Tuesday, January 25, 2011


This is the time of one of my favorite zodiac signs: AQUARIUS!!! You are the weirdo, but the most loved weirdo out there. People are drawn to your breezy, eccentric attitude, which is always up for something new and exciting. You go where your individual interests take you -- you don't do anything you don't desire to do these days. You can't live life with out interesting plans or adventures to look forward to so you make a point of living life.Your gifted in ways that others aren't. You have an ability to achieve any goal your heart desires because there is a certain indescribable magic about you -- you are a mastermind of ideas. This sign is intelligent in a way that most aren't. Aquarius usually has a highly active brain with a lot of shifting power. A friendly person, capable of making a lot of connections, though few really hit the heart and stay at home. Aquarius keeps an aloof attitude, and often puts a wall up in order to protect the self from whatever or whoever they are unsure of -- they don't fall in love easily (they intellectualize love), though will engage with you, and often times will engage when not interested because they crave experience, and sometimes they merely just crave sexual experiences.
Let the winds take you wherever you desire to go this year. I am pushing to make this the year of the Aquarius, as many have been through hell and back in the past while. Feel free to be a drifter, and linger like you do until you find something that's true. Remember there's nobody in the world like you!!!!
http://whatsyourbirthday.blogspot.com/2010/08/sup-aquarius.html READ MORE ABOUT THE AQUARIUS HERE!!!

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