes: Sex, Sweethearts, and Scandal.

 In all fairness, summer is also the season of sluts, but let me immediately preface by saying there are no negative connotations implied by the word "slut." In this case the word "slut" is not stigmatized by any double standard or cheap insult. Here, the word is only meant to reflect the idea of a person who is sleeping with numerous people at the same time. Among common folk, you might jokingly refer to yourself as a "slut" because you have been hooking up a lot lately, and with various people. There is also the "I'm going to slut it up this Summer" attitude and mentality, which people adopt. This is not necessarily a bad thing, and summer, coincidentally is a high time for hooking up. People often break up before the summer because the season symbolizes individuality, freedom and possibility. Summertime also means that people are wearing less clothes, partying more often (even during the week) and therefore prone to encouraging others to engage in feel good times and casual behaviors. This isn't to say that there can't be a summer love.
A lot of people meet in the summer and fall in love. The casualty of summer months provide a very non-threatening arena for two people to connect. The lack of pressure, which accompanies summer makes the natural element of love easier to take place and marinate in a chill setting. People do find romance in the summer months just as they do hook up randomly but either way, this is a time to enjoy the simple beauties of life. Summer sweethearts= a definite possibility. Summer EMO fest, also a possibility.
The summer symbolizes the ideology of things coming to an end but it also symbolizes the beginning of things. You might be trying to get over something this summer, something that made you very happy in the fall and winter months, but it's time to chill, sit back, sip a PBR outside in the sun and think-think-think about it until it burns, and you can no longer be fucked with it.  Let it spin and spin and spin until one day it will hit you like a light-bulb in your brain. Switch. You'll be over it. True, summer sometimes can feel like a scandalous time -- in trying to fix something that has gone broke, think of your past pain like something which you DRN, do not resuscitate it, let that shit die.
For some, it is the solo-dolo summer in which a person takes the time to 'do you' and enjoy their own life and personal interests. How you manage to carry yourself whether that be sloppy or sultry -- this ultimately is up to you. You define this for yourself. It's not the price on the pump, it's the integrity of the person and the true confidence of holding one's head up proudly -- not just in the scene or in front of others. Everyone should go out and do what they want but there is a level of class one should exude. Even dressing hot has it's limits. It's not a crime to leave something to the imagination, though that might be harder to achieve if it gets really nice out.
Summer together or summer alone, here are some horoscopes on how you might survive the heat with or without a bone: 
Aquarius (January 20-February 18)
If You are in a Relationship: This is your time. You've been through a lot and have possibly put up with a lot of shit in the past.You love to do fun, exciting and diverse things so you've likely booked it all already( if you have the money.) Some of you don't have the money. Perhaps a weekend away with the honey, some shopping, some serious traveling or a couple of cool art shows or concerts will suffice. The sky is the limit here. Aquarius is open to much. That being said,you might find your mind wandering a bit. This form of over-thinking and mental distraction is common in AQ. Don't be too cheeky and lead your partner to think you are disinterested when truly you are interested. Try to be less aloof and more attentive to your partner's emotional needs. Stop being afraid to let your guard down or maintain a image which is separate from your partner. You are witty but sometimes people question how it is that you really feel inside. In the past few years you've been tested, and have possibly let your guard down a lot more, but you fight the need to repel love and put the guard up for good. Now it is time to harness your true feelings and express them with sincerity. Getting hurt is a part of the living process and you can't experience anything real without this kind of pain-- so don't play yourself or the other. Be real. Think about what's really true in your heart and if there is actually anyone who manages to stick (beyond a physical attraction), focus on them. No Gameboy -- your getting too old for that shit.

If You are Single:Well you are probably a bit all over the place, overlapping into various emotions of intensity, but in a harmless way, don't worry no one is mad at you. Though I guarantee there is someone wondering where you have been? Or why you pop up suddenly and then disappear? You are a flirt but you don't even realize that when you call it off that the stakes of your play are still around--lingering in the heart's of others. You love the attention of an admirer a bit too much to brush off their validations or sexual gestures. Sometimes you are too friendly for your own good. Even if you don't put out, you play a mean hand, so watch true connection, but you are distracted and too obsessed with making this happen that will never happen sincerely. When you fall you fall hard, but lately you aren't finding one person who penetrates your heart. It's time to really figure out what you want or what it is that you hiding from or behind in order to meet love head on -- you can't fool a fool for too long, so stop playing.
Capricorn (December 22-January 19)
If You are in a Relationship: The summer is likely already mapped out for you and your SO. You've possibly planned a vacation, permitted by your very busy work schedule. You have things set in stone for you to look forward to. You might think you are laid back, but you are always working. You are a thinker and a times a bit of a perfectionist. You have a way with things, you have an order, and you wish others would take heed of this and do things your way! You don't like explaining yourself to anyone -- you don't like the people you care about to be unhappy. You like to remain capable. Sometimes you need to think of the needs of your partner and whether or not you are asking too much? Or whether you are caring too much for your partner without reciprocation? You should know by now how hard you work and how you need to be with a fellow worker Bee. Someone who has similar interests to you. Someone who is strong enough to challenge your need to be the boss. If you are a geek Capricorn you should seek a fellow geek who enjoys staying at home and watching DVDs or taking a zillion pictures with your expensive new camera. It's hard for you to change your ways, there is a stubborn streak here, so why fuck around with people who aren't on the same page. If you've discovered the person who provides these things then you are on the rode to a healthy, stable, and earthy relationships. Don't fuck it up by being moody or standoffish.

If You are Single: You aren't always the smoothest person with the opposite sex. You don't always read the messages you are dealt properly. You might give too much and get too little and act okay with that. You might try to serve others too much and end up feeling un-quenched. You need to play within your own limits because you may not even be aware of what they are, though once tested you will retreat. People want to see you and you should make an effort to do things you enjoy. Curl up to the person who you feel you can trust and who can make you laugh. If you meet someone who you can let your guard down with-- it is worth perusing. Sometimes you play things too safe and miss out on hot opportunities. Capitalize on your work and your own personal focus, but make time for someone who might be worth it.
Aries (March 21-April 19)
If You are in a Relationship:The hardest task for an Aries is to make solid time for their partner while still being able to fulfill self needs. Aries is a sign of the self and they set a lot of personal, life and work goals, which they feel obligated to meet. Aries loves, but they have limits for romance, they are very moved by the stress of making everything in their environment work together. They want to be the best at everything they do and won't show their partner/anyone weakness even if they are feeling life pressure to a intense degrees. Aries will want to control everything if they can, but in giving it up this summer, (which they should), they will find a solace between stress, summer and love. Aries is best when truly in love, but they still need to feel like their partner is an asset to them. They want and need the people around them to approve of their significant other. Social Aries is a charmer in the limelight and needs a partner by their side who brings out their charisma. Aries needs to be number one but this does not differ in their love life. They may engage with a lot of unworthy people until they find someone worth displaying publicly, but once they do, they expect praise and no negativity. TIP: If your still being all 'me, me, me, me' with your current partner -- he's likely not the one. Aries will be considerate of the other person's need when they are really in love, they will try to put their partner on a even playing field in this case.Sometimes they might even put their partner first.

If You are Single:You are likely congested somewhere in your heart. Your protective shell is getting too comfortable and while you might be having a lot of fun, flirting and playing the field, you feel incomplete. There are so many emotions, which you have surfaced. The bottled feelings, which only burst eventually and sometimes with Aries this go-to emotion is anger oppose to tears. Aries is more likely to get angry, frustrated and scream rather than cry or shed tears. This is a weakness, which Aries only considers worth sharing or doing at choice moments. Aries needs to know that they cannot control the pain that enters their lives. If they have been hurt they will likely be hurt again, it is time to remove the band-aide, lets scars heal on their own, and get ready to make new ones. You cannot find what you want without enduring pain, cliche but true, Aries needs to let go of whatever past string they are holding on to. They are capable of a lot of life enjoyment if they don't let little stresses irk them into a state or situation of disaster.
Gemini (May 21-June 20)
If you are in a Relationship:La-la land! Gemini is usually a split between being in La-La Land and being in hell, but then again, it depends on which side of the Gem face you are prone to wear. Gem might just lie to themselves, if they live in a mobile home they'll just tell people they live in a mansion. As long as Gem believes the lie --somehow it becomes true. In Your case, you could either be caught in a position where you've met the 'perfect guy' who loves you just a bit more than you love him and treats you just like how every girlfriend would want to be treated. Or you've met someone who you give everything to and get nothing back from. Maybe you never really tell your partner how you feel and often agree with him for the sake of being a 'yes' person. Or you're so into the drama that you pick fights and causes roars just to get some attention. There are so many options for this highly mutual and dynamic signs. One thing Gems are all guilty of is lacking the ability to empathize with others. Gemini can be a real bitch when they want to be, but they they need to stop looking at how situation affect them only, they need to think of the other, and how the other is feeling too. This will make communication go a lot better. Gem might be quick to notice the detailed flaws in others but they need to turn the camera back onto themselves and become aware of their own demises. They might not always realize the impressions they have on each other. The worst thing ever is a cocky Gemini, so even if you know that you sparkle and shine, keep it on the down -low, nobody wants to feel like a victim to your a superiority complex.
If you are Single:Trouble. Possible retirement and recluse behavior. A lot of planed adventure and photo taking. A lot of time with friends. A lot of action to fill the void of the Gem's emotional distraction. Single Gems doesn't really like to be alone so they surround themselves with people, parties and other places to travel and distract in. Gems need stimulation of the mind and the body -- so when seeking a partner remember to step away from your physical type run-to. The guy you likely end up with will be OK looking but really social, good in bed, extremely intelligent, witty, fun and fabulous. If Gem is more outgoing and less introverted -- they will need a partner who is just as down to play and play outside and shop and travel and do fun flamboyant things together. Gem also has high ideals about what they want so their partner needs to surpass many hurdles. Gem will try to motivate but might lose and must realize that their need to change their partner is a sign in itself that it wasn't right. You shouldn't have to work on changing the person you were meant to be with. Don't settle. Gems often do (they get antsy) and in truth, they can do a lot better (most of the time) if they just work on their patience. This is not always the strongest asset in any Gem. IF you make them too anxious they will move on. Insecure Gem will give you everything and take the little you give back. Over confident Gem will destroy the emotions of others when fickle, break hearts and be unfaithful.
    Pisces (February 19-March 20)
    If Your in a Relationship:It's probably blissful, with it's key moody moments, but it's great, if Pisces has surpasses all their usual hurdles in order to be with someone, well then, it has the potential to be amazing. Summer can be  a make-it/spend-it, alcohol induced, sexy sleepovers and late night outs for the fish who would rather not become boring when tied down. Fish, ruler of the feet, loves to dance, and would do well with a partner who is into music (beyond the radio) and enjoys to cut up a rug. Friendly fish make friends all the time, and is often popular with people (so their partner needs to be built of a non-jealous capacity.) This being said Pisces is hard on Pisces by nature and may find it hard to trust their partner. They will likely suffer from sensitivity issues, which might be confused for "crazy." Pisces own insecurity will be the fuel for their jealousy -- it won't necessarily be because Pisces doesn't trust the guy/girl. Pisces just needs a bit of validation, however if they are dating certain partners like Taurus, Virgo, Gemini etc. they have to realize they are not likely going to get these validations on whim. Certain people do not compliment others because they see it as a reflected weakness in themself. Other people do it to kiss ass, some people really mean it. For example, if  any of the above signs were to compliment, in spirit of their real nature, they likely mean it. Pisces needs to not give a fuck about this or anything. The moment they think they are great is the moment the love will bloom. People see pleasurable joys in Pisces, which Pisces doesn't always recognize, it is time to start seeing them, staring at them,writing them on your wall-- until you fucking believe it.
    If You are Single: I think you learned that banging around really isn't the best for you. You like to bang but you like it more with someone you like, enjoy and are extremely attracted to. You need to not be fixed on the last 'wort thing/person for you eva' -- this again reflects your poor relationship with yourself. Yeah, some days you think you are great, but on others, you are full of self hate, regret, and thoughts about the past that never leave you. You wish you knew how not to care anymore, but the thing is you do. The moment you really get out of your problems and look at them from the outside in, and keep doing this, you might start to realize the reality of your situation. What are you fighting for? Eventually you might be able to become more objective about your own problems. Pisces boys -- behave! You know you have skills at buttering up chicks and getting buns, but just because you can't be alone, don't take an innocent bystander who you know you might leave in three weeks for another pair of buns. Also, Pisces, try not to be too impulsive these days, I know you can see how you are gradually getting older, but booze and bad moods can revolt Pisces into post sober regrettable trouble. Pisces is the old soul who is forever young -- they have a child like essence and are mistaken as younger than they are-- just don't take advantage of it. Don't abuse your own natural limits. DNR -- do not resuscitate. If the problem/person wakes you up on your own-- well that's a whole new world of trouble,but don't shake the branches of that old tree. Pisces, it is time to shake a new tree. Shake a new tree.
    SAGITTARIUS (November 22- December 21)
     If You are in a Relationship:Most fire signs have a special thing for the sun. Yeah, everyone loves it, but Sag, Leo and Aries have a special place in their hearts for heat -- it makes them happy and provides them with a special stimulation that puts them in a great mood. This will be a good time to make something happened for a Sagittarius because they will be in a better position to endure it. Sag will want to practice their summer "sport" or activity like riding bikes, going for runs and getting into shape. Sag will also have adventures planned with the SO. I think it's important that Sag's partner not give them too much control. Sag wants to control but they also want to feel the sense of being take care of. Sag needs to know that it is okay to let go of their emotional control and let another person into their mind. If they are in relationship they should be kind to their mate, and not change their disposition towards their partner in order to suite social face. Who cares if people are watching? Sagittarius is a social sign who often can become a powerful source of popularity, social promotion and scene culture. They can get caught up in the stigma of how they should act according to the desires of others. They make act to be a lot tougher than they truly are. Show some vulnerability in your relationship and use your spontaneous side for good measure. Don't be selfish -- do something for the person in your life that you care about.

    If You are Single: This is a playful season for the playful, fiery and adventurous player. Sag is a charmer, effectively confident and possibly stacked. The mind is on the money, but it's also on the honey. Sag has the ability to make romantic moves without putting true emotions behind them. They can work the summer into the best time of their lives-- where they obtain everything they desire. They like to take things emotionally slow so they don't scare people off--if anything other people scare them. They are down for the hunt, they like the chase, but the real deal is hard to be discovered here. Sag has perfectionist tenancies too -- they wont' really pretend to like anything they don't. They have an authoritative component to their game. They can't help being the boss by nature-- they play this role well-- and likely rock it at the office or in their social circles. They are competitive and love to win, so sometimes you will be just a challenge to them, sometimes your challenges will only turn Sag on more.
    Libra (September 23-October 22)
    If You are in a Relationship:You need to make sure you have your focus in the right place. If you are a Peter Pan type Libra it is likely harder for you to fixate yourself on solely the person you claim to love. Libra, as always, needs to find a sense of measure, but often does better with this lazy attitude towards commitment.  Watching Libra weigh out the scales can be tiring for their invested partner. If you are currently dating a Libra, don't overcrowd them, they always come back in their own time. Think of Libra like a colorful elastic band -- if you pull it, it will return. It can get really frustrating sometimes trying to put up and keep up with them. Libra means well, they just don't always know how to deal with certain emotional confrontations. They don't want drama. Their face and lack of words will say it all. They will tolerate it to a certain degree, but at the end of the day they want peace from the chaos of day-to-day stresses. It's also just that they are very distracted by so many other things, pretty things and tedious things which attract them constantly. Try to get yourself in some sort of a plan mode. Where you commit yourself to a few days with the SO or the like. Try to open your mind frame to the thinking of other people, every one has a unique way of doing things. Perhaps you should get on board with some alternative solutions to commitment.
    If you are Single: Tucker to the Max. Granted some of you have read the book I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell and might catch this reference. No surprise the ultimate, gory and graphic player is a Libra. Try to limit your leisure to a acceptable degree. Don't go breaking hearts for the fun of it. Don't go into something with the foreseen notion that you are going to come out of it having left the other person destroyed. Try to find a balance within yourself that reminds you that nothing from the outside can bring you joy, unless you find an equilibrium within your own chaos. Don't take heed of Tucker Max's ideology and abuse the weak. As he coins insecure chicks are 'every man's meal ticket to pussy', well don't be fooled by this this toothless type. Libra has the ability to reel people in and then spit them out. Pick your prey carefully Libra. You can be a total fucking slug but when you really want to be you are a Mighty Python. Take heed to your victims and whether or not your sexual desires are worth risking friendship, reputation or the feelings of others. If you really think you could hook up with anyone, why not set your designs on a rare find? Libra is another sign that doesn't really enjoy growing up, but even in the summer, you have to become a bit aware of your self. If left astray you know how much trouble you are capable of getting in! 
    Virgo (August 23- September 22)
    If You are in a Relationship:It is time to value your partner a bit more than you claim to. Yes, some of you might be the world's best boyfriend/girlfriend as Virgo is a highly mutable sign (with the potential for some great finds), but for most, you are simply, too critical, too selfish and too rational right now.   Making fun of the person you love lost it's sentiment in grade 10. It's time to learn the art of expression.It's time to be a grown up and stop schooling others on lessons you don't practice. Either you are taking your SO for granted or you are constantly cutting them down (when they don't measure up to your high standards.) Sometimes your honest and direct approach isn't always admired and hits the feelings of others hard. Refrain from being negative about things because the negative is your go-to, and you know better. If your SO wants to go out and do something, do it with a smile on your face and not a sigh. Pose for that picture. You are a very hard worker when you want to be and you'll work even harder if you are getting the results you desire, but don't feel like your relationship is not worth the work. You need to feel like you are excelling at something. If you aren't getting the results you desire in your relationship, why stick? Sometimes Virgo is the sign who will use people until the advantage point has worn off. Don't be this person. Realize you aren't as figured out as you think and start to chip away at some of that internal, well disgusted self turmoil and destruction. You are good at something you just have to find it.

    If You Are Single:Watch out! Virgo might not be a forward as Leo but they love attention just the same. There is almost a secret 'opposite sex' fetish. This summer I advise you to give up the chase. As much as you love it. You can't really say you want love if you run away from all the suitable people to date. Perhaps what you really want is drama. Virgo can be attracted to a partner who is more critical of them, and is more likely to response when they feel the need to be authoritative or correct someone. They hate authority figures on their own case however, so don't try to parent them. If anything they will parent you, flexing both their critical nature and anal tendencies. Virgo knows better, Virgo knows best.Virgo has possibly left something/someone very good for them in the dust, but their inability to see what they need is a direct reflection of their own need to develop alone as a self. Virgo needs to feel really confident on their own, they need to know they are better than you (and not question it) in order to let someone in emotionally. They need to know that they can do it without the crutch of another person.
    Taurus (April 20-May 20)
    If You are In a Relationship:Well then you are likely boring. Awesome but boring. When Taurus gets stable they get really predictable. They form excitement towards pre-planned dinners, romantic cooking sessions,weekends away or a shopping excursions. Taurus loves stuff, so if you want to surprise him/her in any way, surprises are the way to go. Taurus takes a long time to make solid moves and get over the past so if in a relationship you are likely moving at the same speed. A strong level of commitment without the over-weighing pressures. They are capable of just being -- they need -- and need sometimes too much, but they won't try to rush things, as long as certain demands are meant. Taurus is without question, one of the highest signs of control in the zodiac, they call the shots and usually have very high standards. It will be hard to please them constantly, but they need you to try. Taurus will work over-time for the person they love, but they do not want to feel rebuffed. They do not want to feel like they get so bothered by you, (but love you too much to bring it up.) Taurus is not a fool -- they will provide for you, but do expect a certain level of reciprocation. Taurus likes the best quality and this includes their friends, their clothes and especially their significant other.

    If You are Single:You are probably doing everything and anything to make yourself feel good. Cute clothes. A new work out resume. The most fab friends and lifestyle. Only the best for the bull, and the bull will be the first to let you know just how good they having it. My advice for you Taurus is to stay a float. Taurus does not make big decisions quick. Your heart will know when it wants to invest in someone, but alternative thinking and discouraging won't help. Don't always feel like you have to fall back on a guy/girl, or that someone of the opposite sex needs to be texting you in order to feel adequate--'on my phone, on my phone, so no one think that I'm alone'. You won't find the right person that way. Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus (love and relationships) so they often crave partnership. They have the need to own the things they desire. They crave the need to truly trust in something. They prefer to being in a confident enough position to say, THAT'S MINE. Yes, you have a possessive nature to your sign, but you what you need first is you. If you can be and do you without a sexual/romantic distraction, then great, you are truly ready and capable of love. When Taurus gets to this stage, love will come easy and it will last. Taurus has the natural ability to make a relationship function for the long haul when they are invested. Also try to stay away from too your coy messages on the internet of subtle bragging and LOOK AT ME moments, it won't help the cause -- what's done is done -- it is time to look forward in a modest and classy way. Stop looking back! Do things for you, don't do think with the intention of affecting others with your actions!
    Cancer (June 21-July 22)
    If Your in a Relationship: Try to keep the mood up. Nobody likes it when you put on the sourpuss face. Don't get too predictable. Don't let shitty weather dictate how you feel. There is a planner/natural Mama hidden in most Cancers so try to arrange somethings to look forward to this summer. Smile lots. Don't go hiding in the shade. There are other people besides your SO who want to see you. Your commitment to your partner is adorable but also annoying. People truly love the single you. Not because you shouldn't be happy and with someone but simply because people want to see you, and when in love you tend to get very caught up. A part of you is probably itching for something outside of your current comforts-- so don't be afraid to venture out. Also, don't be afraid to embrace this attitude in your relationship. If things are starting to feel a bit safe? If you are starting to question things you were once sure about? It is time to stir up the pot a little bit. You are becoming safe and predictable and nobody likes that.We want to hear more from you.

    If You are Single:Try to let emotions of the past go, put things into the bigger picture in order to see how you are only hurting yourself by focusing on these negative thoughts. Do right by yourself first. Don't distract yourself to the point of not being able to address the real concern. Make the effort to really value the kind of person you deserve to be with. Yes, you are funny, every one thinks you are funny, but people can also see how you hide behind your humor, and sometimes it gets old. Get comfortable with your true emotions. Try to change your sometimes overtly programed way of thinking. As a natural relationship sign, you are not always best at the causal, you sort of want to get involved with everyone you sleep with, and sometimes you do tend to get overly involved, even though you may not sincerely want to. You can't always help it. Sometimes you say creepy, couple-like crap in bed. Try to be more rational and less emotional. Try not to fall back into old unhealthy patterns just for the sake of having something. Don't pass up a good thing because you are too blinded by your emotions. Sometimes we need to work through things alone, and in other cases, we need the help of another person. Sometimes it is helpful to have someone to pull Cancer out of it's shell, and remind them that there is still light outside. Even in the dark vortex of a jaded Cancer shell-- there is light. A sounding board for any single Cancer would be nice -- someone they can really talk to--bounce off of. Single Cancer also needs to: shake a new tree. Shake a new tree. Stop returning to the same shitty oak dwelling.
    Scorpio (October 23- November 21)
    If You Are In a Relationship:Try to give up a bit of your control. Just breath. Not everything in life has to be going somewhere with some grand gesture. Sometimes you are just a little too quick and ahead of things, which aren't of your current or necessary worry. Stop. You are only hurting yourself here. Scorpio male usually has the opposite problem. His partner will want him to figure himself out so they can figure their future out, it's just that Scorpio doesn't always want to be bothered. Don't nag me. Don't bitch me. Just leave me alone. Scorpio will do what Scorpio wants, but sometimes, especially, in female Scorpios, they get carried down by the emotional commitments of others. They start to carry their partner's baggage and will do so for a long time. You are not a superhero Scorpio, you can't do it all, and you can't do so much for others/work that you start to forget about dealing with your self. Matter left astray will only cause more problems in the future. Don't let your emotions be this grand mystery, they are likely a lot more evident to others than you think. Work on your inability to communicate with your partner. Why are you so afraid to rock the boat? Why do you suck so bad at talking about real stuff? Don't enable--work to be stable.
    If You are Single:Try not to let the devilish, wicked, cheeky side get out too much. Don't be fickle just because you are constantly witnessing others win and you want a taste of the sweetness. Your sweeter days are still yet to come.You can be a lot of fun, but when your bad your secrets will catch up with you. If you balancing emotional attachments with casual ones, except a boiling point of some kind. You are an emotional sign but also a highly sexual one and you need to course your map in a direction that doesn't hurt anyone who you care about. You are capable of biting off the head's of your lovers (in a metaphorical way) if you so desire. You are also capable of really hurting someone you care about.Think about talking to others about your life more (how you really feel) and stop the hero act of being this great avid listener who is just such a good friend and great worker. People know there are two sides to your coin. Let someone be a good friend to you for a change. Tell someone something unusual about yourself -- you know you have some stories. You know you sometimes attract weird people -- you love the non-mundane. As much as you fear trusting in others, you need mistrust to grow from and grow up towards a stronger and more assured sense of self. If you communicate properly it won't be the giant ordeal you make it out to be in your head.
    Leo (July 23-August 22)
    If You are in a Relationship:Make sure you aren't making too many sacrifices in order to coexists with your partner contently. Love is a lot but not always enough to make things really work. You need some give from your partner, in order to feel like you are both equally giving to each other and in tune with the needs of one another. You would rather have the control than share it with someone, but at the same time you might be the type of lion to constantly change shades in order to fit the needs of their partner's. You don't even realize all the things that you do upon the influence of your partner or how many small changes of interest you might have made to be more alike to the person you love. Realize that you should and will be loved for exactly the person you are without having to make so many personal allowances. This summer try to find a place for only you to shine, which doesn't involve the overshadow of your awesome best friend or loyal boyfriend. Do something just for the lion in you, for the king/queen of the jungle who needs to roam about in their own light simply knowing they are great. Sans drama.

    If You are Single:Leo guy --- you need to put yourself out there a bit more. Just walking into a room, thinking you are the best isn't going to be enough. Say something clever. Sure the 'look at me' strong, silent act has proved to have worked out for you in the past, but if you are still single was it really all that good? It's time to know you can do it alone and let that ideology marinate. Leo girl is rarely ever without a male counterpart in her life. Addicted to the attention she isn't always capable of sifting out the strong from the weak. Leo guy needs to take more chances and invest in people he actually likes. Leo guy won't give you the time of day unless he wants to so don't take advantage of your admires. Stop hiding from your emotions. People will respect you more if you are open about your secrets and the things you feel ashamed of. Avoiding issues and refusing to talk about them will not make them go away. Ignoring person who are interested in you isn't the best way to communicate your disinterest towards them. People will not just go away. Start to pay the feelings of other people with courtesy, even if this reflects negatively upon your ego. Also refrain from stringing people along with flirtation for the sake of your ego -- this will only make people hate you. Don't be a total narcissist this summer and cover it up by saying you are the best friend and are "so there" for people -- you ultimately are a total flak. This stems from you being totally self involved. Your not always fooling as many people as you think -- the service you get in the front isn't always the same service in the back.

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