Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fall in/Fall out

With the seasons changing, the fall leaves bring about a lot of personal change, mixed feelings and new agendas. There might be skeletons looming, or unfinished business of the past, which will hopefully find a conclusion this September. Summer is usually a time for the 'players to play', but now that the seasons are changing and school is back in session, it is going to be a lot harder to go out and play the field. Or at least to a successful degree. September is the time of new beginnings and a lot of things either start to blossom or fade during this fall season. Fall in or Fall out. people like to hibernate during these months, especially during winter, so relationships often form during fall/winter. I call these months, 'the hook up months' because everyone gets all sappy around the holidays, and everyone gets lonely and bored during the recession of having to go back to the grind (post summer). A lot of new things are possible...especially personal goals, dreams, and aspirations.

Leo - Don't get tooo self involved this semester, you know you can cocoon yourself into self activity,which feels good. Often forgetting what you are ignoring that still does require some attention. Keep being the vivacious person you are, people are really into your energy right now, as they usually are and the modest confidence will get you far this month. So keep with the modest approach. As much as boastful lion thinks they are loved, there is always someone snickering at the shine, why give the Neanderthals fuel for their fire? Keep working hard as always. Everyone notes your ability to give your everything all.the.time.

Cancer - You know you might need a little time for rest and recovery and self discovery. You are emotionally distant lately and you need to work through this to see where you can evolve and grow from this. Find some things that you really cared about before are losing their appeal. Consider drastic change: work? travel? residency? Something is not quenched, you're itching for something - and you know it. Also, stop hiding behind your humor, how the fuck do you really feel? Explore your true emotions. Everyone loves funny but you conceal yourself in funny, it's time your heart came out of hiding!

Aquarius - You are really trying not to fall into old patterns. Sometimes you just give things chances without really seeing if your heart is in, but the caution is up now, you have the guard on and it should be there. You've been too good lately to put up with bullshit, so make good choices and don't return back to old flames or things that just 'felt comfortable'. You know its not going to work long term and let's face it, some of you players are finally ready to make something stick, for good. If you have to think about how its not good - then its not good - don't entertain possibility if its not full proof.

Aries I would say OPEN UP, but let's face it, that's not going to happen. You can't truly change the controlling nature of the Ram. They are a land animal destine to roam and find conquest for self gain. Your need to self protect will cause problems, which you will fight to avoid. Any sign of emotions and the Ram has its guard up. They are born with a shield, which covets their true feelings, feelings which are often on untapped. Work on EMPATHY and becoming capable of having a two way conversation. You have twice as many ears as you do as mouth, so you are meant to listen twice as much - and try to put yourself in the position of others. It will benefit you greatly.

Pisces - Keep trucking (err swimming)! You know your unique personality and persona/ability to empathize easily with others provokes a lot of adventures and new meetings. My advice to you is get out, move those fish feet and flex that flirty, feminine charm that drive men crazy, you know you can meet a lot of people, but its key to give someone good a chance. You have an addictive personality and are drawn to corrupt people because you piety them and want to fix them. If its broken - you can't fix it, so forget it and swim on. Stop swimming back.

Gemini - Sometimes you just really need to chill out and take a breath. You do too much. You think too much. You worry too much and yet you let too much go at the same time. You need to really take this time to focus on what is important and what you need to do for yourself that will be prosperous. New beginnings and exciting things are always in a Gem's life, but you can't fill up every minute without some retrospective self and quiet time. Some of you need to get out of town- eat.love.pray.please.

Taurus - You could also use a little spice. You do fun and exciting things but you are a creature of habit. Yes, you like it that way, its classy and it suites you, but you need to give yourself a culture shock. Break from your comfort zones, go to SEA or camping, do something a Taurus would never do. You like what you like but your stubborn ways are ready for a shift.Your love is always steady and strong because you create those solid earthy connections easily, but you crave stability, commitment and certainly in your relationships and when someone makes you question this it is quite upsetting to you. 

Libra - You are trying to make more concise decisions but your failing at it. You often don't say what's on your mind but might make a facial expression which says it all, you need to start speaking up. You are attracted to a lot of different things, but you should decide which of these things are truly important because it is going to matter at some point or reach a boiling climax. Also, be caution of  how you inquire, sometimes you think your helping but your nosy nose doesn't have a place in all affairs. Pick your battles and watch your facial expressions. Just because you don't SAY something doesn't mean you don't leave an impression.

Scorpio - Will keep this short and sweet to honor your sasync, cryptic ways. No one is a mind reader, so start speaking up. Your communication skills suck. No body is inside your head so nobody knows what your thinking. A man/woman can only fix what you tell them. You building stuff in your head is only prolonging the personal happiness, which you do deserve. Your a good person, but sometimes its OK to let others know about it. To those sexy, hard working, hustling, Independent Scorpio ladies, go on you - you give women a good name.

Virgo - You are not superior to anyone and you wouldn't likely admit you think this about yourself but you do. You are the judge Judy of the crew and sometimes it gets tiring. You really need to think about what you want, and try to stick to your decisions. You think you're so practical and unemotional but really your impulsive outbursts and bitchy rant/raves are vocations of constant, constant emotions. You are the only female sign in the zodiac - you are the bitch - but you can be a beautiful one - so try to be happier, nicer, friendlier - people are dying for this from you so why not make others feel good? Oh, that's right i forgot you are totally selfish...:) 

Sag - You are very capable of living a life of balance. You have a great sense of what's truly important and you are very good to yourself these days as you should be. Stop worrying about 'what could be wrong with you' - you're fine. Don't nit pitch. Give something or someone a chance, even if your scared of the emotional aspects of love, there is something waiting in the wings...but you must go on the hunt first. Start planning your next adventure - you know this is where you are most happy - having fun!

Capricorn - Everyone knows your a hard worker but you need to stop putting others down in order to make yourself feel more superior, especially in the work place. Your dominate characteristics can be overbearing in a relationship. You crave stability and are proven to be loyal but at times you need to think more about the feelings of others. You look a situations directly on how they affect you, but there is always another party involved. Think before you react, or overreact. 

September is a celebration of the Virgo, Happy Birthday! These boys and girls are usually of a very critical natural, but make excellent friends and provide impeccable advice, which is usually to the point and very grounded in nature. A practical sign, they are very capable of seeing the truth in situations, but also capable of seeing the flaws. Once this sign commits you can expect an abundance of loyalty and security. Virgo will always make you feel protected. If they compliment you it is genuine because they rarely do it.

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