Thursday, December 30, 2010

This Will Be Our Year

Guess what? There is life out there. It's time to remove the security blanket, get out and start taking chances. Sometimes life is about waiting but mostly life is about living, and the fear of rejection which surrounds us all only takes away from the possibility of potential life experiences. Good or bad all experiences help shape who you are and enrich your life in some aspect.You should do what you desire, make that change, call that girl, apply for that job. You are the master of your destiny in many dimensions. The only life aspect I feel we don't have the most control over is the romantic, which will happen on its on course. Many people who were never likely to take a wife have done so, just as many couples who you imagined together forever have bite the bullet. The true stripes of any person are eventurally bound to reveal and the honeymoon period fades over time. You have to man up this year and ask yourself,  "what do I really want?"  If it's the person sitting across from you with big chipmunk cheeks, flared nostrils, thin lips or buck teeth then great,  looks don't matter,but make sure it's that 'I can't live without you love' because nothing is worth the repercussion of this, unless you are merely looking for the "right now girl/guy" in which you date them knowing you will never fully comit long term.

Take the heat off the 'other' or "what I am missing" part of life. It's a new year and this means new opportunities and experiences, it also means new potential dating partners and clean slates (from looming skeleton like shit hanging in your emotional closet).  Focus less on what you don't have and more on what you do have. Yes, you might be single and just have survived the (potentially lonely) holidays, which makes you sad because T3 songs about "just wanting you for christmas" aren't apart of your snow-less reality. Relax. In a Christmas soon to come you'll get the chance to spend every penny you have trying to make your boyfriend have the best Xmas ever O-M-G. You'll get the chance to fill his stocking, tag him in dorky photos and meet his crazy family - are you really in a rush? Enjoy what you have and embrace the new year.

Below are my closing thoughts and words of astrological encouragement for the new year! Happy New Year!!! I hear it's going to be a Thumper!

The Dreamer:

Sensitive, sweet & overtly compliant. 

Pisces (February 20-March 20) 
I'm Doing Me - Drake
So yeah, yeah, yeah Jupiter was in your sign this year and this brought you some luck, but we all know the fish is always swimming in juxtaposing directions, which make them unmotivated, moody and unsatisfied. It has been hard to make something last here, and not just in duration but also in truth. Meaning, you don't always know how you truly feel about something, but you do know that you don't want to be without "something." There is a void within, which needs to be filled and if it is not quenched the fish will seek ex-lovers, ex-fuck buddies, drugs, alcohol, obsessive thoughts etc. As hard as it may be this year, the fish should work on letting go, not giving up not giving into the sweet temptations of the painful past. They often say, "you teach people how to treat you." Young fish, this should be your mantra! No, not everyone is going to like you and it will be tough, but a lot of other people will and do, but you have to start looking in the right direction. You waste so much time bringing the pains of the past into the new and therefore miss opportunities with men who are in fact intrigued by you. You have a mystic, goddess-like aura. Men find you charismatic and sexy. Fish men are persistent and fast talkers and know how to woo with sweet nothings - each sex in this sign has a lot of potential -- they simply must learn how to channel their energy, believe in themself and pick a partners which will actually benefit them in the long run. Self loathing and self criticism never got anybody anywhere. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, and start seeing what the people who love you see in you. 2011 is a odd number, and Pisces is a odd, mutable emotional gamble. I feel good things for the fish. I sense a high rise is on the way, and if not, it will comes in waves, and you know you're the best in the water -- roll with it, your surf is going to come. Remember it's just you and your board on the road to happiness whatever else you attract is just sunshine on the water.

The Mastermind 
The Weirdo

 Aquarius (Jan 20 - February 18)
 Pursuit of Happiness- Kid Cudi (Steve Aoki Remix)
This year has been a whirlwind for the Aquarius, though as a mutable sign, there are likely those who did not feel the retrograde of planetary interactions with Mercury. Aquarius may have seen sides of his/herself that they've never before encountered. A mean side which other people don't recognize or a lack of desire towards things they used to care about. Some Aquarius people may feel like they've convinced themselves that they have exactly what they want when in truth they are not satisfied. Others are simply so secretly unhappy that they seek, seek, seek and play, play, play until they lack time to address emotional wounds, which haven't properly healed. It's time to take some space to check yourself and be true with your own personal aspirations. Do you ever feel like your living in a bubble? Well maybe it is time to pop it, to break the shell, and let someone else in--someone NEW! If you are all over the place with the opposite sex, like the water carrier often is, try putting your energy into one person and see where that takes you. When you are ready or perhaps when the right person comes along you will give into every first physical and emotional impulse you feel (without over thinking or having some emo "sex talk") maybe then you will let yourself go and give into what you really want-- without worrying about what others think. The reputation you have with others is not the thing that makes you, you should never be ashamed of something you've done (or someone) or something you've lost. you are great just on your own and it doesn't matter if people give you the validation that you are all the time. Regardless, for what's it's worth, they do think you are great! Sometimes they just might not understand what's going on in your head or how you truly feel about something. You elusive, aloof, detached, lovable mother fucker. I see a lot of knots untangling for the Aquarius in the new year, just keep your head up, and your mentally positive -- you will become untangled!
                                           The Good
The Bad
The Perfect

Taurus (Arpil 20- May 20)
 Fuck You - Lily Allen
2011 will be about Taurus coming to terms with the past  and the changes you desire to make. It always takes a bull a long time to make a firm choice on what they want or think, and a lot of you have been mulling over things for a long, long, long time. It is the time to put those things in motion and makes those changes. If you really are so unhappy at work that you have to complain about it or anything all the time then quit it. You are a person who knows their self worth, you are not the type to settle with the brand of shoes your put on your feet so why settle in any other aspect? You are a dependable person, and this is the most important part of any partner to you, but you also want a little bit of finesse. Someone who is going to put as much into as you are because when you love you love genorou$ly. In a lot of ways you are a vault with your feelings and emotions, you think a lot but don't reveal all your true thoughts. It's time to speak up. Young Taurus has to relax her possessive nature, not everything can be owned and social validation is not the key to happiness. It doesn't matter what other people think about your new fur coat, it only matters that you love it. Fuck it, you work hard for it, you deserve it, and shouldn't be patient with any person who makes you contemplate their love. You can't take the dog out of the man and you certainly can't change him, but you can kill yourself trying. Stop being such a control freak!
The Comedian
The Artist
The Mama
Cancer (July 21- June 22)
 Right Hand Hi - Kid Sister 
My feelings with cancer is relationships, relationships, relationships. Cancers love relationships and every cancer I tend to meet (with the exception of a few) are in committed relationships. They prefer this, and make very good significant others. Cancers were born to nurturer, protect and counsel people. If any man is looking for a mother type or a caretaker, Betty Crocker type - - he's found his mate. Just as if she is looking for a protective, dependable boyfriend -- she's found her soul mate in Cancer. I sense the opportunities for new relationships here or the flourish of current Cancer relationships. You have been surviving well this year - the only thing that disturbs is that feeling of being over stressed to which you explode --- but that doesn't happen too often. The opposition for this side is holding onto to old ties with past loved ones. Don't be afraid to move on. You are the den mother of the zodiac and bring people together, it is okay to take more chances with your heart and let go of your protective instincts. Some cancers are really taking the next steps to evolve with their currents partners because they crave the security of a kinship. Other Cancers are wandering in a mass of unhappiness, which can be sorted in the new year if an attitude adjustment is made. Figure out what you care about and put in the work -- don't be a lazy home body, you can do better. 
The Paper Chaser
The Spark-plug
Sagittarius (November 22- December 21)
Sweet Stunt Positions - Days of Weezy
It's time to travel or make new pursuits. You will just get bored otherwise. What's on your new agenda? I know there is something. I feel this sign also needs to ask what they want for themselves. If you do travel, take the time to get retrospective with your self and analyze your person passions. If you are in a relationship, trust your partner a little more. Let them in a bit more emotionally. It will be prosperous to you and your significant other and provide the potential for a new kind of closeness. Also, don't be afraid to splurge a bit this year, listen to your more impulsive less financially practical side and treat yourself right. Do something you love -- just once-- and don't feel guilty about it after if it's a greasy food. You strive for perfection far too much in your life and you've got to stop. It's time to take a momentary approach to live and live in what you feel -- not what you think you feel. I feel like a lot of you are involvement in things and people that don't actually appease you to the fullest. I sense a lot of settling in this sign, which needs to appease itself because trouble will only ensue. You are a person of great adventure who seeks stimulation in others. You might be a certain way, but you don't want your partner to be exactly like you. You want them to be up for excitement and excursion but, emotionally you need a few difference. For starters you might be a very capable, independent Sag woman, and therefore require a partner who gives above and beyond that. If you are a frugal Sag you might need a more frivolous partner who surprises you and forces you to let down your guard. Also, a partner who is going to bring your internal feelings out in a beneficial way. You are constantly on the hunt but this year it is OK to take a moment and think about what it is that you are truly after, and when you do figure it out, don't hide behind your normal comforts. Whether that be staying home all the time or hanging out with the same friends you always see -- stepping away from the norm and the comfort will force you to demand more for yourself and for your life. Don't stop believing -- your dreams are passionate and possible.
                                          The Loner
The Brain

             The Methodist
Virgo (August 23 - September 22)
 Closer - Kings of Leon
Wow Virgo! You have managed to shock us all this year, but the deviant and unpredictable behavior of a Virgo is always excepted. Many non-committal Virgo men have become sprung, some are even in relationships. Virgo is the master of hating on every girl until he finds a girl he considers "wholesome" enough for him (without making him feel too shitty about himself of course.) Virgo is already hard on themself, so in their earlier, immature days they might desire a partner who simply thinks the sun shines out of their ass. The slack of dating someone "better" than them is too hard for their ego to take. If you are in fact better than Virgo, they will just put you down. Realizing later in life that criticism is their nature. As much as they don't want ANYONE telling them their business, they do benefit greater from a constructive lover who is harder on their partner, thus making him/her a better man or woman. Virgo wants to be the best they can be and they should focus on being with someone who makes them feel like they are becoming better, more evolved, more visibly happy, more comfortable and more assertive. The Virgo doesn't always shine to the degree which they are capable of because they shy away from themselves. Intelligence runs high in this sign and their ability to criticize is their gift. They know how to figure you out -- they can see right through you, but will scare the moment you try to see through them. Do not tell a Virgo their business because their stubborn side will never fess up fault even if they know deep down you might be right. This year focus on what you want -- some of you are finally on the right path, no point in letting petty, immature or dramatic distractions get in the way of your future success. Work hard and don't fall into old patterns of settling for anything less than exceptional.

"I'm cooler than that guy" 
 Libra (September 23 - October 22)
We Be Steddy Mobbin' - Lil Wayne feat Gucci Mane
You can be so lovable when you want to be. You need to roll with this breezy attitude more and always. Take more chances but, also be more direct in your approaches. You make it so obvious when you want something but you don't act on it. You will shy away or say something vague and completely destroy your own chances of getting what you want or saying how you really feel. You don't have to avoid yourself in order to avoid the outcome of the actions. People love you but they get annoyed by your need to do right by everything. You can't, so do good by what it's truly important. If you forget what that is - as yourself what it is? Learn to form an opinion that isn't wishy washy, this gets annoying, especially in relationships. People do want to know the truth even if it might cause conflict, but you have to be prepared to go into a few battles. You can't avoid everything you don't want to talk about. Young Libra, stop being embarrassed by things you can't control. Focus on what you can and learn to let the small things go. People don't realize how secretly you are hard on yourself (perhaps a tad insecure too), so this year you need to cut yourself some slack. Learn to take a compliment and know it's sincere. Learn to let people love you both sexually and emotionally and not just one or the other. You borrow love in the sense that you get it from various people and places but a little focus onto one person or project wouldn't hurt.
                                                                 The Sexy
                                                   The Stinger
  Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)
  Black and Blue - Mike Snow
Your patience is appreciate when you exercise it. When you don't  -- watch out. Patient, sweet you is more successful than wicked you. For some, something really big and great is due, for others you need to stop enabling what you think you love/need. You don't really need it. You cannot make something or someone change through your own coaxing and fantastic ideals -- people need to devise remedies for themselves first. Your remedy is not curing the sick, sorry Scorpio your just too selfish of a person to do that. So don't love possessively - take the time to think about yourself (get back to that person if you've lost touch with it) and find that fun, free, spirit within yourself that will never settle on their desires. Giving into temptation is easy here because the attachments you make are not able to be broken with minimal effort. Tread water with your feelings, and try to bring them out, but in a tactful way. Not in a drunk rage. Not with anger or with drama but with sincerity. Also you need to love what you do so starting mastering ways in which you can achieve this. Take some time off if you've been feeling overworked and learn to forgive those that have done you wrong. Life is too short to dislike someone over something trivial. Don't lose faith in the people who care about you because it not worth it. Learn to trust people a bit more. So what if they let you down? It will only built your character in a positive way if you chose to let it.

King of The Jungle
The Star
Leo (July 23- August 22)
 Blazin - Nicki Minaj feat Kanye West
You are never without love in your life and you need to focus on that. Forget the love lost in the past, continue to move forward and embrace the light that is waiting for you. You were born to shine, but it is time to figure out where you could really make the best use of your light. What are you passions? What really makes you happy? Leo is a seriously hard worker, but will get lazy if it is not something they LOVE to do. They need to feel like they are kicking ass at their job but they also need to enjoy it. You have so many talents and have a lot of opportunities this year for exciting changes. New relationships becoming serious, marriage proposals, fireworks on the beach. Leo needs to find a happy temperament and learn to let the past die. If the the ego gets bruised the lion/lioness will not digress until they feel redeemed but, sadly there will always be those situations which (the king of the jungle) cannot control. Let those fucking bygones be bygones and move on - there is a lot of good in store if you focus your energy onto it!

The Champ 
 Capricorn (December 22-January 19)
 All of The Lights - Kanye West
You tire yourself with daily stresses and work routine but, it is time to ask yourself if you are truly happy? There are days you don't feel alive (especially in your eyes) and this needs to change. You need to start ticking and not fear the repercussions of your internal clock. Stop worrying that you are getting old or being jealous of people younger than you.You never let others know all your private thoughts, just as there is a wall between you and what you want. Work on removing this wall and accept that life isn't always going to follow the demands of your structured lifestyle or daydreams. You are ideal and seek idealism, and you can find this if you stop trying to seek better in both others and yourself. You are enough. Capricorn like Cancer is a big, long-term relationship sign. Casual sex rarely works here and most Capricorn men have had at least one long-term serious love in their past. It's great that the milk goat possesses a need for stability and solid, loyal friendships but seeking new adventures is key here. Even if it means staying in your boring six year relationship and doing something out of the blue together. Whatever you do Capricorn, the success you seek in life is noted-- just add a dash of spice and you'll be smooth sailing!

First In Line

 Aries (March 21- April 19)
  Trust - The Generationals
You have sexual behavior and personal thoughts, which you share with no one. There is a level to which you will love a person and then you cut off. Your pride interferes with your heart on many levels. Your emotional distance is your biggest downfall because you don't truly know how to fight for the things you need in life. Instead you seek plan, work and adventure to fill you with endeavors which make you feel more complete yet, your not truly complete with yourself. Your stubborn streak needs to be erased and you need to know that being the best isn't everything. You aren't always going to win every fight, people won't always let you wear the pants and your not always right. Letting this guard down will allow people to see your lovely, charming, intelligent and fun side, which doesn't come off as competitive or arrogant. You are very good at playing the part. Sweet you may seem, but beneath that lies a desire to be deviant, and perhaps a tendency to be insincere. It is time to be real with yourself. Be fair to your partner, if you know something you are doing or aren't doing is hurting them -- try to fix it. If you love him/her are they really worth hurting? Lying to? Is it worth lying to yourself? Gut check time Aries!

The Pretty,

Two Faced,

Gemini (May 21-June 22)
 Only Girl In The World - Rhiannon
This sign is so fricking mutual it is frightening. You never know what you are going to get here -- anything is possible (especially regarding the variety of personality types), and because anything is possible the Gem has the ability to get really out of control. 2010 wasn't your best year. Sure maybe you had some good jams, partied, slept with some hotties and took some cute pics. Maybe you did really well at work, did volunteer work or organized a sweet fashion show, but it doesn't mean you are complete. Some of you are simply unhappy and surfacing for ways and things to appease the itch of having to deal with what is really bugging you. You don't have to be funny and witty all the time. The need to please needs to decrease this year (its phony and people see through it.) Consider this as you work towards making yourself happy (in a more naturalistic fashion) without the party following behind you. Don't hide behind a guy/girl or behind sex because you know that won't fix it. You are all generally attractive and flirtatious and thus attract a lot of suitors, friends and secret admirers, but you need a deep mental connection. Stop going for the hunk, he's not your knight -- Tits Maggee is not your beauty queen. Steer away from the vain --- you know you like pretty things and are the best sign to acknowledge detail (Virgo is big on detail as well), but you will more happy in the long run with a partner who can make you laugh and keeps up with your intelligence. Which let's face it (in it's own right) is pretty up there!

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