Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Everyone Needs Their Own Editor, Including The Editor

We'd all like to think that we are our own best editors. That when we hit the send button, we won't quickly be hitting the edit button as well. In truth, we are prone to hitting the edit button because editing is not easy. Writing is not easy. Most people don't get it on their first try. Let alone do they knock it out of the park. I say this with the chance, that I will publish this article before I notice an error in it. The thing is, I will notice it, but it might be too late. The moment the error has been discovered is the moment you could suffer consequences. While, it has been said, that the editing process is almost never complete. You have to read things over more than just once. You have to read things over period. Being too quick to hit the send button is always a dangerous move. In the case of editing, the Tortoise won the race. Editing, is almost never an impulsive process.
I recently read a job posting that said cover letters and resumes will be disregarded instantly if they have any grammar errors. Without being said, this is probably true for countless corporations. In this age, one error in your copy can break you. You have to be extra careful. I think it is important to strive for perfect copy in every aspect of life. Even when you talk to your friends in text, practise the proper use of grammar and spelling. Take the time to make corrections where you see them because this will help you when you are trying to write a lengthier post. Be mindful of what you write, and how you write it. If you are sending an email to Executives and CEOs, proof read it. It is important that your superiors think you can write. Read each word out loud and see if it makes sense. Are any words missing? How is your syntax?People think they know what a comma is, and really, it's not rocket science, but in fact, a comma is simply a break or pause within a given sentence. Do not write an email with no commas. I can promise you that you will require them. If you are confused, read the sentence out loud. Is there a part within the sentence where it feels too long? That's likely where you need the comma, it is a break or pause for the reader who will take exactly that between each word. 
Upholding impecable writing content particularly goes for anything work related on social media. Do you know how tacky it is to see a successful, professional post a very noticeably, unedited update on LinkedIn? I have had to hold myself back from commenting. Here, this guy is telling a heart-felt Recruitment story, in which he allowed a late interview to take place. He was trying to show that compassion is the right road, but all his great points got lost in it's poor content construction.  I have also found this with Marketing Agencies, and Startups who don't edit their captions. Writing and speaking are not the same thing, if you write like you speak, you will likely be unsuccessful, which is why it is important to get the proper help with writing. Writing needs to be top-quality on every angel, and this includes social. You might have the words, but you just might not know how to use them. It is important to learn. It is like having bad reviews stuck on your Facebook page because you don't have a Social Media person, well there is an answer. Content Companies like Content Chloe can help you with all of this. 

Content Chloe provides affordable, customized, Content solutions to meet your immediate needs. It could be so simple as, you write it, and we clean it up. In addition, we'd be happy to walk you through the process so that you can learn to become a better writer on your own account. Demonstrating good writing is not just about obeying the laws of grammar, it is a direct reflection of your intellect. The ability to write well is an extension of intelligence. It attributes you to a certain quality, taste and capability. Writing is symbolically, your voice, and the way that you chose to use it has massive impact.  

Recently, I was called out for missing some mistakes in my blog, and I felt terrible. As a writer, when you make a noticeable mistake, you feel like a fraud. Like someone has robbed you of your talent. In the end, it was a good thing, it made me remember that I am still learning, and growing, and that mistakes will only help to shape my way.  As a writer, I know my own voice, so I always know what I mean to say. I don't always notice the small mistakes, which is why an outside Editor is helpful to even me. Still, I didn't like the feeling of knowing that my content had errors. I would never promote a service that I myself would not use, and I full-heartily recommended getting help with your content, no matter who you are. 
I knew it was in me to do better. I want to illustrate my connection with words to the best of my ability. I don't want to be a talented musician playing the wrong tunes, but with any art form there is going to be different plateaus of progress and development. While I love to write, and have written for over a decade, there are so many things I have yet to write about. There are so many things that even I have to learn. The relationship with writing is constantly evolving for me as a writer, which is why I think it is important that everyone look at their writing relationship. I think it is important for everyone to communicate the true words that represent them in a honest and honourable light! 

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