Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Supply and Demand: How Companies like Hootsuite are Maximizing Marketing Stategy

Influencer Marketing has been defined as focusing on one's community in order to gain hits and exposure through people, blogs and brands that have influence. Real people influence our decisions more than advertisements too because people rely on expert opinions that they can trust. 
If you work somewhere, doesn't that in some regard make you an expert of that corporation? If you post photos on your social media about your job, and how awesome it is, aren't I meant to trust you? After all, you work there and you would know best. The growing epic fad of #HootsuiteLife is a testament to admirers, but more specifically Hootsuite's employees. This trend was so powerful, Hootsuite canned their old HR twitter @HootHR and reinstated @Hootsuitelife. The company has been branded by their popularity, but also the many grateful owls who work there. 
Additionally, Hootsuite has gotten you to go to market for them. Looking for a job? Looking through the #HootJobs? Well why not take part in a live Twitter conversation, which highlights the #HootJobs hashtag and discusses various aspects of the Hootsuite world like Marketing. In the hopes that you will get noticed, you retweet, tweet, favourite and hastag, but are there any results? It's interesting that whatever talent is discovered through these interactions, it doesn't change the fact that Hootsuite has found a very successful way to monopolize an Ad campaign and create a trending hastag. 
Unbounce does this too. In asking you to create a Landing Page to apply for a job, you must sign up and use their product. Both Hootsuite and Unbounce are making solid choices, by asking for something in return, they are allowing their exposure to dominate from people who genuinely want to promote it.
I would say this is successful Influencer Marketing at its prime. Utilizing a powerful target to promote you, one that is happy to do so, and automatically, very trustworthy.

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