Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cleaning Out the Emo Closet

Have you noticed the trend that it's not cool to be emotional? I always find this funny because people often forget that most if not ALL of their feelings constitute as emotional. Everyone is emotional. Just because you aren't "sad" it doesn't necessarily mean you aren't emotional. Happiness, is an emotion. Based on this notion I have concluded that we all obtain a secret emotional closet that maybe we visit hung over on Sundays, trying to figure out what to keep and what to throw away. You might find its more so just 'mental pondering' and you might not be ready to throw anything away. Or have the strength to physically change anything.
Likely you have found there are those pants, you know the ones, the pair you just can't seem to part with. Even if you know they don't fit you anymore (at least not the way they used to) your still not quite ready to throw them out. Just as for some, your not quite ready to buy a new pair. While for others they have impulsively bought so many pairs, only to find that none flatter quite right. Keep buying clothes, but make wise purchases. With the fall change, you have to spend some time in your emotional closet - even if you find it sappy - the beauty of a closet is that only you have to be trapped there. It's your personal prism.

Likely there is something you can find, which is collecting dust. In which case it might be useful to get rid of it...seriously?? How much abuse can you take? *sneeze* Don't be a masochist this season. Really try to be good for yourself, because the moment you decide to dress yourself up in love, self love, your love, of looking good, feeling good and wearing exactly what you desire to - you will find a sense of excitement.You will feel the attention - naturally. More leaves to fall for those that follow this attitude. Anything can happen, but you have to clean out your closet so you can be open to these anythings. Before you know it, your disposition will be completely changed...and what you once felt sadness or distress over- will simply feel like a foreign memory...a "i can't believe i wore that moment" if you will, but obviously so much more emo ;)

Aquarius - You're still surrounding yourself with the 'sweet and temporary' because as much as you want something built to last, your in the least likely place right now for that to occur. You need to be OK first, without any distraction. Keep with the adventure, but stay true to self desire,you might find something worth discovering (like a new philosophy)...lately your a teeter totter though...find your ride.

Pisces - Don't let your feisty nature get the best of you. Keep it cool. Get stuff done. You put everything off to the last minute because you secretly work better under pressure, but you know that just stresses you out more and then you turn to addictions and vices. Tisk. Tisk. PS - Even The Dream think you're feisty :*. Stop procrastinating!

Sag - You are so much more emotional than you try to let on. Stop needing so much attention, secretly and for those who aren't demanding enough attention - it is your time to shine, so turn it on...soon please. Swimming in similar pattern never did a Sag well. Get your bow and arrow and find something worthwhile to hunt!

Aries - A lot of you are in a good place, but you find yourself never satisfied even when you should. You always have something to hang your hip on. Ease up on the self regimen and enjoy what you got - stop trying to control everything - you will never win this way. Sometimes you're just wrong - deal with it and learn to apologize with sincere emotions not a ram head. First remove your thorns then make your next move.

Cancer - You are working through cobs webs to find a person you can value truthfully. You want to enjoy life and want to be around people who get this notion. You don't want to be judged because regardless of the jokes and silly shit that come out of your mouth, you really do want everyone to be happy and enjoying life, that's what life was made for right? Good attitude - but i still think you need to dig a bit deeper for something that can't be found readily on the surface.

Taurus - Ease up on that grip. Sometimes life happens, it doesn't always go according to plan. Your tough. You know you can get through anything. You know your level head has seen you through so much and will see you through more. Think with your level head and not your stubborn bull head and you should be good to go. You know Taurus time is a lot slower than the normal clock, so be patient, everything is going to be fine like good dinner and wine, just the way you like it.

Scorpio - There is always something bottled beneath the currents of a Scorpion sea. So secretive. An attitude adjustment needs to be implement for true change to occur. Pretending you don't care, doesn't mean you don't care. Nor does avoiding what you claim not to care about. You are the toughest of the wimpy water signs, you take anything by the reigns, but sometimes you have to work inside out INSTEAD of outside in.

Leo - I feel its a toss up for Leos. some of you are quite conflicted with personal distress or turmoil. While others are busy working hard and making strong love connections in daily endeavors and home life. Leo craves the hearty comforts so attach yourself to whatever feels good. You have a tendency to get emotional in the midst of bad weather so don't let it completely over take your golden, Leo badge. You still gotta shine even if you got a lot on your mind, your people are waiting.

Libra - What is there to say? Your still keeping it cool. Dressing fresh. Loving life - despite whatever turns and turmoils you've over turned. you move on well and with a steady pace. You have a great outlook on things, which is why you can move forward easily - but you know you tend to avoid the reality of what you want. The moment is great - but where is the moment going? For some of you its time to put away your peter pan flying shoes and figure out what the future truly holds. What do you want? The indecision of a Libra complicate things....often.

Gemini - Some of you are doing awesome - working hard - living life - loving being in love. Others are a total train-wreck. Socializing will not cure your depression. Nor will suppression of emotion or throwing caution to the wind. You can be really, really good when you want to be - but your inconsistent these days. Really good then really bad - and really bitchy - think before you shoot!

Capricorn - Snore! I'm sensing a lull of regulatory that is even starting to drive you batty. It's time for a change, a new flight to success, you are bored and you know it. There is more to life than working hard so get back to the ways of excitement - you deserve it - and no it doesn't make you bad person.

Virgo - Your analytical nature doesn't always ring true to your intentions. You want to dominate and will belittle anyone who tries to step to that. You have to learn temperament and a kind demeanor. You know you want to be good, so why fight your good spirit so often? Why are you so addicted to the abuse and the darkness? You think other people are cry babies, but your bitchy attitude (on a bad day) at times is way more "girly" and emotional than most menstruating women. The rap by NAS at the end is ALL about star signs. I do enjoy.

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