Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Happy Year, Happy Me: Horoscopes for 2016!

2015 was a year; a lot of people in my life would take back. We wish we could take things back, but soon learn that we don’t have control over the things that happen to us. This can drive us crazy. This can break us emotionally. We want to be able to help, to make things better, to fix things, to fix people, to change outcomes, to re-write stories. We want to know we are making a difference, but we don’t always get that choice. This can be the hardest thing to accept knowing love is not enough to change fate.

Life happens often without reasoning, and it teaches us that somethings will never be the same. Change is drastic. One moment, one incident, one experience can re-shape you, change you. Forever.

We all deal with things differently and express our pain in different ways, and some of us don’t know how to cope at all. Some of us struggle to carry on; some of us feel it’s unfair for us to enjoy life again, while other people will keep going on distractions. When you lose something, it is forever lost, it is missing, and while we will always look back upon them, not even the memories can replace the lose, or bring that person back or make it better. Though we try, that person or thing now gone, changes our life. We will carry that pain with us because some wounds weren’t meant to heal. People become soldiers when they learn to live and cope with their wounds. While they are hard to confront, they do serve as an impression of your strength, your will and your courage.

They give you wisdom. The bullets we take and survive gives us a new figure, a new state of mind, and a new heart. We are carried to new places and points of understanding. As we have seen places we never wish to have visited, our empathy grows. While, I’m sure in many cases it also shuts down, but the capacity for empathy enlarges when you have lost, suffered or endured. Our ability to understand pain changes and perhaps are willingness to help and recognize people as humans before we judge them-- not knowing what is going on in their world. Pain recognizes pain, and the saying that we are often made better by helping someone else is quite true.

Which is why it is so hard when you would give anything to help someone and can’t. When you are forced to realize that looking ahead only makes matters worse. That really all we have for now is just right now, and this moment. We have now. What will come? We don’t know, but until then we can #LiveForTheMoment, and we can #LiveHarder for beautiful people like MP and Tracy Penner who we have lost far too soon and tragically. For our #ReyofSunshine recovering with such grace, and dignity. For all the people who are sick, and can’t get better, but who want to, and will not stop--because as it was stated, we will do whatever we can to keep ourselves alive. We will do whatever we can to help those we love. 

May we enjoy each other for this moment, and share with one another how we feel. Express the gratitude that you have for the love in your life because it is not something to be taken for granted. Moments come and go, but they are precious, so be mindful of them.

Keep things alive within you for an eternity, and never feel afraid to talk about how you are feeling. Things can be bad, and they can get worse, but you’ll reach a point when you know that things can only get better. Life really is a series of ups and downs, and it doesn’t always make sense. It is not suppose to. If it did we would all be figured out, and so many of us still remain giant question marks. So many of us die this way. It is actually not our job to have everything figured out. It might look like we have landed somewhere, but we have no idea where we are going. We would like to say, hope, believe and think that everything we desire for ourselves is going to come true, but life has a special way of giving us things we didn’t even know we wanted. Regardless, the way it works out isn’t always up to you, but what you can change is how you feel about it.


Aries (March 21-April 19)

 It would be lovely to see you do something impulsive—switch up the game a little bit. Not to say, this isn't something in your power.You know you need something to make you smile, and while that hasn’t been that easy these days, there is so much left in you to give. This year, give yourself those moments to re-charge. Known when to say no, and remember that everything has to end. It might not be when we want it, it might not even be something that we want, but we have to learn to let it shape us. You have learned that life isn’t always easy, but you are a leader, and rarely give up, even when you are exhausted. Listen to your gut, it will tell all. You're going places at your own speed, so just say when.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

Moving onto some new connections could be good here—sometimes you get stuck swimming in the same circles when all you want to do is swim free. Remember you need to breath, in a relationship, you need to breath. You need to feel comfortable. There are a lot of things you have achieved, goals you set that you made happen, but it’s not over yet. There is more, and while you are busy chasing your goals, the other things will come into place, but don’t put too much focus on love, just let it find you, it will, if you are occupied, doing what you enjoy most. Stop worrying. Nobody knows how much you think about the things that you want, and it's frustrating when you have the goods and aren't getting any back. You've simply got to stop working so damn hard at everything! 

Leo (July 23-August 22)

Finding time for you is really important, and no spending time with your SO doesn’t count. "Staying in" doesn't count. What time do you take for you? A long shower doesn’t count. Lately, you’ve been working from fifty different angels, or perhaps it’s always like that, but you need to know when to stop. You are a devoted lover, so much so that you let little things go for your lover, but they fester within you and they build. Speak on the small stuff, you’re actually not as good at letting things go as you think you are. Ask yourself why you spend so much time with others; helping others, working for others, is there something you are too scared to face alone? You need to have a strong relationship with you otherwise you will fall apart.

Capricorn (December 22-Jan. 19)

It’s hard for a lot of you to feel happy, or at least most of the time. This is because you work too hard. If you love your job it’s different, Capricorn will feel on a high at work (and a high on life), but when Capricorn is working hard in places that bring them down, they don’t feel in control and this makes for a bad Capricorn. Love will help support the Capricorn as long as Capricorn doesn’t take their stress out on their love, and learns to give back loving words. Don’t taint your good relationships, remember that work isn’t the most important thing, and ask yourself what it. What do you want? Regardless, it will all fall into place, as I once told a beautiful and intelligent Capricorn girl, “you will get everything you want from life because you work for it”, hard work does pay off here, but it’s not magic, it doesn’t turn around over night, and it will take exactly that, hard work to make it all possible. Ask yourself what you can’t live without and pour your energy into that.

 Taurus (April 20-May 20)

It would be nice to see the Taurus make a change. Not a travel change, or a hair change, or a clothing change, but a real life change. Is there a class you want to take? A job you want to work towards? What’s something you want to do for you? Take up design? Start reading again? Anything goes here, but it needs to be about you and your own productivity. Taurus loves to shares, but they do keep a lot private. A lot. Taurus will straight up surprise you with news that you didn’t see coming. Love is hot when it’s hot, and frustrating when it’s cold, but remember the standards you set for yourself. It won’t just be anybody, and if it's someone, try not to give everything that you have to this person. Having your own life a part from your partner will only make your love stronger. Don’t be hard on yourself either, eat what you want, stop looking in the mirror. You work hard to look great, and trust me, you do.

Virgo (August 23-September 22)

You will come to some realizations about important decisions this year. You will learn that in some regards, you can’t continue to play around. Love is probably the one place you’re not in any rush to go to, though you might be there or have been there a few times. A lot of you are in the right place, with a partner who is finally on the same page as you. Others don’t know, and may not want to, as getting married isn’t the first thing on your list to do. Virgo wants to build their empire and get to a place of power; they will put their drive before their heart. This year, try to let go of things that only bring you down. Try to focus on what’s making you happy, but be honest with yourself, is what's suppose to be making you happy actually making you happy? There are many good days ahead, but you’ll take it all in like a true realist, knowing things will occur that aren’t pleasant. Virgo will take the pain with the pleasure to keep working hard, and finding time for number one. See, Virgo can’t be around you all the time, and if you’re really the right person for them, you won’t expect them to be.

Libra (September 23-October 22)

You probably admit you have a hard time knowing what you want. You know what you think, most of the time, but knowing how you feel has always been a problem. You’re just too curious, sometimes it gets in the way. You do want to know everything, but not for the wrong reasons. You’re just concerned. You just want to know. Some of you have been with people for very long periods of time, and it’s likely your partner has wondered where your level of commitment is at. I’m sure some of you have even broken up and gotten back together with mates. Libra doesn’t always think ahead. They want to be married, sure, to you, and their best friend and other best friend, but they don’t want to have to pick between loves. Libra is likely to have a few soul mates in their lives that satisfy different aspects. Eventually, they are more than happy to settle down, but it does take time—if you’re a true Libra, that is.

 Gemini (May 21-June 20)

 You might say things, but you don’t always mean them. At least not if they hurt people’s feelings. You might act like you don’t care, but you do care. If you’re not right with someone who matters to you, it does affect you. Though, in typical Gemini fashion you will try to play it cool. Gemini hates to wait for results. Even if it’s a matter of paying their own consequences, Gemini would much rather speed up the process. This year it’s important for Gemini to work on their communication (even though Gemini is the master of communication), and really try to notice how they talk to people. Or how they might treat certain people differently than others. Gemini is very prone to having secrets because they don’t like people knowing what could be perceived as “bad” about them. Gemini would like to maintain an image that other people can admire (maybe even idolize.) All that matters is that it's a reflection they are happy to see in the mirror (and we know how much Gemini loves the mirror.) Gemini needs to stop moving towards the danger zone of things, and see if stuff can happen naturally without drama. You’re going to be happiest by getting what you least expect, so stop being so quick to cast things off. What you end up with and whom you end up with will be a surprise, but first, you’ve got to open yourself up to the opportunity.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-feb. 18)

If you feel the need to prove to people that your partner is gold, then, I’m sorry, but you have a problem with you partner. Something about them isn’t good enough for you because that’s not a normal approach. OK. Once in a while, sure, but trying to get the approval of others is a waste of time. If you love your partner, you will just love and accept them for who they are. There won’t be too many things that you need to change, or at least there shouldn’t be. Aquarius sometimes needs to know when to stop striving, but it’s hard for them. They always want more because they always see more. They are smart. They understand how things work so they know what they should be getting or what they could get. They don’t let these things go, so they usually happen. Love isn’t like this, however. Love has to happen organically and without terms. Sure, there can be some "terms", but it’s not like a contract where you both make love like a job. You simply have to let love win, and learn that a lot of things in life are not of our control. We can do our best to voice for our concerns, but sometimes the inevitable change, which is bound to come, takes a bit of waiting.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

 It’s weird for people to see you so set in your ways only to suddenly change them. You're suppose to be a creature of habit. People may wonder what your influences are, but you are simply drastic like that. Scorpio does have a lot of secretive behavior, thoughts and ambitious. Scorpio will come out and surprise you. Don’t be alarmed. Scorpio is learning too. Even if they are always the one giving the golden advice, Scorpio is still figuring out their life journey. Many Scorpios are in hiding, and bent on hiding themselves from the world. They will come back. In their own time. Scorpio is all about going at their own speed; so let them stay in control and don’t try to push them. Their buttons are fragile and if you come at them in any regard, they are more than likely to bite off your head. This is not a sign to fake it for anybody, but when they are in the right spirits, they have so much to offer. Remember, this year is still about you, and you too need to detach from relationships that ask too much of you. You also need a sense of self and a place for personal growth. Start dreaming, there is plenty of potential for Scorpio to prosper.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

The most important thing, this year, is sincerity. If you aren’t ready, ask yourself why? Do you really think you ever really were? Sometimes we sit on stumps for a while, but eventually, we move on from that stump. This is something that Cancer struggles to do—move on. They would rather stay in a crappy relationship than break up, and it only hurts them more in the end. Though, it’s not to say that many Cancers aren’t happy with the right people. It is, however, important that Cancer be aware of their personal thresholds and honest feelings. Cancer can easily get trapped, and it’s best to avoid that at all costs. Cancer can make the mistake of putting others before them to the point that it is unhealthy. Make sure you are taking time to do the things that make you happy. 

Pisces (Feb.19-March 20)

 With all those years of ups and down, this one just might stay on the up side--if you let it. Your popularity is totally dependant on you, your mood and your outlook. You know you can make people love you if you want, but that you’re also capable of the exact opposite. Finding a goal is good. Getting lost in love isn’t. Pisces will drink in their lover 24/7, but this distracts them from their own chaos. You have to "do" in order to make dreams come true, you have to work hard and make things happen. Dreaming is not going to pay the bills. Talent gets wasted in this sign when they lack motivation, but many are driven and will rise to great things. For those single Fish that have been waiting for a catch, it is coming, but the sooner you are too busy to notice it, the better. Career can really take off if you play your cards right, and stick to your tactics, switch things up a little. You know you stand out so use it to your advantage. Cut off ties from people who have proven to be unworthy. Don’t make excuses for people. If you don’t know, you don’t know, so stop guessing and stop asking. Focus on the facts, the things you know for certain. Stop writing your own version of the story. All you know is what you were told or what actually happened, the rest is just a wish, and wishful thinking never got the Pisces to any place good.

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