Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Star Sign Summer Survival Guide

Summer is an interesting season for love. It inspires people to be free and do things more independently. You may find yourself envious of that cute couple on the beach, but if there was ever a time to hate your relationship (even just a little bit) it's summer! This season has a careless spirit, which is naturally brought on by the change of weather and the desire to be untied (to anything). This can encourage careless whispers brought to you by the summer heat --that might come back as 'hauntings' in the fall. 

Singles who have a Black Belt in Dating will know that summer is not the season of fast-paced relationships nor is it a time for making big changes in an existing relationships. Yeah, there's all those weddings to make you think, dream or wonder, but remember-- all of those weddings were planned months/years in advance.
 Summer is not the time to be too serious. It is the time to dance, bask in the sunlight, travel, play with your friend Molly in the moonlight, but don't hesitate to take note that when you are in a frame of mind of 'not taking stuff seriously' (and enjoying yourself) you will be far more likely to attract suitors. Since it's summer and your not "expecting anything", you should probably just go with it. Summer can always be a time to warm things up for the fall--be patient, move slowly, get to know people and don't let the sun stroke you into doing anything stupid-- like move in with your GF of three months! 

 Sometimes it may seem like you are a living in a bubble of constant wonder: Doe they love me? Is he/she the one? Will this last? Will we get back together one day?The honest truth: you have to stop asking these types of questions. Firstly, you have to know that the love you envisioned for yourself is a possibility. In order for love to come or grow into something worthy you have to invest your personal faith in it and put aside your ego aside.

Give yourself an equations of what you want. Calculate something that is worth weighing in for and use this equation as a measuring tool towards finding the right person. Don't stray from what you really want/need.Pinning the excuse "everyone has problems" or "I won't find anyone else" is just a shitty excuse. Love is a knowing feeling that does not go away easily. In the same token, love is something you have to trust in before it can grow and come into bloom. You might find yourself shocked by some of the people who end up together: "sheeee got a boyfriend before me?" "Heeee found love before I did?" -- why is this? If you have to question why someone else found love before you then you are looking at the idea of love all wrong. You have to know that love is about timing. Being on board with other people's happiness with be a plus towards surrounding yourself in good energy and bringing love into your life. Otherwise your jealous energy will penetrate externally, and a negative, unattractive aura will naturally repel your potential love chances. Carrying around weight from the past or "walking with the ghost" will also keep you for being where you would like to be--love wise. Simple equation: If you believe in love, you will believe it will happen for other people (when their time is right) just as it will happen for you. It's sappy, but it works wonders.
Astrology aside, men are often very scared to find the right women in their 20s. Yes, there are those special guys who "just want to express love to one person", but the reality is, that "getting chics", "hooking up with hotties" and gaining sexual experience is a right of passage for a man. If he doesn't rise to the occasion he might get teased by his friends. Studies have shown that getting and having hot girls is apart of what it means to be a man and exert masculinity. It is this pressure to be masculine, which interferes with natural love connections and promotes infidelity. 

Also when people talk about love and say things like: "just not in this city"... disagree. If love is a natural progression, do you really have to move in order to find it? By all means travel, see the world, but don't make "falling in love" a trip priority or a city expectations. Check out The Star Sign Summer Survival Guide for more insight on yourself, your friends, co-workers, crushes, mate or EX-mate. Remember, if you are a cusp sign born within ten days of another sign--read both!

Fire signs will know they are in love with they are not prone to doubting it. Fire has to be sure in order to burn at a manageable place.

Aries (March 21- April 19)

Surviving Summer: The constant desire to push for more-- sometimes gets in the way of enjoying what you already have. Breath. The summer is a good time for Aries to attempt this. They want to roam, but they also feel this burning desire to work, work hard and set goals.  Aries is all about building their own pyramid, but they see how things should operate, at what time and in what way -- if for some reason their mate is not feeling this, Aries will struggle to re-work the orignal floor plan of the pyramid. 

Summer Love: If Aries loves, they have give you a lot of time to adjust to who they are. Aries is smart, a great game player and they never reveals all of their cards too soon. The true Aries, the sometimes greedy, bossy and shrew Aries will start to show their real face--once Aries is comfortable enough with the one they love. If you love Aries you have to find their planny ways endearing otherwise things won't work out. Certain things about Aries are set in stone. Single Aries will be working it--on the constant like a champ. Taken Aries will be flirtatious into looking good, and keeping their competition at bay. Aries would only date the best right? Therefore they need to keep their mate satisfied. Aries can be too independent and this can turn off lovers who want something more "together", but generally Aries will mate best with signs who are of the same, free, adventurous spirit.

Summer Aries: This is a good time for this sign (as the element of fire) they will love the heat and time time to sizzle and get active outside. Aries will also unwind a lot more than they normally do. They might even skip an exercise class here or there or not work as hard as they do (in other seasons). Summer Aries will also seek attention from places that do not stem from work, but are more play orientated. Aries does not like to be bored. They will jump at the chance of summer fun and adventure. 

Sagittarius (November 22- December 21)

Surviving Summer: Sagittarius is the sign of the sun and is probably the greatest lover of warm weather and good pleasure. Sag is happiest when they can draw up the blinds and let in some natural light. A lot can happen at this time, Sag could be on the brink of making some serious life changes. This could mean marriage, travel or a new job. Whatever it is, Sag is ready for the storm. The storm of new exciting things, new challenges and fresh ideas. These types of things will resonate well with this sign. 

Summer Love:If you are in love with a Sag don't take their need for personal 'roaming' time to heart, it is simply apart of this sign to seek adventure and take on new things. Summer Sag can often be oblivious to what is staring them in the face. This could be someone's hurt feelings or an addiction Sag can't accept, but it can also be Sag's inability to see when someone is into them. Sag will draw a blind eye to what they could have, and explore the chalenge and rejection of what they might have. Generally, there are a lot of lose lovers in this sign, connections are often fleeting and hard to sustain, but as always with this sign, it is about breaking the mold of how they feel 'they should act' and showing some emotional vulnerability. No one will make fun of you for being honest about your feelings, in fact, in lue of all your bragging, it will come as a huge relief. Your partner loves you, but is sometimes exhausted by your enthusiasm, optimism and constant energy.

Summer Sag: Summer Sag -- remember it is always ok to be adventurous as long as you also take time to chill, and really get in touch with what you want the most. You hate to lose, yes, but this is truly the only way for a Sag to find or discover what/who it is that they really want. You have to take more emotional risks. 

Leo (July 23-August 22)

Surviving Summer: Summer Leo is not nearly as focused as Fall Leo. Leo doesn't always know what they want to do, they know what they love. They also know that they want to do positive things and be around the people that make them feel good. Leo is a sign of image. They want to appear amazing. Even when Leo might not be feeling amazing inside. There are seldom to few people that Leo will actually show this weakness to. A big part of maintaining this 'amazing' social self (for some Leos) is suffering from suppressed insecurities. Leo is sprung on validation and social credibility. Yes, Leo does like to outshine people and will usually be really nice to the people who dislike them, make them jealous or inferior, but in truth, Leo is really just competing with Leo. They don't care about you, they care about how you feel about them, and if those feelings are going to rub off on others. Negative people just get in the way of Leo's natural born greatness, but lucky for you, Leo does not mind taking the admiration. Here's the thing, no matter how much you feel like you hold a candle to your Leo mate, they will always feel like you are the lucky one. Even if they really do feel equally lucky, Leo needs to hear it and they need to see it. Leo wants you to be fierce about your love and show the world that you are proud to call them a lover. Leo needs and loves attention, but their partner has to understand that Leo needs and loves attention from a variety of different people, places and things. If you are dating a Leo, you cannot expect to be included in all of these things. This is just how Leo operates. They will shine in every corner, but the person they come home to has their trust and their love.
Summer Leo: If you find that Leo is putting their friends before you too much this could be a bad sign. Leo is often a coward. They will try to take the most respectful approach when bowing out of a situation. Leo is a drama queen, Leo loves other people's drama, but they can't handle drama in their life, at least not from their love. They want things to be good at all times, and they want people to be happy. Too much nit-picking of the Leo will only make them fickle and this will result in Leo looking elsewhere for praise. The Leo might secretly know what sucks about them, but they do not like it when other people point it out, and will bear on the defensive if attacked -- in any shape or form. Leo is a total spazz in combat, and will often be worth leaving alone because if they aren't spazzy then they are all "pussy cat" like, and you know it is impossible for you stay mad at that?

Air is generally a huge flirt and the most capable element of playing the field without letting emotions getting in the way. Air will like to remain cool with everyone, until they find someone who really makes them hot.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

 Surviving Summer: Summer is a time for The Gemini to chill out. Some people don't know this but Gemini is at constant thought, and in some cases, at constant war with themselves. Gemini is oddly like Leo in that they don't like to show weakness, and they do not like to talk about their personal matters with personal strangers. Even if they know you, and know you well, Gemini will probably give you very little to go off, and instead will be a moody, undesirable bitch to you. On the other hand, if they trust you, they might tell you more than you want to hear. This is the curse of the Gemini. They can sway into different territories. Sometimes they are all,"hi" and other times they straight out pretend that you do not exist. Gemini is fun yes, but they have a hard time letting go of control, which is why drinking is often a great way for the Gemini to feel spirited.

Summer Love:  When intoxicated Gem will also lose their, "I need to be good" complex, and likely do things (sexual things) they would not normally do. In most cases this will lead to regretful Gemini, but what you don't talk about, no one has to know about, and Gemini has mastered this skill unlike any other sign. To be fair, this also means that they often know how to win any battle because their stubbornness results in either apologizes on your behalf or a ' let's agree not to agree', which is better for a Gem then having to admit that they were wrong. Gem is rarely sorry and rarely wrong, but often fair at coming around in time when it is their fault. Really, if they love you they will be needy of you and find it impossible to stay mad at you. 

Summer Gemini: Party? Party! Gemini will take up leisure, they will be with people often, they will work hard, but also make time for play and sometime duck out early or "set their own hours". Gemini will only persure what their heart is capable of. When burned in love, this sign can take awhile to truly move on, often a typical Gem just goes from one to the next (or is flirting with something), but the reality that most of these connections are actually emotionally invested is rare. Gemini uses people and plans to distract themselves from dealing with their own issues, and the things that they hate to think about that make them "feel bad" about themselves. Gemini really does hate to "feel bad", which why they often option to forget it completely. 

Libra (September 23 - October 23)

 Surviving Summer: The play child. Sometimes you just end up lost  in the forest, but at least you know how to get  lost with a smile on your face and icing on your finger. Summer is the ultimate time for Libra to spread their wings and soar to any place, which their charming heart desires. Summer Love: Single Libra will live it up. They will know just what to say to take your last breath away and..get you dropping your clothes. Cautious is always advised when Summer lusting over a Libra. They are known to sway, and unless you are prepared to sway with them -- you might end up getting hurt. Libra doesn't mean for you to get hurt, in fact, take nothing personal, Libra is not one to bear ill feeling over night, in fact, it is just the opposite. They are the way they are, but it has nothing to do with you directly. Libra will love you a million times over if you are cool, or cool enough to make them see life in a different way, which forces them to grow up. Good luck, but at least if Libra loves you, they will take your concerns into account and slowly (over time) make changes that will appease you. Mind you, Libra can't help getting caught up, what with all the summer fun (pretty things to look at) and their friends -- they can't say no, they can't say yes, all Libra can do is say: maybe. This is the perfect word to describe this sign. Hold on if you up to handle the tentative communication and non-committal atitude of "might", but if you yearn for plan and structure, and are not full of patient -- this won't be your summer cake walk.
Summer Libra: Don't be greedy. Think about the needs of others. Instead of using your charm to manipulate others into following your lead, encourage people to make up their own minds. People want to be around you, but don't take advantage of your popularity, and remember people are humans, not toys that you trash in your closet and play with when desired. The ability to gain empathy of other people's standpoints will help you find a greater sense of what you want both romantically and independently. This could be another Libra problem -- learning how to lose the entourage once in awhile, and do things alone, meaning: no one else.    

Aquarius (January 20- February 18)

Surviving Summer: Wanting what you can't have easily and pretending that you don't want something when you do -- are two very common running Scorpio themes. Aquarius might be under the radar when they meet someone they really like or they could be having secret sex, but something with someone is usually going on. Aquarius needs amusement! Summer Love: Aquarius is the worst when they lose their self-interests to the demands of love. Nobody ever saw that coming, right?  It is cool to try new things, but it is not cool to be controlled, and a true AQ would never stand for anyone telling them what to do or how to live their life. Don't tell this sign they are wrong because they have their own unique way of thinking and doing things, which you might not always understand, but AQ doesn't feel like it is their job to teach you. Adapt or move on, you may not have noticed, but AQ has probably been coaching themself to be patient with you. AQ is what AQ is and this can be a rainbow of wonderful  and eccentric things. AQ can be super chill and "go with the flow", or for those born closer to Capricorn, it could mean-- being very driven, goal-focused and determined. AQ may not know what they want, but they want what works, and will give things a healthy shot if they seem to go in their favor. This is the problem too though, as The Water Carrier will start to coast for too long and lose sight of their future. They are always thinking ahead, but sometimes stay in the same place for too long, this doesn't even have to mean with the same person, it could be the same sexy mistake, over and over, and over again. 

Summer Aquarius:  Summer is a perfect time for the AQ to just veg out and take it easy for once. Remember AQ, you do not need to be doing something all the time. This doesn't deplete your social credibility or make you fat and lazy, it makes you human. Alone time is needed here. Otherwise AQ will be so influenced by their surroundings that they will lose sight of their former intentions and desires-- like why they are even with you in the first place. Summer is a good time for AQ to find a sense of pleasure and relaxation, which doesn't always have to include other people. Aquarius will be everywhere this summer with everyone. Taken Aquarius will plan fun group activity, which will give them the space required in their relationship. Aquarius does not want a babysitter, they can be excellent caretakers, but they don't want to babysit you either. If you are just as free-spirited as Aquarius this could be wonderful or it could be problematic, as whoever has more "controlling" elements in their sign won't be amused by this "cool" approach towards dating. At least not for too long, you have catch the Aquarius or soon they'll be swimming off to meet warmer fish and they can do this easily.

Earth is stable and stationary. At the root, this is the element of home and relationships, but sometimes earth signs have a hard time breaking through their own shell, and this affects their ability to meet people -- or even notice when someone is trying to meet them.

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

Surviving Summer: It would be nice to say that Capricorn slows down during summer or that they work less, but this is hardly the case. Having self-demands is what pulls the Capricorn out of bed in the morning. They want to do the best job possible. They want to make money and sometimes these desires get in the way of the emotional feelings that they suppress. Capricorn would rather be a boss about problems, instead of being emotional about them. Capricorn will be proactive and do what they can to be a life raft by helping you figure things out in a sensibile and intelligent way. Capricorn will really listen if they want to help you figure it out, but only because they are stable enough to do so, right?
Summer Love:  Capricorn will make time for the person they love, well they will plan time or set something special aside for you. They will be OK if you don't meet their economic standards, but seriously impressed if you do. Equality is valued, but being the Bread Winner and finding a workable routine that balances love and romance -- is ideal. Capricorn is OK with being the best and bringing home the biggest income. Single Capricorn will have a hard time connecting with the things they question and a hard time keeping track of everything at once. They have a need to be in a relationship, but they do not have a need to be impulsive and sexually 'out of control'. Sex, surprisingly is not something that Capricorn will attach emotions to lightly, it can easily be a form of release that holds little sentiment. Capricorn can't help sometimes but care, they will help to improve you (if in their power) and keep you happy. This is also because they care about their public images, which is why it might seem like they treat everyone the same. They don't. If you are a part of Capricorn your worth reflect off of theirs, and therefore they want you to keep it together.The person Capricorn loves and the people that they really trust are the ones who get to see the Capricorn unplugged, and this is a much more emotional show than Capricorn at the office.
Summer Capricorn:  The important thing is that Capricorn will try to get into the sun. They are encouraged by a good, alcohol infused vacation, but it has to be planned. Likely your Cap has a job in which he/she is greatly needed, and therefore they can't always make enough time for you. This doesn't mean they don't care, and this especially does not mean they are being disloyal. Coming home to the people they care about is the upmost important thing to a Capricorn. Capricorn likes classy people and classy things, and prides on exuding a classy attitude even if what Capricorn is doing is just as bad as that thing they judged you for last week.

Taurus (May 20-April 20)

Surviving Summer: This summer Taurus will either be hung up on something that is over or sinking their teeth into the sweet taste of something new. Often lazy, but very hard-working Taurus (even if they hate their employer) are motivated to make plans to look forward to. Taurus loves to travel, party, and do fun things with their friends.Taurus will hate to do anything against their desire, but sometimes will do it anyway, even if doing it against their will-- will only frustrate them further.
Summer Love: Taurus tends to fall too fast too soon. They will make big changes within in short periods of time (over trivial stuff) and make slow changes with the things that really matter. Love doesn't always have a plan, but Taurus will run with their heart in the hopes of finding one. Sometimes these Taurus jaunts will lead to many failed outcomes, but Taurus isn't the best at being single. At least not happily. Taurus feels more confident and self-assured when they have someone to keep them feeling tender and entertained. Single Taurus will be out everywhere, looking hot and trying hard to wheel in new connections. Regardless, old claims don't die quickly with this sign. Even if it is over with you, Taurus might still feel concerned, even Taurus has a new mate. This can be expressed in the form of conversation or seeking attention through social media sites. Taurus likes to have the last laugh. If you think their actions are intended to catch your attention, they just might be, but you'll probably see a running theme in the Taurus lifestyle. Taurus is always documenting/sharing everything good going on in their lives. They desire to enjoy their lives with the people they trust most.
Summer Taurus: Taurus won't let you or anybody get them down for too long. This is why they move on foolishly or stay in shitty relationships (for too long) only to leave one day abruptly and without much prior (verbal) warning. You may not even know what is going on with Taurus because they don't share, document or publicly publish their downfalls, true feelings and emotions. Taurus would rather show you their loving instincts and this summer this could mean, emotionlessly for one night, which will be hard to do if Taurus has their designs set on you. 

Virgo (August 23-September 22)

Surviving Summer: Virgo has a tendency to spend too much time alone. It's not you, they just prefer it this way. Virgo needs time to miss you and if you smoother them, they will scare away. Virgo will always need to seek a form of self-improving adventure or self-desire, anything that is 'self' focused and is distinctly seperate from their emotional relationships. Luckily, Virgo likes the sun and will be less of a troll and actually show their face (a lot more) this season. Virgo is also a perfectionsit and very vain. They will like to get darker and perhaps more fit during this time. Virgo is very body conscious, but won't be afraid to show off what they've got--if they've got something.
Summer Love: Virgo's body conscious nature also plays a part in their romantic and sexual endeavours. If Virgo has to be physically perfect, then ideally they would like their mate/fantasy to also be. This critical Virgo voice stems from a place of love, but no matter what, the Virgo's libido craves isn't always congruent to the longings of their marital heart. Virgo's heart craves the essence of a good girl/boy. You know the type of mate who is mother quality, which means you are also the type who can tolerate Virgo's mother. Virgo women tend to worry too much, who are we kidding? So do the male types. Virgo can't help but question everything because they have a very realistic approach to life, and will often see how things can't work oppose to how they can, is that the reality? Virgo knows that finding one person will take some time and experience. Regardless, these Virgo questions will only stand in the way of their joy --stop thinking--start feeling. Stop playing games and get in the game, you could afford to lose a round by putting your heart on the line because that's what you secretly want anyway--that sappy--sweep-me-off-my-feet kind of love (just not in public). Virgo, seriously, in some way, will want to rescue the person they love.
Summer Virgo: Try not to put all your energy into one thing, one person or one job. As the sign of service, Virgo has a a hard time stopping, but pay attention Virgo, remember, it is summer, if everyone is slacking off a little that doesn't mean you swoop in there and sweep up the slack. Relax, a little if you can. Not everything people say or do needs constant correction, judgment or oppositional insight. You don't always need to be doing this to yourself either, leave yourself alone and you might just find yourself not alone!And if you are with someone, leave them alone so you two can actually enjoy each other this summer!

Water signs are so desperate for love that they often mistake sex for love and have high expectation of all the people who they do sleep with.

Scorpio (October 24-Nover 21)

Surviving Summer: Scorpio is out to correct, confront and scold if the situation is not about Scorpio directly. If you are tying to confront Scorpio about something that you feel they did wrong, they will be very touchy-feely, potentially scary and defensive. When it comes to their important, emotional relationships Scorpio will have a hard time with letting go of control. Doing this will be hard for Scorpio to achieve in any season so proceed with caution. You have every right to tell Scorpio how you feel. It may take a thousand times, but maybe, eventually, they might get the picture? Proceed with caution, unless of course "caution" comes a-calling first, in which case Scorpio will not be easy to deal with, fight with, or reason with. Scorpio (better than any other sign) will know when to withdraw and when to react, and even better, they know how to cut people out with hesitation or even a second thought. They know how to straight up 'fuck off' if you fuck with them. This will only be easy for Scorpio to do if they didn't really trust you in the first place. Scorpio holds dearly to their loyal, emotional relationships, but that being said, if they really loved you, you might find yourself dealing with the wrath of Scorpio's pain.
Summer Love: Single Scorpio will be out and about and partying with a dark, un-trusting heart and a quick-witted tongue  Sexual Scorpio can't mask their physical urges when under the influence. Scorpio has been known to stoop to some love levels when it comes to getting some. Relationship Scorpio still needs space from their partner. Love isn't everything for this sign. It is highly important but Scorpio also has other dreams that go beyond "happily ever after" and let's face it, they are not easily impressed by anyone.
Summer Scorpio: Scorpio has to find a way to chill out and let the little things ride. Focus on the bigger issues at hand.  Love has a natural way of making Scorpio get edgy, but love is never enough for the Scorpio to be and feel sincerely happy. Scorpio needs to figure out where they are  from a personal standpoint first, and for many of them this could be a head in the wrong direction or for others, no direction at all (at least at first), but there is massive potential in this sign and great intelligence, which really could go a lot of places. Scorpio is quite gifted, intuitive and true. They just need to get to wherever they are going at their own pace and by their own self-regulated rules and direction.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Surviving Summer: Cancer has to be careful not to get stuck, walloping in their Cancer shell. They also have to be careful not to become dependant on food, drugs or cheap sex to make them feel better. Cancer is motivated by other people, but has to find a way to make summer about them and their own issues, dreams etc. Cancer has to take time for them in order to find a kind of enjoyment that doesn't involve helping or taking care of anyone else, can Cancer find joy in helping Cancer?
Summer Love: If any sign is capable of making something progress (this season), progress into a real, love-based, long-term relationship--it's Cancer! Cancer doesn't want to end things and they are never the person to rush into a break-up-- unless of course, it is absolutely necessary. In this case they will probably just stop replying to your messages. Cancer prefers a real foundation between two people, someone and something they can rely on, protect and trust in. Cancer wants someone they can do stuff with, they actually are up for the idea of "dates", which involve activities and conversation. They don't want to do things alone, which is unfortunate because they have a lot of great ideas for planned excursions.  Not being able to do what they like will  only make Cancer crabby. Cancer loves to have something to protect (and even better if that person protects them right back) and share inside jokes with them, and stays by their side all night long because they kind of hate everyone else.
Summer Cancer: Cancer needs to focus on goals that are self-determined. Cancer needs to do things that do not stem from other people or other people's validation or concern. Stop helping other people with their important projects, Cancer, and start working more on your own. Sometimes Cancer neglects their sense of personal desire, especially if the presence of 'someone to love' is blocking them from it. Cancer has the ability to think really, really negatively. They will often doubt themselves or fail to make potential dreams come true simply because they have such little faith. Cancer will often think their ideas/dreams weren't good enough when they probably really were. Cancer needs to surround themselves with positive things and people, which will reminds them of all the things they secretly want to achieve. Listen to the other voice, the sunny voice, you know, the one that tells you that: You Can!

Pisces (February 19-March 20)

Surviving Summer: Pisces is one of the most likely signs to feel sad in this season, but mainly if Pisces feels "left out" of really fun looking activities  Pisces is sensitive to what they see, often their intuitions are dead on, but other times Pisces will jump to conclusions and assume things that are not always right. The whole Pisces need to 'make a dramatic scene' is so five years ago (for many of you). Most Pisces have come a long way, but still there is (always) a lot of growing up to do. Don't let the summer moods (which go up and down daily for most Fish) get you down. If you really need to be EMO, have a day (or three) to mourn and then be on with it. Don't be lazy--keep at it. Pisces will often work so hard at something only to watch their sand castles topple over and wash away. Go with the flow, you know waves are coming, and you'll pass them just as you passed the ones before. People will be blown away by your lack of reaction or lack of interest, especially when it is expected. Sometimes you care too much and this is the exact reason why people sometimes forget to include you.
Summer Love: Don't take the feelings to a dark place and don't let the feelings control you or your daily disposition. People love 'Happy Pisces", not obsessive, out-of-control Pisces who is probably 'out-of-control' for a few, obvious reasons: Pisces has once again fallen for someone who won't validate their love or greatness OR Pisces has a burning interest for someone who doesn't feel the same way back, but will take the bate if Pisces throws themselves at the right hour. Don't whore yourself out or get used for sex, people often fail to see all the other "good" things that you are because you lead with your sexuality and you do it so well, but don't let people treat you like a doorknob, especially a doorknob that is easily opened. Remember Pisces that not everyone you get under or on top of is going to be 'the one'. Remember, just because you express your secret romantic longings and feelings 'of like' through sex -- it doesn't mean that everyone else does. Not everyone has their heart down there. Don't put all of your sassy swim into one charming fish or one place. Don't be emotional about your hook-ups; play it cool. Try to be friends (first) if you really like the person. How else will you break from your self-conscious barrior of worrying that you are doing or saying the wrong thing? Oh right, drinking (or drugs), but that will only lead to trouble: cheating, emotional cheating, hate mail, stalking etc.
Summer Pisces: The hate mail you long to send when drunk is only a drunk thing. Many of you are "too nice" in real life and don't always have the courage to stand up for yourself. Try to make sober choices to set the bar higher. If you know someone is going to reject you (or fear it) beat that person at their own game, but this doesn't always require a message. A message requires a response. People react better to "cool" Pisces, and when Pisces acts confidently or choses not to play the victim they generally become more attractive. Letting someone know "it's over" or "I'm done" could smell of the reality that you secretly are thinking the other person isn't interested and want to to beat them to the punch. Realize that doing things like this, especially when drunk, only translate as "I still care", any acknowledgement or message you send indicates this--otherwise you would ignore it right, like the 56 other people (who love you) that you are currently ignoring, right?


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