Saturday, December 10, 2016

Testimonial on What's Your Birthday Astrology Readings!

Attention to people looking for an amazing x-mas gift! As you know, I'm a huge fan of lady bosses building their businesses and dreams and love to support/give credit where it's due. Last week I had my astrological chart done by my friend Tara and it was not only insanely accurate but extremely elucidating!!
Tara is not a weird lady off the internet, nor does she have a 1-900 number or the word "moon" in her name once. She is, however, a professional, whip smart, hilarious and intuitive woman and I cannot recommend a reading with her enough (whether for fun or for serious guidance into why you're a total weirdo).
I've watched Tara impressively build her career as an astrologist from her awesome blog What's Your Birthday? to her horoscopes and astrological writings for numerous companies and media outlets including Elite Daily.
I am getting a reading with her for a few of the ladies on my list this year! Message her or me if you're interested in being put in touch.

PHONE: 604-764-669

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