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Holiday Horoscopes of Hope

  The Holiday season is a great time to celebrate love and life, spoil the people you care about and relish in the festivities of a Merry Season. It can be easy to forget, in the midst of good cheer, that while this is a joyous time for many, it is also a very difficult time for others. 
Even those who may “appear “like they have “everything” suffer at this time. Depression, anxiety, loneliness, and the missing memory of past loved ones is heighten over the holidays. What’s Your Birthday? Encourages you to reach out to the people who don’t have strong social circles, be a friend in stressful situations, take heed to those you suddenly have stopped seeing – make a point to include others and welcome other people into your social circles.Many people are very unaware of the insidious trauma of others, but they do exist. They pose an equally important threat to one’s terminal health. It is hard to understand what you do not personally experience, but despite the cliches, happiness for some is not a choice; it  is a battle. 
                      You might stray from what doesn’t appear     “normal”, but if you find that you are dealing with a friend who is being mean or “weird” or elusive don’t assume the worst. Try not to make it about you. Take the time to talk. Take the time not to judge. Emotions can be “cool” too. 
For some, it can seem like all good things come to end (but then they start up again), in a sense we all keep with the struggle, but we find triumph in our individual existences and simple pleasures of daily life.

 Every argument, lose, smile and tear holds a lesson. A lesson we can choose to ignore or accept, or "a secret" as to how we can live a better life. By learning to let things go and see what is meaningful, we can find an alternative way at looking at our lives, treating our selves and other people. By being able to lighten up and lets things roll off our backs before minimizing to a particular perspective of seeing a situation.       

                              Assumptions never did anybody any good. 
In these wet Winter times, amongst the joy, there is lose, people have lost, and this is the time of year when these loses really hit hard. I think it is important to acknowledges these loses and conjure the loving memories of the people who are no longer with us. Even as I write this, I know there are separate people celebrating, a baby is born, two people tie the knot, and life continues to circulate in mysterious ways, but we should not feel inclined to shun the hardships of others.   
Like hard earned money that floats in and out of possession, happiness is the supreme capital we struggle to obtain here, and not everyone is able to achieve this. Life and death exchange hands every second-- like love and loathing--happiness and sadness. This world of juxtapositions isn't always the lucky Kingdom of promised opportunities that we read about in fairy tales growing up. For some, life is a hellish casino in which the house always wins. You might find that you keep placing your bets only to lose, but at least you are placing bets. At least you are still inspired to play a round. Keep with the spirit that inspires you to be “all in” and live for the moments that make you smile, because eventually, you will win. You will beat the odds. Life is fragile and full of potential expectations, but if you shed yourself for all of these fears, and focus on the things that provide warmth-- the Winter season might not seem so dreary, and if it does, there is a new year upon us, and good feelings about 2013 are to be sensed.
The healing process for broken hearts is never that simple, and the Winter Season tends to ooze with romantic longings that it might make you miss that certain someone. You can't fix feelings with an operation, and sometimes all the money in the world – does nothing, there’s wisdom, and always the entertainment of Hopeful Holiday Astrology


   Pisces (February 19- March 21)

The problem here could be that you give too much or let other people take advantage of your kind heart. Don't give too much to those who give nothing back. I know it makes you feel good to give, but someone might be thinking you do it for the wrong reasons, even if you don't. You have the right attitude of being kind and the ability to express good cheer towards others, but sometimes this gets taken for granted. Sometimes you forget to express this good cheer onto yourself. Your ability to be generous is a very endearing quality, but remember you don't have to forgive everything or everyone in life. You have a right to be mad and stay mad, within just reason. Relationships can be great, but they have to go both ways. If you are constantly complaining about your partner then this is not a good fit for you -- you need to demand something for yourself in order to be happy. Giving up all the goose eggs too soon will amount in pleasure that is followed by pain. The fish can be addicted to the pain or addicted to feeling down, but this holiday season try to rise up above the self-loathing and find a place where you can be happy and appreciated by others. Pick a partner who feels as lucky to be with you as you feel to be with them. Don't think about things that make you get down on yourself -- think about positive stuff. Plan something exciting just for you, or for you and your loved one to do together in the new year.

                                              Cancer (June 21 - July 22) 

     Without question you are one of the most giving signs in the zodiac. You have compassion for those around you, try to be funny and makes jokes to set the mood right. People generally find you hilarious when you are in good spirits.The biggest issue here is being able to help others even if are in a dark, moody or crabby place. Your ability to recognize the strengths in others will help to put you in a good place and potentially aid you to enjoy your own life more. Cancer depends too much on others for happiness and this will serve to be a problem if not acknowledged. The more positive energy that you put out there, the more that will be returned to you. Nobody falls in love with a sour grape, and two sour grapes don't make for a sweet wine. Taking solace into someone bitter will only further perpetuate negative energy. The same can be said for taking interest in someone who only reinforces your negative qualities: greed, addiction, self-destruction, dishonesty etc. You won't meet your best potential mate by giving yourself to people who take advantage of your good will. Sometimes Cancer gets hooked on the idea of "having someone" even if that someone is totally wrong for them. A smart Cancer will invest time in a partner who challenges them to want more from life and walk away from places that have proved to be detrimental. Reciprocal giving is the best way for the crab to see and feel a sense of appreciation this Winter. 


       Scorpio (October 23- November 21)

      The need for self -expression and the ability to open up your own mind enough that you can tell other people how you feel--is -- crucial. The suppression of Scorpio emotions will only result in an explosion or the the death of the Scorpio's sense of control and personal joy. Taking on the misery and problems of everyone else is not a fit solution. This is only another way for the Scorpio to hide from Scorpio. Rekindle the sentiment of what makes you feel inspired. Set out to explore life with the right person by your side--not the person you can't seem to get rid of. Don't let the wrath of Scorpio win over your good heart because blurred within the sparkles of their sexy smile, is a very good-natured heart, and a person who strives to be a very loyal, giving and attentive human being. Someone who is willing to listen to your concerns and pay you the devoted, trusted attention that you have been craving. This sign will make the sacrifice out of love to listen and truly try to hear what other person are saying. Scorpio is often silent but deadly, and therefore make the best listeners. Some Scorpios work too hard and might hide behind their work or the troubles. This bad habit will need to stop in order for Scorpio to find a sense of self satisfaction.

                                  Taurus (April 20- May 20)

     Similar to Capricorn, Taurus will want to shower the one they love in gifts. This is how they show love. They wouldn't buy for just anyone, but they also need to work on saying how they feel more and making sure they outline their wants and needs to their partners--verbally. Having someone doesn't mean having it all, but having the right person-- does. Taurus has to be happy without love in order to feel real love. The Bull can be very territorial about their mates and this can cause problems. They are naturally a bit of a boss, and need to be with people who respect their desire for plans, future and structure. The moment is good to relish in, but Taurus often feels the need to own the moment by making it public for others or making it theirs. Sometimes it is OK to experience things on your own, for your own without any type of hidden agenda. Your natural joy will stem from what is real and not what is validated by other people, but what is validated by yourself and the person/people you care about the most. Don't go silent with your concerns, talk about them in order to see some internal growth and personal change. Remember, concrete change comes slowly for the Bull, so set small goals and work towards achieving them for the new year.

·                         Virgo (August 23-September 22)

    It's not to say that Virgo is not emotional, they are, they just have a really hard time talking about their emotions.They are not the best communicators when it comes to serious matters. Virgo, you are encouraged to encounter acts of kindness. Try to be there for the people who need you. Don't get caught up in love to the point where you ignore the people in your life who were there before and would be there again. Don't be selfish and ignore the chaos of the background-- simply because it annoys you. Whatever you chose not to deal with will come back to haunt you in the future. Try to tally up some good karma. Relax. Worry less. Think about a future that is enjoyable, but not fine tuned with perfection and critical ideals. The Virgin will battle with elements of control and stubbornness, which will prolong them from being happy. This holiday spirit try to let go of order -- think outside the box. Sometimes it is alright to abandon responsibility, especially for the Virgo who can be a workaholic or torn by a code of morality, which makes it hard for them to trust others and situations that don't seem ethical. Take a chance. Not everything in life is going to be roses and rainbow and your ability to let things ride will not only be a nice change for your partner, but also for yourself. A lot of the worry and pressure placed upon The Virgin is self-imposed and can be changed once they recognize it, and try to take hold of it in a healthy way.


       Capricorn (December 22- January 19) 

      sometimes you think that giving means giving great/expensive gifts. You do give great gifts, but giving with your heart will benefit you more this season. You know you want to barf because that just sounds so cheesy to you. Cap's don't like to steer from conventional forms of affection, but if they surrender their dominant qualities they can truly find a place to prosper with other people that comes from an emotional/loving place. The guise you front towards others makes you business savvy, but depletes from your internal characters, which usually can hilarious and a lot of fun, once ignited properly. Often people will wonder why you are so serious all the time, or at certain times, not realizing there is a very jolly, funny, loving aspect to you that work, money and stress doesn't always bring out. Try to harness your playfulness and give kindness to others in forms of emotional expression, which don't have a dollar value, but a value of heart, good will and compassion for others. This will be worth much more in the end and in doing so, you will bring out the best in yourself. Don't judge people who don't have the level of success you have achieved. Try to look beyond the obvious in situations in order to see alternative ways of viewing people. There is not always a "right" or a "wrong" --sometimes you just have to show support without being diplomatic about it.


·                   Sagittarius: (November 22- December 21)

Some people would think you to be emotionally awkward, which is why you often get mistaken for being selfish. Sometimes you really do care, but you might not always notice how you get caught up in bragging rights, and forget about the position of others. Sag can also use "looking on the bright side" or venturing off as a form of coping. Open your mind to hear the sounds of sadness that you block out naturally, and start to really listen to others. It can be hard for people to know what is going on in your mind. You are very good at playing the social game. If you are conflicted, it is better to talk about it, people will not look at you any less. You will probably be applauded for coming clean about certain addictions, secrets, affairs etc. Whatever you deal with in private will eventually bite you in the butt. This holiday you can bring a lot of joy to others by pumping the idea of having fun and letting loose. Sag knows how to have a good time and will promote upbeat, Holiday cheer. They have the ability to be goofy and sometimes, well often, a bit of a gypsy too. Don't be a total gypsy this Holiday, people want to see you. People worry about you. You can't do everything on your own and it is more than OK to ask for help. Again, no one will look down on you in any degree. Accepting you need a bit of help will benefit you and inspire new business ideas and job aspirations. Relationships will flourish once the Sag finds a place to settle themselves. The sag needs to be comfortable, not worried about money and open minded to something fresh and exciting in order to really maximize this holiday season. The hope needs to come first within the Sag, before it can be externally present  to the outside world. 

            Leo (July 23 - August 22)

      It's really hard to say that this sign doesn't give, because give they do, especially if they love you and expect love from you in return. Yes, there will be certain demands (constant affection, adoration, attention, petting, dotting, etc) but it's difficult to say a Leo mate will not bestow the uppermost loyalty and kindness towards the people they care about. Ruler of the heart, it can't be said enough, Leos generally have the roots of tenderness that people are instantly, magically drawn to. Leo isn't perfect, but they know to play their imperfection off to others in a lovable  comedic fashion. Perhaps it a fire sign trend to hide weakness, but even still, your attempts at saying "I'm over it" are transparent of the reality that you are not. Leo is very proud by nature and does not like to be vulnerable. They already know. Try to tell them something, and you will be assured that this notion has already crossed the Lion's mind. Leo doesn't want anyone to tell them their business--they will figure it out. In the meantime, if you back off they will provide a lot of holiday laughter, romance and fun. Leo will shine as long as you give them room to do so. They need space to sort through their own stuff, and will seek friendships for healthy distraction and stress release. In a relationship, Leo loves to be in love, but will still hold onto their personal aspirations because they know love is something they can always return to. They are not afraid to lose things because they are often confident that they have "one up" on the situation. Leo is very charming and talented and will do their best when they realize what they need for themselves in order to be content. This very well could mean taking some things off their plate or confronting things they fear will be dramatic. As much as Leo can be dramatic, they fear drama in life and don't welcome it, unless they believe that they have some control over the situation. They need to come out on top in order to make amends. They are also capable of making amends and being insincere, but their ability to do is the gift, again of having "one up" on the situation. What you don't know can't hurt you, and what the Leo knows secretly will only benefit them in the long run.


              Aries: (March 21 - April 19)

      Aries is smart in that they don't get involved in things that will cause them frustration. They might not always have patience with small things, especially work matters, but they will know when to take space from emotional concerns in their love relationships. Aries can be easily annoyed and feel a need to nag by nature as they have an ideal of how things should be/look. Regardless, they can see the power of time and how picking their moments to communicate concerns can be much more beneficial than venting in the moment. Aries knows they have a spazzy, angry side and will suppress it until they are capable of being a better mate. They love to be friendly and have a lot of friends. They are considerate and will put their stuff on the back-burner to support people who are in greater need. Aries wants to be happy and wants to let things go. They want to look at the bigger picture. They want to capitalize on fun and enjoyment. The only thing that gets in the way of this is the pressure Aries puts on Aries -- they might have really high expectations of themselves, which will transfer on to others. It is better to try to control this, go at the fast speed you desire, but keep in mind others won't always be able to keep up with this speed.This holiday season, be the friendly, fearless, fun leader you can be. You deserve to enjoy yourself without the stress of other people's sadness. Remind yourself what is important in life, because you are capable of seeing the bigger picture, and you do know that happiness is paramount to everything else. Having it all ---is really having all the love that life can offer.

     Libra (September 23- October 22) 

     Be decisive about helping others. The best way Libra can do this is by executing their charming energy and making others see the fun in life. If in good spirits, which is common, this sign has the ability to make your holiday full of delightful spirit and good will. Libra, don't stress, put that work stuff aside and get back in touch with your free-spirited, fun-loving nature. You know that side of you that loves to make and eat good food? That side of you that loves to go out, dance at shows and enjoy good people, good sex and good music?? Try not to think too much. You go back and forth about stuff from the past, and this only hurts you. Try to find a decisive thought for the future, which involves you at your very best, swimming in the wonderfulness of your own element. You have such a good outlook on life. You know how to let things go and are always up for resolving matters. This is a quality other people envy. You are not that stubborn, you are only torn, at times and this is the only thing that gets in your way. Living for the moment is good here. Getting too far ahead or moving too far back will only prevent you from meeting someone new or having a good holiday. You have so much charisma. If you are single don't be shy, utilize your charismatic ways and embrace the laughter and love around you. Love is everywhere. The pressure of having conventional love should not affect you. People don't always see the grey in life, but you can play in this and inspire those around you to do the same, without tears or worries.

          Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

      The ability to be sincere is the most imperative here. Gems need to find a level of sincerity within their good Gem cheer. The master of manipulation and good speech, the Gem will have glowing words for you, it is OK to question their pursuits, but likely you will fall putty to them. Know that when they really do love you that these words are beyond real. They will spoil the people they love, they will be thoughtful, and immensely generous. Sometimes a Gem is hospitable to a fault. If you are not enjoying yourself other people will, but don't depend on other people having a good time at your parties in order for to you. The importance here is to be real. Gem is so good at being fake, you probably wouldn't even know. They might not even like you, but will bear your company for the sake of someone else. Try to be honest with your compliments and actions. Don't be a bitch. Be better. You have so many wonderful qualities and when you are in good spirits you are the life of the party. You make the world a better place when you don't worry about what other people think. Your mom isn't around, let loose. You can be the life of the party, and if out and about, you are the most prone to meeting people. For one, you know how to dress to impress, two, you are so charming. Committed Gems will do anything to make their partner happy, they will spoil those they love and will bask in the warm feelings of being with the people they care about. Gems will defend the honor of their lover and provide for them as much as they can. They will have expectations too, but try to let some of those go because little things can irk you--when they should not. Not everything will go according to plan, but find a way to brush it off and enjoy it any way. You will miss out on finding enjoyment for yourself if you worry to much about whether or not other people are having a good time. As long as you have a good time -- that's all that matters.

      Aquarius (January 21   - February 18) 

You will give, in that everyone gets a trial at friendship, whether they form an emotional attachment, a sexual one, or merely a meeting of similar minds, AQ will give people an opportunity to join them on an adventure, or at least flash an unforgettable, friendly smile. This sign is really good at trying to include others, even those that other people aren't necessarily open to. In everyone, they can find something that other people should find redeeming. AQ will be hopeful about your stock, and see something in you, even if it doesn't fit in with their personal stock. They are smart, and try to find value in life oppose to depression, because they know that this choice will benefit them in the long run. AQ knows that in deciding to be happy that there their life is going to be better, no matter what, because they refuse to dwell on the bad moments for too long. AQ is friendly and will befriend a lot of different people, from many different walks of life, but this doesn't mean they form attachments, which cannot be easily broken. It is really hard to get under the skin of an AQ. They will only stick around if they find something in you that they admire or can be challenged by. AQ is usually very hopeful. They don't want to pine for too long over trivial matters. If you manage to really hurt them, it will show and damage will surface, but it won't hold them down for long. This is a sign of adventure, optimism and hope -- they invented the expression, "on to the next" because that's their life motto. They are not going to stay down for too long! 


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