Monday, February 14, 2011

What I Like About You

Valentine's Day eh? So your girlfriend and you agree you are not going to do anything for each other this year. You both think the holiday is a waste of money and you'd rather keep saving for that trip to Mexico. Right. You (the dude) might be cool with this, but trust me when I say that she isn't. This may not mean she wants fireworks and moonlight but she at least wants a card of some sort. Preferably a really sweet one, which expresses how you feel for her, including those three special words, which aren't 'cool' to say aloud anymore. If you make it from scratch you might even get a BJ.

What's Your Birthday isn't as interested in the sappy couple love celebrated on V day as it is in the self love celebration. Here, V day is about love in a general scope -- not just for lovebirds. If you don't have a significant other, celebrate with your girls or even better, celebrate with yourself. Don't complain about being alone on V-Day because you're not. Remind yourself why you are awesome and just in case you forget, here are a bunch of reasons why you are GREAT. HAPPY LOVE DAY!

                                                  I'm only Loving for the Moment...
Aries: You can be A LOT of fun when you want to be. People love your ability to be outgoing and socially sweet. You make shit happen. You make plans and you follow through with them. You are intelligent and gifted. You are a natural born leader. You are strong minded. You are the captain. The winner. You are the rare talent. You are number one. First in line. King of the hill, Queen of the heap. You are a hard one to match as you set the bar of excellence pretty high. If you utilize all your philosophical and intelligent energy -- Aries like Leo will shine, shine, shine.

What He Might Say About Her: "She's so bossy sometimes. I feel like if we don't do things her way than she's not entirely happy. I feel like I can't keep her satisfied. I feel like I'll never be good enough." 

"She's not like other girls but in the best way possible. I feel like she knows she's got it going on and I love that I don't have to deal with babysitting her insecurities 24/7."

What She Might Say About Him: "He's just that guy who spends his life alone because the idea of opening up to another just isn't in his cards. He's forever scared -- mister cold feet --mister 'I am never getting married.' Sucks though, he's wonders in bed."

"He's such a MAN, and it's so attractive. I love that he's not afraid and shows such courage in every situation, he makes me feel like a lady because he's got throw down and takes charge." 

Capricorn: You are down to earth, hard working, loyal and dependable. You are a natural winner. You are a rock. A champion. A work horse. Killer in a crisis. You mean well, even if you can be cold and pompous at times, you really do not want to hurt anyone -- but you are honest. You aren't afraid to be your true self even if you are smart enough to know when to "play dumb". You are grounded and usually one to hold a strong head on your shoulders even in heated, stressful situations. You may not be over the moon, mushy gushy all the time, but you have a natural sensibility about you, which allows you to easily make sense of situations. You prove to be very helpful to others. Capricorn CAN DO.
They are very capable and usually you won't be disappointed if you hire one.

What she might say About Him: "He's just so dull and boring I can't see him in a sexual way. I don't wanna worry he's bad in bed."

"He's so smart. He opens the doors and tells me he loves me all the time. He wants to see me just as much as I want to see him."

What he might Say About Her: "She's hard to read. Sometimes I wish she would let lose more and let her guard down to me."

"She so fucking stable, and capable -- like those cheesy Ne-Yo songs about Independent women -- she's a boss. She takes care of me so well -- I couldn't be luckier."

Taurus: You are sensual, dependable and rough all at the same time. A stubborn shell with a sweet center. As a Taurus woman you make sure you are aesthetically perfect for your partner. You like nice clothes, and some of you (NOT all) put together some very chic outfits. You are loyal and down to earth. You enjoy the simple comforts of life like good food, good wine, good sex, and good people. You are very giving to those you love. You have the ability to take very good care of yourself, even if some of you might find you have needy, possessive and jealous tendencies in relationships you still retain a sense of individuality where you have stuff that's just about you. You are a hard worker and do your job well. You set the example in the work place and are often promoted or put in charge for these reasons.

What He Might Say About Her: "She likes to get down, which I'm down with but she wants to own me in a way I"m not ready for. She has high expectations of what a relationship means and wants a lot of things I'm not sure i can provide. I can't do borderline needy. Also, she can be a real bitch when she wants to be."

"She's so well put together - - I love her hair and all her expensive clothes, her perfectly done nails and affectionate nature. She's like one of the guys(but dresses like a hot chic) and everyone thinks she is cool-- this is the kind of person i want to settle down and make good food and babies with."

What She Might Say About Him: "At first I found him intimidating. I didn't think he was ever going to open up because he said like two words and rarely smiled. His face was not warm and welcoming. He didn't have any throw down. Romantically he's not sizing up."

"He's so big and manly and he actually calls when he says he is going and wants to see me just as much as I want to see him. He's so good in bed, strong and loyal. He's such a guy's guy, Alpha male type but he also has such a good heart."

Gemini: You are a pretty bird with an eye for detail. Your mind wanders and therefore notices everything. You are usually well put together, fashionable and born with a desire to shop and look good. People may call you vain but appearance in this case is often like a passion. Gems are not the type to butter you up because they can be intimated by those who outshine them aesthetically. A part of them KNOWS they look good. If they do compliment they are sincere, though in his case it might just be a way to whisk you away into the sack. Gems have an ability to carry on a intelligent conversation, and dazzle those around them with a witty repatriate. They are a lot of fun, often the queen/king of the party. They are hospitable. They like to take care of the guests who come over, just as they might open doors and cook for the women in their lives. The women here may treat their man to surprises he wasn't expecting. Gems love lavishly and generously. They know how to enjoy life and do it well. Life with a Gem will never be boring, they give light to life!

What He Might Say About Her: "She's so hot, I love the way she looks and how she puts herself together, and she's so generous to me. She does the girlfriend thing by the book and the sex is hot."

"She's a fucking psycho bitch. I have no idea who she really is, and it bugs me when she purposely flirts with other guys to get my attention. She's a drunken nightmare." 

What She Might Say About Him: "He's fucking two people. I don't know how to keep up with either. Maybe I should give this kid some Ritalin and calm him fucking down? I haaate how he needs to stroke the shoulder of every girl we meet. Most of the time they aren't even hot. He's a fucking facade and I don't know what I'm doing. Don't pretend like your boyfriend of the year in public when your fucking shit when were alone."

"He's so charming and says all the right things at the right time. He opens the doors for me and takes me out for the best dinners. He knows all the right people and lives the most exciting life. Also, I love the way he dresses."

Aquarius : You are one of a kind awesome, original and eccentric. You work to enjoy life because to you there is not point in staying low. You are adventurous and open-minded. You are original. A leader. You are super friendly and see some sort of value in everyone -- even if you are also capable of seeing the downfall in anyone ;). You are gifted smart, and a rare one of a kind person that people love to be around. Generally you promote a positive energy which others appreciate. You are willing to be a "friend", and are capable of finding beauty in others. You attract people with your 'out of this world ways', you can do a lot, and you can do it well.

What She might Say About Him: "It's really hard to know what he's thinking. I feel like he's really aloof and distant and emotionally twisted. He has a lot of girls that are friends, but often makes comments about how beautiful they are. His love for other women makes me think he's just not that into me."

"He's so different from any other guy I have ever met. He makes me feel like a million dollars and knows how to take care of business. He takes care of me, he's one of a kind amazing."

What He Might say About Her: "She's so independent and capable, her mind is so sexy because she knows what she wants and isn't afraid to speak the truth. Her ability to do her own things is so hot, and just makes me want her more."

"She's fucking too intense. A little too out there. She's making it difficult for me to just ride with it because she thinks way too much and is trying to plan my life." 

Libra : you are charming, cool, and likable. You have a lot of friends and a lot of insight, which people find humoring. Generally, you are a peace keeper and an easy person to get along with because you respect the opinions of others. You have a good fashion sense or a style about you that is unique and impressive. Other people may try to imitate it but they cannot pull it off quite the same. People consider you flirtatious, charming and  of good- nature. You don't like drama, which allows you to make all kinds of friends. You want to enjoy life and learned at an early age that life is about doing what you love. Whether that be painting, music, food, or traveling about -- the Libra is a sign of great exploration and vitality. They may battle the scales for decision but usually the choices they make end up in good times, especially for others.

What She Might say About Him"He's such a fucking people pleaser, I never know how he really feels about anything I don't even know if he does feel. I just want a fucking reaction out of him that's isn't like "it's cool, don't worry be happy."

What she might say: "He's always in a good disposition and he makes me happy even when I am not in a mood. He's super playful and makes me feel young. Every day is a new adventure."

What He Might Say About Her: "She's can't ever make up her mind about anything, which includes plans or what she is going to wear. She also has to cock tease everything that comes around. She's a huge flirt and I know she wants her cake with a side of ice cream.'

 "She got such a sweet style to her, and I love how easy going she is. She never wants to fight but just focus on the good times. My kind of woman."

Sag: Your the king/queen of travel, adventure and constant mental stimulation. Life with you is never dull. You make things exciting and like to stir the pot or poke buttons in order to get reactions, which you find amusing.There is a goofy joker in you who can be a lot of fun when in good spirits but you always try to look at the bigger picture of things. You put things into context well and know your personal limits (for the most part.) You have a certain fiery energy about you, which people are intrigued by. You above all know how to enjoy life and ration your finances which leave you capable of doing what you want. You like the hunt, and when thinking clearly are a very good life hunter.

What He Might Say About Her: "She's a lot of fun and up for pretty much anything.  I love how adventurous she is. I love how she can take care of herself -- or anything for that matter."

"She fucking cheap but then expects me to soak her in royalties. Every time she does something great she needs to brag about it. I am getting tired of validating her as the best or giving credit when she feels its due. Shit is exhausting."

What She Might Say About Him: "Every penny he spends, every thing he does, I have to hear about it over and over. He's not the best at true emotional expression. I always feel like he's keeping his true thoughts from me."

"He's so much fun and full of life. He may be the center of attention at times but he always treat my girlfriends right, and i feel a sense of security when I am in his arms. He'll protect me, right?"

Scorpio: You have an ability to leave people wondering about you because you have an unforgettable essence. You're a stinger. You have a special quality which makes you unique and empathic at the same time. People don't want to mess with you but they also don't want to confide from you. They feel the need to communicate with you. Perhaps this is because you withhold your own personal communication. You stand your own ground but are still very in tune with the voices of others. You care about other people's feelings, even if you can't always find the strength to muster the reality of your own. Even if you put things in a very simple context, your words come from a much deeper place. You have strong mental capacity, and a natural intelligence, which others trust to follow. You have common sense even if you act irrational and with time grow able to admit certain things about yourself. You're sexy.

What She might Say About Him: "He's a fucking vault -- I have no idea what he's thinking. I wish he would speak up a little and be more of a go getter. I know he's tough but his communication skills suck and I can't keep guessing what he is thinking and feeling all the time."

"He's soo sexy. I can get sexy feelings just from looking at him, and he's a really great listener."

What He might Say About Her: "She doesn't come out and say what's on her mind but sometimes she just goes a bit crazy. I feel she is afraid of love and as much as she wants to be in it she doesn't always know how."

"She's totally in control and can take care of any given situation. I feel like I"ve got this rock for life, who has heart, and sex appeal and who isn't afraid to dislike something. She's honest but deceptive at the same time and I dig that." 

Cancer: You are a natural born mama or big papa. People love you because you literally take care of EVERYTHING. Naturally protective of those you love -- Cancer (when in a GOOD mood) knows how to have a good time. They are super easy to have a great time with because they are up to socialize and tell the best jokes. As the zodiac comedian Cancer (when in a GOOD mood) will be hilarious, on point and always ready with a clever response. They have empathy for others and an ability to see things for what they really are-- though they may not always let you know everything that they are thinking -- they are emotional, no matter what they say.

What He Might Say: She's fucking mood and a bit on the jealous/protective side. She's always worrying about what I'm doing when it's none of her fucking business. Her shit has become boring and predictable, she needs to pump it up a notch."

"She's perfect wife material. The type who take care, gives me back rubs, cooks for me, has great sex with me. She's exactly the time of chic you marry one day."

What She Might Say: "He's not this wall I can't get passed. If he's moody he gets more emotional that I do and will deny sex. He's not always in a pleasant head space and this has a huge affect on me." 

"He's so loyal I always feel I can trust him. He actually like to do stuff one on one and as much as he likes to go out and have fun he always makes one on one home time for us, plus he's fucking hilarious."

 Virgo: Natural born nit-picker, Virgo is the ideal critique of the zodiac -- give them anything: a nice looking girl, a dish of food, a controversial film and they will tell you what they think. Intelligence runs high here as the Virgin likes to figure out how things work, and move through life in a methodical manner. They like to use their head first and then their heart. They are very loyal when they want to be, and of the most real people in this world. They don't fake much (really, they don't know how to) and if they do they aren't very good at it. Virgo is down to earth, has strong moral values (even if they break them) which always comes into play. Whether these realizations are articulated or not, Virgo is a lot more aware that you perceive. They can be honest, but often have their secrets. They work hard and don't like to cancel out options. They are constantly weighing people to a personal scale and looking for the best future option, and very rarely like to cut social ties if they felt an immediate connection.

What She might Say About Him: "I would just like to get a fucking compliment from him for once. One that didn't feel like a backhand. Can't he just directly say, "you look beautiful." Why is complimenting another person so hard for him. He's like fucking Hamlet or sometihng."

"He's really good in bed and great to talk to. I love that he has a brain even if he calls me out on my stupidity -- it's actually refreshing. He makes me feel really safe because he enjoys flexing his masculinity." 

What he might say About Her: "She's such a fucking nag -- and with the text messages and the constant need to know what's going on. Her anal crap is driving me nuts."

"She's so chill. I love that she's not dying for mushy gushy romance and is up for watching tv and boneing all night. She's super grounded and I like that she can be a rock to my roll."

Pisces: You've got compassion for anyone who needs it really. Even though you've got both, often you lead with your heart and not your head. Your need to be loved will often cloud your decision making process because you often want things that aren't good for you. You have a great imagination and are a dreamer. You love music are great on the dance floor. You strive to be apart of anything that doesn't involve responsibility, deadline obligation or growing up. You have gifted intuition about you, which leads you to go off your vibes though you don't always listen to them.  You've got an ear for anyone who needs it. As a woman you've usually got the right blend of femininity, sexuality, and sweetness. You likely drive men crazy, but this can be two fold (in that you might literally drive them crazy). You are dirty and sweet and when executed properly it is the best combination.

What he Might say About Her: "She was amazing in the sack but she's fucking nuts. The only way i'd go back is if i had to bust a nut -- for real."

"She's so sweet and smart and cool and there is just no one like her, and her body is unreal, like pefect hour-glass. She's got this vivacious smile and there is never a dull moment. She's so giving and sweet -- I'm hooked."

What She Might Say About Him: "Pretty sure he cheated on me." 

"He's super charming and sensual that even if he flirts with other woman i don't mind he got a sensitive, sweet side, which is hard to come by. He's a good guy, I know he is."

Leo: You are either the center of attention or modestly awesome but either way you are likely great. You sparkle and shine naturally. You are extremely generous when in love either to a lover or to a mate. You are loyal to the friends you trust and hold dear to your heart. There is a sensibility with Leo even if he/she gets caught up in the drama they can see where they might have gone wrong (harder to get them to admit this). Leo is lovable because likes Aries  because they have learned to love themselves (or are beginning to).People are drawn to Leo, either for their exuberance or ability to stay calm and keep in cool. You can be a rock or a rolling wave, but either way, there is something special about you that people can't quite leave alone. Love you or hate you, you are destine to get a lot of attention, naturally.

What He Might Say About Her: "She's a fucking crazy drama queen man, total narcissist."

"She's loving and comforting and will do anything for me. She's got the heat and the heart in all the right places, I'm fucking in love."

What She Might Say: "He's sensible but once in awhile it would be nice to splurge on something or for him not to calculate the best price options.  Sometimes it would be nice to get a reaction from him."

"Everyone loves my boyfriend because my boyfriend is the best boyfriend and you wish your boyfriend was more like my boyfriend."

Girl you the Greatest and if he say you an't that boy lost his mind...


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